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LONDON – Medical reports show that a man’s dog was under the influence of crack and morphine when it killed its owner in front of a documentary film crew.

The attack happened in March in front of a BBC documentary crew who were in the home of 41-year-old Mario Perivoitos, filming a documentary about drugs.

After ingesting cocaine, Perivoitos lay in his bed and started having an epileptic fit. This caused his Staffordshire bull terrier named “Major” (not pictured) to attack him and latch on to his neck.

The film crew called police while trying to get the dog off of Perivoitos, but it took 30 minutes before the dog was wrestled off the man.

Perivoitos would not survive the mauling and died from a crushed larynx and massive hemorrhaging.

A toxicology report would later show that the dog had large amounts of cocaine and morphine in his urine.

The toxicologist stated that while it’s impossible to determine if the drugs were the direct cause of the attack, they would have been a factor in the dog’s behavior as drugs typically make dogs “respond abnormally.”

Finally free from a drug addicted owner and clean from crack and morphine, Major is scheduled to be euthanized.

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  • Well, at least it was only the owner.

  • dammitall23

    They better double-up on the needle. He probably has a tolerance.

  • Wow, so the dog was drugged somehow and now hes going to be put to sleep over something I doubt he even remembers

  • Old Man Metal

    Major finally got tired of dude stepping on his supply.

  • Well…yeah. Just like a person who commits a crime while under the Influence gets charged.

  • Sabin Kelley they don’t face the death penalty though….

  • Yea but a person under the influence usually ingests whatever and knows consequences

  • That’s rough.

  • Darren Smith What the hell is going on over there?

  • itsknotme

    Really? After cutting the cord, there’s finally something to watch on cable.

  • The dog was drugged why should be have to die???

  • don’t you mean, ruff?

  • Don’t do drugs dogs.

  • We’ll that’s bullshit. Killing the poor dog. He was drugged. Besides, he killed a dope head, a worthless piece of shit, not an actual human being. Poor doggie.

  • Ruff life

  • The dog didn’t deliberately take drugs! Someone fed it to him! Not quite the same……

  • I’ve been known to blow bong hits in my dogs face. They like watching cartoons.

  • Horrible, poor dog…. But the way the last paragraph was written made me chuckle

  • I know the breed go with this. New headline, Cracked Out Pitbull Eats Baby! DD, get on it. If you are not a regular on the DD website, you will be offended.

  • Asshole. Poor dog..

  • Guess he should have thought more about Man’s Best Friend when sharing his dope.

  • butts6954

    Nothing funny about this reort i guess, but that last line of yours almost knocked me off my chair man……..that was funny……..!

  • April, save that poor dog! Take him into your home.

  • Stick to your highly addictive legal drugs… Much better of. You really are a piece of work lol. Someone dies and you think its good because he used drugs. Guess what, so do you!….. Muppet

  • Stfu your fucking stupid, for one I cant have a dog my sons allergic ,,I cant believe you having no sympathy like its the dogs fault the owner probably gave it drugs

  • That’s what his owner gets for Bogarting the pipe.

  • GGMon

    I don’t know, I think euthanizing the dog might be a good idea. I figure animals suffer from withdrawals like the rest of us humans right? Who’s to say letting him live won’t be torturous? And can anyone even treat a dog from a drug addiction? Sure it’s not the dogs fault but I really don’t know how else to treat the poor dog????

  • iwantapony

    That’s awesome. Seriously, i couldn’t possibly think of a more entertaining way to rid the world of a worthless junkie and it’s pitbull.

  • D S

    i lol’d. +1.

  • D S

    Wow, Aimee… Maybe you should petition the court for custody of the dog. You’re braver and perhaps more compassionate than I. I sure ain’t gonna do it. THAT dog is a murderous, blasphemous dope fiend.

  • D S
  • D S


  • Wow so because someone was an addict of hard drugs they are no longer a human being? Wow. I’m sure this person made bad choices and became an addict but they were still a human being who made some really terrible choices in life obviously but it doesn’t change the fact that they are (were) still human, SMH.

  • D S

    Who else are you gonna share your dope with, if not a best friend?

  • Sejanus

    I love ironic deaths.

  • DD loves some pitbull maulings. Now if only Pitbull would get mauled.

  • IKR

  • VeronicaGStephenson

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  • Next headline: Pitbull sentenced to electric chair after mauling Florida.

  • PurpleAnn

    I can’t stand him! His “sexy voice” sounds like he’s gargling with phlegm.

  • PurpleAnn

    Did the dog have drugs in his system before he mauled the guy? I’m thinking maybe they got in his system from all the arterial blood he ingested during the attack.

  • Heather4877

    Good question. What I DO know is that, with that kind of a reaction to an epileptic fit, that dog would make a terrible service dog.

  • steboto

    I am guessing that England is one of those countries that give welfare recipients a little extra $ for their pets they can’t take care of so they might refrain from having kids they can’t take care of .

  • jansav

    It is sad that the dog has to be put down but its really the only course of action acceptable. He won’t feel any pain he will just go to sleep. The owner got just what he deserved and I hope he was aware. Giving an animal drugs is just stupid and unacceptable.

  • PurpleAnn

    LOL, so true!

  • PurpleAnn

    Scooby Doo would be fun for your dog to watch while stoned. I always figured Scooby and Shaggy were stoners.

  • esmerald 2006

    They look like stoners, act like stoners and always have the munchies. Lol

  • esmerald 2006

    I thought the same thing right after I read the article. But who knows. Poor stupid guy.

  • Da Mac

    Everyone gets talked into it the first time. 🙂

  • Da Mac

    Is that the thinking behind that? Brilliant!

  • Da Mac

    They need that in the States.

  • April Tumey If you are calling people stupid, its “You’re* fucking stupid”. It always strikes me as ironic when someone insults another intelligence, but cant spell themselves.

  • Grammer police I never do anything people say,,is that what people told you ,that was the correct way lol I could care less

  • April Tumey Yeah – showing evidence of your stupidity doesn’t help the cause…


    I love these people defending drug addicts — addicts are parasites that destroy their families, their neighborhoods, and so on and so forth. Until an addict really gets clean, they are a waste. Yeah, I made mistakes, but I’m smart enough to make such a obvious one.

  • I3ird


  • renee914

    Blasphemous dope fiend lol

  • D S

    “YOU, alright?? He learned it from watching YOU!”

  • D S

    Pfffft… NUH-UH!

    Taking a crackhead into your home is ALWAYS a bad idea. But, when that crackhead has locking jaws and a reputation for killing at the drop of a hat even when he’s NOT hittin’ the pipe, it’s an even WORSE idea!

    The next time a crack-addicted pit bull asks you for a place to stay, remember to say “NO!”

    “NO! That’s a BAD crackhead!”

  • minjofu

    Yeah I’m not as sad about this one. Don’t get me wrong I still wouldn’t trust a pitbull but the whole situation was fucked.

  • D S

    > “Until an addict really gets clean, they are a waste…”

    Let me see if I understand: If someone is addicted to drugs (which is a remarkably easy thing to do; most opiate addicts in the current epidemic were first prescribed opiates by a doctor), then they are a “waste,” a “worthless piece of shit,” “not an actual human being,” etc. BUT, if they manage to escape addiction and get off the drugs, they cease to be a “waste.”

    So, if you kill someone during the course of their addiction, thereby denying the opportunity to get clean, this is… good? Not bad?

    I don’t want to sound uncharitable here, but even though you may pride yourself on being “smart” enough to avoid certain mistakes, you still sound like a moron.

  • Lol

  • Kat Vineyard

    A dog can’t choose to do drugs. A dog can’t be charged with a crime either actually.

  • Kat Vineyard

    It might have been made that way by it’s owner. It needs to go to a rescue and be evaluated over a lengthy period of time. And yeah, it sounds like Aimee is more compassionate than you are.

  • Kat Vineyard


  • Kat Vineyard

    Get the dog into a rescue and allow it to be monitored and evaluated. Even dogs from fighting rings have been rescued and went on to live long, loving lives.

  • LynnKayee

    Stories that involves animals being put down because of their owners mistakes piss me right the fuck off.