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ORONO, MN – Police in Minnesota say a woman hanged herself and her 5-year-old son in the basement of her home.

Police were first called to the home of 47-year-old Gina Sommers after the father of her 5-year-old son was unable to get in touch with her.

The boy’s father, Jeffry Sandberg, was in the middle of a custody battle with Sommers and was scheduled to pick up his son at 4 p.m., but Sommers was not answering her phone or coming to the door.

When police arrived, they left shortly after stating there wasn’t much they could legally do at that time but to call them back if the situation remained the same.

Sandberg called back a few hours later stating the situation had not changed and that a family member was on their way to the home with a set of keys.

Police used the keys to gain entry into the home and found Sommers and her son hanged in the home’s basement.

“It wouldn’t have mattered if we would have [entered] at that 4 o’clock time or that 8 o’clock time,” Police Chief Correy Farniok said. “[The deaths] occurred prior to that time.”

Court records show Sommers and Sandberg never married but had their son, Jude, through vitro fertilization. When the couple split, Sandberg allegedly agreed to pay 50 percent of the fertility treatments Sommers underwent.

Sommers had filed a civil suit against Sandberg for that money he allegedly had not paid, as well as 9 months of child support she said he also had not paid. In one document Sommers stated she and her son were living in poverty.

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  • mean birch

    Selfish bitch

  • Inferus
  • God damn it why do these things have to kill the children man. They have NOTHING to do with it 🙁 I refuse to call her a human or mother cause she was neither for killing an innocent soul

  • This will be the only time I call suicide a selfish, cowardly act, because I don’t typically feel that way about it. But this bitch. This bitch was cowardly as fuck to not be able to do it alone and selfish for not just taking her own life. She committed suicide for that poor baby. Horrible cunt couldn’t die by herself.

  • “Happy person and a loving mother.”

    No, no she wasn’t. She killed her fucking five year old son and watched him struggle for life. Sick in the head, not happy. Sick.

  • That poor boy. Rip little guy.

  • Why do I keep reading the demon? Rip little man…

  • I think this is the first time I read a headline here that just made me go “Jesus….”

  • Look at her eyes. She looks bat crap crazy just by her picture. Rest in peace little guy, sorry you had a crazy, selfish bat crap crazy bitch of a mother

  • That’s sad. Why was she living in poverty? It’s a shame once again that people are unable to that tomorrow is another day. There is a future and hard times don’t last forever ????

  • That’s sad. Why was she living in poverty? It’s a shame once again that people are unable to that tomorrow is another day. There is a future and hard times don’t last forever ????

  • Jeffrey’s father is an out of touch asshole!!! You ok baby daddy? Living in poverty? I didn’t think so. Sometimes you need to pull your head out of your ass long enough to see what’s going on around you!

  • On friday she lost a court battle over what school the boy would attend. She also was suing the father for the cost of the invitro 6yrs ago.

  • Leslie Mashmann

    So to get even with her child’s father, she kills her own baby. And he is five years old – he had to know what was happening to him. Well, I guess she bought herself alot of sympathy with that stunt the rotten, selfish bitch.

  • Wow I haven’t seen DD post in awhile!

  • NinaRoss009

    “Summary for Orono, MN. Median rental price for rentals in Orono, MN for August was $2,947, a decrease of -7% compared to the same period last year.”
    Living in poverty… not in Orono, MN
    Selfish bitch, hell would be too nice for this POS

  • I’m rubber you’re glue…

    What is wrong with people!

  • john doe

    The cops wont,forget those images.

  • Pretty sure it’s called murder. Suicide is when you take your own life, Not someone else’s.

  • Seriously doubt she was living in poverty.

  • Robyn

    This just pisses me off and she was a sorry excuse for a mother and human being. Want to know what I did when I had a mental breakdown, suffering from PTSD, unable to work, poor and homeless and barely able to take care of myself? Let someone else temporarily raise my son while I healed myself ad got my shit together. I thought about killing myself all the time..not once did I ever consider doing what she did

  • Ann Roh

    Too bad it wasn’t a solo act.

  • Never married. In vitro (not cheap nor paid off over five years). Couldn’t play house for more than a few years after cookin’ up their kid. Jesus! Some things *are* better the old-fashioned way.

  • Revenge killing

  • Elizabeth McCarthy

    I’m sorry you went through that. You’re a strong person and deserve the best.

  • Elizabeth McCarthy

    To the people who do this despicable act to their children, you are not a mother or father and you may not even be human. There’s no reason to take them down with you. You go ahead and die, but you leave them here for the people who love them and they love.

    Gina, you’re a coward and a waste of skin and air, and vindictive to boot. Many, many people who never knew you before today now do, and all of us hate you for murdering that beautiful child. Selfish does not begin to define you.

  • Right?

  • He wouldn’t pay child support so she’ll just take care of that? That was her answer to $500 back pay & living in poverty?

  • Mazikeen666


  • Mazikeen666


  • WTF

  • OMG. She has no soul.

  • Stating The Obvious

    Why is Jeffrey’s father involved in this? Jude is the little boy that the baby incubator killed. Jeffrey is his father.

  • Sejanus

    She could have turned a decent buck doing porn.
    That would have provided for her.
    Maybe people need to actually look at finances before having kids and realizing they can’t afford them.

  • MariaDMartin

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  • Josh

    Seems like the best story to post this.

  • AlabamDeb

    That’s because you sound like a decent, normal person who went through a rough patch but still had the sense to make a good decision when it came to your son. Hoping things have turned around for you. Best wishes.

  • Carmel Jones

    So the grieving dad didn’t pay for the fertilization or child support but nothing is said of him.

  • Carmel Jones

    Maybe if dad paid his child support.

  • Carmel Jones

    Child support, he hadnt paid child support in 6 years.

  • Sad sad look big beauty hug heart boy s sin

  • Ann Stone

    I can’t imagine anyone trying to take a child away from an old geezer woman, who had it at the last minute. That is a bad idea. I had my child in my early 30’s, if my ex had gotten custody, HE’D be the dead one, lol.

  • Leslie Mashmann

    Thank God you’re you – a strong loving woman who pulled herself out of hell. How awful for you to go through that, but still you rise girl.

  • m3

    Bat-shit crazy. Why didn’t she just off herself and leave the kid for the authorities to take care of?

  • NoBS NoSpam

    You saying daddy did not pay for that home? Any semen receptacle can claim 9 months behind child support so idiots like you will play the victim card.

    This is most likely why the courts ruled against this documentable crazy mother.

    Of course, the evidence that killing your children might be considered normal behavior to some ass holes.

  • NoBS NoSpam

    “Child support, he hadnt paid child support in 6 years.” quote @patriciapollard:disqus

    Lying sack of shit. The fucking article said “she claims Sandberg refused to pay child support for 9 months, and that she and her son were living in poverty.” Not in a rental, but a house purchased by the gullible father.
    Any semen receptacle can claim 9 months behind child support so idiots like you will play the victim card.

    The only thing worse would be a low life attacking the victim while giving the murderer a pass because rotten cunts stink together.

  • NoBS NoSpam

    Liar. He did pay for child support. She claimed he held back 9 months before the courts FORCED the bitch to share the child.

  • NoBS NoSpam

    So you would murder your childs father? Your moral compass is why your child is fucked.

  • Gene Bridges

    For some they do

  • PurpleAnn

    Maybe she was “living in poverty” because she was paying off the IVF treatments she couldn’t afford in the first place. Lots of weird stuff here: You can’t be bothered to marry somebody, but you’ll go into massive debt and stress, and the lifelong commitment of having a a baby by IVF? Could have adopted or become foster parents. Shouldn’t she have loved the little boy enough to let his dad raise him if she couldn’t afford to? SMH. Of course, the “poverty” claim could be bullshit. Usually when people won’t get married who are sharing a life, it’s to scam government benefits.

  • salepo

    First of all(in response to an earlier comment) most of us who live together without being married are not trying to scam benefits.We just don’t want to be married.Second, obviously dad was at least involved- he was trying to get custody for valid reasons it seems.Lastly,I have never understood people who tried so hard to have kids only to kill them.Why go through IVF and all the trouble and expense it entails just to throw everything away.

  • NoBS NoSpam

    It would take a self centered child who was raised on the victimhood indocrination to worship this God called Suicide.
    I have met these petulant children who are also long retired, fuck ’em.

  • GGMon

    Well, adoption is also expensive. Plus she may have had some mental issues and something tells me she would have been denied.

  • PurpleAnn

    Yes, I think it’s safe to say she had issues.

  • dumwise

    Is that a Slut Fest on her Facebook page?

  • keepalow

    Both parents were selfish ass holes.
    I have only sympathy for the child.

    If the dad finds himself here reading this, all i have to say to him is:
    If only…

  • MissBrazilian ????

    So this weak bitch killed baby and herself because she was living in poverty. The nerve

  • Betty Poo

    Sums it up!

  • TalkinBoutDaTruth !
  • Ann Stone

    No. The dickhead is still alive and you don’t know my kid so STFU!

  • Sivalingam Canjeevaram

    People who comment “she is a bitch” think this way, what about similar mothers who are alive and reading this news as well as reading your comments, what effect your comment will have on her?

  • Nathan

    Incompetent police work, it’s called a welfare check for Christ’s sake

  • captaingrumpy

    For my wife “bumming it” is going to a four star hotel instead of a five star. Maybe her “poverty” is like that.