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GWINNETT COUNTY, GA – A horrific story unfolding out of Georgia where a woman has been accused of stabbing four of her young children to death, along with her husband.

Officers got a 911 call from the woman inside the home just before 4:50 a.m. Thursday.

When they arrived at the home, they found the woman’s husband and four children dead. A fifth child was taken to the hospital in serious condition. It appears that all the victims were stabbed.

Police have not released the names of the family, but say the husband was in his 30s. Their neighbor said the family’s youngest child is a toddler and the oldest is 7-years-old.

Police believe the woman was with her family for at least 24 hours after they had been stabbed. The deceased male’s borther said the family had just returned from the beach and he talked to him over the phone Wednesday at about 2:30 p.m. and nothing seemed wrong.

However, around two hours later, a boy in the neighborhood knocked on their door to see if the kids wanted to ride bikes like they normally do and no one answered the door.

Obviously, the close-knit community is shocked. “She seemed so normal, like regular mother,” said neighbor Letty Perez. “She was good, went to our church last weekend, she was there with us.”

Neighbors also said the family had recently moved into the mobile home from Illinois and that the woman was depressed over the recent passing of her father.

“She said her dad passed away months ago, she was in depression and we go to her house and pray sometimes for her dad,” Perez said.

Police say that the crime scene was contained inside the home and that they have no other suspects aside from the mother who they have not named at this time.

“What prompts a person to take the life of such innocent children and her spouse is something we may never understand,” Gwinnett police Cpl. Michele Pihera said. “This is a horrendous crime not only for the victims but for the extended family, neighborhood and community.”

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  • Old Man Metal

    “She said her dad passed away months ago, she was in depression and we go to her house and pray sometimes for her dad,” Perez said.

    Should have prayed harder, YOU LAZY FUCKS! Or maybe actually done something…

  • sugarpie

    I can’t say my mother was a good mother, but at least she didn’t kill us.

  • Aerysta

    Right? Obviously, God hates them all and they suck at praying.


    Jesus. That’s all I’ve got.

  • Diva of Destruction

    These stories always baffle me. I can never understand why she just didn’t leave.

  • NinaRoss009

    How does one just snap and kill their kids, I mean seriously no signs of anything wrong? or did people just not want to acknowledge the signs…

  • PurpleAnn

    Had to be some underlying mental illness here. Depression doesn’t usually equal homicidal rage.

  • mean birch

    Just wondering…What good does it do to pray after someone died?

  • mean birch

    Thank God.

  • Old Man Metal

    When you were a kid, did you ever throw a coin in the wishing fountain at the mall? To me, that’s exactly what prayer looks like, and it’s exactly as effective… except for the fact that you can always get your nickel back if you don’t mind getting wet.

    Eventually I grew out of wishing and praying and started *doing*, because “The Lord helps those who help themselves.” And I helped myself, boy did I, a soaking-wet teenaged bastard who stole little kids’ wishes to get money for video games.

    Man, the 80’s were great! What were we talking about?

  • Taster’sChoice

    Our neighborhood pool had a “snack bar/grill” and about three video games or pinball machines and a jukebox each summer. I would steal $2 in quarters off my dad’s dresser and I could enjoy a cheeseburger, fries and one video game with my ill gotten gains at least once a week! I miss the 80’s too. Touche!

  • Ramonathegreat

    Seems like often times the parent is suicidal, but they can’t bear to leave their family behind. So they take them with. They see it as an act of Mercy. No, it doesn’t make sense, but logic is meaningless through the lens of intense mental illness.

  • BG

    I feel sorry for the remaining child. She’s going to have an awful lot of survivors guilt to deal with…

  • FruitLoop

    Five children 7 and younger, living in a single wide mobile home would make me crazy…

  • I bet Andrea Yates is pissed.

  • Craygor

    “She seemed so normal, like regular mother,”
    “She was good, went to our church last weekend …”
    “…we go to her house and pray sometimes for her dad,”

    Yeeeeeeaaaa …….

  • Craygor

    Why? At least Andrea got to talk to God before she killed her kids.

  • ^^^Yep^^^

  • We should use the knife shown. I like it.

  • m3

    It’s just like that wealthy guy in the Twin Cities a couple of years ago who blew away one by one his wife and kids with a shotgun in their rich suburban home. Nobody saw it coming, and everybody was, like, WTF?? There’s something that snaps in a parent sometimes that has to be understood better.

  • Horrifying

  • Josh

    Well, she is single again….

  • mean birch

    I totally get you. And that scares the hell outta me. And no way T.C. Is onboard. Yikes.

  • Josh

    Maybe the ole’ man prayed he and the kids would not have to deal with her anymore.

  • Josh

    Put a skirt on it and call it a house.

  • Rachel

    I brought you into this world, and I can take you OUT!- is what my Mama used to say to me…Wish she had…just sayin’…

  • Inferus


  • Inferus

    That’s more than the Jews.
    *Disclaimer, this is a joke, so find a sense of humor gentiles.

  • Inferus

    Well, I could take a stab at it…

  • Inferus

    How many stories involving serial killers start with, ‘They seemed so normal?’

  • Inferus

    Not to mention issues with Mother’s Day.

  • Inferus

    So was OJ.

  • Inferus

    …To the club? Sounds like you need a drink and some beats.

  • Chatterbox

    I mean, they had Jesus it seems, with the praying and all. Wasnt enough there… you might want to consider more before you murder your family.

  • Craygor

    Back in the day, when you killed your kid it would a start of a new religion.

  • Twisted1

    The 80’s and heck even most of the 90’s a quarter was a great and powerful thing. It could get you so many different things a off brand Coke (or for two the real thing), it could buy you a stamp, make a phone call, buy a snack, a giant gumball, a toy out of a machine at the store, or a ride on a train or horse at the grocer, or a ticket into fantasy at any arcade game. The sky was the limit for a kid with a quarter.

  • Sejanus

    Prayer…pfft…may as well beseech a stop light to heal you.

  • AlabamDeb

    The family members were identified:

    The mother of the children — 33-year-old Isabel Cartuna Martinez —
    who is also the wife of the man, was taken into custody and has been
    charged with five counts of murder, five counts of malice murder and six
    counts of aggravated assault. She is also being held for U.S.
    Immigration and Customs Enforcement without bond.

    The children killed were identified as 10-year-old Isabela Martinez, 7-year-old
    Dacota Romero, 2-year-old Axel Romero and 4-year-old Dillan
    Martin-Romero. The fifth child who was taken to the hospital has been
    identified as 9-year-old Diana Romero. Diana remains in serious but
    stable condition at the hospital.

    The woman’s husband was identified as 33-year-old Martin Romero.

  • Old Man Metal

    “Start the legend with a funeral rite…” -Danzig

  • dumwise

    A peep show on 42nd street Manhattan

  • dumwise

    Dang! Did you see the aerial shot of the crime scene? That a NICE size trailer. That mother just goes on and on. Shit, I’d like one of those.
    Anyway, fuck those stupid bastards.
    You want sympathy? OK, its right there in the dictionary. Somewhere between “SHIT” and


    I meant “JEEEE-SUS!!! ” … not that they needed Jesus…Need some emoticons for this Diqsux…

  • Her God probably told her to.

  • PurpleAnn

    That squirrely bastard is always saying the damnest shit to crazy people.

  • IronWoobie

    My mother wasn’t perfect, either, but at least she never even threatened to kill us.

  • Old Man Metal


    “A woman charged with killing four of her young children and their father smiled and flashed a double thumbs up to news cameras during her first court appearance Friday in metro Atlanta before telling a judge she doesn’t want an attorney.”

    “Before the hearing began, Martinez sat with other inmates and struck poses for cameras — smiling, giving the thumbs up, putting her hands in a prayer position and spreading her arms out wide.”

    “When Thorpe informed her of her right to have an attorney, she said through a Spanish-language interpreter that she doesn’t want one. She later added that her attorney will always be the people and her faith.”

    Source: https://www.yahoo.com/news/woman-charged-slayings-4-children-father-due-court-081329896.html

    Bat. Shit. Crazy.

  • Josh

    What happens in vegas stays in vegas 9 years to life.

  • Josh

    Now they have a bishop too. The state will lock that bishop.

  • john doe

    Smiles and thumbs up from woman charged with killing family
    KATE BRUMBACK and KATHLEEN FOODY,Associated Press 7 hours ago
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    Now Playing
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    0:17 / 1:16

    Woman charged with killing family smiles in court
    LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. (AP) — A woman charged with killing four of her young children and her husband smiled and flashed a double thumbs up to news cameras during her first court appearance Friday in metro Atlanta before telling a judge she doesn’t want an attorney.

    Also, an immigration official said the woman, who is from Mexico, entered the U.S. illegally.

    Isabel Martinez, 33, appeared before Gwinnett County Magistrate Court Judge Michael Thorpe a day after police said she stabbed the five to death and seriously injured another child at her home. The surviving 9-year-old girl remained hospitalized with serious injuries.

    Before the hearing began, Martinez sat with other inmates and posed for cameras — smiling, giving the thumbs up, putting her hands in a prayer position and spreading her arms out wide.

    As Thorpe listed the charges — five counts of malice murder, five counts of murder and six counts of aggravated assault — Martinez smiled, shook her head “no” and wagged her finger at him.

    “Ma’am, I’m going to caution you to cut out the display for the cameras,” he said. “It’s really not a good idea, probably not to your benefit.”

    When Thorpe said she had a right to an attorney, she replied through a Spanish-language interpreter that she doesn’t want one. She later added that her attorney will always be the people “that we’re fighting for” and her faith.

    “You are the hope of the world, each one of you,” she said in Spanish, appearing to address the news cameras. “It doesn’t matter what color you are because God loves us all.”

    Thorpe advised Martinez to hire a lawyer or allow one to be appointed.

    Meanwhile, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokesman Bryan Cox said in an email Friday that Martinez — whom he identified as Maria Isabel Garduno-Martinez — is from Mexico and entered the U.S. illegally. This is her first encounter with immigration authorities, and it’s not clear how long she has been in the U.S., Cox said.

  • Ran-rex

    praying is almost as useless as writing your opinion down about how much you don’t believe in the power of prayer

  • mean birch

    Thank you. Very helpful.

  • Heartbreaking????????????

  • Jake88

    My mother wasn’t perfect either and even though she threatened to kill me numerous times, she only ever threatened me while holding a knife once… And she didn’t even go through with it.

    That was another issue, she broke all of her promises… but I don’t mind so much because If she didn’t break any of her promises? I would have died a horrible death… Long before I even deserved it!

    My mother’s a saint.

  • Jake88

    I see what you did there! That was pretty sharp…

  • Jake88

    He was a hell of a running back though! I’ll tell ya, he may have spent the vast majority of his career as a Bill, but I think it’s safe to say that the vast majority of us… Will always remember him as a Bronco. Anyway, keep up the good work around here!

  • Jake88

    Are you asking me??????? Yes if you had a heart to begin with… it’s probably broken now. I on the other hand.. am starving. Brb.

  • She needs some serious help and should probably spend the rest of her life in a mental hospital. We’ll never really know why she did it, and from the pictures of her court appearance, she didn’t seem at all upset but rather happy.

  • Christy

    I read that too, WTF. When and if she ever becomes lucid, she will crash hard and probably kill herself for what she’s done.

  • NoBS NoSpam

    The only reason this illegal’s insanity makes the news is because her home country does not give a fuck.

  • Can you post court appearance video ?

  • It was just pictures; I didn’t see a video.

  • BubblesinGriffinGA

    THIS bitch is a whacko. Really pushing for an insanity plea. She left one poor daughter critical, but alive, and in court, was bowing, and laughing like it was a big joke. Fucking stupid bitch.

  • Kat

    Makes sense, if she had died and not remained in the house for at least 24 hours… alive.

  • Taster’sChoice

    HEY! What’s that supposed to mean, birch? o_O

  • D S

    > ” To me, that’s exactly what prayer looks like, and it’s exactly as effective..”

    I know, right?? Her friends SHOULD have talked to her, and convinced her that what she called her dad was merely the accidental collocation of molecules – motion acting on matter – with no greater significance beyond the 12 bucks or so that the chemicals comprising his body would fetch on the free market. THAT would have fixed it, and she wouldn’t have the type of chemical reaction that we call “sadness” in the five pound mass of matter that sits atop her neck – nor, perhaps, the equally meaningless state which we call “profound, suicidal remorse” once she comes to the realization that she wiped out her entire family!


  • mean birch

    It means I’m in an very special group! Very very special!

  • mean birch

    Oh I see what you did there. CLEVER!

  • Old Man Metal

    Almost? I’d say equally.

  • Old Man Metal

    Arguing by reductio ad absurdum is the hallmark of a small mind.

  • D S

    I would agree with you, Old Man Metal – *were it actually a reductio ad absurdum.* It is not. It is the drawing of attention to an aspect of the atheistic worldview which, though manifestly distasteful to humanity and repugnant to consider, is the *very necessary* logical conclusion of that worldview. The truth is, on the atheistic worldview, there is absolutely no reason to OBJECTIVELY (and I must stress this word – one’s feelings have absolutely nothing to do with it) conclude that human beings – and their emotions – are anything but what I described: mere motion acting on matter, or an arrangement of chemical neurotransmitters. We may say that we have some fondness or regard for this or that collection of matter acted upon by motion, or that this or that arrangement of chemical neurotransmitters is “pleasant” or “painful,” but again these would be completely subjective judgments, and not something we can conclude via logic and reason.

    I appreciate your reluctance to come to this realization (as would any real human being with a conscience), but, on the merits of that particular worldview, it is true nonetheless.

  • Old Man Metal

    Disbelief in the Judeo-Christian god (or any other one) does not preclude belief in the non-material aspects of our world.

    You are conflating atheism with rabid scientific materialism. While they are very often encountered together, atheism does not always proceed from a materialistic world view. It quite often does, so I don’t blame you for equating the two.

  • D S

    > “Disbelief in the Judeo-Christian god (or any other one) does not preclude belief in the non-material aspects of our world.”

    Oh, certainly. And neither is “prayer” the exclusive domain of Judeo-Christian faiths, but the derogation of it is usually a tacit endorsement of atheism.

    > “You are conflating atheism with rabid scientific materialism.”

    Not really – though, I would add, the overlap is significant enough to, if not view them as synonyms, to see the latter as a more detailed description of the former. And you are quite right about atheism not always going hand-in-hand with scientific materialism; a person can, for example, be both a Buddhist, AND an atheist…

    …but, since such people are not practitioners of prayer (at least, not in the way in question here), we are back at square one 🙂

  • Old Man Metal

    Well, let’s take a step back then… my point, before I muddied the waters with my *hilarious* derogation of prayer (*sarcasm*), was that her friends/neighbors should have done more than pray for her, the implication being that another, more direct form of intervention might have prevented things from ending in the tragic manner that they did.

    Are we on common ground here?

  • D S

    > “Are we on common ground here?”

    Oh, yeah, ABSOLUTELY! The existence of prayer certainly doesn’t obviate the more practical, less numinous actions we should take to help someone, nor does it discharge us from our responsibility to ( I *hate* saying this) even involve the authorities in order to head off a disaster (meaning even involuntary hospitalization – though this should be an absolute final resort).

    But, in defense of her friends and family, something like this is almost always unexpected.

  • Old Man Metal

    Family annihilation does usually seem to catch everyone by surprise.

    They were aware that she was depressed, though. Some direct help with that could have changed the outcome. Could have… some people can’t be helped, of course.

  • ThrillHouse

    it sucks you can never really tell with religious people sometimes, she could have told them she feels the devil is around and she talks to God on the phone on regular basis and they could have taken this all as completely normal instead of a giant red flag.

  • Saraftosh

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  • Ann Roh

    “Jesus is not in right now. If you leave your name, number, and a short message after the beep, then he will get back to you at his earliest convenience.”

  • REEFER MADNESS!!! It’s all these folks with their green cards smoking all this loco weed. No shame!

  • Edward Newman

    she only killed 4 of her 5 kids- that’s in her favor

  • truthguy

    fuck you your cunt