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BRIDGEWATER, NH – A 12-year-old girl was killed after her father accidentally ran her over with a power boat.

According to the New Hampshire State Police Marine Patrol, Zoe Anderson was with her family learning to water ski on Newfound Lake when she fell.

As her father, Sherwood Anderson, turned the boat towards where his daughter had fallen in order to bring back the ski line, his attention “was momentarily distracted as his hat was blown from his head,” according to police.

Although Anderson had put the boat into neutral, it glided over Zoe at a slow speed and she was struck by the boat’s propeller, causing serious injuries to her torso. Zoe’s mother and 14-year-old sister were also on the boat when she was struck.

“Family members did enter the water and were able to remove the victim from the water,” Sgt. Joshua Dirth said. “At that point. they did call 911, and they made transport back to the shoreline.”

First responders attempted to revive her with CPR while waiting on a medical helicopter, but officials said Zoe died before she could be transported.

No drugs or alcohol played a part in the accident, and no charges are expected to be filed.

“I think this is a family that for all intents and purposes was having a beautiful day out on Newfound Lake, and they were looking to spend the day together, and unfortunately, in a blink of an eye, everything changed, so this is a tragedy,” Dirth said.

I cannot imagine being in that father’s shoes at the moment. Having to live with the fact that you accidentally killed your own daughter because of a hat. Jesus.

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Last month we reported on a similar case in which a 4-year-old girl was accidentally ran over by a houseboat and died after getting tangled up in the boat’s two motors.

Thanks to Jay in the Dreamin’ Demon Facebook Group for this story.

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    sweet Jesus. that’s horrific. You don’t ever get over something like that. Our neighbor down the road accidentally ran over his toddler with his ride-on mower, a few years ago. ( I think the kid might have been riding on the back and fell off, but I’m not sure exactly). They ended up moving away. How the hell do you go out in the yard ever again without thinking about it…

  • Nedly Mandingo IV

    Holy shit! We were just wakeboarding this past weekend. Accidents happen but to run over a person in the water while in neutral and still cutting them up? Sounds like an inexperienced driver behind the wheel. The driver should never get close enough to the boarder where they might accidentally go over them….even if trying to get a hat that blew off.

  • Very tragic. My prayers go out

  • dammitall23

    Guess he won’t be getting Father of the Year.

  • Jade Hatfield

    I imagine he’ll never say whatever floats your boat again.

  • mean birch

    Thanks Jay.

  • mean birch

    Great. Because of you I laughed. Now I’m going to hell.

    Oh. Wait, pretty sure I was going there anyway.

  • Jade Hatfield

    Well I imagine I’ll be there.. maybe we’ll click with our matching sense of humor lol 🙂

  • LynnKayee

    Thought the same thing.Reminding me of when my dad died and my brother said, “I guess we aren’t getting Christmas presents.” @_@

  • LynnKayee

    For a split second I thought it was on purpose. Like he turned water skiing into some sick ass water bowling.

  • Josh

    Any way you slice it, she is dead.

  • Sad

  • Yikes

  • Jade Hatfield

    You made me laugh and reinforced my trip to hell :p lol

  • David Richter

    Poor kid, poor Dad. Until, of course, we find out that Mom and Dad just took out a life insurance policy on the kids. I wouldn’t be shocked if this is true. Nothing shocks me anymore. Hasn’t since I started coming here….I USED to be a man hopeful for the future. Now? I’m a cynical asshole who hates humanity. -_-

  • measyou

    He’s never going to forgive himself

  • Sejanus

    Hmmm might be a chance to pick up a cheap houseboat

  • Diva of Destruction

    Makes me wonder if he still has the hat? Messed up thing he most likely purchased to boat so the family could spend time together. Because of this incident the family will never be the same. Sad.

  • Taster’sChoice

    I can’t imagine all the pain this father is feeling. Wow.

  • Did he get his hat back?

  • PurpleAnn

    Yes. He’s going to wear it to the funeral.


    That must have been some choppy wake.


    He’ll never wear another helicopter beanie hat again, that’s for sure.

  • Ouch! But it is DD and I had the same question.

  • Angelacjanke

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  • Leslie Mashmann

    What’s more important – your hat or your daughter? I don’t think this guy knew alot about boating. Never the less, tragic for the entire family.



  • BG

    Ah, you’ve crossed the final line and truly become a Demonite. Welcome home. 😉

  • Old Man Metal

    The fucked up thing is that it was a “World’s Best Dad” hat.

  • Old Man Metal

    Safe driver discount on his insurance is shot to hell too.

  • PurpleAnn

    He’s going to have to face the wrath of Flo.

  • Charmaineamiller

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  • So sad

  • He’s a stupid dumbass for being more concerned about the hat.

  • It was prob a really cool hat


    Be saved, loves – https://youtu.be/orfYy9zKqFc

  • Awful

  • My heart breaks for them

  • Mike Kennedy

    This same type of accident was narrowly averted by me years ago when my cousin’s husband, who had been drinking, misjudged his turn-around to start another water-skiing run with my wife who was at the end of the tow rope. He meant to turn close to her to let her know he was going to start another run, but he cut it too close and the bow of the slow-moving boat went over her. He panicked and fumbled at the controls, so I ran and dove from the back of the boat for the throttle, shifting it to stop. The propellor blades had still been turning up until then and obviously would have cut her up very badly, if they had continued to turn as the boat passed on top of her. She could not have dived deeper, as she was wearing a life vest. We were all very shaken up by the incident and she didn’t do anymore skiing that day. I don’t think she ever fully realized how close she came to a very tragic accident. Drinking and boating do not mix!