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MERIDIAN, MS – A man admitted he beat his 3-year-old daughter to death because she failed a math lesson and soiled her pants.

On Friday, police were called by a local hospital to report the suspicious injuries found on a 3-year-old girl in their care.

Bailey Salovich had a swollen abdomen, bruises and lacerations on her legs and buttocks as well as a head wound.

Despite efforts to save her, the toddler would die from her injuries the following day. An official cause of death has not been released, but local police were told by the hospital that the girl had also suffered a brain bleed, a possible detached retina and that her lungs were filled with blood.

When police interviewed the girl’s father, 25-year-old Joshua Salovich, he admitted that “it was all his fault.” According to Salovich, he had been teaching the girl numbers when he got angry at the toddler.

“She apparently did not want to participate and get the correct numbers,” Meridian Police Detective Kevin Boyd said. “He said he would pop her with his hands on her butt and legs when she got a wrong answer… (he said he) backhanded her several times in the stomach because she kept getting it wrong.”

After the girl soiled herself, Salovich removed her clothes and began beating her with a bamboo rod until it broke. He then beat the girl with a heavy-duty phone charging cord and his hand. When police asked Salovich how hard he hit the girl on a 1-to-10 scale, he answered “10.”

When asked why he would dole out such a severe punishment for the girl having problems learning her numbers, Salovich explained that “the streets are hard,” so she also had to be hard in order to survive.

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Salovich was arrested and has been charged with capital murder. No charges have been filed against the girl’s mother, who was in a different room at the time of the beating, but police say they are still investigating.

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  • Diva of Destruction

    The streets are hard? That’s his reason for beating a young child to death? This guy is a monster. I’d love for some big guy to ask him physics questions and beat him senseless every time he got one incorrect.

  • NinaRoss009

    She was 3 years old, what a fucking idiot!!! Where was the mother during all of this?

  • billymadatchu

    not to be confused with common core math, this is called hard core math.. problems so hard you’ll shit yourself.

  • I need 3 mins with this pos…..

  • jansav

    He admits he did this, but there will still be a trial, and a sentencing, and years in jail. Just douse him in gasoline and set him on fire.

  • Valerie

    In the other room. She should be charged as well. They’re is no way she didn’t know what was going on. This poor baby had no chance.

  • Valerie

    My daughter is three years old. I couldn’t imagine hitting her or ignoring someone hitting her. Both of these “parents” deserve to rot.

  • Cut their faces off, and rape them with the thickest and meanest cocks everyday for ten years. If he and that bitch can survive that, slit throats and put them out of their misery.

  • PurpleAnn

    Love it!

  • D S

    I feel bad for laughing.

  • Stoopid disgusting piece of trash! She was freaking 3!

  • Talkin

    Me too 🙁

  • D S

    Not so sure I agree with your sentencing recommendation (or perhaps rather, the method), but you’re absolutely correct. His confession, however, may serve to obviate the need for a trial after all, anyway – I’m pretty sure Mississippi is a death penalty state, and any lawyer is going to see his confession as an easy way to adjudicate the case, by pleading guilty and requesting that the prosecution not seek the death penalty.

    So, you know, silver lining and all that…

  • real tough guy…beating a 3 year old to death, ffs..

  • dammitall23

    I doubt it was the math–he just didn’t want to change her pants. He wouldn’t be the first sperm donor who lost his mind when the kid soiled itself.

  • Hey! We are trying to get out of last place.

  • DaveL

    A normal person would see the streets are hard and resolve not to let their three year-old run the streets.

  • jansav

    what silver lining? He gets to live?

  • Ann Roh

    “I’ll beat her to death to ensure her survival in a hard world.” Somebody dropped the ball working too hard to ensure this waste survived childhood.

  • I bet beating a 3 year old girl made him feel like such a man! Please just shoot this piece of shit in the head and toss him to the side.

  • What 3 year old knows math? ????

  • measyou

    He gets to live in captivity with no freedom. He’s subject to whatever the co’s decide to do to or with him. He constantly has to watch his back from other inmates. And his life expectancy is reduced by 10+ years (depending on what study you look at) just by being in that high stress environment for decades with nothing to live for and no hope.

    Personally, I’d rather die than live decades with no freedom.

  • jansav

    NOT ENOUGH. Purification by fire.

  • salepo

    Exactly my thoughts.That baby had to be screaming for her life.Moms a piece of shit too.

  • it says the mother was in the other room when it happened and she isn’t being charged WHAT THE FUCK SHE KNEW WHAT WAS HAPPENING

  • Not surprised (yawn)

  • curiousalways

    I read he’s not her biological father, but his name was on the birth certificate.

  • Jeania

    As fucked up as it sounds, I’m glad her pain is over. Don’t get me wrong.. this rat bastard deserves the electric chair.. and it failing for an hour straight >.> But that poor girl.. if she hadn’t died, who knows what sort of life she would of had to of endured (or continue to endure). And with the system as overflowing with children without good homes, there’s a sad chance she would of been returned to this f**ker. She deserved love, not pain and heartache. She endured so much before her end.. I can’t even imagine. Rest in peace, little girl. My heart aches for you. 🙁

  • Eryn Stilp

    When asked why he would dole out such a severe punishment for the girl having problems learning her numbers, Salovich explained that “the streets are hard,” so she also had to be hard in order to survive.

    She was THREE YEARS OLD. THREE. A TODDLER. Guess what, assface? The boys on the street have boys behind bars, too. You think the streets are hard? Are you tough enough to face prison justice?
    Cause even the toughest in prison, don’t take kindly to child killers.

  • D S

    > “what silver lining? He gets to live?”

    Actually, I was thinking of the “being spared a trial” part. He’ll only get to live for some period of time before his fellow inmates discover his crime.

  • jansav

    or he’ll go to PC with all the other child killer/rapists. Every time he draws breath it is an injustice to this baby.

  • How many math lessons has he failed? And don’t get me started in his pants soiling. ????

  • D S

    I’ve never been to prison myself, but I would guess that, just because it’s protective custody, special needs, or whatever, doesn’t mean that those who are confined there will be a-ok with someone who murdered a 3 year old girl. Besides that, I’m pretty sure that placement there would be something one requests (if I remember my MSNBC Lock Up correctly), and prisoners are not exactly anxious do make such a request, even if they are pedophiles, child murderers, and other assorted “bottom rung of prison social hierarchy” types.

    I agree with you that every breath he takes is an insult to the child’s memory, and to justice itself, but I do not think this guys is going to last very long. One way or another, he’s done.

  • Old Man Metal

    “The streets are hard! Bitch cain’t add she’s bound to drizzown!”

  • Old Man Metal

    “A fist is travelling at 40 miles per hour…”

  • mean birch

    Punk ass bastard. U are about to find out what the hell HARD means.

  • Especially since he had been doing this for a while. She didn’t see the injuries? Notice how terrified her child was? Hear her screams? She’s just as guilty. Poor baby.

  • Sick. RIP little one.

  • Exactly what I was saying when I was reading the article. Like WTFUCK!

  • I say i would kill gom

  • “The streets are hard”. Really, punk ass bitch? Just wait til they find out what you did in jail.

  • It didn’t take less than a minute for the mom to come check on her child and the child was obviously beat for longer much longer than that she should be charged with neglect at the very least

  • If obama had a son…

  • Wtf is wrong with you?

  • butts6954

    Every functioning bone in this piece of shits body has to be broken as slowly as possible……….

  • The mom is just as guilty.. Assholes

  • Sejanus

    Prison is hard.
    Enjoy the beatings asshole.

  • dumwise

    I’ll take any bet that this motherfucker aint no math scholar either

  • Inferus

    …and that is why I turned down a job in Meridian.

  • Inferus

    Streets? Meridian is largely middle-class by Mississippi standards.

  • LynnKayee

    Someone will be getting their stick out when they find out he failed the question : “What can you do to help your child survive the hard streets?”

  • LynnKayee

    Death is too good for him.

  • jansav

    death by fire isn’t just death. It’s retribution.


    “Well…I mean really …how are you supposed to cook meth, if you cant do math ?!?!? .. .what, you think meth just cooks itself ???? FOOL!” …..(Maybe the next one ‘ll be worf somefin’. )

  • What a peice of shit. Have fun in jail.

  • A D

    What kind of math is a 3 year old doing?? Aside from very basic counting… I agree with whoever said light his ass on fire. I read too many reports about kids dying at the hands of those who are supposed to love and protect them. Breaks my heart every time.

  • Elizabeth McCarthy

    Maybe it was him who had the wrong answers and she made him feel bad. 🙁

  • More gold from billymadatchu!

  • Big Stan

    You could be right there could be a lot of ex gang members in protective custody who wouldn’t take kindly to this guys crime but he would still be safer there no doubt. I can see the sort of pussy who beats a three year old to death being the very same type of pussy to request protective custody immediately.


    “How fast do you have to move, to get out of the way ? think fast… awwww …. too late, butt nugget … that’s going to cost you one spleen..”

  • GGMon

    Of course a three year old isn’t going to want to participate in activities. She’s three, she wants to play with toys and probably watch paw patrol.

  • GGMon

    I’m hoping they charge her. Like what was doing that was so important she couldn’t protect her baby?

  • Leslie Mashmann

    The streets are hard, so you beat your daughter to death. How about getting her away from those streets. Howw about knowing that it is normal for a three year old to have a short attention span and easily making mistakes. This POS is lower than a snake. And Mommy – don’t tell me you didn’t hear her screaming for her life – you are just as culpable. Charge her.

  • Ralph Snart

    Math is important to that culture. Grams , Ounces , Kilograms , Teeners , what is the english / metric conversion of various weights , estimate the weight of a bag of crack rock simply by feel , volume of a liquid vial of pcp…and on and on. Parenting on the other hand , does not seem to be as high a priority for the American urban species of hoodrat.

  • I bet he will be failing a few questions of life when trapped in a bathroom and getting a street justice prostate exam…
    rest in peace little one …in the arms of an angel.

  • LynnKayee

    Guess since he failed the “Teach Your Kids to Survive the Streets” thing we should go find a bamboo stick and see how long he takes to shit himself as well. Or is that only punishment for children with their simple math failure and fear induced poo accidents???

  • I only need one pow

  • LynnKayee

    One that would end far sooner than he deserves.

  • jansav

    I think burning at the stake would be just what he deserved.

  • “my beloved daughter, if you fail your math lesson you’ll never become a success like me.”

  • Stormblast

    I want to punch that stupid fucking look off his ugly ass face! I say just toss him in a tank with a school of piranhas.

  • Omg….my 1st thought!

  • As an abused child…survivor
    nothing more unsettling than adults not having balls to intervene…how can any parent let their child cry out in pain…and not kick ass on the abuser…ppl…if you see or hear anything in your community…get involved..make an anonymous call or 911…too many of our children are taking before us by losers…

  • Judging by his mugshot, he doesnt seem that frightened about the prospect of spending 30-40 years in a 8′ by 8′ area.

  • The streets are hard but so is the prison you hopefully go to….daily beatings I hope


    because the system would have sure as hell failed her. you know that…


    *raises hand* … but .. Aspergers… so .. not normal 🙂

  • Kill the trash

  • AlabamDeb

    Exactly what I’ve said before. I don’t know what I hate more…the thought of her living through this, only to have it repeated until she finally dies, or the thought of his UGLY ASS FACE being the last conscious memory that angel saw.

  • Jeania

    Don’t know that for sure; but the odds wouldn’t of been with her. MS is one of the poorer states too, if i’m not mistaken. Granted, the city is relatively middle class, but they would receive their funding for foster care etc from the state (? correct me if I’m mistaken.. i honestly am not sure). But she had “brain bleed, a possible detached retina and that her lungs were filled with blood”… that’d be a hell of a lot of recovery for such a small girl.

  • Edward Newman

    and stops, abruptly …Inertia causes…A) a great scene for Rocky 27 B) a great scene for Pee Wee Herman goes into a STRAIGHT Bar C) _______________________

  • Diva of Destruction

    And now I know thank you Inferus

  • auntiemel

    the mom was in a different room while her child was being beaten to death? She should be shot

  • LA Woman

    That cunt mother had to hear the ruckus arrest that bitch too!! What a piece of shit loser she’s fucking 3 her attention span is not even close to being able to focus like that she’s not a prodigy she was just a normal baby I hope he’s raped and beat everyday for the rest of his life!

  • The mother was in the other room? There’s no way she couldn’t hear what was happening to that baby. Lock her up too!


    This guy has a kind of proud expression on his face — guess he feels strongly about educational standards. Another one of those situations that cause one to wonder — who they hell is so desperate that they want to see this face above them during sex?

  • Micheala

    The mother needs to really be punished too. Shes just as guilty if not worse. Dont give me that other room bullshit… someone needs to take her ass into another room with his dumb ass and set the shit on fire. They both should burn a slow death in hell. Do the world a favor to make up for the days you two dirty cockroaches were born. That sweet little baby. You motherfuckers. I hope that BITCH gets EVERYTHING SHE DESERVES. Shes *NOT* a mother!! So sad, it breaks my heart.

  • Jesse Kretkowski

    He’ll be fine in jail. You see how tough he looks in the mugshot, plus he didn’t take shit from that little girl, so we know he can fight