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AUSTIN, TX – Police have arrested a man after he was caught on camera having sex with a chain link fence.

The incident happened earlier this year when a woman looking out her window noticed 32-year-old Eliodoro Estala urinating on a fence that separates their property.

As the woman was filming Estala with her cellphone, Estala began removing his clothes and performed imaginary sex acts with the fence.

According to the neighbor, Estala “put his mouth inside the chain link fence and stuck his tongue out moving it up and down” as if he were “eating out the fence.”

But Estala wasn’t done. He then stuck his erect penis through the fence and began fucking it.

After the neighbor called police to report her neighbor was having sex with a fence, officers arrived and interviewed Estala.

The officers noted Estala was highly intoxicated when questioned. He denied making sweet, sweet love to the fence but was arrested when he was clearly identified in his neighbor’s video.

Estala was initially charged with indecent exposure. He was released from jail after posting his bail and hasn’t been seen since. After failing to show up to court, a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Estala joins the numerous people we’ve reported on who got busted sexing up all matter of inanimate objects. Patio tables, couches, ATM’s, corpses, even road kill.

Seriously, you name it and we’ve probably reported on someone who got caught fucking it.

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Sex Offender Gets Out Of Prison, Rapes 7-Year-Old Girl Six Weeks Later
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  • Yuk!

  • Chin link fence?

  • What if a taco wanted to marry a bridge? ???? + ???? = ??????????

  • Damn, CHIN linked fences.

  • 1DireWolf

    Can you imagine if the fence became pregnant? We would have an idiot/fence hybrid. I bet it would be pretty metal!

  • Eliodoro.. Spanish for fence fucker… Got it tatted in my dog.

  • Lol so is this sex or public masturbation?

  • Lame spout your agenda elsewhere, troll your profile gave you away

  • And what exactly about my profile “gives me away”?

  • I’m still on the fence about this one…


    So fences don’t make good neighbors ….

  • More like a blow job I guess?

  • Does this guy have a huge schlong or not need friction???

  • Matt

    Not showing up for court is understandable. If I got caught having sex with a chain link fence, I’d probably not look forward to the judge announcing that to a room full off people and try to skip out on it too.

  • Leslie Mashmann

    Lucky he didn’t give himself a skinned little pee-pee.

  • I guess he really wanted to link up with the fence.

  • Has the fence undergone any sort of counselling? Has a gofundme been started yet?

  • Any port in a storm, I guess.

  • Troy turn yourself in

  • PurpleAnn

    I was thinking the same thing!

  • Oh wow could have lost his ……..crazy.

  • itsknotme

    “Dude, it’s fence the goods. Not put your goods in the fence.”

  • Typical mexifilth. SMDH

  • That poor defenceless fence.

  • it was asking for it

  • BG

    What good is a fence if your neighbor can still poke through?

  • BG

    Seriously? You do know that it’s 2017, not 1817 right? It’s time for your brain to catch up now… SMGDH.

  • Dr Slaughter

    I am guessing he was feeling fenced in and had to show it his love.

  • Heather_Simpson


  • Heather_Simpson

    I was JUST about to say the same thing to that bigoted thing.

  • What the fuck?

    **finishes pissing**
    “WELP, while I have my dick out… “

  • Heather_Simpson

    It’s actually not, but okay….

  • Josh

    The missing link…

  • Josh

    Hanging out with the neighbor.

  • Josh

    Just tell the judge something about being homesick and lonely.

  • Josh

    Come to find out it is a chicken wire fence.

  • Heather_Simpson


  • Heather_Simpson

    That would have taught him to stick his schlong in places where it doesn’t belong. Sicko.

  • Josh

    Or the pound of ground beef is missing 15 oz.

  • BG

    Not me! My neighbor is a radical hippy, and so NOT my type! LOL!

  • BG

    I pity them. Living in their brains must be painful most of the time.

  • Josh

    If you live next to someone long enough, it stands to reason that you will eventually see them naked. =)

  • Heather_Simpson

    LMAO!! Right.

  • Heather_Simpson

    Absolutely. It’s actually quite sickening and distasteful. I bet that thing would BLOW a gasket if he saw me kissing my Black husband at a restaurant. I will pray for THAT one.

  • BG

    That’s just mean, I NEVAH want to see his 70 year old ANYTHING nekkid!

  • BG

    That’s nice of you, but I wouldn’t waste my prayers on the willfully ignorant. 😀

  • Josh

    You need better neighbors

  • Ed, thats a troll trying to call you a troll, in order for you to respond. Literally

  • LA Woman

    Very impressive that must take a lot of dedication and good form to master that skill . Hey better than with a kid I say knock yourself out! I saw a guy on TV the other day they say he’s addicted to sex with his car not sure how it’s done but he’s addicted to it lol

  • butts6954

    I know people that have done worse than that……………..i’ve heard………

  • PurpleAnn

    The mental picture I’m getting is OUTSTANDING! Thanks for that! I needed a laugh this morning.

  • PurpleAnn

    You win the internet for today!

  • Josh

    Gotta check the oil level somehow…

  • PurpleAnn

    Maybe he has oil level marks tattooed on his ‘dipstick’

  • Josh

    Ever seen the movie moving violations? Lube up your rearend real good and run real hard for 3-4 miles.

  • PurpleAnn

    Haven’t seen it, but it sounds like it’d be right up my alley.

  • Ann Roh

    “Something there is that doesn’t love a wall” doesn’t apply in this case.

  • “Estala was initially charged with indecent exposure.”

    I’m assuming he wouldn’t have been charged at all, but for the fact his neighbor saw him.

  • Armanda Callen

    I guess it’s true……”guys will fuck anything.”

  • Raquel Chacha Trujillo

  • How does someone have sex with a fence????

  • They use each hole randomly????

  • They use each hole randomly????

  • mean birch


  • mean birch


  • Heather_Simpson

    I wish he would have

  • Heather_Simpson

    LOL True. You’re right.

  • My. Trump – don’t build a chain link walk – they can penetrate it

  • How… what?

  • Heather_Simpson

    He stuck his schlong in a place where it didn’t belong.

  • Technically masturbation requires the use of hands.

  • Elizabeth McCarthy

    Your Honor, in my client’s defense, *courtroom erupts into hysterical laughter*

  • taffy550

    I think he may need a tetanus booster shot if he intends keeps up this love affair.

  • Heather_Simpson

    LMAO!!! Exactly!!!

  • This should be a political slogan. ????????

  • This should be a political slogan. ????????

  • sexy fence,,,

  • Sejanus

    This is one of those times a portable jump starter for a car is so handy.
    Hook it up to the fence and watch the sparks flying during his tryst

  • Nathan Lovell

    Fences are such sluts…

  • Robyn

    That whore fence gets more action than I do,lol…I need to rethink my life

  • Robyn

    tacos are delicious and bridges are useful…I see nothing wrong with their marriage

  • Josh

    If you were a fence, what kind would you want to be?

  • Heather_Simpson

    The fence enjoyed it. It was such a slut for Mr. Estala. Watch it try to get on the witness stand and tell the jury something different.

  • keepalow

    I always thought picket fences were muchh sexier than chain link.

  • PurpleAnn

    You can have sex with a person that way too, if they’re willing.

  • denikermann

    Message to Trump – Don’t use chain link for the border wall

  • Inferus

    Seems he’s used to putting his shrinky dink in oversized holes.

  • AlabamDeb

    Could be? We need to see a picture of this whorish fence! What if it needs to be covered? Just sitting out there begging for it.

  • BG

    Are white picket fences considered racist these days??? ;-*

  • What’s a chin linked fence?

  • Looks like a net, about 3 inch diamond shaped wire

  • That fence was probably asking for it.

  • Aprell Quinn ????

  • Wtf!! People are weird ????


    Are they going to force the fence to testify?


    Could we be lucky enough to have this guy be here illegally? But even if we were that lucky, he’d probably in one of those sanctuary locations. And even if we could deport him, he’d hang around the border molesting the border wall.


    I want to see this fence — perhaps it was leading him on.

  • Bubba and the Silverbacks gettin ready to use their sporkswords to toss his salad.

  • captaingrumpy

    How do you expect a Mexican to go to court when all they have to do is walk home to Mexico and they are free.

  • captaingrumpy

    These days “You are what you think you are”.

  • captaingrumpy

    You have heard of the “good neighbour fence” by Stratco ??

  • Completely Agreed.


    Is there an update on this story? I want to know what one gets for molesting a fence.

  • Thanks.