Lesbian Couple And Two Children Found Murdered In Basement ApartmentMan Stabbed Family Pit Bull To Death To Save His 1-Year-Old DaughterWoman Fatally Shot Her Toddler To Death Before Stabbing Herself In NeckGirl, 3, Killed By Pit Bull Five Days After Dad Brought Dog HomeBody Of Missing Colorado Woman Found In Lory State ParkWoman Gets 20 Years In Prison For Recording Herself Molesting 4-Year-Old BoyMan Fatally Shot Mother After Blaming Her For Broken Video Game HeadphonesCouple On The Run After Woman's Daughter Dies From Severe BurnsVegan Motivational Speaker, Milan Ross, Shot His Family To Death On ChristmasBoy, 5, On Life Support After Mother Beat Him With A Shoe

ORLANDO, FL – Police say a 3-year-old boy was beaten to death with a plastic rod because made the grievous mistake of drinking milk from a jug.

The incident happened early Friday inside a Pine Hills apartment after 3-year-old Xavier Mokarzel-Satchel drank milk from a jug and ate some yogurt.

This angered 58-year-old Callene Barton, who lived in the apartment, so she began yelling at the boy.

Barton’s daughter, 28-year-old Lakesha Lewis, didn’t feel this was an adequate punishment, so she began beating the boy with a plastic rod used to operate blinds. She reportedly beat the poor kid until it broke.

Awakened by the commotion, the boy’s mother ran out, grabbed her son and ran back to her bedroom. Barton wasn’t having it and came after them. She grabbed the boy by his arm and leg and tossed him down the hallway.

That’s when the boy began having seizures.

Realizing they messed up, Barton and Lewis tried reviving him by splashing water on his face. When the boy’s mother tried to call 911, Barton slapped the phone out of her hand.

Barton told the woman that if she called police she would “end” her because she wasn’t losing another child to Child Protective Services. The boy’s mother ended up running to a neighbor and calling police. When she went back to her apartment she found her son on his back with food coming out of his nose.

Xavier was rushed to the hospital barely breathing but there was nothing doctors could do — he would die several hours later. Doctors said the boy showed signs of past abuse, which was confirmed by the boy’s mother who said the two women had beat her son in the past.

Woman Accuses Teen Of Molesting Son, Cuts His Penis With Box Cutter

Lewis and Barton were both arrested and charged with first-degree felony murder and aggravated child abuse charges. Xavier’s mother, Brandi Mokarzel, was also arrested and charged with neglect of a child.

Lewis’ 4-year-old son, who was also living in the apartment, was placed in custody of the Florida Department of Children and Families. Court records show Barton once spent two days in jail after pleading guilty to a past child abuse charge.

Callene Barton, left, Lakesha Lewis, center, Brandi Mokarzel right.

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  • Good ole “crime hills”

  • i bet he wont do that again.

  • Ugh, Pine Hills

  • They should be put underneath the jail

  • No shit, he’s dead ????

  • No shit, he’s dead ????

  • wow, what magical trick will you perform for us next? tying your shoes? wait no, counting all the way to five?! go you!! #dreambig

  • Christy

    Garbage humans. The mother did try, but failed Xavier.

  • Rip little boy.

  • Golf Pro

    A three years old last moments are terror. Being beaten to death at the beginning of life. These human beings should be grateful there is no god or hell. Hopefully some prison justice with a spiked fisting.

  • Charles Michael Willis II

  • Prison inmate jail justice hopefully prevails. R.I.P. Little man.

  • Don’t fucking breed Billy!

  • awwwww did i offend you? i could have been your dad, but i didn’t have change for a $20. now cry yourself to sleep, downy.

  • The mugshots of those women.. I just.. I want them to die..

  • Fkn Billy Grampa hamplanet still such an edgy cool dude ????

  • hamplanet? have you seriously looked in the mirror? i mean mirrors. if god didnt hate you so much he would have given you better vision and most likely a couple less chromosomes.

  • Kill them back

  • seriously? i know some people who need to be waterboarded with some 2%.

  • god???? Noooope

  • i wouldn’t believe either if i looked like a sasquatch with a bad thyroid

  • Ugh, why did I read that?

  • Jade Hatfield

    I almost felt a little bad for the mom, but when I read she admitted the others had beat on him before that went out the window.

  • itsknotme

    Several days later, a letter arrives next door,

    Dear Tenant,
    We are sorry for the recent disturbance. Still, we’d like to inform you tat we have some good news and some bad news.
    The Good News is the Rift Raft are now gone.
    The Bad News is since your neighborhood is less criminals, we’re raising your rent.
    Thank you and good day.
    Sincerely, Your Landlord.

  • its ok Chill people. the women all worked for planned parenthood, so its ok.

  • That poor little boy. Those evil bitches will get theirs one way or another.

  • Troll. I feel sorry for you living in your head.

  • Hmmm.. Not funny or attractive. Sucks to be you.

  • Only the death penalty can persuade these kind of morons to think twice.

    We need stricter child abuse laws .

  • truthguy


  • truthguy

    so two dykes and a bt 500 series terminated a child…. life is grand……

  • PurpleAnn

    Poor little boy didn’t have a chance growing up in that situation. The she-Hulk on the far left is wearing a hospital gown. I really hope that means the police got a little “handsy” while she was being arrested. The boy’s last name was Mokarzel-Satchel. Is there a bio dad named Satchel?

  • Josh

    Can’t blame someone for being them self.

  • IronWoobie

    Those are women?!?

  • Ran-rex

    I would not have guessed which women were whom without the captions

  • Set these nasty bitches on fire

  • Stupid fucking trump voting asshole.

  • They haven’t created vocabulary evil enough & trashy enough to describe these women – including the mother.

  • Sick

  • These kinds of people don’t think at all.

  • butts6954

    Most definitely King……..slowly……

  • coming from someone that uses pictures of nature instead of an actual picture… tell tale sign of a hideous failure. like. “hey, a dead tree will look better than me shitty face. guess i’ll use that”

  • Your logic sucks asshole.

  • Craygor

    “…[Barton said] … she wasn’t losing another child to Child Protective Services.”

    Well, guess what bitch, you lost a child to the morgue, feel better?

  • truth hurts

  • Wow, demons running rampant :/

  • Actually it isn’t the truth you ignorant dolt.

  • Acceptance will only make it better, grandma. Or some extreme plastic surgery.

  • Lmao!!!!!!! You are an ugly piece of shit. Acceptance will only make it better. Go die.

  • Geez!!! What was I thinking? Anyone who makes jokes about a dead child is not worth my time. Go fuck yourself.

  • Elizabeth McCarthy

    The most self-serving people I’ve ever heard of. If they beat him for that, what would they do if he spilled a plate of spaghetti on the floor, or made a mess with a bag of flour? Just imagining those faces as the last thing he ever saw *shudder*…

  • imonfiredammit

    to be fair, she did not protect her son. She was aware these women were beating him in the past yet still let them be around him…she is garbage. Yeah she tried to protect him at that moment but what about all the past abuse she knew about and didn’t report. That is BS.

  • mean birch

    That gawd damn so called mother should be charged with murder. Shame on her. She knowingly put her kids in harm’s way.

    Three bitches need to die.

  • mean birch

    Heehee. Brutal but funny

  • mean birch

    Good. Don’t let him get to to. Stupid trip

  • Sejanus

    Cunt Trifecta.

  • There is a special place in Hell for these bitches!

  • truthguy

    maybe, they are a couple of carpet munchers, Lesbians are always violent in their personal relationships

  • Inferus
  • Looking good Billy Madatchu. ????????????

  • Looking good Billy Madatchu. ????????????

  • Looking good Billy Madatchu. ????????????

  • Looking good Billy Madatchu. ????????????

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  • you most likely have that medical because you are mentally retarded. gotta suck to not even understand your own actions. and im alone? my chic and your mom dont seem to think so. but hey, what ever helps you not tie the belt around your neck i guess.

  • This is stalking.

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  • I love Billy Madatchu fuck you guys. Can you not take a joke? You’d never make it in the forums. #freebillyjuice

  • lmfao.. this deb has at least 2 extra chromosomes. and a weird obsession with going through my pictures and being an expert on stalking. lmfao debbie downs

  • jansav

    you are the only one here that had the right answer.

  • I came here for that comment. Once again the DD did not disappoint. +1

  • jansav

    Over food? He died because he ate food? Look at his pic, he looks like he is starved. OMG I can’t past this, These vile cunthounds need to be set on fire. RIP little Xman. You are in a better place. ***On a side note I have been hit with one of those plastic rods from blinds and it hurts like a MFr. ***

  • dumwise

    Ran-ex: Thanks for the observation. So then, you do have a lot of other questions regarding these characters.

  • dumwise

    Deamon, your title should do more to encapsulate the subject matter. How about “Two Digger and one Dwight Wash Murdered Toddler

  • …maybe if they fed the kid instead…

  • Our Orange/Osceola state attorney has publicly stated she will not seek the death penalty while she is in office. She’s in a fight with the governor about it right now.

  • There’s a difference between being funny and utterly tasteless.

  • and you have figured that difference out for your opinion. good for you. would you like a cookie?

  • Do they come frosted with your tears?

  • Janelle Izzabella Antonia

    ahh change for a $20…good shit……agreed tht is brutal but very funny

  • People always say, there is nothing like the love of a mother. Maybe this is what they mean.

  • Scout Kent

    Barton is not the mom of the murdered child.

  • lol nice try, how does it feel to suck and blow at the same time? snapchat filter? lmfao are you talking about what you have to use to hide your shitty skin or are you just butthurt because i dont need filters? your attempt at anything, especially trolling is sad. like i’d toss you change in your bucket, sad. grab your iphone and call someone who gives a shit about your sad ass.

  • She’s definitely got like 3837474 filters on her profile pic. So many it made the photo grainy lol

  • Leslie Mashmann

    Sorry, but if you are aware that someone is beating your child and you don’t get him away from the situation, you are equally culpable of murder. These three women look like someone I would be afraid of – poor kid living like that. Just another kid, beat on until he finally dies with no one who cares enough to save him. When is child abuse going to be recognized as the horrible crime it is. RIP baby

  • Leslie Mashmann

    Please, can we not have the Billy Madatchu Show? This is about a dead child, not some fool.

  • Taster’sChoice

    Been here long?

  • BG

    All I can see is the hatred in their eyes… Evil bunch of hateful twatwaffles…

  • Come on people! You forgot you were a kid once!!????????

  • Come on people! You forgot you were a kid once!!????????

  • Craygor

    The relationship between the women (except for the evil bitch mother and sadistic fucktard daugher) here is a bit of a mystery, but, going by the article, it was Barton who said it

  • Deb Wyrzykowski looks like some cheap back page escort

  • Wow and to think he cares for kids , because his friend Tricia Dorring has two sons that are going through a hard time with kidney failure ????????. Your friend Billy Madatchu is a dick ! I hope he was more heart felt about your kids , than he was about this kid smh

  • Wow and to think he cares for kids , because his friend Tricia Dorring has two sons that are going through a hard time with kidney failure ????????. Your friend Billy Madatchu is a dick ! I hope he was more heart felt about your kids , than he was about this kid smh

  • Wow and to think he cares for kids , because his friend Tricia Dorring has two sons that are going through a hard time with kidney failure ????????. Your friend Billy Madatchu is a dick ! I hope he was more heart felt about your kids , than he was about this kid smh

  • This isn’t her first time beating a child either…I know…shocking…

  • PurpleAnn

    What’s she got against Stevie Nicks?

  • PurpleAnn


  • Lol or, you know, there are some shitty, horrible people in the world.

  • Death is the only way fore them they deserve it a judge should have no other sentence for them God bless that Little boy rip

  • Sick twisted mother fucker! !!!

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  • This little thread is hilarious. Gonna have to keep an eye out for your comments.

  • BG

    You sure showed him… Are you always this humorless? If you are, you’re in the WRONG place…

  • AlabamDeb

    I also noticed that when she ran to the neighbor to call for help she LEFT THAT BABY with those hambeasts. No telling what else they did to him while she was gone. I understand that people can fall on hard times and maybe have to make some questionable living arrangements. But the first time one of those bitches laid their hand on MY child…we would have been out, even if it meant a park bench. I don’t think the ‘mom’ is without some blame here.

  • Wtf is wrong wit people??

  • Sometimes I feel like there are exceptions to the term ‘cruel and unusual’ punishment. These women are those exceptions. Modify the constitution for them.

  • Jim Williams and this

  • Ann Roh

    Worked for, needed; same difference.

  • David Richter

    In what way did the mother try? She admitted that these two piles of shit had beat her son in the past, yet she still lived there? No, Christy, the mother failed that little boy badly.

    If I lived with someone and they laid so much as a finger on my child out of anger….well, they’d learn to button a shirt with one hand, because I’d their arm off and beat the fuck out of them with it. Also, and more seriously, that person would be incarcerated and I would be living in a different domicile.

  • Dude get out of here with that.

  • Execute.those.bitc-es.at.once.by.driving.railroad.spikes.through.the.tops.of.their.heads

  • I can’t believe this shit

  • Christy

    I only meant that she tried to shield him that one time. She obviously failed, and had already failed before. Thus, garbage human.
    I agree, I wouldn’t have stayed in that situation and it was inevitable to happen as she had allowed/not stopped it before. He was doomed due to her shitty choices.

  • Jake88

    The forums are full of insecure bitches that run to the mods. Sorry, but I’m offended if this forum thinks it’s tough to handle. Im sick of that narrative that they all spout about in-between their crybaby breakdown sessions. They all go crying to Morbid, probably giving him a daily headache… Then act like dreaming demon isn’t for the squeamish.

    If you have ever complained to a moderator? You’re squeamish. This entire forum is squeamish except Billy. Although I’m starting to doubt him… He must be crying about his real life in Shout to be allowed to stick around this long.

  • Jake88

    Oh c’mon. So pathetic. I get the urge to throw my toddler down the hallway multiple times a week… But NEVER over eating or drinking. They color on walls, they pinch, they bite, they hit, they cuss like truck drivers, they break everything they touch… But they’re SUPPOSED to eat and drink for fuck sakes. He wouldn’t have drank out of the damn jug if you poured him a glass when he was thirsty you fucking pieces of shit.

    That child is dead. No longer on this earth because he drank out of the milk jug. I dont believe in hitting women, but I’d love to hit these women. I’m thinking about how good itd feel to beat these women to death. The looks on their face ain’t helping. I want to break their faces.

    These stories don’t even get to me anymore, but thinking about a toddler two handing a milk jug and drinking from it makes me smile. Probably running down his face and shit. He got beat to death for it. I just want to hear the bones in their faces cracking and breaking while I crush their faces into their brains. I would do that to those two women.

    Not to take responsibility from the mother, but she looks like the slow feeble mind type that gets controlled without really knowing better.

  • Delaney3030

    I don’t know how to contact moderators.
    I have to admit that I do get amused by how angry Billy can make people.
    It’s too easy for him. I don’t think he could get to me.
    Ohh, shit. Maybe I shouldn’t have thrown that challenge out there.

  • Delaney3030

    PS, it’s because I’m so handsome, smart, charming and successful in life.

  • Craygor

    The fucken forums are brutal, its the best part of this site. Stay on Facebook if you are offended easy.

  • Jake88

    Lol she’s definitely a major stalker yo. The type that will stalk your stalkers when you’re as stalkworthy as us.. Don’t let her get Madatchu….

  • Jake88

    That’s EXACTLY why Delaney. Don’t let anyone around here know that you’re as confident as you sound! I’m not even successful, they just had a problem with me being smart, charming and handsome… As if we can just turn it off! Jeez… Am I right? Sarcasm aside… If you want to fit in around here? Just be miserable!

    They just love Misery! I’m telling you, there’s a bunch of Stephen King fans in the house! Oh that was smooth! Did you see what I did there? With the play on misery? Now I’m kinda ruining my own moment by pointing it out, but those are the little things in life that I’ve been missing since my banishment


  • Jake88

    Billy has a heart of gold, Unless you have some kind of chromosome deficiency. Or stalk him. Retarded stalkers should really leave him alone if they know what’s good for them.

    Pardon me for using the R-word btw. When I say retard… I mean retard. Not mentally handicapped. It’s funny how people think using the word retard is offensive to the mentally challenged. If I said “retard,” and then noticed a mentally challenged person and said “Sorry! I didn’t mean to offend…” that would be offensive!

    It’s more offensive if you think of the mentally challenged whenever somebody says retard as opposed to just saying retard. Just my retarded opinion though. That’s it… I’m using the word retard exclusively from now on- to empower the mentally challenged!

  • Delaney3030

    Super weird coincidence. My ten year old girl was just watching misery last night. Definately One of the better movies based on King books.

  • Jake88

    So what you’re really telling me, is that I ruined my moment for no good reason because every single person on this site probably knows about that movie. I own it. The Unsinkable Molly Brown… Annie Wilkes is not. There’s a free takeaway for everyone. Oh and Kathy Bates is either the best actress in the world… Or fucking bipolar!

  • There’s no evidence that the death penalty deters murder.

  • Ann Stone

    Holy shit, these monsters need strung up.

  • Big Stan

    There’s a special place in a Fritzl style basement for these bitches somewhere.

  • dumwise

    Delaney: ” And dammit people love you” Saturday Night Live Skit

  • dumwise

    Tue Jake. I’m tall dark and handsome. Well, 2 out of 3 aint bad, if black counts for dark, that is

  • Delaney3030

    Being bipolar and the best actress are definately not mutually exclusive.

  • Delaney3030

    Nice, from the 90’s. I had to think about it for a couple minutes. Stuart Smalley?
    I used to love the jack handey quotes, too.
    I think it was doggoneit, though. I might be wrong.

    When I used to leave the house and go to bars I would do a bit where I would get 5 or 6 people’s attention and launch into a short tirade that would start with me waking up in the morning, looking in the mirror and I’d be walking on air. It would conclude with the phrase that no matter what happens to me in life or whatever I lose I still have my good looks and I can get by on that. Only God remembers what would be the ice cream in that sandwich. Generally over the top self aggrandizing bluster,.
    The point is that I never realized until your comment that that monologue may have spawned from the same skit you speak of.

  • Aerysta

    Haha, says the cry baby having a cry baby session about cry baby sessions!

  • brandi

    oh Jake. your punk ass got banned from the forums because you couldn’t shut the fuck up after a mod told you to do so. no one reported you. there was no need. when are you going to stop crying about this? this is the 43294387689657 time i’ve seen you whine about being banned. get over it dude.

    also, stop sucking on billy’s dick, not that he doesn’t enjoy it, but you are far less skilled than his regular bitches.

  • Aerysta

    Pretty positive that Morbid didn’t ban him nor gives one hot shit about said

  • brandi

    you suck that dick! stroke the shaft, cradle the balls, swallow the gravy!

  • Twisted1

    Had these women’s mothers gone to planned parenthood instead of giving birth to them we would not have this article in the first place.

  • Cunts

  • esmerald 2006

    Same here, I never get disappointed in the DD. Lol, I just come for the comments

  • esmerald 2006

    Thank you for commenting on the main topic, you brought us back to that main concern here, the little boy.

  • Nathan Lovell

    Piss off!

  • Nathan Lovell

    Back at you, troll.

  • Jake88

    Lol you two are retarded. Seriously, it’s funny how people think I’m the problem when I joke about things. You two routinely kill unicorns with hand grenades. Brandi, you are a ghetto ass hoodrat. I know about beater bitches like you. Ghetto hood rat filth. I bet you Brandi likes dudes with” iced out” grills in their mouth while they talk and drool like Ernest. Ernest goes to the club… Ernest takes Brandi home… Etc. Etc.

    I’m not a crybaby. I don’t give a shit that I got banned, it actually reflects horribly on your forum- not me! I just take issue when people act like the forums are so tough. The ones that say that are the biggest crybabies.

    And Aerysta? Stfu. You mooched money from this forum to leave your junkie husband. GoFundMe. You took money from strangers to leave him.. then you stayed with him! And then you come here and bash these parents that leave their kids with junkie boyfriends? Yeah yeah. You’re a sociopath. It’s scary. And you’re right… Morbid didn’t ban me.. he fucking banned you though… Didn’t he? Yeah that’s how I remember it.

    Seriously, stop coming at me. You keep bringing it on yourself and I’m gonna keep telling the truth. It’s something your little forum is oblivious too.

  • brandi

    HAHAHAHAHA oh Jake. that’s fucking cute. please don’t pretend you know anything about me. why are you so concerned with me? i just told the truth, my dear. is what i said not true? did it hurt your butt when you got banned? you want some french cries with that waaaaaahhhmburger?

  • Aerysta

    HAAAAAAAAAAA! You want the truth you, you racist little piece of shit? You have no job. You live on welfare. You are a “stay at home dad” who spends his every waking moment on the internet. You do nothing but sit your sorry little ass at home being a little bitch, pretending that you are some bad ass with a valid opinion. Look at you all mad, keep bringing up shit you don’t know a fucking thing about because you have nothing. Morbid banned me, ZOHMYGAWD, and guess what? He let me come back. What do you think your chances are that you will ever be invited back? Hmm?

    You went to a MOMMY board to talk shit about me and Nell. We witnessed and shared all of it on DD. It was fucking hilarious and you are pathetic. For someone who doesn’t care about DD, you sure as fuck keep on-a-coming back. Get a fucking job, you fucking cry baby.

  • Georgene Summers

    These are the people who are having kids. OMG…we are going to have a nation of mentally disabled dysfunctional morons. Jesus H…wtf … these are the poster children for why abortion should be legal. That poor little kid had no chance at all.

  • PurpleAnn

    Nah, that’d be too much trouble. Plus, more kids = more money from the government.


    How did happen that this mother and child was living in the apartment of these two women? Is it a dug connection? I have seldom seen such mean faces — what’s the mother’s story about remaining in a place where two strangers were beating her child more than once?

  • Elizabeth McCarthy

    It deters that particular murderer from offending again.

  • Elizabeth McCarthy

    Those are the ugliest, meanest women I’ve seen in a while. RIP little man. Now there’s 3 more prisoners to suck up our tax dollars. Can’t we just shoot them? (After prolonged torture, of course.)

  • Angelacjanke

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  • Jake88

    Lol somebody gets a little angry when confronted with the truth. I didn’t even see this. Funny, like you try and attack me, I don’t notice you until I see one of your intellectual comments.

    How come you got so mad when I brought up the truth? The truth only hurts the people that live in fantasy land.

    You spout your bullshit and I don’t care. You think I care about Morbid? Lol.

    You and Nell are the dirtiest bitches I’ve ever met though. Can’t imagine how ugly you two are in person. Funny, you two couldn’t stand each other, talked all kinds of shit about each other, but now you’re besties? That only happens to two faced scum bags… Just so you know!

    Nell sold babies at auction for a living, only after she preyed on some 18 year old girl to bring into their relationship and turn into a surrogate for cash. End of story. I’m right that their relationship has predator overtones. When a couple in their late twenties, takes in an 18 year old naive idiot? And then bring her to bed? I’m right… End of story.

    You… Made a go fund me account(while the GOFUNDME rush was heating up) to get money from strangers to take your kids and leave your junkie husband. Then what’d you do? Take the money and pay for his next binge? Dirty people.

    There’s similar qualities in those two stories. You are both Manipulative sociopathic predators.

    Anyway, all I want to clear up about your story, is that I’m not a racist and that I don’t spend all day on the internet. When I was on your forum, I was one of your “sporadic” regulars, that disappeared for long periods of time on end. That spits in the face of being online everyday like you and your girlfriend Nell.

    Anyway, keep sucking that junkies dick while he sucks on that pipe. Funny I thought you were long divorced with how you talk about him… you’re just gross. talk shit about your own husband to strangers… no wonder he’s an addict with your support. Can’t even talk to strangers without wondering what you’ve told them. That stressful.

    Anyway, Hope your summer is going well darling!

  • Aerysta

    HAHAHA. You do realize you cannot say “oh, I don’t care about ya’ll” but then write a essay (reiterating hearsay that has no basis in fact because you are a gossiping pussy) about your imaginary enemies. Honey, you’ve never made me mad. I am sure it’d make your tiny dick almost hard if you did. I think you are just the most pathetic skin bag I’ve come across on the wide world of the internet. You can keep on repeating that same shit all you like. I saw your posts on the mommy board. I’ve seen your videos. I was present during your ban and all the endless drivel beforehand. We all saw it. We all laughed. We all judged. You cannot escape how embarrassing you are or that you keep coming back here or that you keep trying to find ways to attack 2 people who do not give a shit about you as a person. It’s not me. It’s not Nell. People in general do not like you. I feel for your wife really. I’d rather suck a junkie’s dick that has a JOB (I mean, if a junkie can go to work every day, what’s your excuse? Do you have the sads?) than one who plays a gossipy bitch on the internet and can’t for the life of him find anyone that can stand him for more than a few minutes at a time. You may as well have a vagina as far as I am concerned because you are certainly no man. Keep pretending. Keep spitting up the same old shit. We’ll keep making fun of you.

  • Jake88

    Lol what’d that take? Five minutes for you to reply? Get off the internet and do your job. You are online ALL OF THE TIME at work… How do you still have a job? I never said I don’t care about you… I said I can’t fucking stand you. That means I do care about you, just not in a loving way. I actually hate you because you don’t see how ugly you are.

    Do you not realize that we both look like horrible cretins when we do this? You’re too busy thinking that you’re winning to have any self awareness though. Me? I just don’t care.

    I watch my toddler full time, but count on a woman to call me jobless lol. That said, I am a loser in many ways, hell many more ways than you know! That’s why you cant hurt me but I can shatter the fake world you and your bestie live in.

    You do realize I’ve initiated ZERO messages with you on the front page. You have initiated them all with me. The funniest thing? You don’t think you’re mentally ill. The only person on this whole site that goes back and forth with me… And you think you have a healthy sound mind? Lol that’s where I’m not crazy like you.

    You never got my point way back when I said that it’s the people that don’t know that they’re crazy.. that are actually fucking crazy! Lol you were all like “What’s that even mean!!!???” and I couldn’t stop laughing behind my computer because that was EXACTLY the point I was making. You’re mentally ill like me. That might piss you off, but i ain’t even trolling you.

    You are the most like me around here… Intelligence not withstanding.

  • brandi

    so if Nell is so vile, why did you follow her to a mommy board? you’re not even a fucking mommy. AND those women had their fucking way with you. it was hilarious! you couldn’t even hold your own on a MOMMY BOARD! the only thing you’re good at is making a complete idiot out of yourself and getting kicked out of numerous places that people do not want you. you are SUPER racist. i will get screen grabs of just how racist you are! you can say what you want about Aerysta, but she’s still there, and she still has the balls to admit shit isn’t right with her life instead of making everything out to be waffles and fucking whipped cream.

  • Aerysta

    Spppt, I have 4 kids and a job and I manage this all while being a raging psychopath!!! It’s amazing I can even walk. Maybe I should just get on welfare and stay at home and be a gossipy cry baby? How much does that pay anyway? Do you get like housing and food stamps or do you live at home with one of your parents? Does she work while you are a full time manny? Or is she on welfare too and you are both worthless? Does it take two crazy people to watch one kid? I worked from home for 10 years, so watching kids is just another one of your super pussy excuses.

  • Jake88

    It’s a baby center board genius. Not a mommy board. I didn’t follow her! I went there intending on fitting in nicely lije the woman I am. I was attacked in hordes for days and handled it very well. It was clear they had people attacking me for them. They got what they asked for.

    I enjoyed the attacks aside from the personal ones they were obviously armed with not having known me. Honestly, just leave me alone lol. I never said shit to any of you guys on the front page without being addressed first.

    This is harassment lol.

  • Aerysta

    I have never been a part of a mommy board. Ever. You just pull shit from your ass and mark it as fact, don’t you? We did not, and you can put this on your sorry life, “tell” anyone to attack you. We don’t have to. You invite ridicule just being who you are. We didn’t even know about it until someone Nell knows sent her the link and it was already pages deep and you were bringing us up out of the gate. “Oh, I had to come here and be a pussy because they were mean to me for being a pussy over there.” If I didn’t find you repulsive for blasting hearsay and gossip as fact about people you will never know or could ever possibly really know, I’d feel sorry for the ass reaming you got.

    And yes. You replied to me first. It was a comment I made from FB which is what even brought you to my attention because as far as I was concerned, you didn’t exist. If you blast me? I will burn you out until you are crying in a corner because that’s what I do. Do not speak my name on the internet, Jake. Pretty simple.

  • Don’t worry, Bertha and the Silverbacks are gonna get their cracks in her!????