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ALTA VISTA, IA – An Alta Vista couple has been charged with murder after the maggot-riddled body of their severely neglected 4-month-old child was found in a baby swing at the family’s apartment in Iowa.

Zachary Paul Koehn, 28, and his girlfriend, 20-year-old Cheyanne Renae Harris, had the bracelets slapped on this past Wednesday when they were charged with first-degree murder and child endangerment.

According to court records, their son, Sterling Daniel Koehn, was found dead Aug. 30 after Zachary Koehn called 911 requesting an ambulance come to the couple’s home.

When Chickasaw County sheriff’s deputies and medics arrived, they found the deceased infant sitting in a powered baby swing, according to the criminal complaints. Sterling was found in a bedroom separate from where Koehn, Harris and their older child slept.

No report of whether the room had an Air Wick, though autopsy results suggest it must’ve been getting pretty ripe in there.

When deputies first arrived at the couple’s apartment, Koehn reportedly told them that Harris had fed Sterling that morning and, “he was fine.”

Koehn claimed that when Harris checked on their son a few hours later, he had died, according to the complaint. Not surprisingly, his story didn’t exactly line up with autopsy findings and other investigation results.

The autopsy revealed “maggots in various stages of development in his clothing and in his skin,” court records show. A forensic entomologist determined after studying the creepy critters that Sterling hadn’t been removed from the swing in over a week, and that the couple hadn’t changed his diaper nor given him a bath in that time.

The baby’s death was ruled a homicide by the state Medical Examiner, with the cause of death listed as failure to provide critical care. Guess they don’t have a charge for providing no care at all.

In the criminal complaint, Chickasaw County Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Reed Palo wrote, “The facts of this case go far beyond neglect and show circumstances manifesting an extreme indifference to human life.”

Sterling weighed less than 7 pounds at the time of the autopsy and was severely undernourished and undersized, according to court records. The boy had been born in May. The couple’s older child, who was not named, is safe, Palo told reporters in a telephone interview. He said he was unable to provide further details.

Harris and Koehn were each jailed in Chickasaw County and are being held on $100,000 cash-only bond. A preliminary court hearing is scheduled for Nov. 2.

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  • Uggggghh. ????

  • Vile cunts. Them eyes say it all!

  • Pieces of shit will die in prison hopefully.

  • I wanna read the rest of the article but the bitly isn’t working and the sites links don’t seem to be working. Just a heads up… Unless it’s just me.

  • Disgusting. Poor baby probably suffered so could someone completely ignore their own child in this manner???!!

  • salepo

    How the hell did the other one survive infancy?

  • Sejanus

    Devil of a Halloween decoration.

  • all the decent motherfuckers in the world who can’t have kids, and these sorry pieces of shit were blessed with parenthood over them…what a couple of worthless pieces of shit.

  • I’m glad they were FINALY charged!

  • Poor baby!!! ????????

  • Taster’sChoice

    First question I had too. Are these people meth heads or something? WTF

  • AlabamDeb

    4 months old and weighed less than 7 pounds. Jesus Christ. Newborns weigh that much. Poor little feller, that was a rough 4 months. Sounds crazy, but I’m glad he died. No doubt any longer life would have just been more pain and torture. Speaking of pain and torture, that is my wish for the evil duo who should have fed, played with, adored and did their best to meet his every need.

  • Ann Roh

    These two need to do some soul searching, and maybe they’ll find one…

  • Weren’t they out for a while?

  • Antonio Valor

    I was wondering as well but then I thought about the progression of addiction and my guess is, the first kid was born and “cared” for while they were still on the functional part of their curve. He’s fine in as much as he has probably learned to scavenge while they’re nodded out and whine for food when they’re not. Presumably they or someone got him through potty training.

    What’s interesting to me is that the older child didn’t do anything for the infant meaning either that older child has no connection emotionally to their sibling or isn’t quite old enough to have realized the baby was not around or worst of all they lied to him/her when asked.

  • itsknotme

    “For god sakes it’s ‘Instinct’ not maternal extinct?”

  • I just want 2 mins with that bitch…

  • Can they be thrown in a river and chained to a tree. The leeches are always hungry

  • Ann Stone

    Poor little kid. I’ll never get women, who go through pregnancy & childbirth only to betray their children. My child is an adult, and to this day, I would kill (a human) or die for him.

  • i have an update for this story. all charges dropped. the mother worked at planned parenthood, so its ok. perfectly legal calm down folks

  • how the hell do mothers have their own unborn children aborted? beat the hell out of me what crazies do

  • Exactly…im am strongly pro life

  • Oh u so funnieee

  • Edward Newton

    No…they swear they both stopped using HOURS before finding the dead kid

  • Ain’t fer me to rightly say, but I reckon that there baby was a GALLOWWALKER!

  • Ralph Snart

    More parents out there then you might imagine. My biological mother tried to kill me by drowning and my adopted mother’s boyfriend died of a stroke while on trial for attempted murder on me with a rifle. She didn’t move out of his house even after he tried. You need a license to drive a car. You can’t drink until you are 21. You need to pass a background check to get a gun. Unfortunately any inbred knuckle dragging mouth breather can breed. And frequently does.

  • Inferus
  • Taster’sChoice

    Glad those attempts were unsuccessful and I’m sorry you had to go through that.

  • we got the next jeff dunham right here folks

  • Ann Stone

    So sorry for your struggles. When I gave birth, it nearly killed both me and my baby. The moment he was out of me and en route to the nursery, the first though that popped into my mind was “any idiot can do this”. I found it a frightening thought.

  • Diva of Destruction

    Well yeah they left it in the swing. Who wants to pick up a dead baby. Especially if it’s been decomposing for a week. Double Ewwwww.


    Why did the parents even bother to lie? Did they really think that rotting body could pass for a recent death?

  • auntiemel

    I hope they rot. Fuckers

  • auntiemel

    Usually only one child is the main target of abuse or neglect

  • America7

    I can’t get this story out of my head. It has been haunting be since I read it. Rest In Peacd little angel. Oh how I wish I could have been there to save you.

  • sizzles73

    It takes between 8 and 20 hours for maggots to hatch in a corpse. Flies have to obviously get to the corpse first. This is just horrific.

  • Ann Stone

    Fools really should be forbidden breeding privileges and firearms. The world would drastically improve in just a short while, if mankind mastered this.

  • esmerald 2006

    Hours? Bull shit.