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BROOKLYN, NY – After missing for a week, the body of 88-year-old Mary Joyce-Bonsignore has been located on the roof of the building adjacent to hers.

The elderly woman, who has a history of dementia and wandering off, was last seen in the early morning of July 17.

“She just finished her breakfast,” said her daughter, Maire Mason. “She was sitting on the front porch and her husband, Bob, went to go collect the garbage. I guess within 20 minutes she took off and went down the steps.”

Joyce-Bonsignore’s disappearance prompted her fellow parishioners at St. Finbar’s Church, along with local volunteers, to scour the neighborhood and post fliers.

A week after she went missing, a tenant of the building across from hers found maggots inside his second-floor apartment. He followed the trail of maggots which led him to the roof of his building. That’s where he found the missing woman’s body.

It seems Joyce-Bonsignore was disoriented and went into the wrong building thinking it was hers. Once she reached the top of the building she was trapped on the roof and remained there until she died.

“She accidentally went up the steps, thinking that this was her building,” said Samantha Fasanello, 24. “Once she got up there she was trapped up there. The door locked.”

Joyce-Bonsignore’s body showed no signs of injury and the police are not viewing her death as suspicious. The official cause of death is pending review from the medical examiner.

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  • Omg this is so sad 🙁

  • mean birch

    So frigging gross. Sorry for the loved ones left behind. A.D. is a horrible disease.

  • I was hoping for a better outcome.prayers to the family

  • Elizabeth McCarthy

    Bless her heart.

  • Necromentia sucks. My great grandmother had it, I wouldn’t wish it on anybody.

  • Ann Roh

    Dementia is one of the worst things to happen to a person. My best wishes go out to this family.

  • Giggin

    So sad. I’d hate to be found like that. I hope everyone involved can come to peace with this event.

  • Josh

    What the hell am I doing here……

  • Ann Roh

    I see what you did there 😉 Ever the consummate smart-ass, and that’s why you’re my favorite!

  • PurpleAnn

    I don’t belong here….

  • So sad

  • PurpleAnn

    The picture of her makes me miss my grandma. So sad that she ended up that way, but I am relieved she wasn’t murdered by a group of marauding teenage assholes. That’s what I have come to expect.
    Alzheimer’s not only caused her to wander off and get lost, it robbed her of the ability to help herself. A person thinking clearly would have banged on the door or yelled from the edge of the roof. My uncle died from AD and he didn’t even recognize his wife or kids at the end.

  • PurpleAnn

    I looked up necro-mentia because I’d never heard those those word parts used together. I really want to see that movie now.

  • The “trail of maggots” part makes no sense
    Maggots would not travel through a locked door, down some stairs, and into someone else’s apartment

  • Sad…

  • Leslie Mashmann

    Poor little lady. I hate to think that she felt lost and frightened – she died so alone. What a terrible disease that is.

  • Inferus


  • Inferus

    Cue the shrieking violins…

  • Sejanus

    Dying alone like that, in a city full of people just a few steps away.

  • Inferus

    Is she undead?

  • Inferus

    Isn’t that everyone?

  • curiousalways

    People think you are terrible if you put a family member with dementia in a home, but this is what can happen if they are not supervised 24 x 7 in a secure facility. What a horrid death she must have had. I’m sure her family thought they were doing what was best for her. Sad.

  • I wasn’t aware that’s the path they took. All I could find was this: “Israel Martinez, 70, the man who found Joyce-Bonsignore’s body, said he was searching for the source of maggots in his second-floor apartment.” Dunno how else they got in there, unless they came through the ceiling.

  • PurpleAnn

    So true. If you aren’t a caregiver of someone with advanced Alzheimer’s, you have no idea how hard it is.

  • Leslie Mashmann

    Wow! That’s true. They stay with the flesh. Scary thought

  • jansav

    God, I hate dementia. My heart goes out to her family I hope they can find peace in the fact that she is in a better place.

  • I know it’s gross, but the maggots were doing their job and helped the body be found so we should be appreciative

  • Josh

    Is your memory not as sharp as it used to be? Also is your memory not as sharp as it used to be? =)

  • BG

    I wonder, with the fliers and such about her disappearance, why didn’t anyone check the roofs of the neighboring buildings?

  • Yeah maggots are not gonna leave in till they turn into a fly or whatever laid them. I dault it they eat he all before turning.The trail is bullshit.

  • beelzebubble

    Nice to know the bureaucracy and the Medical Examiner feel the need to gut this poor woman only to find 1) She was elderly and 2) She died of dementia. Let the woman rest in piece you ignorant, invasive vultures. If I were her husband or next of kin I’d tell them to fuck off.

  • beelzebubble

    The clean up crew gets so little respect.

  • Tenbux

    You..are aware that an official cause of death must be made in almost every instance of someone dying, right? And that it doesn’t necessarily mean a full cut-them-open autopsy?
    There has to be a death certificate. The rules can vary a little by state, but a professional has to determine cause of death to issue the certificate, especially in instances of unusual circumstances, accidents, and unintended/unattended deaths. Such as getting locked outside on a rooftop.

  • beelzebubble

    Yes, I’m very aware of how this all works, however, are you…aware that once foul play has been ruled out, in a plethora of cases re: elder death where progressive dementias are present and the resultant death is concluded by the coroner/M.E. to be behaviors, acts, etc. directly relative to the known factors of the disease (as in Alzheimer’s, for example, which can only be diagnosed after death via brain dissection), no autopsy is necessary? “Such as getting locked outside on a roof” qualifies as a no brainer (but for those who respond to news articles about elderly dementia patients who get locked outside on the rooves).

  • Tenbux

    I think you missed where I said that the official cause of death judgement does not necessarily require an actual autopsy to be performed. The medical examiner’s cause of death in this case is likely a formality only. Long over by this point, I’d wager.

  • beelzebubble

    I agree. If it’s not, it should be listed on the certificate as a Natural (expected) death. 🙂

  • Mazikeen666

    Wow sad ,first the elevator guy who died ,he had dementia poor old ppl ,is a very sad story

  • Heather_Simpson

    This s very sad. My heart goes out to this family.