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TUCKER, GA – Police have arrested a 25-year-old woman after she left her one-year-old daughter in a hot car for six hours while she was getting her hair done.

Police say Dijanelle Fowler arrived at her hair appointment at 10:04AM on June 15, and left her daughter, Skylar, in the car with the air conditioning on.

A short time after entering the salon, her car died and Skylar would slowly cook to death as the temperatures outside reached 90 degrees.

At no time during the six hours Fowler was in the salon did she ever come out and check on her daughter.

Now here’s where things get even worse. After arriving at her car and finding her daughter dead, police believe she hid her daughter’s body with clothes and got a man from inside the salon to help her get her car started.

She then texted Skylar’s godfather and informed him she was going to go to the hospital because she was suffering severe headaches. During this time, Fowler was also Googling “seizure symptoms”.

Investigators say Fowler then drove to Emory University Hospital parking garage where she made a call to 911 to report a medical emergency. When help arrived, they believed they had found a woman who fell unconscious and whose baby had died in the car as a result.

Fowler may have gotten away with it had her timeline of events not been skewered by the meddling medical examiner who determined Skylar had been dead for hours.

It took police a few weeks, but they were finally able to put together the actual timeline of events after reviewing surveillance footage and looking at Fowler’s Google searches. Armed with everything needed to arrest Fowler, they discovered she had skipped town.

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After travelling to South Carolina, New Jersey and Florida, Fowler finally turned herself in to authorities on Monday. She’s being held without bond at the Dekalb County Jail on charges of second-degree murder, second-degree cruelty to children and concealing death.

Isn’t it ironic, don’t you think, that a woman who cares that much about her hair would have a picture used in news reports across the country where her hair looks like shit?


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  • I can’t believe she took the time and effort to pretend like her kids death was an accident. What a sociopath.

  • Lookin’ all nice for the funeral…uh court date.

  • 6 hours & it still looks like crap! Hope it was worth it, POS

  • ~*V. von Schweetz*~

    I was certainly going to say that I hope that wasn’t the hairdo she sacrificed her child for. Why not take the kid in with her? If there was a no children policy, get a babysitter or cancel your appointment you selfish bitch! People like this don’t even deserve children. Ugh!

  • Her hair does look good though

  • WTF!!!!!

  • I get the feeling she wanted this to happen

  • Dijion-elle? So she was named after MUSTARD? ????

  • Clay

    My thought EXACTLY.


    What kills me, are all the “friends” consoling her loss on her FB page …She looks like she’s going to be one of those human ice cubes, who milk their drama, for the rest of her life. Even when it’s their own dead baby, that they essentially killed, by neglecting it outrageously.

  • mean birch

    What car can run for six hours? If ya don’t wanna check on your baby at least check on the car….

  • She looks like a multing chicken

  • dumwise

    It took 6 hrs. to do that???

  • dumwise


  • jansav

    6hrs? POS worthless cow. Put her in a car and leave her to cook to death just like her baby did.

  • 6 hours and it looks like that? she wasn’t getting her hair done…

  • LynnKayee

    Can’t have the baby crying while getting your hair did. That air conditioner being on bit gave me a twinge of sympathy (not gonna lie) but holy hell does her reaction completely make that void. At 14 I was mama to my nephew (nanny to my sister) and carrying his crying ass around in the middle of the night at some weird building while my sister was getting pissed on by her drunk ass boyfriend. Ya do what you gotta do and listen to what you gotta listen to. For as long as you have to. The. Fucking. End.

  • LynnKayee

    Unfortunately that’s common. It’s honestly depressing how people milk the worst situations. I straight knocked on a girl for sitting on Facebook talking about “my daughter is not ok” “she’s not breathing” “I’m so sad” WITHOUT EVEN CALLING AN AMBULANCE. Then spent all night asking for pity drugs. The fists happened when she hit me up like mentioning when my daughter died saying I should understand and give her shit. I was like, huh. No, no, no.

  • Have you seen her facebook? Pretending to be the grieving mother and everyone giving her sympathy. Disgusting!

  • That’s her mugshot from when she turned herself in months later. I’m sure she looked ugly the day it happened though. Like my dad used to day,” You can’t polish a turd.”

  • nice hair

  • D S

    In addition to being callous enough to leave her child alone in a car for hours, she’s also a stark raving MORON for using Google to help her get away with a crime. Google keeps HUGE databases on each person who uses their services. I suppose we should be glad that she was stupid enough to use it for that purpose.

  • D S

    “Pardon me, do you have any Gr – HEY, IS THAT A DEAD CHILD IN YOUR BACK SEAT?”

  • Looks like it.

  • No words.

  • salepo


  • truthguy

    another selfish souless woman more concerned with how she looked than the life that was under her care. I’ve said it before and I’ll say again. women only care about image and what they can extract out of others

  • Yes cops do this too but how many are actually charged?

    – No charges will be filed against Rome police officer Mark Fanfarillo in the death of his baby son, who died after being left in his father’s car on a hot summer day


  • Wtf

  • NinaRoss009

    Can we just leave her in a hot car until she dies? What a piece of shit!!

  • Babies are dead but let’s talk about cops vs civilians ????????it can happen to anyone….evidently, when my daughter was an infant I was obsessed with the terror of leaving her in the car. It was such a fear of mine that their was no way I’d have ever done it, but for some, apparently they can?!? I’ll never understand it.

  • Josh

    Some guy must have been pretty desperate to tap that and too lazy to pull out.


    so funny. and yet so wrong. 😉 …


    that’s too quick. You’ll need something else, that takes 6 hours to slowly suffer to death …like a hot car.

  • 6 hour to do her hair? WTF did she look like before?

  • itsknotme
  • probably with her child support check $$

  • PurpleAnn

    Morbid, I love you for the last 2 sentences of the article!

  • PurpleAnn


  • PurpleAnn

    LOL! I figured it was a ‘creative’ way to spell Danielle. I’m surprised there aren’t a few apostrophes thrown in for good measure.

  • aldenscott

    What the fuck do they do to hair that takes 6 fucking hours?!

  • PurpleAnn

    My stars! Monsters are the most INNN-teresting people.

  • PurpleAnn

    You were a better person at 14 than this twatwaffle will ever be.

  • Ann Roh

    Alright, broflake.


    “It took police a few weeks, but they were finally able to put together the actual timeline of events after reviewing surveillance footage and looking at Fowler’s Google searches”

    It doesn’t appear that the mugshot photo was taken on the same day that she left her baby in the car…..but was taken weeks later … so that isn’t the “6-hour hairdo” ……


    Kids today, don’t know how good we “olds” had it for cartoons, when we was kiddies…

  • Right now if you simply Google “todddler dies in hot car” you will find at least seven other instances from February until now.

    Yet they (MSM) want to cherry pick which ones we get the most clicks or scorn. Not that anyone instance is more severe than the other.

  • The fact that they have to say put something in the back seat near the car seat that you wouldn’t forget?!

    Like your cell phone or your briefcase or your jacket or your purse?!


  • truthguy

    Get the sand out your vjay and we’ll talk

  • Ann Roh

    I don’t know what your problem is, but I’m guessing it’s hard to pronounce.

  • I agree100%. My children were like part of my body. How does anyone forget a child

  • Yeah, not sure why people think it is. Clearly states the kid died in June and she was just arrested last week.

  • I was secretly trying to inject an earworm into the heads of anyone over the age of 30. 😛

  • She sure doesn’t look like she got her hair done for 6 hours.


    Like I need another hole in my head …? ;O

  • truthguy

    Lol you almost strung together a whitty retort, how do you find the time to come up with such insightfully humorless remakes between all the dicks you have to suck in a day?


    *clears web browser*

  • steboto

    try lens crafters

  • Ann Roh

    It’s kind of hilarious watching you try to fit your entire vocabulary into one sentence.

  • Six hours and not a bulb going off in that dim head. Sterilize her

  • How much crack would I have to smoke to make her hair look good?

  • Ann Roh

    The reason this case is more severe and there is so much scorn is because this woman left her baby in the car on purpose.

  • Elizabeth McCarthy

    Dip her in oil and toss her in a carrier with a plastic seat, strap her down and close ‘er up. Park the car in a sunny spot and watch the fun. She never even had the car running with the AC on. She still left an infant in that car where anyone could have broken into the car and taken her. They’ll break in for a cell phone, why wouldn’t they break in for an infant to sell? Oh, BTW, nassy hair, skank.

  • Josh

    Park the car near Yuma, AZ. It gets hotter there than phoenix, 120-125 degree days are normal this time of year. I’m thinking heated leather seats too. Sounds like directions for cooking a bitch roast.

  • Angelacjanke

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  • GGMon

    I mean i can understand if she didn’t have anyone watching her baby but why couldn’t she take her inside?

  • April Adams

    hello all, truly sad. monkey ass wanted her hair done pretty bad…..BTW hair looks like shit because police remove all extensions and weave…. to make sure you’re not hiding anything. so that’s her minus her very steep hair styles and their prices, including a life and jail time….

  • April Adams

    ummm it says she went on the run to several states before turning herself in…I REALLY DOUBT THAT’S THE 6 HOUR HAIR DO

  • Sejanus

    What did they use to do her hair…
    steel wool and an egg beater?

    Put her in a sheet steel shed in the desert.
    Let her slo-roast.

  • Leslie Mashmann

    Yep – had to get that hair done for six hours. Wonder if it was a weave? Six hours – didn’t she worry about a diaper change or food, or crying, or simply checking? Then to go through the entire fake seizure crap and disappear. There is something seriously wrong with this chick. time for a total hysterectomy and a long, long jail term. Sociopath.

  • Ralph Snart

    If that’s the mugshot bitch needs a refund on that hair cut.

  • Stating The Obvious

    I am going to hell with you for laughing at this!

  • PurpleAnn

    You misspelled witty.

  • PurpleAnn

    Sadly, there is a sign on Walmart’s doors reminding shoppers not to forget their child in the car. SMH

  • DaveL

    Moreover, some can apparently do it deliberately, like this woman.

  • Sad

  • keepalow

    She needs to ask for a refund. Her hair looks like shit..

  • keepalow

    The bus is getting full.

  • truthguy

    And I’m sure your home smells like cat shit

  • BG

    You’ve been wrong before and you’ll be wrong again. Did you ever think that if that is the caliber of woman you attract, that it’s YOU that’s the problem? I don’t give two tiny fucks what people think my “image” is. I’m too busy being a decent human being to be consumed with fake-ass shit like that. I’ll bet, if I cared about my female image, I wouldn’t be at work today in a baseball hat, flip flops and jeans… And NO, my hair ain’t did and my nails ain’t did… More of your theory shot to shit there Skippy…

  • BG

    But… but… but, he is MAN, he CANNOT BE WRONG!!! #eyesarolling

  • BG

    Interesting, she points out that you made a mistake and you respond by attacking her about something that isn’t part of the discussion… That, little boy, is the mark of a coward.

  • Christy

    This is a disgusting monster capable of anything. She deserves life with no parole.

  • Old Man Metal

    All of it.

  • truthguy

    lol, triggered much? maybe you two can swap litter boxes

  • truthguy

    whores always look out for each other. you certainly haven’t disappointed

  • Charmaineamiller

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  • Ann Roh

    Do your parents even realize they’re living proof that two wrongs don’t make a right?

  • Ann Roh

    Everyone’s entitled to act stupid once in awhile, but you really abuse the privilege.

  • Ann Roh

    Do you ever wonder what life would be like if you’d gotten enough oxygen at birth?

  • Alex ?????????

    My charger has a keyless start and I forgot to turn it off one night. It ran for about 10 hours before I realized. Fortunately it was in a parking lot and not a closed garage.

  • Diva of Destruction

    That’s crazy 6hrs in the salon. The most time I’ve spent was 3hrs. When my child was a baby she went everywhere with me.


    Is “salon” street talk for “crack house” now? Because that would explain a lot.

  • BG

    Well, the thing is, I didn’t look out for anyone, I only pointed out that imagine means less than dirt to me because I know who I am. But nice try woman-hater. So sadz because he can’t get any kind of decent woman so hates them all. Weak coward, very, very weak.

  • BG

    Call me a whore. I. Don’t. Care. Because, you see, I know that I’m the furthest thing from a whore. And even if I were one, why the derision? So it’s OK for men to go out and get it whenever and wherever they can, but it’s wrong for a woman to behave the same way? Defend your lame-ass, weak-ass, stupid-ass point please. I DARE you… And you’re STILL a coward. The only one triggered here Princess, is the fuckwit calling women that are CLEARLY more intelligent than him “whores” merely because they pointed out your piss-poor spelling and your piss-poor attitude. But hey, keep digging that hole dude, maybe it’ll improve your weak spelling skills some?

  • truthguy

    you know you like it, you’re if you didn’t you’d have moved on by now. this sort of shit gets you all sorts of wet you whore

  • BG

    Gah! Fucking GROSS! Thanks for the vomitus there freak boy… #WGTOW!!! Go hate on something that isn’t smarter than you, like say, plankton. Mmmkay sad little baby-man?

  • truthguy

    please do go your own way I encourge it. then we would have one less parasite sucking off our resources

  • truthguy

    you dumb broads can’t even come up with your own ideas, you have to take a mans philosophy and staple woman on it. pathetic

  • BG

    Oh big may-yan, please explain what resources I use that I don’t pay for? I dare you to! Interesting look into your world though. It must be a reflection of the pathetic life you lead to assume that others are “sucking off” any available resources. Try again leech, try again.

  • BG

    Well THAT when right over your self-inflated head now didn’t it bitter-boy? It was done to show you how STOOOOOPID the whole idea is. Your stupid ass wouldn’t EXIST without a woman Fucking retardiot… the dumb is strong in you isn’t it?

  • truthguy

    god it’s so easy to trigger you fools lol

  • truthguy

    its so fucking easy to trigger you dumb broads all to easy

  • April Adams

    well, your creative juices aren’t brewing. allow me to help. Dee Jon Elle. not Danielle. wtf would a j be in Danielle. so again, the clitterfuck of a name is DEE JONAIL. not to be confused with DIJON…. which is pronounced properly.

  • BG

    How am I triggered if I’m laughing my ass off at you? You gotta make it hurt if you want to trigger people. You, don’t posses the skills to trigger me fool. It’s all in how you read it, try again and think uproarious laughter this time…

  • BG

    Uh huh, sure idiot. Except once again, think over the top hilarity when you re-read it. You aren’t important enough to trigger a sneeze…

  • BG

    Before you get too confident in your proclamation that people don’t just randomly throw “j’s” into names, a good friend and former co-worker named her son Alek’j, the “j” is silent. So it’s pronounced like Alek would normally be pronounced. Her daughter is Mesja, pronounced “Mischa”. Having studied names and naming trends for a couple of decades now, Dijanelle very well COULD be Danielle. I’m not saying that it is in this case, I’m just saying that the possibility exists. 🙂

  • Edward Newman

    and THATS what her hair looked like after SIX hours?

  • D S

    I’m reminded of “Le-a,” pronounced “LeDASHa,” because, “the dash don’t be silent.”

  • BG

    Makes you kind of hate people doesn’t it? 😉

  • Sharon Howard Shawley

    love the outcome-hate that it darkest with-poor baby

  • Heather_Simpson

    And that bitch hair still look a HOT MESS