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PHOENIX, AZ – This is a wonderful update to a story I first reported on back in 2011. One of the women responsible for the death of 10-year-old Ame Deal was just handed the death sentence.

For those of you who may not know of Ame and her horrific death, she was one of a dozen children living in a three-bedroom house with 10 adults.

These adults included Ame’s father, David Deal, her grandmother, Judith Deal, her aunt and legal guardian, Cynthia Stoltzmann,  Stoltzmann’s daughter, Sammantha, and Sammantha’s husband, John Allen.

If you want to get a more in-depth overview of Ame’s fucked up family dynamics, I suggest checking out the Wikipedia article on her murder. Honestly, it’s too much of a mess for me to type out and not the point of this article.

Anyway, all of the kids in the home were abused and neglected in some fashion, but Ame reportedly took the brunt of it. She was beaten, forced to crush aluminum cans barefoot, drink hot sauce, and was even once forced to eat dog shit. Neighbors would say they suspected the children were being abused but never called police in fear of breaking up the family.

But all of that abuse came to an end back in July 2011, when Ame got into trouble for stealing a popsicle. As punishment for such a heinous offense, Sammantha and John forced Ame to perform backbends and run around in 103 degree temperatures before padlocking her inside a plastic storage container.

Ame Deal

The four-foot tall girl remained squeezed inside the 14-inch wide container and left outside in the heat while the rest of the family slept. When John opened the container seven hours later, Ame was dead.

Teen Accused Of Murder After Placing Newborn In Walmart Bag

The family tried covering their asses by concocting a story that involved Ame getting into the box during a late-night game of hide and seek. There was even a video of Stoltzmann telling a reporter what a great hider Ame was.

The family’s lie was quickly exposed by investigators after getting the real story from some people who were living in tents in the backyard of the home. Ame’s condition when she was found also didn’t line up with the family’s hide-and-seek story — she had soiled herself and had marks on her right knee caused by her trying to force open the container’s padlocked lid.

Both Sammantha and John Allen were arrested and charged with first degree murder. Deal and Stoltzmann were arrested for child abuse and kidnapping because they admitted to also putting Ame in the container for punishment on previous occasions.

David Deal would plead guilty to attempted child abuse in 2013 and was sentenced to 14 years. Cynthia Stoltzmann is serving a 24-year prison sentence for a child abuse conviction while Judith Deal is serving a 10-year sentenced for attempted child abuse.

Samantha Allen was convicted of first-degree murder and four counts of child abuse on June 26. Today, she became the 55th woman on death row in the U.S. after a jury handed her a death sentence. Which was great timing in this case, seeing as Arizona only resumed executions earlier this summer after settling a lawsuit that challenged the way the state carries out the death penalty.

Her husband’s trial is scheduled to start October 9 and he is also facing the death penalty. I am keeping my fingers crossed that his fate echoes his wife’s, and that I will more good news to report on my favorite month of the year.

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  • I had a choice to write up a few, shorter articles, but decided this one needed to be posted. It’s an update to a story that has stuck with me since 2011 when we first reported on it. Nice to see some justice being handed out for that girl’s horrible death.

  • Good. I hope this sets a precedent. May all child abusers rot in hell.


    There isn’t a hell hot enough to roast these people the way they deserve to.

  • Isabelle Anne Abraham

    She has demon’s eyes. I hope the death row period isn’t drawn out for too long; they all need to be executed immediately.

  • That poor little girl. Sounds like she was living in hell. I hope the POS family that did that to her suffer for the rest of their days.

  • And I hope her husband suffers the same fate. This was a terrible, senseless crime all because of a popsicle?!!!!! May she burn in hell.

  • I remember this story – I was thinking to myself “i wonder if this is the hide & go seek girl” & sure enough…there is a special place in hell for her & hopefully her husband will join her too. Burn baby burn

  • I hope they ALL get a death sentence!!!

  • They should all get death !!!

  • Jeania

    just read the Wiki page.. I’ve been here a while but not since 2011. What in the blue hell was wrong with that whole damned family? And how…how in the hell….did they escape notice. They were so damn flagrant about the whole thing. Like seriously, what in the fucking god happened here.

  • Exactly why I don’t want the DP abolished

  • Jeania

    scuse my language.. but I really can’t think of a better way to describe how horrible that is.

  • Jeania

    and agreed. It is good to see some sort of justice for that poor girl. I can see why this one would stick with you.

  • Only Sammantha and John Allen were being prosecuted for the DP. :/

  • Valerie

    I bet the husband takes a plea deal after finding out his wife received the death penalty

  • Her eyes are super close together.

  • she should have gotten a job at planned parenthood, then she would have been home free

  • Ann Roh

    No need to excuse you when you’re correct.
    “Under certain circumstances, urgent circumstances, desperate circumstances, profanity provides a relief denied even to prayer.”
    – Mark Twain

  • Stupid 10-head lookin’ bitch!! Krystal Nicole

  • Elizabeth McCarthy

    That’s IT?? Just the death penalty????? I’m so disappointed. *sigh*

  • What a horrible piece of crap

  • Yes. I heard the news about this mess of “people.” 24 years isn’t enough in my view. The rest if the turds are getting off easy too. I know pedophiles sentenced to 22 years here in AZ. As far as I’m concerned anything done to harm or end the life of a child deserves death and nothing but.

  • Ooooooo so edgyyyy

  • People bug my life.

  • At least she was what did they say the 55th

  • shut up, shawn.

  • FruitLoop

    That’s ignorant.

  • She looks like the product of incest, which probably accounts for a lot of the crazy family dynamics. I’m glad she got the DP, but I’d be shocked if she has an IQ of 75. She’s not of good stock, obviously.

  • I wasn’t around the site then but thanks for sharing the story again & most of all, thanks for sharing the justice that was finally served in the case of a baby.

  • PurpleAnn

    I think the fact that they moved a lot helped them get away with it. When others started to notice, they pulled up stakes and gave the post office a new address to send the welfare check to.

  • You can see pure evilness in her eyes ???? scary when you think about it . She doesn’t care she got the death penalty. Look at her ???? She needs to be tortured for some days , THEN hit her with a slow killing death

  • What about the real mother Shirley that escaped her self but left the kids. She should pay some way.

  • PurpleAnn

    I hope that the other children in the home have gotten counseling so they don’t become psychopaths. That’s really effed up that they were doing things to get her in trouble and punished/tortured more. This story reminds me of Sylvia Likens’ murder.

  • Josh

    I doubt they offer him a deal.

  • Let’s NEVER abolish the death penalty, it serves us well.

  • Josh

    Welfare time limits also force the bottom feeders to move a lot.

  • Mazikeen666

    Thk u,that s wat i call justice

  • I’m not pro death penalty but I think she deserves the worst punishment which happens to be this.

  • It’s great they got the “death penality”… but why does the process take years??? They shouldn’t get the chance to even appeal.. just fucking end their lives pronto…

  • David Richter

    No, they won’t, but if he pleads guilty, the legal system doesn’t allow for the DP. Life without parole, yes. DP, no. And I’ll wager folding money he pleads guilty soon.

  • David Richter

    Hooray, she get’s the death penalty! That said, I feel bad for the taxpayers of Arizona, who will now get to foot her $60,000ish a year housing costs for the next decade or more while her appeals play out.

    I say: You get one state level appeal, which has to be heard within two months of sentencing. If the DP is upheld, you get one federal level appeal, which has to be heard no more than a year after sentencing. If the sentence is still upheld, you die within 48 hours of the federal appeals court’s decision.

    And no more of this namby-pamby lethal fucking injection shit. Those drugs cost a lot of money. Rope, on the other hand, is cheap as dick and best of all, ITS REUSABLE!!!!

  • With a face like that, I would have given her death before she committed any crime period

  • esmerald 2006

    What a great story. To all of those that read the story back in 2011 wishing the the death penalty to those inbred fuctard bastards, well your wish has been granted. Hooray!

  • esmerald 2006

    When would I get mad for my child getting a popsicle without asking? Never! I enjoy bringing boxes of all kinds of Popsicles and icec ream, those are for him, I don’t eat them, he is soo cute when he is happy.
    These people got what they deserve. Over a popsicle.
    I only hope that they are first in line, and they broadcast on ppv.

  • butts6954

    Those two most definitely have to go-painfully i hope-, but instead of the 10-20 etc…..years for those other adult family members? They should all die…….as nasty as possible…..

  • steboto

    your parents should have visited planned parenthood , then we would be idiot free

  • steboto

    maybe her face is just super fat

  • Elizabethhrandazzo


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  • Christy

    IKR. My kids act like popsicles are crack when I bring them in the summertime. Poor Ame.

  • I’m a 6 ft 2 man. I took wrestling, lift weights, enlisted, have kicked an ass or four, consider myself to be a pretty fearless grouchy old fuck, and this bitch’s eyes chill me to the bone. You can see something horribly evil in them.

  • curiousalways

    Thanks for sharing the update, I remember the rage I felt when I read about this and now it’s all back, but at least justice will be served.

  • Inferus
  • AlabamDeb

    I never thought I’d ever be thankful that a child died, but in cases like this I think they are better off dead. For sure no one was going to lift a finger to help this poor baby! Had she survived this “punishment” (aka torture for entertainment of these sick fukks), who knows what new tortures they would have inflicted on her until she finally died. I hope each and every one of them are haunted by her screams for the rest of their disgusting life. This includes the neighbors, other family members, everyone who knew and stood silent while she suffered. She deserved so much more.


  • jansav

    I’m glad she got the death penalty but I hate that she will probably die of old age. I wish they could just stick her in that trunk and cook her to death. The same goes for her worthless ass husband. Who the fk are these people that kill children for eating food? A popsicle? Literally frozen water? I hope they fry. RIP sweet Ame.

  • BG

    I’m in my 40’s and they’re STILL like crack for me! None of this fancy “sundae cone” stuff, gimme a Popsicle any day and I’m a happy camper. 😀

  • Old Man Metal

    They should give her a mouthful of dogshit before she gets the needle.

  • DaveL

    10 adults in the home, more camped out in the yard, *zero* of them stepped up and said “Hey, you can’t do that to a child.”

  • Jeania

    oh I’m sure; but the family itself who watched it. It’s such a damned shame.

  • Valerie

    That’s what I was thinking. Please guilty and get life instead of facing death.

  • Leslie Mashmann

    Wonderful, well deserved sentance, but I doubt it will ever be carried out. For the murder of a child I fully believe in a death penalty – but in this country we will be supporting her for many, many years. This poor little girl knew nothing but mistreatment and abuse for her entire life. If they couldn’t love and care for her, why didn’t they just give her up to someone who could. I would have loved her, and I’ sure there are at least a million others like me. Instead of playing, going to school, and learning to grow up – this poor little girtl was tortured and kept miserable. It makes me sick, and truly I can’t stand knpwing about her horrible life. RIP Little Darlin’ – you deserved better.

  • Sejanus

    I remember this story all too well.
    Lost many a nights sleep over this one.
    The only tragedy here is that this bitch can only die once.
    I would happily pull the switch, press the button, toggle the lever or pull the trigger with zero remorse.

  • Love that reply – The only tragedy here is that this bitch can only die once.

  • Josh

    You mean 29 and holding.

  • David Richter

    No, I disagree. Death to child molesters as well. Death to anyone who hurts a kid intentionally, actually, sexually or not.

  • Stating The Obvious

    You are a douche nugget and I hope you burn in hell. I also wish the same on all involved with the hell this poor young soul had to live.

  • MyHovercraftIsFullofEels

    Agree. Tiny faces on heads is a sign of inbreeding.

  • BG

    Crap! Did I get all honest again?!? 😉

  • And in 40-50 years it might be carried out

  • DaveL

    I was going to guess Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.

  • I agree. Blackness in her eyes.

  • Kerie Dee Anne Keffer-Nelson

    You’re seeing her birth defects, eye shape and placement. Would take a specialist to diagnose but it’s a ‘condition’ Google can fill ya in :/

  • PurpleAnn

    If you were running for office, I’d move there just so I could vote for you.

  • Robin Wise

    Why the hell does it take so long to penalize some people?! This woman, it took 6 years!!!
    John Wayne Gacy was sentenced to death in 1980 and it took 14 years for them to finally kill him!

    Seriously, why the heck does it take so long?! Is there really so much crime that it takes literally years for someone to get sentenced?

  • auntiemel

    I never forgot this little girl. Poor Ame.

  • Plague78

    I know they won’t but I wish they would execute her in the same manner she killed that girl. Shove her into a small container, lock it, and leave her for dead.

  • ChaosKitty

    you are so concerned about unborn children do you want to donate to help any already around? I live in an impoverished area and can give you all sorts of church links to get ahold of and donate or just shut the fuck up if you can’t put any money where your “morals” [mouth] is

  • Big Stan

    WTF was this, a hippie commune or something? I have never heard this story before but will look more into it now. Just sounds insane

  • Big Stan

    I actually made the terrible decision to watch the Human Centipede the other day and while that movie sucked it gives me an idea of punishment for these fuckers. Just stitch them all up and force them to eat each others shit..after a lot of laxatives of course.

  • Big Stan

    Ok I read the Wikipedia article and saw pictures of the family. They are all ugly bastards seems like either incest was a big family tradition or drinking heavily while pregnant. Bunch of tramps living in tents and shit. I hope they fuck up her lethal dosage and let her seize and suffer for a while.

  • Old Man Metal

    A buddy of mine watched that and was surprised I didn’t want to see it after his description hahaha.

  • I wonder who the Prosecuted her ass Juan Martinez? The same bad ass who threw it down on that bitch Jodi arias

  • The prosecutor was Jeannette Gallagher.

    She prosecuted Jerice Hunter 2 years ago for the death of her daughter.

  • Flik Rust


  • Nick

    Just saddening that Samantha is “female” I really want that death sentence to stick, but looking throughout all the cases in history, Women typically get their sentence commuted to life… If only the AZ would lock her in a steel box out in the desert and forget about her for a month or two before she has the chance to appeal.

  • Nick Trygg

    The mom just Looks straight fucking EVIL. Its all in her eyes, there like black holes, she is borderline possessed and fuck i hope the execution is botched and she suffers horribly

  • Nathan

    So the people who did nothing should be in trouble too