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DOMINICAN REPUBLIC – A woman was killed while on vacation after hanging out the window of a moving car and having her head smashed in by a light post.

Natalia Borodina, 35, from Moscow, was vacationing in the Dominican Republic when she decided to remove her bikini top and start hanging out of a moving car as it drove down the highway.

The female driver, Ivanna Boirachuk, was recording Borodina’s antics on a cell phone and got just a tad too close to the curb.

As Borodina plays it up for the camera, seductively sticking a finger in her mouth, she arches her back out of the window and stretches out her arm seconds before her head is caved in by a light post.

Borodina, who has an 8-year-old son, was rushed to hospital where she died from “serious injuries” to her head.

If you want to watch a video of a big-breasted topless woman getting her head caved in by a lamp post, the video is right here.

We reported on a similar story a few years back. In that story, a girl was riding in the passenger seat of a minivan after a night of partying. When she got sick to her stomach and stuck her head out of the window to throw up, her head struck a telephone pole.

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  • damn…

  • LoKi4778

    I guess she really is topless now…

  • Nick

  • SMH

  • Oh good Lord. Why did I watch that? Lol

  • Mia

    I could not help but to think the same thing..

  • sugarpie

    Oh jeez Louise! What a thing to have on video.

  • Man, what a nice body

  • The driver didn’t see the pole coming up?. Too busy watching the show.

  • Attention-whoring is deadly, folks!

  • Nikki

  • Old Man Metal

    Play stupid games…

  • Brian Gallegos watch this

  • Bisbeeite

    What a half-brained idea to stick your head out of the window of a moving car.

  • Ramonathegreat

    Anyone else ever watch 6 feet under? Where the lady is standing out the sun roof and her face gets caved in by a traffic light, and then Rico fixes it cus he’s got mad skills?

  • jansav

    I’m sorry but all I can picture is her boobs flying up, slapping her in the face so she didn’t see the pole, which makes it extremely hard to feel bad for her.

  • Religionisevil

    Got to be careful drinking. A drunk man lost his head when he was puking outside the passenger side of a car his drunk friend was driving. Decapitated by a telephone pole stable cable.

  • How bad was the video?

  • No gore, but shocking.

  • It wasn’t that bad compared to what actually happened because the car blocked most of it, but definitely don’t watch it at work

  • Dumb

  • Because you are sick. Lol.

  • I’m such a punk. My scary self turned the sound off to the video thinking it was going to be bad.

  • Looiiil Issa thot

  • I’m so disappointed ????thought I was gona see more gore

  • Lmao she died for the ho life.

  • Same I thought there was gonna be blood & an explosion! I knew what was gonna happen but it still came out of nowhere

  • They probably have the combined IQ of an average housecat

  • So wait she is a topless model now or did she just hit her head on a pole

  • No house cats have a better sense in self preservation than they did.

  • It’s looks like to me, they hydroplaned, lost a control for a split second and went into the pole.

  • Play stupid games, win stupid prizes…

  • Even the full video doesn’t have much gore. You see her head smash into the pole but the video ends before she gets pulled into the car or whatever. There are pics of the aftermath tho if you’d like me to link.

  • Someone wrote may her titties RIP! ????


    See what happens when you have tits for brains ? 🙁

  • Her son is gonna see the last moments of her life one day.

  • Darwin strikes again

  • ImOpining

    I hope her son wasn’t in the car. That also wasn’t an “accident”. I was suicide by moronics.

  • Mia York

    Serves her right.

  • Now she’s a headless model

  • Should have got brain implant instead of silicones.

  • Now headless model ?

  • And now she’s a really topless model.


  • Where are pictures? I couldn’t find any.

  • Daniel Rossevelt
  • How bad was it I still can’t bring myself to watch it lol

  • Who’s gonna get custody of her implants now?

  • The post accident footage was sickening.

  • she gave it some head

  • Do it for her. She can’t anymore.

  • What a way to go.

  • Cool

  • It’s not bad.

  • She let he nugget ping off a light post and didn’t get a straight buzz? ~ICP~

  • Took the words off of my keyboard

  • Because we’re some sick mofos. It’s like we just can’t help ourselves.

  • truthguy


  • Was just thinking that. How sad

  • CALM YOUR TITS! They do look nice, though.

  • kylesbackfat

    Please post a link?

  • dumwise

    And Harvey didn’t even get to feel her up

  • dumwise

    How dare you insult cats? How about your average 2×4

  • GGMon

    Play dumb games, win stupid prizes.

  • GGMon

    Was she drunk? What compelled her to do something stupid?

  • mean birch

    Brilliant! You win!

  • mean birch

    Oh God. I can’t stop laughing!


    See what you did ? Now you’re going to miss the premiere of Stranger Things.

  • NoBS NoSpam

    She was not killed, she was naturally selected.

  • Sejanus

    Dedication to being a truly “topless” model.
    Going a tad far though one would think.

  • Fun bags =/= air bags.

  • keepalow

    Any last titty shots for the world to see. Might as well fulfill her last wishes.

  • Dre Mosley

    Wow. Watching that video had me on edge even though I knew what was coming.

  • Leslie Mashmann

    Such a fool acting like that. Well now that pretty face and nice figure are gone. Was it worth it?

  • Johnny

  • Heather_Simpson

    This is what happens when people act stupid as fuck.

  • SBD

    How dare you insult your average 2×4

  • Nathan Stegner

    Hahaha, all tits and no brain….literally.

  • Kenny Harwell

  • Awesome

  • Ann Stone

    I was going to ask about that video. This dunce was almost 40 and a mother but still does dumb, skanky shit like this? Yet, another moron dies a moronic death.

  • Inferus

    Knock some sense into her? Not quite.

  • dumwise

    Sorry SBD. What was I thinking. I bet she couldn’t hold up the roof on my shed as well as a two by

  • dumwise

    unselected rather

  • Emily Sattler

    wow mom, what a stupid fucking way to die. now your son won’t have a mother smh

  • Old Man Metal

    Sluttin’ ain’t ez

  • Where’d you find aftermath pics ?

  • Where’d you find it ?

  • LynnKayee

    Maybe she thought mom meant you should wear ONLY clean underwear in case there is an accident.

  • Screamin’ Mimi

    Exactly what I was thinking.


    I wish I could have seen the rest of the video where her girlfriend says she stands strong or whatever like that fool who killed her sister in a selfie-vid car wreck. I think this proves if you so stupid things, you might want to take time to anticipate stupid results.

  • Pegs

    Lucky for her it was quick too!

  • Gene Bridges

    Win stupid prizes!

  • Josh