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PRATTVILLE, AL – A 3-year-old girl in Alabama has died after her father accidentally ran her over with a lawn mower.

According to the Autauga County Sheriff’s Office, a man was driving a riding lawn mower Sunday afternoon when he accidentally backed over his 3-year-old daughter.

The girl was rushed to the Prattville Baptist Hospital where she pronounced dead. At this time, police do not believe any foul play is involved.

“Right now, we believe we are dealing with a tragic accident,” said Chief Assistant District Attorney C.J. Robinson. “State law requires that the death of a child be investigated. This is standard procedure in Alabama when a child less than 16 years of age dies. Our thoughts and prayers are certainly with the family right now.”

The family declined to comment through a spokeswoman when some asshole reporter from the Montgomery Advertiser decided to go to their home and try to get an interview the next day.

Back in 2011, we reported on a 3-year-old girl who had to have one of her legs amputated after her grandfather accidentally ran her over with a riding lawn mower. In 2010, an 8-year-old boy was killed after his father accidentally backed over him with a lawn mower.

I don’t know about you, but accidentally killing your own kid — especially with a lawn mower — has got to be a nightmare you never wake up from.

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  • darsa

    I cannot imagine ever being able to live with myself if something like this happened… Wow. :'(

  • backing up is trouble in reverse.


    About 20 years ago, a similar accident happened around the corner from my house. It’s always given me the sads to think about that poor kid’s last seconds. Fell off the ride-on tractor while Dad mowed the lawn….. The parents moved away not long after.

  • Inferus
  • Damn that’s brutal. Poor baby.

  • Karen Lewis… Keep this in mind when Maddie visits!

  • A dog was bad enough. I don’t allow anyone outside when i mow now

  • Yikes.

  • This morning, not far from where I live in Ohio, a 3 year old was killed by a front loader on a Mennonite farm. And yesterday an 18 year old girl was killed when she was hit by a jet ski. Also not far from me. Awful.

  • Mazikeen666

    Omg how horrible ????i

  • Bet he had a lot of yard work to do after that

  • Why was the 3 year old just hanging out behind a very loud object


    There was a well known writer who did this to his little brother. The writer was just a boy driving his family’s harvester or something and his little brother fell off the seat beside him. The guy said he looked down and the upper half of his brother was still showing and he decided to drive on over him and spare him a lingering death. It haunted this guy forever, obviously. And I can’t even remember his name. I feel bad.

  • Rest in peace, sweet child! 🙁

  • GGMon

    3 year olds tend to run around with no sense of danger. They’re like flying squirrels with ADHD and hyperactive as fuck.

  • HelenCNewcomb

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  • ThrillHouse

    grew up with a girl this happened too.. riding on the mower with her dad when he suddenly had a seizure…she lived but one of her legs and part of her back were mangled, been freaked out by them ever since.

  • Sejanus


  • PurpleAnn

    Very smart! People forget how dangerous mowers are.

  • truthguy

    yeesh what a mess

  • truthguy


  • I3ird

    Legitimately tragic…..

  • jansav

    So horrific. That poor baby girl and her poor dad.

  • Taster’sChoice

    My 2 year old daughter will be 3 next month. I do not think I could go on living if I did this to her. RIP angel.

  • salepo

    When I was still married we lived in a farmhouse with 5 acres.We had a riding mower.My then husband got into it with the landlord one summer because the lawn wasn’t being mowed as often as the landlord thought it should be.We tried to explain that hubby was working a ton of overtime and even though I was stay at home mom we didn’t mow unless the other parent was home to make sure kids and critters were in the house and stayed there.

  • JimP

    Nice going, dad

  • keepalow

    It’s always when they are backing up.
    Why don’t they look behind when backing!

  • keepalow

    When my daughter was that age, she was down for a nap. I decided to get the yard done.
    When I went to back up, i looked behind me and there she was. She was running behind me and i didn’t even know she was outside. If I had not looked behind, i sure could have hit her or worse, ran her over.
    Unlike cars, when people are backing they tend not to look back. Assuming nothing has invaded the space they just passed. This is tragic but also avoidable. 🙁

  • Diva of Destruction

    I wouldn’t have thought a three year old could fit under the deck of a lawn mower. Hmmmm knowledge is power. I’m guessing there is a lawn mower being given away in Alabama today.

  • keepalow

    So he just finished him off?

  • Old Man Metal

    Yeah, no kids at my house, but we keep the dogs inside when we’re mowing. Fucking tragedy, and yeah, the dad will never get over that.

  • KarenMBlack

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  • dilldoeh

    i gotta buy a giant lawn mower now, for plotted murders later. it’s genius!

  • Duane Aho

    On the plus side fertilizer like that he is certain to win the best lawn award in the community next year.

  • Kimberly Prince

    John Gardner

  • captaingrumpy

    Well this Pratt lives in Prattsville. Fancy that.