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HART COUNTY, GA — A grandmother is facing murder charges after her two pit bulls mauled her 20-month-old grandson to death.

According to Hart County officials, 70-year-old Sandra Bowers Adams was babysitting her grandson at her home on Tuesday.

Adams told GBI agents that they were going back inside the house when her pit bulls ran out the back door, knocking Adams down and attacking the boy.

She eventually got the dogs off of her grandson and rush him to the hospital, after stopping to pick up the boy’s mother who was nearby, but it was too late.

By time he arrived at Reddy Urgent Care, he was pronounced dead from several bites and tears to his head and neck.

After an extensive investigation and interviews with family members, Adams was charged second-degree murder, second-degree cruelty to children and felony involuntary manslaughter.

Part of the reason why the district attorney was comfortable with these charges may have to do with the fact that Adams has been cited multiple times by the Hartwell Police Department under a city ordinance maintaining disorderly animals.

As for the two dogs, they will be observed for 24 to 48 hours before they are destroyed.

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  • Inferus

    I just discovered my wife is pregnant. Reading this I want to get rid of my dog before it’s too late.

  • Damn

  • And here come the pitbull sympathizers…

  • Yes here we come
    This was owner error and clearly pet neglect
    She knew they were disorderly yet chose not to train them or secure them away from the child

  • No reason to own a pit bull.




  • seems like you don’t understand . I didn’t tell you what you can own. Also seems like you missed the point of the story. SOMEONE ELSES PITBULL KILLED THE CHILD. Your actions are not free from consequences and your careless attitude isn’t reassuring.

  • dammitall23

    If it’s a pit bull or other fighting-breed dog, that’s a good call.

  • Iam a troll why you creeping my profile weirdo

  • dammitall23

    She’d been cited for the dogs–was she that arrogant, or that clueless? Who in their right mind gambles with their own or others’ lives over a damn breed of dog? A sane gamble is when you risk a little in hopes of winning a lot. The best you can do in owning a pit bull is breaking even–you take a great risk on the odds you’ll come out the same; just as you would if you didn’t take the risk at all. If you lose, you or a loved one is maimed or killed. Or best-case scenario a stranger gets maimed or killed and you get slapped with a misdemeanor. Not worth it.

  • BG

    Congratulations! 😀

  • BG

    Granny knew and did nothing about the behavior of her dogs. The charges are fitting and don’t seem to overreach at all to me.

  • I use to be anti pit bull. I took one in back in January and I’m in love. He is the biggest baby I’ve ever seen. He rescues us if he believes we are in danger. I now believe it is all in the way they are raised.
    I am still skeptical of other pit bulls but have a more open mind to the breed than I did 8 months ago

  • I love animal’s, but I am sorry. there are certain dogs you just can not leave or let be around smal children. I have friends who have large dogs that say they are friendly, they love kids. I’m sure they do, but I’m not letting my son around them to find out if they do or don’t. my son is to precious to play tug aware with. just my opinion and my doing. to each their own. RIP baby boy

  • I have eight family members coming next week, (technically six, but my mom counts as three), and really don’t want them to, I’ll take your dog, what kind is it?

  • What is the point of observing the dogs before euthanizing them if it’s already been decided to “destroy” them???

  • Leslie Mashmann

    Grandma has been cited for do problems before. She has two pit bulls that we know of, and yet someone trusts her enough to leave their toddler with her? It does not sound as if she made any kind of plan to keep them apart – Good grief, the deer and the antelope have alot of room to paly between someone’s ears. Sheer stupidity all around.

  • Leslie Mashmann

    sorry for the typos



  • Yet again, did anyone bother to read the article?! This lady has been cited for having disorderly animals. So it’s obvious she could not handle her own pets, don’t blame the breed! Damn ignorant people.

  • Let me explain something, Personal anecdotes are not proof and are barely an arguement.

    You attack me personally because you don’t have an intelligent argument while hypocritically calling me a “keyboard warrior” while you are essentially doing the same thing, while writing in all caps because you are so triggered.

    You wonder why I have a fake profile while weirdos like you are checking out my personal information on a crime

    Yeah go play with your dogs, but be careful.

  • Pitbulls are amazing animals when they are born with a good temperament and rasied right. As an owner of a pitbull, you need to understand they aren’t for everyone and you have to take the time and effort to raise them right. All dog breeds can be very vicious, it’s just the media loves making pitbulls out to be worse than they really are!

  • truthguy

    the loving nanny dog strikes yet again, i think here 10/0 this year so far

  • Scout Kent

    She eventually got the dogs off of her grandson and rush him to the hospital, after stopping to pick up the boy’s mother who was nearby, but it was too late.

    No, no, no! You do not stop on the way to the hospital when a baby has been mauled by dogs!

  • I’m just wondering why she stopped on the way to the hospital to pick up the child’s mum? Priorities?

  • How easy is it to blame the breed without knowing the situations. Truth is that the majority of people who own pitties SHOULD NOT. They are not dogs that make you look cooler. They need to be treated right or given the opportunity they will become defensive and do what any other animal who is treated poorly would do, defend themselves! You need to realize that the real villian here is shitty dog owners.

  • jansav

    Sad. I can hear her in my mind defending her dogs every time she was cited. I wonder what she is saying now?

  • Mia York

    Don’t blame you. Not all dogs are vicious, but it’s just not worth the risk. It’s like having a pet rattlesnake.

  • Holly Lotz 🙁

  • PurpleAnn


  • PurpleAnn

    Was that a fat momma joke, or is she as annoying as three people?

  • PurpleAnn

    Agreed! Why didn’t she call 911 for an ambulance? Probably because she knew that would also bring police who would shoot the dogs if they were still acting aggressive.

  • I understand that the nearest hospital is 25 miles away. They stopped at urgent care which was the closest.

  • Taster’sChoice

    I just discovered I don’t really like my wife all that much, so I’m thinking about getting one myself. Is he friendly? 🙂

  • Taster’sChoice

    Who the hell swings by somewhere else on the way to save a 20 month old with head and neck injuries? Seriously?

  • Teresa Coburn so sad for that baby, whatever decisions were made ????

  • Not sure about the US but over here in UK advice is to never leave children with any dogs. It’s not about the breed but about the fact that no matter how loyal they are, they are animals. People say terrible stuff about pit bulls and similar breeds but little terriers etc we all know can be vicious. It’s so sad, and for her to have previous for not controlling her pets, makes it worse ????

  • yup, exactly.. like I said, I love dogs.. but I love my baby much more. not willing to find out the hard way. the US should have a law like that.. too many innocent kids losing their lives like this.

  • and why is this murderer out? ????

  • Enjoy prison! Monster (or complete idiot)

  • The breed had been corrupted, it will take many generations to restore it.

  • “Misunderstood ” breed tfoh ????rip innocent baby

  • Why would you stop to pick up the mom? And she had been cited multiple times. This wasn’t an isolated incident. I have a pit bull mix and he’s good and calm. He responds to my commands. He plays nice with children and my cat. That’s the difference. Not all pits are wild beasts.

  • Ann Roh

    Plus, it wasn’t even an actually hospital equipped to handle this kind of emergency. It was an urgent care; you know the kind that handle sprained ankles and the flu. Also, I know for sure that Hart County has a hospital equipped to handle this level of trauma, as I’ve been there.

  • So were these nanna dogs instead of nanny dogs? Either way someone’s dead and someone else is going to jail. Sick of this shit.. really sick of this shit.

  • Whenever I hear that a pit bull is going to be destroyed I always picture them jamming dynamite in their buttholes. I’m sure it’s nothing awesome as that though.

  • Specific breeds of pitbull, not all. American Bullies are amazing family pets. Very sweet dogs!

  • WHAT???? Seriously?! ????????

  • WHAT???? Seriously?! ????????

  • You’re an effing idiot! Your ignorance is a lot more dangerous than MY PITBULL!

  • I’m just saying. It’s what I imagine they would be doing. And not just with pit bulls. Whenever I read or hear that an animal is going to be destroyed, that’s what I think. And come on, that’s a pretty awesome way to be destroyed.

  • No you said “whenever I hear that an pit bull….” That’s not funny or cute. Those dogs…. Any dog… can’t help the way they are raised. But I’m getting off my soap box.

  • I’m sorry, but why did it take multiple citations?

  • Oh sorry. I’ll fix it.

  • There. Fixed it. Anyway the article was about two pit bulls so yep my comment was about the article. At the end of the article it said the pit bulls would be monitored for 24 to 48 hours before being destroyed so that’s what I commented on.

  • The owners are the most vicious lol ^^

  • Sejanus

    Pit bulls.
    Feed her to some.

  • I’m here. Am i late?

  • Cock head asshole

  • lilloric

    you have to start before that – why did she even try driving him? why didn’t she call an ambulance? the only thing i can come up with for any of this was trying to lessen her involvement which then should make you wonder if things happened the way she said they did

  • Did the parents not know this old wench had killer dogs on site? They should be charged too. You know they were out smoking meth.

  • Margarita Rosa Geez what a cunt.

  • Rabies

  • The baby’s mother has to be a moron too. To even think about leaving her child with a woman who’s had problems with unruly dogs in the past is totally stupid.

  • Margarita Rosa haha, you English much? I have a question for you. Why are the dumbest people to stumble their way around this planet also the biggest hypocrites?

  • Margarita Rosa

  • William Dean Luke

    someone who is infirm and frightened and wanting the child’s MOTHER to be there. Don’t be so quick to condemn when it could, should circumstances favor it, be you in those shoes. Anxiety, fear..these things make you do some dumb shit because you’re not acting logically, you’re acting as a distraught parent…Not saying she did anything smart, but there are people in situations like this who do far worse…like not even contacting police, or even trying to get their kid to a hospital in the first place..

    Dogs are to be put down…grandmother is already infirm and they want to put her in prison? Great…so not only does the younger woman’s daughter die, but now her mother is going away…Fuck this stupid-ass system in American where you blind someone permanently for blacking one of your peepers.

    Though the part where this has happened on more than one occasion with this lady is a bit…much..

  • Pit bulls were bred to be volatile. The most aggressive of them are chosen and the ones who aren’t are either sold off or destroyed. The purpose of this was for more aggressive farm and property protection…it wasn’t until dog-fighting became a major thing that Pits were then bred to be fighters…and, again, only the most aggressive of the breed were chosen for this reason.

    This has, over hundreds of years, bred the Pit Bull into an aggressive animal, and it will take hundreds more STILL to breed that volatility out of them.

    I don’t trust pit-bulls as far as I can throw the bastards.

  • pmo100

    Shitbulls should be banned from public ownership…

  • AlabamDeb

    What idiot leaves their baby with anyone, family member or not, who has aggressive animals? And what idiot allows a baby in their home KNOWING they have aggressive animals? Sadly common sense is just not that common anymore.


    You can use the edit button to fix any typos, after your comment posts … 🙂


    probably “please don’t kill my furbabies …..they’ll be good, I promise.”

  • Ignorance!

  • Mother has pits too….


    Because sometimes, you just need Jujyfruit ! It was on the way…


    Who wants scrawny old tough leathermeat, when you can have nice, juicy, baby ?

    ( please send hatemail to: )

  • Elizabeth McCarthy

    ( please send hatemail to: )

    I laughed way too hard at that. Thank you. 10 points for you.

  • Elizabeth McCarthy

    Your grandchild has been mauled by not one but two very aggressive dogs twice or 3 times his size. They’ve bitten his neck and head. Do you:
    1. Call 911
    2. Drive him to an urgent care facility.
    3. Pick up his mom.
    4. Drive him to a real fucking hospital.
    5. Plan his funeral while driving about town.

    Only one right answer here. This one: “Don’t own vicious damn dogs.”

  • Elizabeth McCarthy

    Congrats! Whatcha got, a teacup poodle?
    I love Poodles and Noodles!

  • I own a chihuahua that will chew your ankles up if he thinks he needs to protect me.. its not the bread.. ive been bitten several times in my life by dogs and none of them were pitbulls.. i have owned a pitbull.. you couldn’t ask for a more loyal dog to me.. but he also knew if he got out of line or did anything stupid he was going to have a headache.. if you dont teach your children right from wrong you will end up with a thug.. Well the same goes for dogs, including pitbulls.. owning a pet of any type requires you to do more than feed it and pet it.. I do agree charging her for the tragedy.. so sad..

  • esmerald 2006

    That’s what I always say, babie are an easy and tasty prey, those dogs are ferocious predadors.

  • esmerald 2006

    I didn’t even visited my older son for years until his girlfriend who owned a pit bull moved out. I recently visited him and I felt comfortable with my little one running around, I was the only one who was getting nervous by him.

  • MissBrazilian ????

    That’s bullshit any dog will react , it all depends on the owner

  • I own pit bulls, they are not aggressive. The media just likes to make guardian breeds worse than they really are. A labrador retriever is more prone to bite than a pit bull. Besides, William Dean Luke, Link was a boston terrier/pit/rat terrier mix. Apparently you trusted that dog.

  • Jay Richter-Gober Link was literally a ten pound INSIDE DOG that wasn’t aggressive in any way. His breed was mixed, he wasn’t full pit-bull, and you know that, so what you’re saying means very fuckin’ little in this instance.

  • One of these days you’ll have to meet Abaddon. She is bred from 3 different bloodlines, Gottiline, Razor’s Edge, and Colby. She is the sweetest and whiniest baby ever. If she isn’t getting petted she’ll whine and paw at you until you’re petting her. She is the biggest attention hog I’ve owned and is my very first purebred pit bull I’ve owned.

  • dammitall23

    Looks like most shitty owners choose shit bulls, then.

  • Sejanus

    Seasoned jerky has its place…lol

  • I think the charges are valid

  • MissBrazilian ????

    Other like their dogs to be gentle/quiet while penetrating them

  • D S

    i lol’d.

  • D S

    CONGRATS, Inferus! You’re gonna Love fatherhood.

  • D S

    Disqus has an edit button??

    How unobservant am I?

    EDIT: Indeed it does!

  • D S

    I don’t understand these comments asking, “why didn’t she call an ambulance?” Do you guys even LISTEN to Public Enemy??

    Of course, stopping to pick someone up along the way is a sure-fire means of negating whatever life-saving time you bought by not waiting for an ambulance.

  • D S

    I always found it interesting that we have an actual Constitutional Amendment *guaranteeing* our right to bear arms – weapons, with NO AUTONOMOUS WILL OF THEIR OWN, and which rely on a person to ACTUALLY CHOOSE TO USE THEM – and still, those in power are constantly clamoring for new and inventive ways to divorce us from that God-given right….

    And yet, OWNING A SPECIES OF DOGS WHICH IS NOTED FOR KILLING WITHOUT WARNING AND AT THE DROP OF A HAT is something that is considered a-ok, and there’s no massive group of people pushing to eliminate THAT with the same level of vigor.

    Even more hilariously, there’s often a significant overlap between the groups seeking to eliminate the former, and uphold the latter.

  • D S

    > (technically six, but my mom counts as three)

    Truly, you are aptly named 🙂


    When pets go wrong.


    All dogs are dangerous to kids — do your research. If you are careful to keep the child safe, it might be okay to keep a calm dog. But dogs tend to see little kids as pups and subordinates — lots of injuries to hands and mouths when dogs take food from a toddler as they would from a pup, etc.


    This reminds me of the dumb ass who had a boa constrictor. One night while drunk he went into the cage to prove to a gf that the snake was safe. He fell, hit and cut his head, and guess what happened? Pit bulls and babies — everything is fine until it all goes very wrong.

  • lilloric

    you can’t really be that dumb?

  • D S

    Excuse me, lilloric?

    Let’s postulate that I am, indeed that dumb. What would be the “dumb” part of what I said? What betrayed my stupidity?

  • lilloric

    clap clap you and spell check can use a big word….pretty much everything you said pointed to being on the slower side

  • D S

    lol k guy.

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  • keepalow

    And genetics.

  • keepalow

    Good grief.
    She went to pick up her daughter on the way… when every second counted, she took a detour.

  • dammitall23

    I bet there’s an ex-boyfriend story behind that!

  • MissBrazilian ????

    Or in your case a pappy

  • dammitall23

    Don’t project–it’s too transparent.

  • LynnKayee

    “…before they are destroyed.” Dayyyum.

  • Heather_Simpson

    She needs to be smothered in ground chuck and thrown into a hole filled with hungry pit bulls and see how she likes it! Old bitch

  • Heather_Simpson

    Good call!

  • Elizabeth McCarthy

    Love that. Had a lab that did the same thing. I miss her.