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ALLOWAY, NJ – A woman has been arrested after she passed out in the front seat of her car for hours and her 2-year-old daughter fatally injured herself while trying to escape her car seat.

Deanna Joseph, 39, called 911 around 9:45 p.m. to report her daughter was unresponsive. When police arrived at the scene they found the girl dead in her car seat in a car running in the driveway.

After questioning Joseph, police determined she had pulled into her driveway and passed out for hours with the car running and the heater running. During this time, her daughter struggled to get out of her car seat and may have accidentally hanged herself in the straps.

Salem County Prosecutor John T. Lenahan said the child had no obvious signs of blunt force trauma and the exact cause of death will be determined by the medical examiner’s office. My guess it will be either asphyxiation, heat exhaustion or a combination of both.

Joseph was charged with second-degree child endangerment, charges that I am sure will be upgraded once an official cause of death is determined, and especially considering Joseph’s history of doing this exact, same thing multiple times in the past.

In 2008 Joseph was arrested after her 11-year-old and 2-year-old were found alone at home while she was high on drugs in the parking lot. Her children were temporarily taken into state custody and Joseph was convicted of cruelty and child neglect and sentenced to five years of probation.

In 2014, she was arrested again after being found passed out on drugs while her infant son was bathing in several inches of water. For that she was sentenced to a year in jail and was released a year ago this month.

Over the last 20 years, Joseph has faced a plethora of other charges that include possession of heroin and cocaine and resisting arrest.

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  • All these instances where she endangered her other children and nothing is done to prevent her from continuing these irresponsible acts and now an innocent baby is dead… inexcusable…

  • The state dropped the ball on this one.

    Somebody should be fired or rules need to be changed so these junkies who can’t stop passing out can’t ever regain custody of their children.

  • Can we just institute a fucking breeding license already? We need some checks and balances in place. People like her keep taking a shit in the gene pool and if we’re not vigilant we’re just going to be one step closer to a live version of idiocracy.

  • I just hate people so much ????????

  • I can’t even.

  • David Richter

    GREAT idea, folks. When she’s convicted, we lock her in a restraint chair, put the chair inside of an old abandoned car/truck/van, leave that in the sun with the heater going and let her see what her poor baby girl went through in her last minutes of life.

  • https://www.facebook.com/deanna.joseph.35/posts/1389363294510279
    Hagatha got some serious delusional thinking. And she’s a stone junkie straight up. RIP kid

  • Gut her from her pussy to her tits, then use her uterus for hot dogs. Anybody that’s had this many chances, deserves the worst death. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c05cc429338f678c5a3ec0bfb541629fae82b41d92299d6b3a53130727e0665b.jpg

  • Ann Roh

    At 39, the bitch still couldn’t figure out birth control?!?!?

  • If I did anything like this I hope my kids would escape and kick my ass.

  • Damn, she’s classy. Truly something to aspire to.

  • Fuck!! She obviously needs rehab in the worst way. Going back 20 yrs…Stop demonizing drug addiction and help humanity people. She a mother, but the addiction has taken control.
    Ugh. I’m mad the little girl died, but so much can be prevented with help, but we pay through overdoses and neglected and dead kids because some of us can’t afford rehab or people don’t see how it’s all in the links of the chain.

  • David Richter

    There’s an old adage. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. I’m sure this walking crotch stain has been in rehab more than once, for what good it did her kids. I’m even sure she’d get clean for a time before falling off/jumping off the wagon with both feet.

    I’m all for helping humanity and am in favor of government-funded drug rehabs for those that WANT help and can’t afford it. Pieces of shit like this woman? No, I have zero sympathy for her or her addictions. She had a choice and she made it. And for that, I hope she fucking rots in a dark hell.

    It’s a shame NJ did away with the death penalty, but methinks her time in jail won’t end well for her. She’s going to die, either by her own hand or that of another inmate. I’m okay with either

  • Ramonathegreat

    How the fuck was she ever given custody of these kids!? Drug testing should’ve been mandatory for her. CPS failed this child and her other kids too. Sick.

  • And yet they have her kids back every time. Until this happens…

  • Shes NOT a mother.She CHOSE drugs over her kid!

  • Elizabeth McCarthy

    That’s too fucking good for her. Think up something more painful. Uterus for hot dogs? I gotta admit, that’s original. LOL

  • Unbelievable

  • Why the f*ck was she ever allowed so much as unsupervised supervision???

  • That’s too quick

  • David is right. You HAVE to want to quit. She didn’t want to quit. She was sentenced to a year in jail once not to mention she as arrested 2 other times – whether she served the full year or not it doesn’t say. Yes, you can get drugs on the inside but there she had an opportunity to get clean. Did she? Nope. We’re not demonizing drug addiction but this generation is too quick to blame everything on being high & doesn’t take the responsibility for anything.

  • I generally have sympathy for addicts but she had too many chances and should have given her child to someone to care for her. The child is the victim here not her. She’s a pos first addict second.

  • itsknotme

    We have WIC. We have food stamps. Maybe, just maybe, if baby sitters could be paid by a state for the used needles used by a parent, then maybe gust maybe, some babies could be saved.

  • jansav

    Poor baby.

  • It’s probably because I’m from San Francisco (though currently living in London) but…are we supposed to be impressed by a $350K house?

  • steboto

    reading her FB you would think she was 16

  • Leslie Mashmann

    Why is this woman allowed to keep any of her children with her history? Another total failure of the Child Protective Services in this country. It seems that nobody with authority to make these decisions cares a bit. Rights of natural {no matter how unnatural they are} parents are always more important than the best interest of the child. This happens over and over and over – and this poor little angel is just another dead kid. I am so sick of this.

  • She could afford rehab according to her profile she lived in a big house and drove a nice car. She should have handed the child to someone more responsible.

  • Josh

    You kiss a girl and the stork shows up with a baby in a blanket.

  • Ann Roh

    So close…LOL

  • Talkin

    A drugged out breeding machine. Just what society needs. Should have pulled her uterus out years ago!

  • AlabamDeb

    Given her history this was bound to happen sooner or later. RIP baby girl. Sorry you drew this short straw of a parent. Did this cunt not have other family members who could see what she was doing? Not trying to blame them, because this twat waffle is the ultimate one responsible, but how can you just stand by and watch?

  • I just threw up in my mouth. ????

  • Old Man Metal

    Third time’s the mother-fucking charm…

  • scotsims

    When she screams for water give her a nice tall glass of Ipecac and heavy dosage of laxatives.

  • scotsims

    $350K barely pays for a closet.

  • scotsims

    Her remark is probably snark if that’s actually her account.

  • Jade Hatfield

    Here in Georgia it’ll get you a 3000 to 4000 square house. Now mind you I completely agree that lady is pos but for some of us that’s a really nice house 🙂

  • $350K’s the down payment.

  • I don’t doubt it about the really nice house. Before I moved overseas I was amazed at the prices for some pretty big houses *with acreage* in other parts of the country.

  • Taster’sChoice

    There are lots of places in the country where the cost of housing is reasonable and so is the economy associated with paying for it. I’m a native Charlotte, NC native and I own a couple “middle class” ($150-$300k homes). It’s all about where they are and what opportunities are in that area to drive rents (or customers in the case of AirBNB and VRBO).

  • NC’s pretty, least the part I visited. My first job took me to Winston-Salem a few times and it’s so woodsy. Loved it. Was offered a chance to transfer there from SF but I couldn’t feature spending my 20’s in semi-rural NC. Mortgage would’ve been, like, $600. When I moved earlier this year I was renting for ~$3,600 and that was a *steal* as I’d been in that apartment for a few years.

  • Sejanus

    Junkie mom needs to be sterilized

  • Taster’sChoice

    A child clings to the back of her lifeless mother as she is rescued in the floods of Houston …..a mother gives her all so her child may survive. …..We don’t harm our children as to end their life. We don’t blame them for our life being turbulent or mismanaged and we don’t kill them as payback to those we want to hurt. It happens however and we must remind those that can read that it was never about us. Our life was over the day our children are born. From that moment on we spare nothing in the advancement and encouragement that our love will provide to them even if we must commit the ultimate sacrifice so they can have the same opportunities as we did. That is to love their children unconditionally

  • Heather_Simpson

    I’m just glad the kid survived. This shifty eyed- Nicolette Sheridan wanna be needs to be impaled with a prison made shive that was doused in pig shit and prisoner’s blood. What a sick bitch. She needs to stop sucking on the meth/crack pipe/dick and be a fucking mother.

  • LA Woman

    That bitch can give a shit look at her she just wants to know when she can leave to get high. With her record she should get 25 to life for this.

  • Taster’sChoice

    All depends on what’s important to you…

  • Big Stan

    How was she ever allowed to be in charge of a kid again after the bath or parking lot incident? It makes no sense. Somebody just needs to cunt punt this bitch.

  • Ann Stone

    Darwin Award!