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SAN ANTONIO, TX – A woman charged in her daughter’s death told police she didn’t call 911 for her dying daughter because her cell phone was low on minutes.

According to reports, 34-year-old Jessica Briones brought her 4-year-old daughter, Olivia, to a San Antonio police substation with severe head trauma.

She told officers that her daughter fell and hit her head four days ago but was now vomiting and would not wake up.

When asked why didn’t she call 911 immediately, Briones allegedly stated she couldn’t find her cell phone and that she was low on minutes.

Olivia would die the next day at the hospital, where doctors would find the girl had suffered injuries that were not consistent with a fall.

Along with multiple brain bleeds and severe brain swelling, Olivia also had a swollen nose, eight scars on the back of her head, a black eye, deflated left lung, a fractured vertebrae, a swollen wrist and two swollen arms, a bruised ankle and detached tissue in her upper lip from her gums.

Despite having injuries consistent with being tossed off a cliff, Briones said she did not know where all those injuries came from — that all she had done was accidentally slammed the girl’s arm in a door.

Briones was arrested on suspicion of causing injuries to a child, but charges could be upgraded once and actual cause of death has been determined.

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  • While this woman is full of bullshit, for those that didn’t know, cellphones will call 911 even without a contract or minutes. We found this out the hard way when one of our mentally disabled residents was playing with a phone that we THOUGHT couldn’t call out. As it turned out, it could call for help. I’m sure this swamp creature is lying through her teeth, but this is still good to know.

  • Old Man Metal

    Man, the excuses just keep getting worse and worse…

  • darsa

    OMG that poor child… finally at peace but at such a cost. This woman needs to be fed through a slow dull woodchipper, feet first.

  • Sprint, bitch! Unlimited for $50 per month!

  • Any cell will call 911, no matter whether it’s activated or not. That bitch needs beat to death like she or someone else did that poor baby.

  • I didn’t even know people used “minutes” for their phones anymore. It is cheaper to buy unlimited packages.

  • Inferus
  • I think emergency numbers call out no matter what. My iPhone for example doesn’t have to be unlocked (thumbprint) to make an emergency call

  • Idk if it’s regional but I’ve bought page plus unlimited for a month for like 35 dollars before

  • I use Straight Talk. I pay $45 a month for unlimited with data. I think they also have a $35 a month plan that doesn’t include data. So why people use minutes now days, I have no clue.

  • Nice excuse, liar liar hopefully your pants will catch fire. Anyone with a cell phone knows without minutes you can still make emergency calls. You wanted your daughter to die.

  • You have to be kidding me

  • Obama phones only give you a certain amount of minutes and she looks like she probably has one.

  • jansav

    Geezus! babies aren’t punching bags. I absolutely hate that this bitch gets a trial and the opportunity to live. Just beat her to death with a rock in a sock. Then rototill her into the dirt. RIP little girl. Your pain is over now.

  • What a liar. No she sat there while that baby suffered. I’m sure she was hoping the kid would pull through like most likely she had in the past. This woman was only looking out for herself and trying to avoid abuse charges. Only when it looked like the child would really need outside help did she take her in.

    If she was indeed out of minutes, she still could have called 911. If she was unaware of that and had any sort of concern about her child, she could have gone to a neighbor’s house and used their phone. She chose to stay home.

  • Evil bitch

  • I’m curious though. If you have minutes and call 911 will it use the minutes you do have? Obviously this isn’t excusable and of course your post is 100% correct. It’s been a long time since I’ve had minutes. Didn’t know that was still a thing honestly.

  • Now that I don’t know about. Been so long since I’ve had minutes too that I’ve either forgotten, or didn’t know to begin with.

  • 5 mins with this no eye brow bitch that’s all I need ????

  • Dafuq. No one has minutes any more.

  • Dre Mosley

    She’s better off not being in this world being stuck with a mom like that. BS excuse. She was hoping the kid would just “recover” from all that, to the point that she could keep this all quiet, but she didn’t.

  • It’s an Obama phone, probably. Or it could be a cheapie prepaid one. My dad had a cheap prepaid phone from the gas station and it had minutes.

  • curiousalways

    Thank you for putting that out there for those that don’t know.

  • curiousalways

    Sprint, where you don’t have to chose between your minutes or your daughter’s life!

  • Yes I have had those types but not in many years, expect for when I lived on Guam which was pretty recent. You had 2 choices there, get a contract phone, or go prepaid. With prepaid you had to buy packages of minutes which is what I did because I didn’t want a contract. They don’t have any of the mainland carriers there, they have their own cell service companies and none had packages for prepaid like Straight Talk.

  • Same with my Android. I don’t even need service for it to work.

  • Until last year, I bought a card with minutes for my kid because she was only allowed to text or call in an emergency. A $25 card covered two months of service. I’m not sure whether they still offer it or not. I do know that 911 calls never ever use minutes though.

  • D S

    I was sayin’ BS before I even got to the “were not consistent with a fall” part. Absolutely no one’s gonna buy that. She killed her own child.



  • Ok yeah no excuse then!

  • Useless evil cunt! You don’t even need cell service to use 911, it’s free. Just turn it on and dial!! SMH
    I hope she dies slowly from the inside out.

  • Poor people use minutes!

  • Bullshit. This is my no sim backup phone. “No SIM Emergency Calls Only”

  • James Lee yes it will use you’re minutes, but you can still talk to 911

  • Scott West she still could have called 911 ,I know because I’m one of those ‘poor people ‘

  • Wtf?!! So sad. Some people should be sterilized ????????????

  • IronWoobie

    If that woman was any more full of shit, she’d look like Mr. Hankey. (Which would be an insult to poor Mr. Hankey, of course.)

  • Trash. Complete trash.

  • That’s stupid. Even pay as you go phones can reach 911 without service. At least the one I had could.

  • I don’t understand. I don’t get how you can do this to a 4 year old. I have kids. How do your parental instincts allow you to do this?

  • It’s probably one of those Obama phones anyway

  • Some people just don’t deserve to have kids smh

  • I bought my 15 year old brother a prepaid. In the past he’s lost a few phones plus I already pay almost $200 for mine alone with Verizon and that’s high enough lol.

  • Ramonathegreat

    I’m not sure why people think Obama personally handed out these phones… Subsidized phones existed during the Bush administration too, and before that, you could get a subsidized land line. It’s just that smartphones became prevalent during the 8 years Obama was president. Poor people are not walking around with the latest generation of iPhone. They’re holding whatever they could get for free or cheap. And if they choose to drop 200 bucks on the latest phone instead of food, well, that’s their dumb choice lol.

    Also, this horrible excuse for an egg donor needs to be drop kicked down a rocky cliff, bouncing all the way down, and then have razor blades jammed into the back of her skull. Unfortunately, no amount of physical pain will ever compete with the emotional trauma this poor girl experienced at the hands of people who were supposed to love and care for her. It’s sickening.

  • Ramonathegreat

    She doesn’t deserve to die. She deserves AT LEAST 4 years of the emotional and physical horror that her daughter suffered.

  • Ramonathegreat

    Most likely she received similar treatment as a kid, unfortunately. Not that that’s ANY excuse. It’s just a fact that abuse tends to be cyclical.

  • jansav

    make the beating last 4 years then.

  • Heather_Simpson

    What a disgusting piece of shit mother.

    From what I’ve learned on this site for the last month I’ve been on it, is that some people are really scum. Pond scum. But what really burns my britches are mothers who allow awful things to happen to their babies. I’m a mother myself, so it’s so hard to swallow what these sorry excuses for mothers do to their children.

    Low on minutes my ass! Bitch, you shouldn’t have been calling around for a dick to suck and you would have minutes on your phone!!

    This bitch should be scalped, her feet burned with smoking hot Great Value brand Canola Oil, and a curling iron shoved straight up her birth canal so that she cannot have any more children to kill again. This bitch should be locked up in jail for the rest of her life.


  • Ramonathegreat

    Oh at least. Buuuut no one deserves to have to spend 4 years beating this POS, so how about throwing her off a rocky cliff every day for 4 years with no medical care

  • Dre Mosley

    Her Cunt Card will never expire.

  • Elizabeth McCarthy

    Some people don’t deserve to breathe.

  • She threw her off a cliff or beat the fuck out of her. ????

  • Douglas Shonk

    Roast this dumb cunt on a charcoal grill like the other sick cunt did to her daughter.

  • jansav

    I’m pretty sure where she is going a lot of people would share the chore.

  • Heather_Simpson

    Subsidized phones were created by the Bush Administration. I, too, am confused on why people insist on calling them Obama Phones.
    Technically, Ronald Reagan was the one who pushed for the whole subsidized phone thing by saying: “Every phone and every person should be able to call 911.” So, should we start calling all phones that can dial 911 Reagan phones?
    I just don’t get people.

  • RuthJBowles

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  • I thought 911 calls were free.

  • Thank you. I thought so.


    She had a car it seems, you don’t need phone minutes to turn on your car’s engine. Why did she take the child to a police station and not a hospital? Was that some kind of Freudian slip? I.E., “I’m guilty.”

  • mean birch

    OMG. Low blow. But probably accurate

  • mean birch

    She didn’t have minutes but now she’s facing time. Lotta time.

  • AlabamDeb

    I would love to walk up on her bleeding to death, shrug my shoulders and say “Sorry, hon…I’m low on minutes” as I walk away.

  • 911 is FREE!!!

  • MissBrazilian ????

    So this dumb bitch was not aware 911 is free
    Call bullshit

  • MissBrazilian ????

    No it doesn’t
    Minutes or not
    Sim or not
    It dials 911

  • Kat

    I like that you’re so specific…. no other brand of canola oil or no other oil like vege or peanut.. nope, specifically Great Value brand Canola Oil. Did u have a curling iron preference?

  • Kat

    Random fact… in Australia the emergency number is 000 but so many kids were watching American tv shows and dialling 911 in an emergency they made 911 also connect to 000 in Australia. Kids as young as 3 years have dialed the emergency number for help in Aus…. if a 3yo toddler can figure out how to access emergency services for an unconscious parent immediately, how the fuck can a full grown adult not work the same thing out in four fucking days! The demented fucktard just didn’t want anyone investigating the serious abuse to her baby and hoped if it ignored the situation it would just go away. I hope someone missing their own child badly gets hold of it in prison!

  • dumwise

    Well, Well, Butter my butt and call me a biscuit. some constructive comment at last. 🙂

  • Leslie Mashmann

    What a load of crap – go out in your yard and scream and scream until someone responds. And cell phone are open to 911 no matter what. And she doesn’t know where all these injuries came from? Major liar. Needs to be put night-night for good.

  • Well, it’s not going to matter about her minutes now because every waking & sleeping minute will be spent with Big Brenda. Bitch Bye!!

  • PatriciaSCarty

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  • captaingrumpy

    The boyfriend did it.

  • hexxuss

    Not long enough – she needs to suffer…

  • hexxuss

    Without anesthesia…

  • Pegs

    Im pretty sure that 911 doesnt count against your minutes sincd you can call 911 with zero minutes.

  • Brew Pub

    Every phone calls 911 for free. Every phone. Remind me again why the south has a reputation for being populated by the worst and most blindingly stupid our nation has to offer.