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WICHITA, KS – A couple have been arrested after the woman’s 3-year-old boy was found decomposing inside a block of concrete.

Miranda Miller, 36, and her boyfriend Stephen Bodine, 40, have been arrested after their ex-landlord found a cement structure inside the house they were evicted from that had a child’s body decomposing inside it.

Reports state that a landlord cleaning his property stumbled on what looked like a large cement coffin with a foul-smelling odor coming from it. He alerted police who had to bring in a forklift to remove it from the house.

Inside they would find the remains of what is, more than likely, 3-year-old Evan Brewer — who has been missing since July.

In March, Carlo Brewer contacted the Department of Children and Families claiming that his son was being abused by Miller. DCF opened an investigation and on July 6, the court had awarded a protection of abuse order for Carlo on his behalf of his son.

Incidentally, that is last day Evan was ever seen and Brewer has been trying to locate Evan ever since.

Miller and Bodine were taken into custody after the child’s body found, but have not been charged in relation to the child’s body. Bodine was charged with suspicion of aggravated assault and aggravated interference with parental custody, while Miller was charged with suspicion of aggravated interference with parental custody.

These charges will probably be upgraded pending DNA confirmation that the body found is indeed little Evan.

Evan’s step-mother posted a video on August 13 that showed a confrontation with Brewer and Bodine when they showed up at Bodine’s house demanding to know where Evan was located. She stated:

“I knock on the door where my stepson was last seen (which is supposedly vacant) and this guy Stephen Bodine aka Bo yells thru the door and says he’s holding him hostage in the basement, threatens to “chop” me up “into little pieces” and proceeds to open the door, tries to attack with a hatchet, then busts our tire. I got it all on video and YES police were called. Please keep an eye out especially if you’re around the area of May St. And Vine near Pawnee and Seneca!!!”

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  • Horrible hag.

  • Best Hans Solo cosplay ever.

  • Ay yai yai! A small mercy may emerge if the coroner determines the kid was dead before being encased in concrete. I’m guessing the concrete cracked thus allowing the odor of decomp to escape.

  • Yeah especially when there was a father that wanted him

  • FruitLoop

    Looks like the police and CPS dropped the ball on this one. How do you miss a coffin sized piece of cement when looking for a missing child?

  • Sickening

  • Elizabeth McCarthy

    Talk about bat shit crazy. Bursting out the door with a hatchet and slashing a tire with it? I’d be wanting to know where my son was too, but would definitely wait for the police to take care of Hatchet Boy first. There’s a lot of places to hide a small body in Wichita. Encased in concrete in the damn house isn’t one of them. Poor little guy.

  • esmerald 2006

    Sad story, RIP little Evan.

  • why dont there people just do it the legal way and take these unwanted kids to planned parenthood? then they can do it proper and then even brag about it on twitter and no one will even care

  • Omg.

  • DaveL

    It sounds like a Monty Python-esque plan to dispose of the body.

    “Ok, now what?”

    “Now, we simply carry the concrete block out to the truck and throw it in the river.”

    “How’s that again?”

    “We carry the concrete… umm… uh oh.”

  • Sejanus

    Nice peek into Hell

  • I would personally like to stone this monster to death… who’s with me?

  • You got that bat shit crazy part down…..

  • Poor little guy undoubtedly endured horrific torture preceding his fatal demise. God only knows for how long ???? these are the type of people that need to accidentally die during an attempt to captured after an escape

  • Poor little guy undoubtedly endured horrific torture preceding his fatal demise. God only knows for how long ???? these are the type of people that need to accidentally die during an attempt to captured after an escape

  • Old Man Metal

    “So THAT’s where I left him!”

  • Old Man Metal

    “He made an attempt to grab the officer’s weapon. The officer, fearing for his life, used deadly force to defend himself. A thorough review determined that the officer’s actions were justified.” C’mon, it happens every friggin’ day; why not to these assholes?

  • Inferus
  • AlabamDeb

    10 bucks says the crazy BF abused and killed that baby and the so-called mother stood by because she “was ssss-scared of him”. C’mon…anyone? No?

    Both should be tortured and killed, then buried in some cement. Hold on, I’d settle for just torturing and burying them in cement. Now that would be justice.

  • Is she pregnant how she puts baby comin in 2017

  • NinaRoss009

    This makes my heart hurt…

  • NinaRoss009

    Even that seems too nice…

  • sweetd


  • Leslie Mashmann

    Another dead child. Look at the news articles about the dads attempts through CPS to save his son. See their usual failures. This was once my soap box, but now I’m defeated, tired and old. I hope that this little ones grand dad has enough power to get answers to his questions. RIP wee one.

  • Leslie Mashmann

    It’s easy to hide those little bodies in many places in this world.

  • Leslie Mashmann

    Let’s roll.

  • Leslie Mashmann

    For many years it has amazed me how a police officer can come upon an abused murdered child and not trip over his feet, allowing his gun to fire accidently right into the murderer’s face. That’s just my furious thought.

  • Leslie Mashmann

    I’m more concerned that she impressed with his little d__k, than her own child.

  • Big Stan

    I don’t know at that stage I would maybe be saying fuck the police. He brings a hatchet then I bring a machete and knuckle dusters with a skull cracker on them. I would not be leaving my son with him for another second after him swinging a hatchet about.

  • itsknotme

    Concrete, really? Couldn’t they have just gotten his baby shoes bronzed?

  • Ann Roh

    Thanks for the laugh, when I just wanted to cry for this poor little man.

  • dammitall23

    Fucking aimless, brainless degenerates.
    Didn’t want the kid, but refused to give him to his father. Decided to kill him, instead, but had no plans for actually getting away with it–not even a lameassed Casey Anthony excuse. That level of irrationality, I can’t decide if they’re on drugs, or if they just drilled holes into their skulls and inserted a weedwhacker.

  • Stormblast

    I say drop their asses off in the very southern tip of Florida right now and let Irma have at them!

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  • PurpleAnn

    Gathering pointy rocks right now.

  • PurpleAnn

    LOL! Winner!

  • salepo

    There we go- ship all the child abusing/killing monsters and pedos to south Florida,lock em in a trailer and let nature take it’s course.

  • Stormblast

    Or chain them all up to some palm trees out in the open and let the winds and storm surge eat them alive.

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  • Nathan

    BTK, Carr brothers, KS has got some scars especially Wichita. For instance a woman being murdered by “Ricky Cho”