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MARION COUNTY, FL – Police have arrested a woman on Saturday after she reportedly used 2-year-old boy as a punching bag in a grocery store parking lot.

Marion County Deputies were called to an Aldi’s Supermarket after several people witnessed 60-year-old Cindy Wood abusing a young boy.

They told deputies that they saw Wood pick up the boy by his hair in the parking lot and then punch him in the face several times with a closed fist.

She then threw the kid in the backseat of her car before driving off. Unfortunately for Wood, one of those witnesses was able to get her license plate number and give it to police.

Officers went to Wood’s home that same day and placed her under arrest on one count of child abuse. She was released from the Marion County Jail the following day on $2,000 bond.

The boy was found to be in good health aside from a small bruise on his cheek. The Department of Children and Families were notified and are investigating.

“Thank you to the citizens to took the time to do the right thing and help us make this arrest!!” MCSO posted on its Facebook page. “Your vigilance and action will help change a life!”


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  • Bitch! I would of punched her a couple of times before cops got there.

  • Piece of shit.

  • I wonder if someone punched an adult in the face could they have a 2,000 dollar bail.

  • Inferus

    Aldis. Jesus, surprised the shoppers were literate enough to write the plate number down.

  • William Dean Luke

    Lol, a friend of mine with more brainpower than your entire family shops there. 😀


    Fuckin’ people never fail to disappoint.

  • Inferus
  • Florida continues to be the ultimate fuck you, in the country.

  • Surprised the cops didn’t show up and shoot the kid 😛

  • itsknotme

    Dagnabbit. The older I get the quicker time seems to pass. Here it’s Halloween and I don’t have a costume. Of course, there’s not a costume that I could dream up that’ll beat this one. ..Still, …, what do you mean … it’s not Halloween? That’s really her … never mind.

  • Leslie Mashmann

    Good citizens, good arrest, crap bail and they will probably let her plead down to a lesser charge. I wish I had been there, I am a very tall lady and I would have drilled her to the ground. Rotten Bitch – but she’ll get no jail time, maybe some classes.

  • Sick bitch

  • lets get that facts on just how annoying that 2 year old was being and if she worked for PP or not before we jump to conclusions people

  • PurpleAnn

    Hey! If you’re not being sarcastic, then you’re being an elitist bully. I shop at both those places because I work hard for my money and don’t want to waste it foolishly.

  • Inferus
  • PurpleAnn

    Maybe that wasn’t the best choice of words, but why call someone names who has to shop in those places because it’s what they can afford? Seemed kinda mean, and you’re not usually like that on here.

  • Inferus
  • Josh

    People like to talk shit, but saving money is a good thing.

  • taffy550

    This so messed up. What the hell, 2k bail for punching a baby??? I guess Granny won’t be babysitting anymore.

  • Elizabeth McCarthy

    I am so glad she got caught at it. That little boy didn’t have long to live. At least we’re not writing
    “R.I.P. Little Man.”

  • It would be worth it to punch her

  • Emilydaustin

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  • Sejanus

    Wait..was this child not even family?

  • Giggin

    Hope they don’t give him back to the shitstain. It’s really weird to me the story doesn’t explain her relationship to the boy. She must be a relative of some sort or that would open the door to bigger questions.

  • AlabamDeb

    I’d like to punch her in the face. With a cast iron skillet. Preheated, of course. Worthless skank whore.

  • mean birch

    Jesus Christ that’s an old sixty. I look so great and I’m 59. Maybe I should punch her a few times to improve her looks.

  • Old Man Metal

    Kudos to the concerned citizen. Not so much to the judge that set the bail. Hope someone in the family sorts her fugly ass out, but I kinda doubt it.

  • truthguy

    Yet another loving and nurturing woman….. I’ve said ti before and I’ll say it again no woman should be trusted with another human life

  • Diva of Destruction

    He had it coming.

  • Matt Esquire

    I bet she smells like a cat box.

  • beelzebubble

    LMAO. My sentiments exactly.

  • beelzebubble

    Including your mother, dude. Jesus Christ, get cho life.

  • truthguy

    women the only thing they are capable of loving is their children, and as you can see in the many examples here thats not even a given

  • beelzebubble

    Actually, I’m capable of changing out the transmission in a ’69 Chevelle (with a tranny jack, of course) and making an armoire from scratch AND loving my children. Would you like to see my custom vice grips and break over bar? Misogyny much? O_o

  • Elizabeth McCarthy

    Do you think men would do better? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
    Whatsamatta? Mommy didn’t love you enough?.

  • truthguy

    watch out now, you might actual throw out a joke there, but as we all know women have never been funny

  • William Dean Luke

    Lol. you’re funny. I’m pretty sure your baseball cap was made in China by children in a sweatshop, too. but that’s neither here nor there.

  • Inferus

    Slow to the party, though you’re obviously slow in general.

  • William Dean Luke

    you’re already wasting it foolishly by shopping at Wal-mart…Getting the better deal for yourself is fuckin’ children in third-world countries over. You can say “Oh, I’m helping keep them workin’ so they haz monies”…Bullshit…You shop there because it’s cheap, and it’s cheap because their brand products are cheap and they make deals with sweatshops for cheap labor.

    You’re getting that “Deal” at the expense of someone who is getting paid less than 20 bucks a week, if that, for making your shoes, hats, painting your action figures, hand-crafting your ceramics, etc…

    So is it really a “good deal” if that deal you’re getting is fuckin’ someone else over?

    It’s just something to think about…People want access at the expense of quality these days, and greedy people are quick to take advantage.

    What needs to happen is we need to step out of our comfort zones to make shit happen in ways that will benefit everyone…

    Nothing ever got done sitting on one’s ass, expecting other people to take up the cause for justice and equality and fairness.

    If you aren’t sacrificing something, you’re not helping the cause. Sacrifice a little comfort so that others can lead better lives..Sacrifice comfort and demand Manufacturing jobs be brough back to America, where we don’t cut corners making shit. China had to recall MILLIONS of toys because the companies were using LEAD-BASED PAINT on action figures, toddler’s toys, etc…

    And Wal-Mart was a major ricipient of these tainted toys and other products…

    You get what you pay want shit to be cheap, expect your shit to be cheaply-made.

  • William Dean Luke

    It’s not a party until the late-arrival’s show up. 😀

    Also, “Slow”? Me? Ppffft. Don’t make me laugh into my Earl Grey tea, pal. If I could think as slowly as you, I’d be braindead.

  • PurpleAnn

    I was going to respond to you, but I didn’t think you’d be able to hear me from your ivory tower. You wouldn’t have time to read it, either. You know…… …….because you’re out making “shit happen in ways that will benefit everyone”. Thanks for that. It must be a heavy burden, indeed.

  • Inferus

    You need to return to the shallow end of that gene puddle, trog. This isn’t special ed where you get applauded for trying.