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HALSTAD, MN – A pregnant 19-year-old fatally shot her boyfriend during a stunt in which he tried stopping a .50 caliber bullet with a book.

According to reports, Monalisa Perez and 22-year-old Pedro Ruiz III had a YouTube Channel together that contained videos of their life with their 3-year-old daughter.

The channel also included videos of the couple “pranking” each other — including Perez feeding Ruiz a donut covered in baby powder and Perez pouring hot wax on Ruiz’s back.

But on Monday, Perez tweeted that she and Ruiz were going to shoot one the “most dangerous videos ever” and that the idea was his, not hers. It may not have been the most dangerous videos ever shot, but I guarantee you it was definitely one of the most stupid.

See, the plan was for Perez to shoot a Desert Eagle .50 caliber handgun at Ruiz’s chest as he held a book in front of him for protection. He assured her it was safe and showed her another book he had shot where the bullet did not go all the way through.

Perez — being less or as equally intelligent as Ruiz — agreed. With two cameras set up to record their viral video and a guest spot on Ellen, Perez fired the gun at Ruiz’s chest from a foot away.

Then, to the amazement of Perez, Ruiz, and their 3-year-old daughter who was present, the .50 caliber bullet tore through the book and found a home inside Ruiz’s chest.

Emergency workers were called but were unable to save Ruiz. Police arrived at the scene and confiscated the two cameras that filmed the stunt and Perez was arrested. She is currently facing a charge of second-degree manslaughter.

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  • #darwinawardnominee

  • I feel sorry for the child having to witness her dad being killed by mommy. At least she can’t say that he killed himself it’s all on camera. The nomination for the Darwin award goes to https://www.google.co.uk/imgres?imgurl=https%3A%2F%2Fimgix.ranker.com%2Fuser_node_img%2F50057%2F1001138748%2Foriginal%2Ff-photo-u1%3Fw%3D650%26q%3D50%26fm%3Djpg&imgrefurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ranker.com%2Flist%2Ffunny-darwin-award-pictures%2Fnathandavidson&docid=Pe9kLAd2-XOmxM&tbnid=MMvEAHlGGceVSM%3A&vet=10ahUKEwj1naGDqeHUAhXLFsAKHUHeBX0QMwhXKBkwGQ..i&w=650&h=560&safe=strict&client=ms-android-samsung&bih=560&biw=360&q=darwin%20award&ved=0ahUKEwj1naGDqeHUAhXLFsAKHUHeBX0QMwhXKBkwGQ&iact=mrc&uact=8

  • Today’s Darwin Award Nominee….

  • Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

  • .50 cal vs. Book. These two dummies actually thought the book would win?

  • There’s no lifeguard at the gene pool. RIP not so smart papi: sad 3yr old

  • Well stupid bitch, now your kids can like your videos while growing up in foster care.

  • Second time I saw this comment today. Love it!

  • What could possibly go wrong?

  • steboto

    Sad that these two Idiots poor kid had to witness this .

  • dammitall23

    Sad they’d already procreated. Kid’s got two strikes against her from the start.

  • I’m going to have to remember that one about the lifeguard, classic 😛

  • Dude….a Desert Eagle .50 calibur O.o …WTF?!?! A book?!?! So their kids are orphans now because their idiot parents wanted a video to go viral. Well at least her arrest has “gone viral”. Bet she’s not so happy about it. What the hell were they thinking?!?! :-/

  • john doe

    .50 caliber,what an idiot,those go through cars like a hot knife through butter.Seriously dumb,dumb,dumb,dumb,dumb for an eternity ! She had to have literally been a fucking idiot

  • This is how you win a Darwin award.

  • Cleanin’ out the gene pool, too bad she is still alive. 🙁

  • Even if he had (somehow) tested it out beforehand….I still can’t understand why she would agree to do that.

  • Came to say this, you bastard ????

  • mean birch

    Stupid people die in stupid ways

  • Stupid is… As stupid does.

  • Hunter1031

    I just watched several YouTube videos of theirs. From what I saw they seemed in love and good parents. Stupid stupid choice. Now her life is ruined and she has to live with the fact she killed her love. Children lost a dad and a family lost a son, brother and relative. Just terrible for all involved.
    By the way she is pregnant with his child also. While it was stupid, there was NO intent. She feels like her entire World has ended, I’m sure. Damn shame

  • Timothy Timbo Smith

  • Dre Mosley

    So that makes at least two people who foolishly thought a book was enough to stop a blast from a fucking Desert Eagle. SMFH. Really? Have you seen a Desert Eagle? It’s a damn cannon!

  • Nice.

  • Stupid!!!!

  • Sejanus



  • Was the book “A call to arms” or “great expectations” maybe “war and peace” or possibly “origin of the species” ?

  • scotsims

    She was always a fucking idiot and always will be.

  • ????

  • One less dumbass, unfortunately they already bred.

  • ha..another murder method.

  • PurpleAnn

    These two actually owned a book to do this foolishness with?
    If their daughter is three now, that means he got a 16 year old girl pregnant when he was 19. Gross and illegal.

  • Alee Simonetti

  • Elizabeth McCarthy

    Any kind of goofing off with a loaded gun pointed at another person is beyond stupid. I’ve done some stupid things in my time, but never that stupid. Had it done to me, but he missed, thankfully.

  • A D

    It’s hard to feel sorry for people who are this stupid. However, my heart breaks for their daughter.

  • Lucky kid, perfect ending and a best case scenario…These dipshits have no business raising a child.

  • LA Woman

    A Desert Eagle WTF were they thinking?! However there was no malice and we’ve all done stupid shit when we were young not this dumb but dumb is dumb no matter how we look at it and looking at her picture knowing she killed someone she loved I think her shit is paid she will live with this forever and the new baby will never meet it’s father how sad and the little girl had to see it she’ll remember it for sure. I was also 3 when my dad died and was there as well he drown in his own blood I remember it like yesterday I even remember the sounds of him dying as he choked and gasped for air along with the screams and cries of my mom, grandma brothers, and sisters for a while after. I guess it was traumatic so I remembered it just like she will no doubt.

  • GGMon

    Ugh, why would you do that you idiot!!!!!????

  • I believe it was a copy of How To Die For Dummies.

  • What was the title of the book?..need to know ASAP.

  • Because internet fame is everything nowadays… and common sense is not

  • AlabamDeb

    Article I read said she is also 7 months pregnant. So 2 kids with 2 strikes. At least they didn’t let the 3 year old hold the book?


    “you’re going to be fine, Baby Girl! ~~ Big Daddy, Kick Ass.

  • dilldoeh

    Has anyone made the darwin award joke yet? No?
    Well maybe they can win a nomination for the award by darwin!

    Nailed it

  • jansav

    What a maroon. Seriously, you are going to stop a .50 cal bullet from afoot away with a book? An encyclopedia no less. Hard cover of course. hahaha idiots. Poor little girl.

  • Why wouldn’t they test the theory out first with the same book? Then they’d know it didn’t work!!

  • Guns are not toys, wtf ppl.

  • Diva of Destruction

    Pure genius. Why not a RPG or a 105mm Howitzer? Better yet why do something this stupid and irresponsible at all. I would be willing to bet the smartest person in the house the child most likely said no mommy or daddy don’t at least once.

  • David Richter

    I really think it depends on the book. War and Peace? Maybe they stand a chance. Something tells me that their three-year-old’s copy of Green Eggs and Ham wasn’t going to cut it.

  • And nothing of value was lost.

  • Taster’sChoice

    My guess is immediately after this happened here is what she was thinking:
    Dios me encanta toda la mierda libre aquí tal vez ahora que papá se ha ido Voy a obtener aún más bienestar

  • I mean… At least shoot a book without someone behind it first.

  • Josh

    People have been lucky being shot where a cellphone in a pocket or a pocket bible has stopped a bullet but I’d never want to hope for those odds on purpose. He got what he asked for and she wasn’t smart enough to feel stupid about doing it.

  • I feel bad for dum dum. I dont think she should be charged, just knowing she killed her man is enough

  • ObamaNazi

    Keep up the good work Democrats


    Sorry, but it’s not Darwinism, if the deceased has a child … Darwinism represents the end of nature’s perpetuation of the stupid gene .. so .. no kids allowed … 🙂


    ugh. I know a 20-something-ish piece of shit, who got a 13 year old pregnant, with twins. (Criminal, I know). And she had them !!! Later, she married him. and had some more kids after that. They’re now divorced. But SKEEVE CITY. They’re out there. and they’re predatoring …

  • itsknotme

    “… it was safe and showed her another book he had shot where the bullet did not go all the way through.”

    He forgot to show her the Acme testing certificate performed by Wile E. Coyote at the New Mexican test lab.

  • PurpleAnn

    Sorry you had to go through that.

  • Inferus

    With a name like that, you’d think the dumb bitch would smile.

  • Inferus

    Someone has to buy all that candy.

  • lilloric

    yeah when i first read it i was like these people obviously know nothing about guns. it won’t stop a 9mm round for the most part sure as hell won’t stop a 50 cal. this is one of those places where i’m glad the gen pool cleaned itself out

  • We don’t know that for sure, but I’ll wager.

  • Carolynbgraves

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  • WhatHappened?

    So, everyone here is perfect. Holy shit, yes, it was stupid. But does anyone feel bad for this family. Yes they were a family. With a baby on the way. Can you imagine having to be her? And having to live with this? What happened to people’s basic affections? Like empathy or sympathy? I am more fucking appalled with these douchebag comments.

  • WhatHappened?

    you sound like a stupid bitch to me, SHAME ON YOU! Leann Estrada, you cannot call yourself a woman and say something cold-hearted like that. Examine yourself, girl, cuz right now you’re sounding like a sociopath. Do you have a daughter? A sister? A son? The fuck is wrong with you?

  • WhatHappened?

    disgusting comment

  • WhatHappened?

    is it really? it shouldn’t be. cuz you’re perfect, right?
    These were all children. Young juveniles. What the hell? It’s hard for you to feel sorry for them? Tragic. Doesn’t your heart break for each of them? Wow. You need some prayers.

  • WhatHappened?

    Thank you baby, Amen.
    I am not sure what is wrong with some of these people’s souls….how can ANYONE look at this story and not shake their head in abject sorrow? We’ve all been stupid at one time or another. Prayers to you, darling.

  • WhatHappened?

    that’s what God will say when you’re dead & in Hell. Get your shit together, Kevin.

  • WhatHappened?

    similar sentiment, but the name calling isn’t helpful.

  • WhatHappened?

    yeah, read the rest of these comments, you’ll be fucking shocked. They’ve all paid in full. Now the families need prayers of comfort. it’s not rocket science. it’s basic human affection. do any of these people know what sympathy or empathy is? i’m so utterly sad right now.

  • Mike D

    shh you little bitch

  • Mike D

    shut the fuck up you dumb cunt.

  • Josh

    I think she is related to them.

  • Josh

    Sometimes the truth hurts and people can’t handle it. To call a 19 and 23 year old young juveniles would imply that the parents would be responsible for their actions. It is hard to feel sorry for someone who got what they wanted. He asked her to point the gun at him and pull the trigger, even a retard knows guns are dangerous.

  • Josh

    I’d agree it is beyond stupid. Stupid would be driving a pinto in the dark on a winding mountain road in the rain on bald tires after having a few too many to drink.

  • cornhusk

    I’m not normally given to comment, but this woman did something stupid and inexcusable, and her boyfriend was likewise too dumb to know better. When you are an adult and you fuck up like this, you get called on it; the stakes are even higher if you have children. Their stupidity and quest for internet fame has left their daughter without her parents: no father because he’s dead, and no mother because she’ll be going away for a long time.

    Did either of these two have actual jobs? Or did they just fuck around on youtube, continually upping the ante on their idiocy to get more clicks and dollars?

    I’m not perfect and never claimed to be. From what I have read in these comments, nobody here thinks they’re perfect. Don’t sit there and try to say that the people commenting who say that these two were morons think they’re perfect. One does not have to be perfect to see the glaring stupidity of what they did; one just has to have the common sense God gave a goat.

    You sound like you are related to these people. If you are-or if you know the family in some other way-perhaps instead of coming on here trying to convince people that these two weren’t criminally stupid (which you never will), you should try to figure out what you can do to care for that little three year old girl. She’ll need care and support from those around her, as her failparents will no longer be able to do anything for her.

  • DaveL

    I never cease to be amazed how many people will literally point a loaded gun at somebody they care about, and pull the trigger, only to be shocked at what happens.

  • Dre Mosley

    LOL. Ever so often on this site, we get some self-righteous individual such as yourself pop into the comments section to tell us all how horrible we all are.

    You’re not the first, and you won’t be the last, so go ahead and get it out of your system and run along.

  • Jaimesrobinson

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  • DaveL

    Perfect? As if there weren’t a distinction to be made between, for instance, eating more saturated fat than you should, versus blowing your spouse away for YouTube clicks.

  • Malodorous

    You must be new here.

  • dammitall23

    As *dumb* as she is, I’m not counting the pregnancy until it’s actually born. She’s still got time for some more stupid human tricks.

  • I’ve seen their videos omg I’m surprised he didn’t take the gun and shoot himself , she’s fucking annoying

  • Big Stan

    Didn’t hurt either

  • Big Stan

    They were not kids in any way, they were two dumbass young adults who decided to play catch the 0.50 calibre bullet with a hand cannon and a book. Stupid does not even begin to explain their actions. Nice of them to allow their young daughter to watch as well for fuck sake. I get you knew them and it sucks (I have lost 2 of my best friends in the last month but can at least admit they are dead because they were both acting stupid) but you cannot expect ppl to feel that bad when there are ppl out there dying in ways that were not their own fault.

  • Big Stan

    Empathy..the ability to understand the feelings of another. I am still not getting it though unfortunately. I cant see myself standing there holding that book thinking it was a good idea. Just cannot put myself in either of their shoes and see myself pulling the trigger. You know deep down it was dumb as fuck.

  • Big Stan

    Iv 3 daughters what the fuck is your point? I am not going to get their mother to shoot me through the chest in front of them and let them grow up without me.

  • FruitLoop

    You are obviously on the wrong site. Go away before you exhaust yourself.


    Having thought about this, I wonder if they are a part of the crowd that pays the bills by doing things on youtube instead of getting real jobs. I suppose it could be fun except that you have to up the ante all the time and maybe end up shooting your partner.

  • Jake88

    Wait… So did it not go viral? She killed her boyfriend on camera… It had to go viral right? I mean I’d really hate to live in a world where a video depicting someone getting shot to death doesn’t even go viral.

  • Old Man Metal

    So, if a book can stop a .50 AE bullet (and the .50 AE is a *hoss* of a pistol round) why the fuck do we even have bullet-proof vests, hmmm? It sounds like these two youtube genuises are gonna have the last laugh on us all… so damn smart they figured out what has eluded every ballistics expert on the planet for years: all it takes to stop a 300 grain bullet moving at 1500 fps is a friggin’ book! They’ll make a fortune, and bankrupt the Kevlar industry at the same time. With BOOKS! Whoda’ thunk it?

    Oh, wait…

    Fucking idiots, the pair of them.

  • BG

    Ya’ll are cute! Do you really think these two vote(d), or even pay(paid) attention to politics?

  • BG

    They were not “young juveniles”, they were young adults, with a three year old child and another on the way. Juvenile, at best, refers to anyone under the age of 18, a young juvenile would be 13-14 maximum. Going the “but they were so young, they didn’t know any better” route does no good. For anyone. I knew by the time I was 19 NOT TO POINT A GUN AT SOMEONE AND PULL THE TRIGGER UNLESS I WANTED THEM DEAD. It’s really very simple… And FYI, suggesting people need prayers at a site called “Dreamin’ Demon” is beyond ludicrous. We’re not here to offer support for the terminally stupid. We’re here to point at laugh at them…

  • Flik Rust

    I feel bad for laughing. Oh wait, no I don’t.

  • Twisted1

    I know you mean well, and probably know them. You probably googled them and found us. You need to check out what kinda site you are on. This is not a news website hun. This is a website where people are free to say what they want. Where they can point out the stupidity of someone’s crime without being shamed. They are not trolls. Actually here you would be considered the troll. The stories picked on this site are the most messed up on the internet. Where people can get together and discuss how f’ed up the world is. Most of the people here are good people and have been victims of violent crime themselves. They just have little tolerance for stupidity. You might want to find a different site to read about your friend/family. Because this one will only upset you.

  • Edward Newman

    do we at least get to see the movie?