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REDWOOD CITY, CA – A McDonald’s employee has been arrested after she gave birth in the fast food restaurant’s bathroom and tried flushing the baby headfirst down the toilet.

On September 8, 25-year-old Sarah Lockner was working at McDonald’s when she complained to her manager about having stomach pains. Her manager told her she could go home but Lockner ended up going into the restroom.

Her co-workers became worried after she had been in the bathroom for an extended amount of time and one of them went in to check on her.

The employee found Lockner in a closed bathroom stall with a large pool of blood surrounding it. Lockner explained she was just having a heavy menstrual cycle.

But when a second employee went in and peeked over the top of the stall, they saw Lockner had a newborn and was trying to flush it down the toilet head first.

Lockner pleaded with her co-worker not to tell anyone, but they ignored Lockner’s pleas and called 911.

Paramedics arrived to find the baby without a pulse and not breathing. The baby was taken to the hospital were it was revived and placed in a medical induced coma. The child was not expected to survive, but has since then been taken off life support.

Lockner, who says she did not know she was pregnant, was arrested and charged with attempted murder, causing great bodily injury and assault on the child causing great bodily injury. She is currently behind bars on $11 million bail.

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  • Holy crap! That happened in my hometown. ????

  • dammitall23

    I’m not sure she’s even smart enough to have sex.

  • Nedly Mandingo IV

    I’m totally perplexed. Why would a person think that a newborn would even fit down a toilet? You take a large dump and it will clog a toilet. An 8lbs baby obviously isn’t going to make it down the drain. What the ever loving shit is wrong with this broad?


    *** resisting urge to be an insensitive smart ass ** check back later to see how I’m doing .. i’m off to McDonald’s .. I hear the McRibs are back.

  • omg. WTF is jwrong with this bitch?

  • WTactualF?

  • Sejanus

    What a shitty start to life for the baby.
    McD’s toilets are vile as hell!

  • Old Man Metal

    Never gonna make that bond on Mickey D’s pay.

  • $11 million dollars bail! Holy fuck! I doubt a mc Donald’s employee could raise 100k, but ok

  • sugarpie

    I’d say that was a pretty heavy cycle *-*

  • What has to be wrong with your soul to do something like this to a baby? A US Senator? Sure, but an innocent baby??

  • these babies must slide out of these hoes

  • esmerald 2006

    She doesn’t need to be smart. For all I know men even have sex with dead women, at least she’s alive.

  • There are way too many stories out there about bitches trying to flush a baby down a toilet! Wtf? What would make them think that would work out? Jesus. It takes someone with a fucked up brain to even attempt that shit.

  • She knew, why else beg them not to tell on her?!
    Otherwise she would be freaking out and asking for help. IMO

  • Seriously!!

  • This is the kind of panic move, you would expect from a very young pregnant girl, scared of facing the consequences of being pregnant.. not a grown adult woman!.. you don’t want/cannot keep the baby, then you take it to the nearest hospital and take it from there.. you don’t flush it down the freakin toilet.. RIP sweet baby.. I’m sorry you had a selfish moron give birth to you.

  • Jesse Kretkowski

    In her defense, she looks like she survived being flushed down a toilet a birth

  • No need for RIP, the baby is alive.

  • john smith

    It’s called necrophilia and there are,women who,do sick shit like that too.Id say more but,,,,,, never mind.

  • john smith

    Obviously a lot!!!

  • john smith

    People,like her are seriously people,that need,to be locked up forever.Then thrown to hell,in death,if it exists,which I think it does.That baby went,through a form of hell.

  • Is it?.. I thought I read that it was taken off life support.. I assumed it had died. Well that good news.. hopefully it will be placed in a loving home.

  • Jenna Fir that poor little thing….

  • Yea welcome to our world … Shitty start to life and likely a shitty life to come. What in the hell is happening…this world is all kinds of crazy!

  • Henry Alexander

  • These are McDonald’s toilets, they’re supposed to be able to handle 600lbs. men.

  • m3

    Who cares so little about the potential of life that she ignores using birth control (which is easy and cheap), and who cares so little about life itself that she callously treats a wonderful little baby as if it were a turd?

  • Elizabeth McCarthy

    Jesus Pete! I’d take that baby. She, however, needs to be cut up in little pieces and flushed away. How are people even that stupid???

  • tobi veselich

    It’s not uncommon for women to bleed some during pregnancy. If a woman has a very irregular period to begin with it’s possible to interpret the blood as a light period and never even think she might be pregnant.

    Pot belly can be interpreted as normal weight gain. If she’s already chubby, it might not be noticed. If she’s super skinny and doesn’t eat much, she might not gain much weight. Presumably the child was small as she thought it would fit down the toilet drain.

    Fetus moving can be thought of as belly rumbling, all be it quite intense rumbling. Morning sickness, food cravings and other things may not be experienced or just thought of as something much more mundane, food poisoning and what not.

    And of course we have to remember this is America, she might not have had any sexual education and knows nothing about pregnancy.

    It’s also possible that she was using birth control but it failed. So if she thought she was pregnant she just told herself “I can’t be pregnant, I’m on the pill.” and was simply in denial.

  • GGMon

    Ok she didn’t know she was pregnant, been very very few cases of that happening but I still don’t understand how trying to flush a baby was a good idea. I’m actually cringing at the image of a baby drowning in a toilet while some asshat repeatedly flushes it

  • dont be upset anyone, she called planned parent hood first and they told her it was OK. guess the reporters havent updated the story yet

  • why wouldnt they think of it? PP does worse all day every day and people get ready to fight and burn your house down if anyone even hints that its less than moral. The country and media has set a standard that the unborn or new born’s life has 0 value

  • Talkin

    These women know they are pregnant! I’ve had three children. Unless they believe there is an alien in their abdominal cavity, they know! Babies kick, roll, hickup, twitch, etc.

  • Talkin

    Somebody else would have had to call 911 while I beat her pathetic ass!

  • dumwise

    Such a refreshing change from the ex-wives murders

  • dumwise

    I hate to tell you guys. But that’s what all women look like………Until they put on their make-up

  • dammitall23

    As a female comic said, “We can fuck when we’re dead!”
    Still–that one’s pretty goddamn stupid.

  • AlabamDeb

    It can happen. I got pregnant, bled heavily, assumed (very young and very dumb) that it was an early miscarriage, didn’t go to dr. until 6 months later when I actually HAD a miscarriage. Was at home, thought I had a stomach bug until little feet fell out. Freaked the hell out. Unfortunately the baby had already passed away. Never gained weight, never felt the baby move.

  • jansav



    maybe she thought it was the world’s biggest period raisin..


  • I want to know how no one knows these women are having babies in the bathroom. I would be screaming my head off if I was having a baby in a bathroom at work, or anywhere else for that matter. Pushing a human out of your vagina hurts. A lot.

  • Shawn Thompson

  • Diva of Destruction

    I could have saved her some trouble a child will not flush down a McDonald’s toilet, you have to go to Taco Bell if you’re wanting to do some stupid shit like that.

  • Defafan


  • Defafan

    This is why PP needs to continue to exist, so morons like this get free birth control and sex education. Ugh. What a heartless idiot.

  • mean birch

    Holy crap,! You made me spit my pop out. Wonderful! Well played,!

  • D S

    White Yoko Onos?

  • D S

    i lol’d.

  • D S

    …A hard truth.

  • D S

    > “Fetus moving can be thought of as belly rumbling, all be it quite intense rumbling.”

    Not a woman myself, but I’m pretty sure that, how it’s been described to me, the movements of a baby in utero feel nothing like a rumbling belly.

    > “And of course we have to remember this is America, she might not have had any sexual education and knows nothing about pregnancy.”

    With all due respect, this is the dumbest thing I’ve read all day, and makes the prior statement sound like a master’s thesis in aeronautics.

  • D S

    i lol’d, even though I have no idea what Wesley Willis has to do with this.

  • If she didn’t want the baby, she coulda dropped it off at a fire station or police station. NO questions asked. Simple fix. Instead, this lady took the lowlife scum loser route and killed the child. She needs to be thrown into the mouth of a hungry great white shark! Well, they won’t do that. They will send her to prison, instead.

  • I wouldn’t know, but i can surely imagine trying to stick a quarter in a dime slot. I heard the equivalent pain quotient is breaking 10 bones in the human anatomy at once.

  • Scout Kent

    That sounds like a traumatic miscarriage, I’m sorry you went through that. I don’t want to be too specific about something so personal to you, but there are possible reasons in your scenario that would explain not feeling the baby move (it’s often not ‘big’ movements at that point anyway). Not feeling a baby move at 8 or 9 months is a different story than not feeling it at 6 months. Also, it is possible you did miscarry the first time, then got pregnant and miscarried again.

  • Scout Kent

    Yes, no matter how many times I read about this happening, I find it near impossible to believe. I mean, you could see the outline of my babies’ feet on my stomach, lol, and they could kick off a plate or magazine I had balanced there.

  • Scout Kent

    Who sees a large pool of blood surrounding a bathroom stall and just nods in agreement to the heavy period story? Pregnant or not, that’s hemorrhaging, not bleeding – call for help!

  • salepo

    Baby survived

  • Inferus

    You were trying to flush the wrong thing, you piece of shit.

  • Leslie Mashmann

    Ok, we all know what a rotten bitch this woman is – and I hope they hang her from the rafters. But the baby, the baby who was pulseless and not breathing and regained vital signs after resuscitation – how much brain damage did that little one sustain. Hypoxia after birth can be devastating. Poor little one never asked to be born.

  • $11 million bail? wow…

  • Not everyone is meant to be a parent. Though she carried a child to term she attempted to kill it.
    When you take away a persons right to choose you not only take away their choice but endanger the life of a child.
    Those same people vote against birth control and government programs that help

    Have the baby… then screw you and them….

    Americas self righteous love the fetus and hate the child

  • Any animal can give birth, it takes a LOT to be a Mom. Animals like these need to be sterilized.

  • Taster’sChoice

    $11,000,000 bail? Her actions are horrendous, don’t get me wrong but that’s a high ass bail for sure.

  • Taster’sChoice

    At first I thought you were going to say these are McDonald’s employees. LMAO

  • Taster’sChoice

    While it is still alive, it remains to be seen if it has any brain damage from a lack of oxygen while swimming in the McDumper.

  • Why do these women always look the same? Maybe we should start euthanizing people who look like this.

  • That’s McHorrible!

  • How irresponsible. Babies go in the compostables bin.

  • Toby Veselich

    On the first point I was unclear in what I meant. I assumed a rather inactive fetus. I think it seems likely that the child was premature, and as such may not have become particularly active yet. She didn’t know she was pregnant so she probably wasn’t eating particularly well, so the fetus was probably not in great health and therefore not very active. There are reasons why a fetus wouldn’t be very active. A kick or other movement might be jarring at first but could easily be dismissed as a one-off event or just “oh, that happens sometimes, I don’t know what it is, but it doesn’t seem to be a problem.” Humans are great at rationalizing away health concerns. I probably could have communicated what I meant better.

    As for the second point, I am rather confused. She is 25, which means she went to middle school and early high school while Bush was president. Bush pushed abstinence only sex education, which basically replaced real sexual and reproductive education with nothing. She would have graduated under Obama, but her school may still have had an abstinence only curriculum in place, or she could have already taken her health classes before real education was put in place. I think “this is America, she might not have had any sexual education” is a completely reasonable statement to make and I have no idea why you would call it “the dumbest thing [you]’ve read all day.”

  • Toby Veselich

    Just two points I’d like to make.

    First, she works at McDonalds. Birth control might be a significant expense for her. Birth control might be cheap for you given your financial situation, but remember, she works at McDonalds.

    Second, she may well have used birth control and it didn’t work. Taking antibiotics can interfere with the pill. Old condoms can get tiny tears in them. Other methods are also flawed, but those two immediately come to mind.

  • Old Man Metal

    You know, I really hate her face.

  • Stormblast

    What a McCunt!

  • PurpleAnn

    Free birth control is available at clinics if one can be bothered to go get it.

  • PurpleAnn

    I call bullshit on her story. The link has more information. She is already a mother of a three year old. She claimed to not know she was pregnant with that one either. I think she was actively trying to drown the baby. It sounds like it was too big to flush and she hadn’t gotten around to the ‘disposal’ yet. I figure she was making sure the baby was dead and then was going to leave it in a trash can. Evil bitch!

  • PurpleAnn

    This woman DID choose. She chose not to bother with birth control. She chose not to seek the Plan-B pills. She chose not to get pre-natal care, available at clinics. She chose not to go to a hospital to deliver the baby. She chose not to take the baby to a police station and surrender it. She had all kinds of choices, and made the wrong one each and every time.

  • Jesse Kretkowski

    Geez, why the long face…..seriously, her face is like 20 inches long.

  • Heather_Simpson

    How the hell do you not know you’re pregnant? I don’t understand this? This bitch needs to be strangled.

  • D S

    >period raisin

    Wait wha….? This is a thing?

  • Heather_Simpson



    So she retarded her child’s mental abilities by hand. It’s off life-support. Just great. She took a healthy child and murdered its brian. Just think — I mean putting aside all the ways this wouldn’t have worked — but she’d carried the baby into the restaurant and gave it to someone. So many people want a baby and would have loved to raise this child.

  • Big Stan

    Ha my old school friend went to the hospital with his girlfriend at the time because she was having stomach pains. He was 15 and she was 14, neither of them had any idea until the Dr told her she was in labour. I think her dad had to be restrained from killing my friend lol. Its weird but it does happen apparently. My first daughter was only 2lb’s as she was 8 weeks early, you would not have known my partner was even pregnant unless told so.

  • Heather_Simpson

    Really???? I was pregnant at 21 and I had a suspicious because of the nausea.

  • Big Stan

    They are still together with other kids now 16 years later and she still insists she didn’t know first time around so I am pretty convinced.


    Unfortunately, it is. 🙁

  • Duane Aho

    Silly , stupid girl. Everyone knows you have to de-bone an infant much like a chicken if you want it to go down 1st flush.