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EVERETT, WA – A 19-year-old has been accused of drowning his 6-year-old nephew in a bathtub before dumping his body in a dumpster.

According to reports, 19-year-old Andrew Henckel had been staying with his sister and her boyfriend for about a week when he was asked to babysit his sister’s autistic son, 6-year-old Dayvid Pakko.

When the boyfriend returned home after running errands he found Pakko was not inside the apartment. Henckel said he had fallen asleep on the couch and had no idea where Pakko may have wandered of to.

Henckel accompanied the boyfriend in searching for Pakko around the apartment complex for about 30 minutes before deciding to call police.

When investigators arrived on the scene and began searching for Pakko, they would find the missing boy’s body in a dumpster located 30 feet from the his apartment. This was also when police became very interested in Henckel.

Detectives were already focused on him since he was the last person to see Pakko alive, but he did something curious at the exact moment Pakko’s dead body was found in the dumpster.

“It appeared that police interest in the dumpster was quite obvious, yet (the suspect) walked away at that precise moment in time,” according to court documents.

When interviewed, Henckel admitted to police that he waited until the boyfriend left to fill a bath tub full of water and asked Pakko to come to the bathroom. Henckel says he grabbed the boy from behind and used his 6-foot-4, 180 pounds frame to hold the boy face-first into the tub.

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When the boy stopped struggling, he wrapped the body in a large blanket, put it in a cardboard box and put it in the dumpster. He did not provide a motive. Henckel was arrested on suspicion of murder and jailed on $1 million bond.

Henckel’s father has since come out to say, along with Henckel’s attorney, that Henckel is autistic himself — a “gentle giant” whose condition may make him more compliant and willing to answer questions.

“I told the detective last night while they were still searching for my grandson, that he was autistic. And they said, ‘we get that and we’ll handle him with special care.’ Special care does not include not letting family members talk to him, or explaining why he might want a lawyer there,” said his father.

But police say the boy graduated from high school with As and Bs, went to college and was employed by U-Haul before moving in with his sister. Deputy Snohomish County Prosecutor Matt Baldock added that police found evidence that corroborated Henckle’s story, including how Pakko was dressed and where and how his was found.

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  • Harriet Britton ????

  • OMG this is horrifying

  • becuz sometimes evil just is.

  • The fact that he hid the body indicates he knew what he did was wrong, and premeditated at that. Who cares that he was autistic? Death penalty.

  • Why would you ask an autistic person to babysit anyway? Poor little boy.

  • This story is so frustrating. Read a local article where the family called the 19 year old a victim as well!!

  • LynnKayee

    Say it isn’t so! The complainant Gentle Giant didn’t give a motive for murdering a child so cold heartedly?! I never.

  • That’s what i am wondering, especially since it was his sister who knew he was autistic.

  • Because autistic people don’t have children ???? I’ve watched friends kids and they all survived. But thanks for the assumptions that we can’t deal with basic shit.

  • Sejanus

    Watch out for those Gentle Giants.
    They will kill ya every time.

  • Shannon Johnson your welcome.

  • *you’re as in “you’re a Bitch.”

  • Diva of Destruction

    Giant sure gentle hell no. He held a child’s head under water nothing gentle about that. More like Frankenstiens monster.

  • Taster’sChoice

    Holy Christ, did they really spell his name Dayvid? He didn’t stand a chance from the beginning. SMDH

  • jansav

    Why do I feel inappropriate touching is going to be a big part of this story?

  • itsknotme

    For once, here, at the Dreamin’ Demon, the boyfriend didn’t do it.

  • itsknotme

    “… Henckel is autistic himself — a “gentle giant” ”
    Did they both want to be Hulk for Halloween?

  • Old Man Metal

    Man, it’s been a bad week for autistic kids at the DD.

  • LynnKayee

    Yeah, never a good sign for things to come. In high school I knew a girl who named her kid Natalie but spelled it Nahtaleigh, got it tattooed and forgot the fucking “i”. Here I am like ???????

  • salepo

    I’m confused.When Disqus first loaded there were way more comments- including a back and forth about the fitness of someone with autism watching a child.Where did that whole section of the comments go?

  • salepo

    Also, autistic doesn’t automatically mean incapable.My best friend’s high functioning autistic daughter watched my kids for over a year. This kid had other issues

  • lol Maggie Morris, i suggest watching a film caused “Autism in love” where they follow the lives of 4 different autistic couples. in one couple, the man is a rocket scientist far more capable of doing anything your small mind could even begin to imagine. and thats just one of the 16 people they follow….


    Another gentle giant? Did he know Michael Brown?

  • Let the punishment fit the crime.

  • Pegs

    I noticed that too?

  • Inferus

    I have an autistic toddler and this story just hits me too hard. Seriously, Halloween brings out the horror stories.

  • auntiemel

    They still need to look into the boyfriend.

  • Talkin

    Don’t blame autism. I have an autistic child and she is the sweetest 18 year old you could ever meet. Autism doesn’t create monsters. There is something else going on here.

  • Taster’sChoice

    Wow. I work with an Ashlea and she replaced a Camren. I have an Ashleigh at a customer site too. It isn’t cute to misspell your kid’s name. Someone sure butchered Natalie. lmao

  • Ann Stone

    Why in god’s name anyone would let an autistic babysit their child or pet is beyond me. They are some weird motherfuckers.

  • Cindy Peavy Lewis

    I noticed that too. Sad.

  • esmerald 2006

    He waited for the boyfriend to lave? That’s cold and premeditated, after being living for only a week on the sister’s place, he couldn’t wait longer? I guess he had an schedule.

  • I was there.