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NEW ORLEANS, LA – According to the the St. Bernard Parish Sheriff’s Office, a man hacked up his ex-wife with an ax as her mother pleaded for her her daughter’s life.

On Wednesday morning, 48-year-old Kimberly Owens left her home to go to work when she was ambushed by her ex-husband, 56-year-old Mark Owens.

“Early indications tell us that he may have been waiting for her to leave to go to work which would have been around that 8 a.m. time, when she exited the house and was walking toward her vehicle, at that point we believe the attack happened,” said St. Bernard Parish Sheriff Jimmy Pohlman.

This attack included a long-handled ax that Mark used to brutally hack at Kimberly as she screamed for her life.

“I saw a man and I saw him swinging something,” said a witness. “I realized what he had in his hand, it was an ax and I saw what he was doing with it.”

Police say that at some point during the attack, Kimberly’s mother came out of the home and pleaded with Mark to stop killing her daughter. She ended up retreating back into the house to call 911 when Mark turned on her.

Unfortunately, nothing could be done to save poor Kimberly, and she would die in the street.

Mark fled the scene after killing his ex-wife and later turned himself in to the Sheriff’s Office and is now looking at a second degree murder charge.

As you may have guessed, this is not Mark’s first run-in with the law when it came to Kimberly. In 2014 he threatened a man he believed was romantically involved with Kimberly. In 2015, Mark was arrested for a domestic dispute involving Kimberly.

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  • Old Man Metal

    Man, an axe killin’ is old-school as hell. He don’t look the least bit sorry, either.

  • ????

  • So does the 2ND degree murder charge mean he axed her nicely?

  • Uh, he lie in wait for her! How the hell is that 2nd degree?

  • thats one way to bury the hatchet

  • Second degree?? So let me get this right. Americans think we should be executing people, but we have prosecutors who give someone who is lying in wait a charge of 2nd degree murder?

  • Dustin Danger Stevens This near you?

  • itsknotme

    Is she’s now his ax-wife?

  • Yikes!

  • Old Man Metal

    Bahahahahahaha! Good one!

  • Old Man Metal

    Great question! If lying in wait is not prima facie evidence of premeditation, I don’t know what is.

  • Inferus
  • Josh

    I think the answer to the question he axed was, ’til death do us part.

  • So sad are you ever safe

  • polomint38

    Hopefully after getting more evidence this will be upgraded to First degree murder.
    They might make the charge for both giving the Jury a choice.

  • jansav

    how is this not 1st degree murder? He brought the weapon, he waited for her. Sounds premeditated to me. My heart aches for the poor mom that had to witness this horrific act. I can’t even imagine her pain.

  • jansav


  • Sounds more premeditated to me since he was waiting for her with an ax.

  • Lorie Engebretsen!!

  • Ann Roh

    He left the handle sticking out…

  • IronWoobie

    “Second degree?” That psycho SOB was lying in wait for her! How is that not considered first degree?

  • Darrell Fine

    That was my thought. Second degree murder? Must have had to do with his statements when he turned himself in.

  • Heather_Simpson

    Crazy fucker! And is he fuckin smirking in his mugshot?! What a sick son of a bitch. He should be drowned!!

  • Elizabeth McCarthy

    Only after he’s attacked with an ax.

  • Yeah ,I told you about this the other day..

  • Heather_Simpson

    LOL! Yes. After he gets mauled by an ax, then we can drown his ass.

  • It made the dreamin demon!! It’s officially news worthy!!

  • RuthJBowles

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  • Sejanus

    Worst lumberjack ever.
    Execute him by hatchet.

  • “What most people normally think of as a premeditated murder would be classified in Louisiana as second-degree murder. ”

  • Yeah it went national because of how horrific it was


    Second degree? He didn’t intend to kill her? Maybe he mistook her for a tree that needed to be chopped down? Huh?

  • mean birch

    Shame on me for laughing so damn hard. Kudos to you for your brilliance.

  • AlabamDeb

    This is one tough, macho man right here, folks! Can’t even give the woman a fighting chance, he had to hide and sneak up on her like the flaming COWARD he is! I don’t give him a week in prison.

  • dumwise

    Unless you live in the geographical area of the incident, you wouldn’t get this. But let me explain: People in that part of town usually say “axe” instead of “ask”. So I guess he just wanted to axe her something

  • Leslie Mashmann

    Utter scum bag who should never been put on this earth in the first place.

  • Ann Stone

    If you purchase or pick up an ax and go to someone’s home and ambush them, how is that “second degree” murder???! Seems premeditated, to me.


    Axe murdering is hardcore, stone cold. You have to be completely fucked up in the head to pull that one off.


    I don’t think CB had to dig too deep to find the rage for that scene.

  • Phedo Pile

    Why should he be sorry? That cheating whore got what she deserved.

  • Phedo Pile

    He lost control of his emotions after finding out she cheated on him. Poor man I feel sorry for him, though that whore deserved it she’s not worth going to prison for.

  • Mazikeen666

    Wow????wtf poor women

  • melb1970

    whack him a few times with the ax then poor salt in his wounds…
    whack him a few more times do the same…..
    I have no doubt he probably was horrible to his wife while they were together…. he’s a sicko

  • Emily Sattler

    are you fucking serious? how do you know she was unfaithful? morbid jealousy is a thing, you know

  • Phedo Pile

    When you marry someone you take a vow that you should be with them forever. She thought she could just toss him around like he’s a play thing. Well bitch got what she deserved.

  • Alejandroe84

    Emily Sattler – what the fuck do we really know. In fact, how do you know that bitch was or was not fucking some other guy, while they were separated – you don’t, Do you know even when you are separated, you are still “legally” married.

    Listen, I don’t condone killing someone over another asshole who my ex is fucking – but if I ever see my ex – there will be trouble. I ghosted my ex, after I caught her with another man – do you even know what it feels like, or even to begin to describe how it feels to be cheated on – no, you dont because you’ve probably been spoon-fed a fairtale of lies – you cunt.

    Murder is not the answer, but this bitch had karma written all over her – he wouldn’t of gone in such a rage, if it was something so innocent.

  • Alejandroe84

    Oh, he’s an asshole for her murder – but, what did she do, to provoke him, to murder her before he put the ax to her – did he find the ex and the other guy playing Pokemon or cards in the family room – no, that bitch was caught red handed fucking the new guy.

    No, I don’t condone what that asshole did to her – but that ex had karma written all over her – I’ve ghosted my ex now for a year, if I EVER see that cunt again, there will be trouble. Ex’s are ex’s for a reason – you stay the fuck away from them.

  • Alejandroe84

    Yeah, that’ll solve all the social issues in the world – you old cunt :/

  • Alejandroe84

    It’s called a “crime of passion” – it was “intimate” – obviously, not in the sense of romance, but how much it meant to go after her, and how he felt through the crime – all psychological shit.

  • Sejanus

    Hey everyone lookit the loudmouth poo-pusher hiding on the internet while flinging crappy insults.

    What kind of feckless donkey rapist are you?
    Oh….THAT kind.

  • McDanel_1771

    Looking forward to reading about you here in the future.

  • McDanel_1771

    No. Men are generally safe, and women live the inverse.

  • Alejandroe84

    Thanks mate!

  • Alejandroe84

    Oh my god you are one of kind. Listen, you old prune – go back to getting snacks from your moms, and get off the world wide web – your time is over – roll over dead, and stick to reading the comics you useless degenerate.

    By the way, you are fucking ugly – no grandpa, on the inside – your heart is black as coal, and you need to loose some weight – it does not suit you at all – you hippy. Toodle-loo you greasy monkey.

  • Sejanus

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    You seem awfully worried about another mans appearance so you should know
    I am not gay like you seem to hope for ‘Sherman’.
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    Now do everyone a favour and go change your diaper.
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    I see you balled up when called out of your piss poor reading comprehension in the other thread where not surprisingly you come across as a dimwit.
    Do society a favour and learn to read.
    You embarass yourself greatly.
    You are now officially boring AND retarded.
    Now hurry come up with an insult demonstrating more of your deep deep thoughts teabag.

  • Alejandroe84

    Okay. So you assume I’m gay – you are either homophobic, or are you just a closet whore. Throwing slurs like that at your old age, does not fit well with the vile manner and tone you usually come off as – at least come up with something more orginal.

    Do you look at what you type – are you typing a poem – you really don’t need to break off into a new paragraph on each sentence you make – put down the big mac burger and look at what you type.

    So, I wear diapers – why don’t you get your fat ass to come over here and change them for me grandpa – I could sure use the help!

    I am boring though, to be honest – but at least I don’t piss away my life trolling the web and eating like a cow on a daily.

    I don’t need to insult – just reading your vile comments are good enough for me – toodle-loo scum-fuck.

  • Sejanus

    Wow, what is your problem?
    Get a life loser.

  • Alejandroe84

    I have many problems grandpa – please don’t get it twisted! Get a life loser? Thanks for the advice grandpa I’m just trolling the troll – you should know this very well by now – please don’t kid yourself!

  • Sejanus

    Such a sad little broken record you are.
    Have to admit you are offering tons of giggles around here though…
    all at your expense of course coward.

  • Alejandroe84

    Awww thanks grandpa – now, shut up and sit down, you senile fuck.