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ITALY – An 11-year-old boy and both of his parents died after falling into a hole in a volcanic crater at Solfatara.

The family were on their last day of vacation when the oldest boy, Lorenzo, reportedly walk past a barrier into a prohibited area.

The area he walked into is known for having ground like quicksand that can collapse. When he became stuck, his parents, 42-year-old Tiziana Zaramella and 49-year-old Massimiliano Carrer, rushed to his aid.

Tragically, the ground gave way and all three fell into a hole that was anywhere from 5 to 10 foot deep and contained poisonous fumes along with boiling mud.

The family’s youngest, a 7-year-old boy, watched the entire nightmare unfold but was not harmed physically. He was found crying at the scene asking for help and taken to a bar close by where patrons tried calming him down.

Emergency crews arrived within minutes and firefighters were able to pull the family out of the pit, but it was too late. Video shows all three of their bodies underneath green tarps beside the hole they fell into.

Pozzuoli mayor Vincenzo Figliolia said this was the worst tragedy at the site in 40 years, while a local worker said the accident was the worst thing he had seen in his entire life.

The surviving 7-year-old was later looked after by social workers and a psychologist and will be later reunited with his grandparents.

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  • darsa

    That is utterly horrifying. That poor little boy… 🙁

  • mayhemily

    Idiot kid. I can see a 3 or 4-year-old doing this but at 11, this is just survival of the fittest at work.

  • NinaRoss009

    Holy shit! That poor little boy

  • Moral of this story. Respect the barricades. Dummy!

  • Betty Poo

    It’s a shame when the smartest one in the family is the 7 yr old.

  • itsknotme

    “… were on their last day of vacation …”

    Somewhere in Heaven the sound of, “If we’d only left when I said “’cause we can beat the traffic right now, but NOoooooooooo! We had to go back one last time.” echos.

  • 11 years old and walked past a barricade? Did this kid have mental issues or was he just an idiot? I can see a small child doing this but an 11 year old?

  • Aerysta

    That is fucking depressing as shit. Thanks Morbid!

  • Man I was hoping it was an epic game of hot lava that had gotten turned into a shoving match

  • Heartless bitch

  • Yet another heartless bitch

  • Lori Cross Yes you are. You should work on being a better person.

  • Lori Cross Cunt.

  • How is being logical heartless? I certainly knew by 11 to not cross boundaries that were clearly marked. Snowflake much?

  • Lori Neal wow aren’t you scary????????????

  • Lori Cross this obviously isn’t the best site for your sensitivities

  • Lori Cross Not really, but you are. Perhaps you should continue taking your meds.

  • Is this page full of ignorant cunts or what??

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  • Lori Cross No. Just you.

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  • You two are real mature????????????????????????????????????

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  • Krystal Nicole just like my yellowstone book

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  • Why can’t people do anything without bringing up Trump?

  • Rosemary Conti it’s only because I was called a snowflake which I am not.

  • Lori Cross ugly troll fuck you and your trump god

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  • Poor kid I can’t imagine how that 7 year old feels

  • I know ????????????

  • Michelle Forest-Davis I’m a bitch not a cunt????????????

  • A jerks wife. Bahaha.

  • Lori Cross – then don’t act like a snowflake! Please, can you explain how it’s ignorant and or cuntish to think the kid should have minded the signs? They’re in his native language after all…

  • Carrie Timmen calling a dead 11 year old a dummy is reprehensible.

  • I’m done with you people. Peace?????

  • I didn’t. I said he should have respected the posted boundaries. Calling people heartless cunts because their opinions differ from yours is equally reprehensible. It’s all about one’s personal point of view.

  • Lori vs Lori and shit just got real

  • Carrie Timmen last comment and I’m out.
    I said heartless bitch. They called me a cunt so I returned the favor. Making fun of or calling a dead child names is disgusting. My opinion.

  • Sejanus

    Dope got himself and family killed.
    Barriers…they are there for a good reason

  • Lori cross found the picture of him jumping

  • Lori Cross Bright ppl don’t ignore barricades, dummy. Dead or alive doesn’t change the fact.

  • Phillip Chung

    Then stop acting like one, sheesh

  • Phillip Chung

    Do you guys get in fights like this all the time?

  • Lori Cross – again, I did neither. I said that by 11 I certainly knew better. You started with the name calling. If you get it back, don’t act so offended, ‘K?

  • Feeling the love in the particular thread

  • Is that like the floor is lava?

  • Yes William Harre jeez

  • GracieW

    How are the parents not smart? If I see one of my kids in trouble I don’t even consider my safety. My instinct as a parent is to rescue my child.

  • what a horrific story.

  • Kinda odd the photo is of smiling Mom

  • i didn’t even see you here. that is a creepy smile.

  • i actually enjoy conversations like this a great deal.

  • Duane Aho

    reportedly walk past a barrier into a prohibited area

    at that point in the story this went from a potential tragedy to simply more idiots making room for the rest of us.

  • LizaJSuarez

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  • We know he’s the smart one. Sad.

  • Taster’sChoice

    STFU cunt. lmao. Sorry I just had to. This is the DD after all.

  • Talkin

    Seriously?! Look at the video. It is clear why the barrier is there. You can tell by looking that it’s an unsafe area.

  • PurpleAnn

    It appears it also contains a self-righteous twat.

  • PurpleAnn

    It would’ve been smart to supervise the kidlets more closely in such a dangerous area, so a rescue wasn’t necessary.

  • dumwise

    Nah. Just think back when you were 11. Or watch the 11 year olds around you.

  • jansav

    not really. 11 year olds get excited they don’t aways think things through. They need parental supervision.

  • Well… that’s all wrapped up then. Those genes didn’t need to be passed on.

  • mayhemily

    When I was 11, I had common sense. I think most 11-year-olds have enough common sense to stay away from the deadly acid hole. I would have much more sympathy if he was a toddler, but 11 is way too old to pull this crap.

  • mayhemily

    Then all the 11-year-olds you know are stupid as hell

  • jansav

    all the 11 year olds you know are non existent

  • Old Man Metal

    Soooo… if you’re stupid, and you get killed through your own stupidity, but you *had* procreated, *but* all of your progeny die with you, is it a Darwin Award? I know one of the kids survived, so that’s not the case here, but I’m just wondering.
    P.S. That’s a real vacation hot-spot!

  • Old Man Metal


  • JellyBrains

    Not much of a barrier if it’s that dangerous.

  • GGMon

    Plenty of 11 year olds are fucking dumb, children for the most part are irrational. It’s not a new concept. Kids get into dumb situations all the time, only difference is this poor fellow died

  • GGMon

    Reading about kids dying is depressing so I’ll change the subject. Morbid, have you listened to the new septicflesh album?

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  • you cant renege on a human sacrifice.. they really should have left them in there.

  • you’re forgetting the younger son that survived….?

  • Well fuck… nature missed one.

  • Diva of Destruction

    They went into a prohibited area huh? Play stupid games win stupid prizes. Sounded like a horrible way to die. Messed up thing there’s pictures from the vacation of them smiling just before this happened. Well at least the last kid lived hope they poured him 3 fingers of 20 year old Scotch to calm him down at the bar. He deserves it.

  • Plague78

    That sounds like a horrifyingly painful way to die. The sulfur and gases burning your wind pipe and lungs and the boiling mud cooking you alive. I hope they died quickly. And that poor kid too, 7 years old and seeing your family fall to into a hole and never seeing them again, talk about traumatizing.

  • VeronicaGStephenson

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    I think my instinct as a parent would have been to get someone to help who knew what needed to be done. By rushing to the kid, the parents’ added their weight and that made the sands shift and drop them in the boiling mud and poisonous fumes.


    I agree. What kind of upbringing did this kid get that he has to sneak under a safety barrier. Reminds me of those dumb kids at the zoo who get animals killed by sneaking under the fence and falling into the animal’s living quarters. Never forget Harambe.


    This is called stupidcide. If the boy had been taught good manners by his parents, they would all be alive and boring people with vacation photos.

  • Nathan

    Idk but Probably would be good if they are in such a dangerous place to have a professional guide or someone to stop this. Plus a big sign that said you will die past this point. To be fair, the kid made a stupid mistake but he’s just a kid and they had to help him. Maybe should have gotten professional help.

  • NoBS NoSpam

    That seven year old is fucked. The parents lack of survival instinct retards the only survivor from that failed gene pool.

  • NoBS NoSpam

    Natural selection is a beautiful thing, unless you are a selfish control freak.