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FRESNO, CA – A 12-year-old boy was killed after being electrocuted by an electrified fence while trying to retrieve a football.

Residents of the Villa Margarita apartments stated that the apartment’s playground was locked down early so a group of children were playing in a parking lot.

This lot had a concrete wall in front of an chain-link fence, and the space between them is where a football ended up landing. Adrien Perez, 12, elected to retrieve the football and jumped into the gap.

Witnesses say Adrien fell to the ground when he touched the chain-link fence, got back up then fell to the ground unconscious while still touching the fence.

“He jumped inside and when he jumped inside, we don’t know from where but he started getting electrocuted, he was getting electrocuted,” his mother said. “We could hear every time he was getting shocked between the fence and the wall.”

His friends and neighbors tried to get Adrien out, but the gap was too small and too deep. By time medics arrived at the scene, Adrien was no longer breathing. He was placed on life support, but would die four days later.

Fresno Police called Adrien’s death an accident, but an investigation showed a bare wire and a metal conduit had been illegally installed to power video surveillance cameras. These exposed wires were touching the chain-link fence and is what caused the fence to be electrified.

The property owner, JMY Properties LLC in Rolling Hills, was cited for the illegal wiring — which undoubtedly opens them up to a lawsuit on behalf of Adrien’s family.

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“If they can show that the death of their child was related to the wire that was put there, the electrocution, which is pretty obvious, they’re gonna win their lawsuit, there’s no question about it,” said legal analyst Tony Capozzi.

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    oh yeah. This has lawsuit written all over it. Illegally wired video camera. Just hand the family every penny you have right now. You don’t stand a chance.

  • How. Sad

  • So sad!

  • Wow that was a strong fence. I’ve touched an electric deer fence that surrounded a garden and it hurt like a mother f er but definitely wasn’t strong enough to kill a person.

  • It wasnt the fence but an electric box was wired to the fence by the unprofessional ppl around. Here..

  • truthguy


  • farmerjayne4013

    It wasn’t supposed to be an electrified fence. A live wire carrying electricity was touching the fence. There’s a huge difference between a real electric fence and live electricity. Chain link fences really can’t be used as electric fencing unless it’s isolated from the ground.

  • esmerald 2006

    So tragic, my thoughts go to the family. I can’t imagine the pain.

  • itsknotme

    Will the judge read the plaintiff’s charges or can he just charge the defendants by plugging their chairs into a wall socket?

  • we better ban fences and footballs

  • Old Man Metal

    Yeah, that’s a lawsuit, and an open-and-shut one at that. Condolences to the family; unbelievably shitty to lose a kid because someone was too fucking cheap to hire an electrician (or because some electrician was too fucking lazy to do it right). I’m not a “lawsuit” guy but I hope these folks get paid well.


    When I was a (stupid) kid, I used to climb over a chain link fence into a transformer area to go retrieve fly balls and shit. What the hell did I know. There were no adults around.
    This was the 1970’s and we were pretty much free-range kids. I don’t even want to think about what it would have been like to grab onto that fence, and get electromocuted.

  • Regarding the lawsuit wouldn’t that be trespassing?

  • starry1

    No. It was in the parking of the apartment complex.

  • Elizabeth McCarthy

    Why can’t people do things right the first time? Poor kid. Just being a kid, playing, not bothering anybody. Condolences to the family.

  • Locked playgrounds have been deemed totally safe by the US insurance underwriters laboratory.

  • Heather_Simpson

    This is such a terrible tragedy. He actually favors my eldest son a little bit. The family should sue the pants off the goddamn leasing company. This is something that could have been avoided. My heart goes out to the Perez family. Stay strong for Adrien!

  • keepalow

    The summer I was 12-13 Was 1974.
    My best friend had a huge elm tree in her front yard, some how we discovered if we soak the front yard grass with a sprinkler and run across the grass, we would get shocked.
    We did it everyday until fall.

  • Sejanus

    Zappy, zappy.

  • LA Woman

    The guy should be in jail fuck the citation . When someone dies in California due to the illegal activity of someone then that someone (being the owner in this case) is charged with murder period like in a robbery gone bad and one idiot dies due to what they both were doing the one who lives is charged with murder even if he didn’t technically do it they do it all the time why is he so different he had illegal shit installed that caused the death of a child that could have been anyone it’s a fucking fence we touch them without even thinking that would happen this guy should have to take full responsibility for what he did of his own illegal free will but he money and he owns several properties from what I found. If it were just a regular blue collar worker he’d be in jail, however this is Tweek Town Fresno one of the shittiest places here in California so they would rather give him a fine to invest in all their meth making empire oh not to rain on their parade cause I heard they just got their 1st Hobby Lobby and Little Caesars


  • farmerjayne4013

    Wow. I just lost a cow because of something like that. I milked her and turned her out onto our lawn so she could mow the grass while I milked the other cow. Twenty minutes later I went to get her to put her back in her pasture and she was on the ground, dead. A perfectly healthy, 1000 pound cow. We found out that there was an electrical line underground right there, going from our house to our well. For some reason it had broken and was leaking household current into the ground. The ground was damp from rain and she stepped in just the right spot. Dropped her like a stone.

  • Christine Moran

    OK I do not usually reply to comments such as yours because they are made by the soulless, dead eyed, emotional vampires of the world, such as yourself.
    Karma will come for you, vampire.
    Shame on you!

  • jansav

    How sad.

  • Old Man Metal

    I will say that a cattle-grade fence controller can kill a hundred-pound animal under the right (wrong?) circumstances. I have had an electric fence kill a goat that got tangled in it, and I’ve seen them kill numerous predators (who, unlike prey, bite anything that attacks them- they bump the fence, bite it, then it’s mouth -> brain -> to ground for those electrons, and they can’t let go).

  • Old Man Metal

    There are supposedly thousands of rogue voltage leaks like that in NYC. Scary!

  • keepalow

    Sorry for your loss. 🙁

    In retrospect, i think us kids were lucky to survive our foolishness. Also, my friends mother was a nurse and knew full well what we were doing and she never once told us it was dangerous and not to do it.

  • farmerjayne4013

    Back in the 70’s it seemed like stuff wasn’t so dangerous. Though it’s probably just that we didn’t hear about as much tragic stuff, so we didn’t worry about it.

  • Heather_Simpson

    Wow. Tell us how you really feel.

  • The child lived there

  • That doesn’t matter when the person jumps a wall or fence to access areas not intended for public use

  • Sejanus

    Waaah a complete stranger upset you…
    boo hoo.
    Your statement is pitiable as is your attempt to feign intelligence.
    Try harder.

    I suppose you come here to read the stories and what…try to feel something because you are dead inside?
    Do you even get the horror or outright stupidity of some of these stories.
    Do you think for one moment there is not going to be a wicked lawsuit over this that will indeed result in a payout?

    As for karma being wished on someone…meh.
    If you believe in a boogeyman go nuts!
    Some of us prefer crime, justice and punishment as opposed to make believe.

    Now have the last word and come up with something original.
    Peace be unto oh embracer of karma and all things pretend.

  • Heather_Simpson

    LOL. Sejanus. You know, you can tell she’s new here. She didn’t get your sophisticated humor.

  • Inferus

    The truly shocking part of this story is that kids were outside playing. Just saying…

  • captaingrumpy

    WOW Again

  • Christine Moran

    Yeah….humor…..OK .that’s a good one.
    Even hardened criminals on death row have an ethical code and know that certain things are untouchable such as children dying horrifying deaths.
    Listen there’s another story recently about a mother that cooked her baby alive on a gas grill. That story should really get the laughs going for the two of you.

  • Christine Moran

    Never stated I did not think there would be a lawsuit.
    I just found it heartless that you found it necessary to be cruel / attempting to be funny at the expense of a child’s horrifying death.
    And as far as feigning intelligence………..How is it living in that big fat glass house working out for you?


    Heather: LOL Poking fun at newbies… I see you’ve come all the way over to the dark side. How do you like the cookies? They’re good, aren’t they! Nice and dark. 😀

  • He chose to jump into the sushi machine.

  • Ann Roh

    You can come sit in the hand basket next to me for the trip 😉
    After reading about 3 dead kids today, I needed some of that gallows humor to lighten the heavy heart…Thanks.

  • melb1970

    Horribly irresponsible by the contractor putting in the video cameras for the leasing company.
    I read electric fence in the head line and thought of the single strand electric fence my grand dad would run for his cattle… I touched it lots and nothing happened to me. ( twitch every now and then ).
    This was an electrified fence.. what 220 volts ( IDK) but dang that poor kid.

  • Hobs Crow

    Unless the parking lot is locked and fenced, regardless of trespassing, they are exposed to a lawsuit as children are generally given more latitude when playing on private property in CA. which is why homeowners can also be sued if a child drowned in a pool on their property if there were no locked gates in the yard or around the pool even if they were trespassing.


    Wow. What a terrible event — kid tries to be good guy and is killed by illegally electrified fence. Family listens to every zap. They will never get over this.