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SACRAMENTO, CA – An 8-year-old boy was beaten to death with a hammer while trying to stop his mother’s ex-boyfriend from molesting his little sister.

According to a criminal complaint, 23-year-old Deandre Chaney Jr. was molesting a 7-year-old girl in the early morning hours of Sept. 1 when the girl’s brother, Dante Daniels, tried to intervene.

In response, Chaney Jr. responded by attacking the boy with a hammer. He eventually turned the hammer and a knife on the victim and the sibling’s mother – but the little boy got it the worst.

“Trying to save his sister from this child molester, and that’s why he was beat the worst,” said Dante’s grandmother, Monique Brown.

Dante would be taken to the hospital where he would remain brain dead for six days before dying.

His sister and mother would survive the attack, but his mother will probably never see out of her left eye again, according to his grandmother.

Brown said that if there is any silver lining to this tragic incident, it is the fact that Dante’s heart went to a 4-year-old boy.

“Dante gave his heart to a 4-year-old In Southern California, so a 4-year-old lives because of him,” Brown said.

Chaney Jr. was arrested after a manhunt found him a few days later, wrapped in a tarp hiding in a shed. Chaney Jr. is currently facing charges of murder, attempted murder, and lewd acts with a child under 14.

This coward has quite the record, including pleading no contest to a charge of failing to register as a sex offender in 2016, pleading no contest to a charge of felony battery with serious bodily injury in 2014, and pleading no contest to a charge of assault with a deadly weapon in 2011.

Cody Johnson Charged After 1-Year-Old Found Bleeding From Rectum And Vagina

A GoFundMe has been started to help the surviving family pay for medical bills and counseling. When I last checked, they had raised $19,000 of its $20,000 goal.

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  • Defafan

    This mother is also at fault. Sorry, but having this POS in your house without doing any research on his background is disgusting. He is a felon/pedophile. I hope they actually keep him locked up now, sad that it takes a kid being raped and another being killed to get this guy off the streets for good. So sorry for those children.

  • jansav

    sick piece of sh*t. They should beat him to death with a hammer staring with his genitals.

  • DW

    Its almost like you can’t read so you immediately decide to victim blame the mother like the piece of shit you are.

    “This coward has quite the record, including pleading no contest to a charge of failing to register as a sex offender in 2016”

  • the only way this story could get any more fucked up is if there was a dog mauling involved. holy christ, morbid.. this is a messed up one lol

  • I wonder if the mom knew he’s a sex offender. He shouldn’t have been in her house. Protect your kids.

  • Poor babyboy..ughh

  • Can people quit bringing people like this into their homes when they have kids?

  • According to the article, he failed to register so I doubt he disclosed it to her. My question is the article refers to him as ex-boyfriend, so were they broken up prior to this and he broke in?

  • I’m sure she knew he had a checkered passed.

  • Krystal Nicole ????

  • Defafan

    Must be your relative. You seem like a real winner. Troll.

  • Jeania

    Holy f***… that poor family…and that poor little boy. Only consolation is that that sweetheart went out a hero. But freaking tragic…I hope that guy gets the book thrown at him. >.<

  • My heart. How terrible. I hope he fucking rots.

  • People like what?

  • He wasn’t registered so she probably didn’t know.

  • How sick is this trash

  • Really, Jamie? You know what he meant.

  • Jamie Lynn Shermeyer, sex offenders and people with criminal records. What the hell else would I mean?

  • Wow, this story actually broke me 🙁

  • I don’t give a shit if you want to suck off an entire gang, but when you have children you should vett the people that you bring around your children. It’s crazy how some women will put a man first.

  • mean birch

    Shut up troll.
    def. is right.
    You are stupid.

  • Jade Hatfield

    Normally I’d say the mother should share some blame .. but umm when someone fails to register as a sex offender .. you can see the problem here, right?

  • Thanks Lil boy! You effed him up! He’ll never hurt your Lil sister or anybody else! RIP.

  • Even if he didn’t register, a simple google search would show his felony convictions. He wasn’t just a sex offender, he was also violent.

  • Grant his right to a speedy trial. With the death penalty attached.

  • I don’t think I can read the whole story just the first 2 sentences breaks me down

  • I am not a very emotional person. Very few things cause have an emotional reaction. However, this story brings tears to my eyes. This guy needs to be tortured to death.

  • Jade Hatfield

    I wouldn’t assume that. When I was dating I always did my homework – one guy was on the registry stat rape. He was a teaching assistant at a community college (yes how he managed that job has remained a head scratcher to me) . The second time a mechanic asked me out. He was on the list for molesting a child under two. And as a honorable mention here yrs after I took gymnastics my old coach was put on the list and also the list of never being able to teach gymnastics at competition level (I imagine non competitive was a given as well lol) My old coach had trained with the same coach who had trained Mary Lou Retin.
    I’d like to think you won’t assume that somehow I have lived my life around the scourge on the buttocks of life. But given your above assumption I can imagine you would. However my main reason posting this was to suggest that one shouldn’t just assume what someone knows.

  • He saved two lives, that’s a good kid. This is why child molesters should be put to death, immediately.

  • Defafan

    Actually, you can look up anyone’s criminal history through court records, etc. so even if he doesn’t register, the information is out there. Regardless, she should be worrying about protecting her children not filling her vagina with some random dude’s cock.

  • RIP Dante. a little man, a big HERO.????????????

  • There cannot be a god

  • How sad…. Poor little guy. WTF is wrong with some people?

  • DaveL

    It doesn’t take a whole lot of online sleuthing to spot the crude, made-in-prison facial tattoos.

  • NoBS NoSpam

    Survival instincts of every swinging tit of a mother requires more than poor life choices, or they dump another life time dependent on a corrupted social service system.
    Right up to the socialized burials.

    The child was fucked at conception, not birth.

  • itsknotme

    “… found him a few days later, wrapped in a tarp hiding in a shed.”

    Tattoos and doing crime(s), you just can’t say to the police, ‘You’ve mistaken me for somebody else.'”

  • NoBS NoSpam

    Personal choice is why woman pick the “exciting” dick of the day.
    Most Americans are OK with a slut for a mother. Hell, high class whores are teaching our kids. Except now they don’t even hide it as much.

  • Horrible.

  • mobiusclimber

    High class whores can even be first ladies these days!

  • I hope he dies the most horrific death

  • Robert Ristow have you Googled any of your dates? Not to mention each state’s registry isn’t fool proof. You’d be surprised how many people don’t show up.

  • I google everyone. And check the websites where they have lived. But I was an investigator for child protective services, so I might be a little paranoid.

  • There isn’t.

  • dilldoeh

    If you gonna block cock, you need to learn to block hammers as well. Rookie mistake. Rip.

  • How can this cock sucker be given a cell and food and water. I’d happily torture this piece of shit out of the eye of any security camera. The shit I would do to this guy would make saddam puke…some people just deserved to be tortured

  • Reading the DD is proof enough of no higher powers

  • It’s highly probable that she knew. Lots of people know creepy things about partners and chose to over look them. Sex offender is one of the worst, but they she liked the dick ???????????

  • Inferus
  • Robyn


  • So bloody heart breaking ,too many crazy people around ,

  • I haven’t seen this spin put on it before
    Did the little girl reveal the info?
    Why was the mom dating a convicted sex offender?

  • I couldn’t agree more Robert Ristow, when you have children your needs no longer come first. You have to do what’s best for your children. Personally i think its so selfish that parents would bring random people around their kids all the time.

  • What a sick bastard

  • ObamaNazi

    It’s proof that Liberals and black people are alive and well.

  • ObamaNazi

    They need to check his Obama phone for pictures and videos of other victims.

  • May the Lord allow someone in prison to hear what he has done and do the same to him people that do things like this should have the same thing done to them it makes me sick

  • PurpleAnn

    Get out of here with that shit!

  • Mendi Mayhem

    He would still be on the registry even if he didn’t turn his paperwork and shit into his local law enforcement.

  • Sabin Kelley, first I have never dated much, almost all were longterm relationships and yes I did do background checks on them right away, no sense in wasting my time on someone that is going to lie to me. I also left money in my ash tray as a test. I never found the system to be hard to use, but I also did repos and skip tracing, but it is so easy to do. Pretty sure she just put her wants first over her children.

  • Felonies and arrests are very easy to find, court cases and dismissed cases are a little more work.

  • execute the piece of shit

  • Disgusting and disturbing!! Ugh!!

  • I currently know of a woman that lost her kids, because CPS found out her new man has child molestation convictions, drug offenses, is a known gang member, and has theft convictions. The woman knew but he had a great story on how every charge wasn’t his fault.

  • I always google my dates, found out after the first date one was a child molester. Ghosted on him quicker than shit. And at the time I didn’t have kids. So this mom has no excuse.

  • Once again, a negligent mother who leaves her precious treasures with some low life boyfriend. May she spend an eternity living with these memories

  • ObamaNazi

    Ann and Jamie are two white people trying to sound relevant online. Go back to the basement and stay there.

  • ItisI

    Another comfort is that once the other inmates learn the details, they will first rape the crap out of every one of his orifices, then probably beat him to death.
    One other thing: why do women take these POS’s into their lives? “Bad boys” are going to be bad to everybody, so WTF???

  • Mazikeen666

    Wow????soo sad poor lilangel ,the ,mom will never forgive her self for bringing tha pos in her house around her kids?????????

  • Poor baby….just trying to save his sister. Absolutely heartbreaking. That man deserves the worst possible punishment ever imaginable. Life in prison or the death penalty, are too easy….

  • Ramonathegreat

    It’s a cycle of trauma. The mom probably never witnessed a healthy relationship, so she let anyone in who claimed to love her or gave her the validation she never got as a child. You see this all the time. Without counseling, the little girl is probably never going to have a healthy relationship. Yes, the mother shares some blame, but this shit will keep happening if kids grow up in dysfunctional families and create more dysfunctional families. Do a little research on the cycle of poverty/trauma.


    Women need to grow up and realize that once they have a child, date life should be over. Time to dedicate your life to the life that you brought into the world.

  • Heather_Simpson

    What a despicable human being! Stories like this just tear me to pieces. My heart goes out to this family and the tragic loss of life at the hands of a sick, twisted, disgusting piece of shit. How could this happen? Why did the mother not figure this out? The mother should have laid down her life for her child, not her son!

    I would lay down my life for any of my three kids. This is such a sad story.

    That sorry piece of shit Deandre Chaney Jr should be beaten to death with a hammer and then his nasty looking dreads should be set on fire while hydrochloric acid is being poured on his face. BURN IN HELL, DEANDRE CHANEY, JR!!

  • salepo

    Not to mention the article says he was an ex boyfriend so why was he even at the house.

  • salepo

    I checked out everyone I dated because I have kids.

  • Elizabeth McCarthy

    Deandre be findin’ out real soon about that. I like to think God is real, because this scum will be standing in front of Him and have to explain that episode. I can’t imagine him not being sent to hell. Hopefully it will be sped along by his being shanked by his new boyfriend in prison. I don’t have much hope of him being rehabbed, do you?

  • Elizabeth McCarthy

    The one over the left eyebrow? I thought that was a scab.

  • GGMon

    And rape him in the ass. Fucking molesters man

  • HelenCNewcomb

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  • I3ird

    Why was this fool around the children IN THE FIRST PLACE? This is tragic, but seriously…as a parent it is YOUR JOB to know who is around your children.

  • I3ird

    Uhmmmm…..the ability to read is obvious, hence the comment….he has a record….your quote denotes this. LOL. WHAT is your point, bc you’re not making sense.

  • I3ird

    ….many, many ppl fail to register; such knowledge is still available if you look, regardless. How would it be different if he had registered?

  • I3ird

    If he did register, why would he disclose it to her? It’s still available knowledge, registered or no.

  • I3ird

    ….as parents, ppl should do better. (as you have.)

  • I3ird

    How would she know if he was registered? It’s out there, regardless, but EITHER WAY you have to do your research. This line of thinking is ignorant.

  • I3ird


  • I3ird

    People like people; everyone. LOL. do you not know the definition of “people” ?

  • I3ird

    Go TRUMP

  • AlabamDeb

    This makes me SICK. That little HERO of a boy’s last memory on earth was watching this sick POS molest his baby sister, then being beat to death with a hammer. No punishment is good enough. I hope he never has a single second of his pathetic life that is not excruciating pain.

  • Taster’sChoice

    Mooseshell comes to mind, actually. Never been a lower class first lady than that one.

  • mobiusclimber

    Then you are a complete fucking moron who is the lowest class person on the face of the earth. Up is down for you.

  • Jade Hatfield

    I just think it’d be easier to find. I mostly say this as a joke but with all the people yelling fake news baby I imagine a database that was official would convince even the more obtuse fart knocker.

  • Jade Hatfield

    I can’t imagine why I’d have any ex boyfriend at my house. Though I did have a breakup where I’d go to his house and walk the dog and such. But I’m a huge dog love and that was like my kid lol. Plus I use to take long baths lol my new apartment only had a shower in the downstairs I rented lol.

  • Jade Hatfield

    I posted a comment above ! Two dates I would have gone on! I have two fur babies and am pickier about who they meet than this woman lol

  • Jade Hatfield

    I checked out everyone I dated for safety and not just anyone gets to meet my fur babies lol

  • Jade Hatfield

    I think date life being over is a bit harsh. I imagine if done right a single parent can date and be a good parent lol.

  • Jade Hatfield

    I don’t think mom should have turned a blind eye to what was going on.. but now she’ll always have to turn a blind eye!

  • Leslie Mashmann

    With his history, he is still walking the streets able to find more victims – does anyone see anything wrong with this? That poor brave little boy had to die so violently and with such pain. Come on BLM – can’t this life matter? All I can do is hope for swift jail justice, because our court system will kiss his bottom feeder ass for years – and we’ll be the one paying for it.

  • You are so sick you will get what you deserve

  • David Richter

    And now that’s stuck in my head….thanks

  • Mean while this race is protesting racistness for a flag when they are monsters to their own

  • Sick mofo is going to die a gruesome death in prison. If he even makes it past County. They hate kiddie diddlers.

  • Heather_Simpson


  • Heather_Simpson

    Meanwhile someone is making a big deal about that when Puerto Rico is destroyed and we are on the verge of a total nuclear war. GTFO bigot.

  • Heather_Simpson

    Well played!

  • TeresaTWelch

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  • esmerald 2006

    Knock all of his teeth out and make him choke with a different cock 24×7

  • Ann Stone

    If everyone had a heart as mighty as this little man, the world would be a better place. RIP, sweetheart. May you always be remembered as the hero you are.

  • Ann Stone

    Reason #1 why I stayed single after I divorced my child’s other parent.

  • KarenMBlack

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  • KarenMBlack

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  • L’artiste deRouge

    And you run background checks on everyone you USED TO BE involved with? Right.

  • L’artiste deRouge

    You assume a LOT and fuck you for victim blaming. He was her EX. You have no idea if she dumped him when she learned of his past. You don’t know ANYTHING. You assume. Didn’t your mama ever teach you about assuming?

  • Stating The Obvious

    A 4 year old in Southern California has his heart now so it will carry on.

  • Racheal Perry

  • Stormblast

    I hope the little boy got in at least a few hits, bites, and scratches before he died. I wouldn’t not hesitate to leave the world the same way I came in, screaming and kicking covered in someone else’s blood, especially in this situation. Too bad it wasn’t a stronger, older sibling who could fuck him up!

  • Really

    Seem most here are getting on about the mom. I just think the little boy was super brave. Only 8 with no chance of winning he did the right thing trying to help his sister. My heart goes out to the loss of his precious life.RIP little protector.

  • captaingrumpy

    Hey Stupid , What some women allow so they can get some Dick is really out there.

  • Robert Ryan

    “one guy was on the registry stat rape. He was a teaching assistant at a

    community college (yes how he managed that job has remained a head
    scratcher to me)”

    Probably because statuary rape is a stupid charge that often means virtually nothing once you look at the case details. Registering a huge portion of these people as sex offenders is idiotic and ruins lives for no reason. The entire register is a stupid idea, all actual research shows it accomplish nothing to actually stop offenders but ruins plenty of the lives of people for petty offenses like flashing or consensual sex with their younger girlfriends in high school.

  • Guess negrow really had to TAP DAT ASS!

  • Stu Monroe

    I cannot stand the morons on this site who make such stupid comments. Every time I read any comment on this website I am almost as disgusted by the readers as I am the monsters in the articles

  • I’m rubber you’re glue…

    His name is still on the registry omg that’s incredible

  • Jade Hatfield

    I agree pretty much with all that. I think it’s ridiculous when some ages are close together and esp when someone does it to get back at someone or their parent makes it an issue. I’m still a tad surprised about the guy though. On a side note he was a buttwipe anyway lol. 🙂