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WOODSTOCK, IL – A convicted child sexual offender has been arrested after police say he tried carrying a 4-year-old boy into the woods at Olson Play Park.

Woodstock police were called to the park after 39-year-old Kevin Sorensen picked the boy of the bike he was riding and tried running into the woods with him.

“He picked the kid up and was pulling him this way, pulling his pants down,” said a witness to the event.

Luckily, the kid had some good friends riding bikes with him that day, as they quickly noticed what was happening and began chasing after him while screaming for help.

According to a post made on social media, a group of painters were driving by and saw the commotion. They stopped and managed to tackle Sorensen and reportedly gave him a bit of a beating before police arrived.

When asked why he tried abducting the boy, Sorensen allegedly said Satan made him do it.

Sorensen was arrested and charged with aggravated kidnapping, aggravated battery, aggravated criminal sexual abuse and unlawful restraint. While I’m glad he got caught before he could do any further harm to the kid, it’s amazing he hasn’t pulled something like this already.

When he was 15, Sorensen he lured an 8-year-old boy into the woods and raped him. Because of his age, he only had to register as a sex offender for 10 years. Then, in 2000, Sorensen was indicted on charges of failure to register as a sex offender.

If convicted of the more serious charges, he’s looking at a possible 30 years in prison. While that’s ok, I think he would serve society much better if her were fueling a tire fire somewhere.

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    Just another day at the orifice.

  • I’m going to continue to say this Death to Pedophiles

  • Fucking disgusting

  • dammitall23

    Is there somewhere we can vote for the tire fire?

  • mean birch

    Thank you strangers for getting involved. You are heros.

    That’s much better than just standing there and filming.

  • Praying

    Thank you for saving that child

  • Inferus
  • That picture of him speaks volumes.

  • What a vile POS!! ????????????

  • What a vile POS!! ????????????

  • Kill him, before he kills.

  • Omg…. Hope someone kills the fucker!!!!

  • modianos

    i was wondering the same.

  • Don’t you just love vigilante justice? Unfortunately civilized people don’t have the balls to finish the job.

  • measyou

    A terrifying amount of similarity there

  • Christy

    This is only the second time he’s been caught.

  • Dre Mosley

    Can’t rehabilitate these people.

  • Sara

    Okay, I’ve been mulling something over for a while: does that excuse, “the devil made me do it,” ever work? Has there ever been anyone who said that and then a judge said, “oh, you poor thing! You’re free to go.” I’ve never heard of it happening. The reason I wonder if it’s ever worked is because that’s the go-to excuse for crappy behavior. If it’s never worked, why do people keep using it?

    As for this shining specimen of humanity, they should cut his pecker and balls off before tossing him into that tire fire. People like him can’t be rehabilitated.

  • itsknotme

    “… into the woods …”

    So, where do Petrified Forest come from?

  • Ralph Snart

    Look at him. Sometimes you can judge a book by it’s cover. Guy’s a walking stereotype.

  • jansav

    They didn’t beat him enough. And this guy is a sick demented freak and will never be anything different. Put him to sleep like the rabid animal he is.

  • jesse

    who says he hasn’t pulled something like this off already?

  • smrpoppins

    that is a rough 39

  • butts6954

    Cut his dick and nuts off, sew them to his head, chain him to the back of a car, drive around town, then throw him into the tire fire……..

  • Sejanus

    This fukwad needs to die in agony, immediately.

  • Josh

    Trees terrified of loggers.

  • PurpleAnn

    Well put!

  • PurpleAnn

    Absolutely right! The lack of self control is frightening. He was yanking the kid’s pants off while he was running.

  • LuvsHorror

    Looks like they beat the ugly into him.

  • Elizabeth McCarthy

    The recoil just from seeing this picture nearly threw me to the floor.

  • That is exactly what I was going to post. Jeez. I’m 38 and don’t look anywhere near that raggedy.

  • Diva of Destruction

    Satan made him do it? Total B.S. I was hanging out with Satan the other day and he never mentioned this guy.

  • Big Stan

    The look on his face is ridiculous, like he is trying to look as innocent as a puppy but failing miserably. They should have made him drink a few paint tins

  • Antonio Valor

    My thought. There’s no way someone with this sort of compulsion took a break for nearly a quarter century. If there is a tracking database, someone needs to map his whereabouts, build a timeline for it and start checking for missing or molested children in that vicinity, maybe even reach out with his photo to groups in whatever areas he’s been in.

  • Nathan Stegner

    Pull his teeth out with pliers, force him to then eat his own pathetic dick and balls, hang him by his toes and beat him to death over the course of a month with a ball peen hammer.

  • SwampFox2020

    This is the problem, right here. Sex Offender Registry is so bogged down with people who pissed in public, sexted their 16 year old girlfriend when they were 18, slept with someone claiming they were 18, had child custody issues, or even sent a pic of themselves to someone when they were 17 or younger, that police/probation/parole officers can’t keep an eye on the 1% that are dangerous re-offenders (sex offense recidivism is 3-5%, give or take. Compared to drug offenses, 28+%. Only lower crime is murder). End the Registry so cops can focus on people like this guy.

  • SwampFox2020

    Absolutely false. Do some research, ffs.

  • SwampFox2020

    PS: so many people in the comments that disregard the 8th amendment completely for someone like this, but a woman kills her baby in a car, lake, whatever, and it’s “she needs help, not prison!”. Get real.

  • Dre Mosley

    Well, I’m glad rehab worked for you. Total success story here, folks!

  • You’ve never bothered to read any of the comments here for stories of women who kill their babies have you?

    And citations needed for the rest of your comments. Serious citations.

  • PurpleAnn

    Not sure ending the registry is the best move. Authorities definitely need to be more selective about who goes on it. I have watched documentaries and read about pedophiles. The urges never stop, but they learn not to act on them. That is, if they are motivated and want to stop offending.

  • SwampFox2020
  • SwampFox2020

    Granted, i was too hasty on the comment in regards to the comments on stories of women who kill their children. Apologies.

    Here are some good resources for Sex Offender myths, registries, and recidivism:







    just to name a few.

  • SwampFox2020

    Keep in mind that very soon, any teen who is caught sexting (sending a revealing picture of themselves) will be subject to a mandatory 15 years in FEDERAL prison and LIFETIME registration. This is why the registry is out of control, and needs to be abolished, or restricted to police access only for level 1 and 2 offenders, even though the “risk levels” need to be re-assessed as well, as they are based on the past offense, and not assigned by a psychologist, therapist, or expert on Sex Offenders.





  • Old Man Metal

    To me, it looks like the bullshit “AWWWWW” look that you give when you’re supposed to feel bad about something that you did, but don’t.

  • Dre Mosley

    Thanks. . . .but I don’t care.

  • SwampFox2020

    Of course you dont. Reason, logic and facts dont apply to emotional arguements. Sorry, i forgot.

  • Flik Rust

    someone needs to use this cunt as target practice.

  • Big Stan

    Exactly. It’s the face my oldest daughter (7 years old) would pull during an “I didn’t do it” moment when she clearly did. Sad face or not his past speaks volumes, he cannot restrain himself even when it means he will definitely be caught.

  • Heather_Simpson

    This is really sick. Why would he do this to an innocent child?! Why?!!??!?! I would have given him a good beating as well if I saw him trying to steal away with a boy whose pants were half down. Children are to be loved and protected, not exploited and hurt. All pedophiles should get life sentences and/or the DEATH PENALTY!!! No exceptions and no excuses!!

    It’s a shame we live in a country where a pusher with an ounce of marijuana on him will get more time than a sick, disgusting child pedophile.

  • LynnKayee

    Beating? He looks like they ran him the fuck over. Straight looks like JUST like one of those coins people put on train tracks to flatten them.


    Everybody always blames Satan. Seriously, why did this guy have another chance at life outside prison with the rest of us?

  • Nick Trygg

    Holy Fucking Shit he is the Worst looking 39 year old i think i have ever seen!! Im 30 and there is NO WAY IN HELL im going to look that old in 9 years, even if i smoked crystal meth every day from now on i wouldnt look that bad LOL! I believe him when he saws Satan made him do it, that guy looks like he hears voices. he looks fucking haggard and pretty bat shit crazy. Lock him up and dont even try to rehab him, this guy is a lost cause.