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BELTON, TX – A 4-year-old girl has died after she was entangled in the propellers of a houseboat, and her father has lost his legs trying to save her.

The incident happened Friday night at 7:45 p.m. when a 20-foot houseboat began backing up in a swimmer’s area of Temple Lake Park and ran into 4-year-old Kaitlyn Oliver.

The little girl was struck by the boat’s two propellers and her body became lodged between them.

Her 37-year-old father, Pat Oliver, saw what happened and jumped in the water to help, losing both of his legs in the process.

Unfortunately, nothing could be done to save Kaitlyn despite the help of others at the scene who tried to dislodge her from the propellers.

Pat Oliver was taken to the hospital in serious condition. He has already undergone multiple surgeries in hopes of having him fitted with prosthetic limbs.

On Saturday, police arrested the boat’s driver, 43-year-old Jason Bernal, and charged him with criminal negligent homicide. He’s looking at a max of two years in jail if convicted but police say more charges may be pending.

The victim’s family has created a GoFundMe page to help with Kaitlyn’s funeral and her father’s medical. According to family, Pat was in the process of changing jobs and does not have medical insurance.

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  • WTF. What was that dumbass thinking? He couldn’t see kids swimming or what?

  • truthguy

    use to live near here. i’m sure there was a lot of bud lite involved…..

  • Stormclouds

    He needs to face a fuckton more than two years. -_-

  • McDanel_1771

    What a horror.

  • Inferus

    Bud Lite. This ain’t Austin. Old Milwaukee for the fail.

  • Inferus

    He should get manslaughter, negligence, and likely DUI. Minimum of 10-20

  • Just read where a local funeral home will cover the expenses for this childs funeral.

  • That the saddest shit I have read in awhile. I don’t even want yo try to imagine what that was like.

  • Her poor family. I couldn’t imagine the trauma of witnessing that.

  • Damn….I saw a headline about this and didn’t think much of it at the time. The headline simply read “Father and daughter hospitalized after boating accident.” I figured everyone would be leaving the hospital in a day or so. Well, I guess the girl did.

  • Christy

    Heinous. On the lake, alcohol was involved. This nearly happened several years ago on a sand island near me, someone was drinking and started up a boat that was parked halfway on the beach. WTF, people freaked out as the water was full of people behind it. We were close by.

    Poor sweet baby and poor Dad. Off to look for go fund me page…

  • Maximum 2 years? OMG!!!

  • Because it was an accident. He didn’t intend to kill or hurt anyone. He was in the wrong, but i don’t think he intended to hurt anyone. That’s the reason behind those charges

  • This is so damn sad

  • I know, it’s disgusting isn’t it ????

  • IronWoobie

    Bernal needs more than a possibility of two years in prison. A little girl is dead and her father lost his legs because that damned moron backed up his boat into a swimming area, no doubt drunk.

  • I didn’t even know houseboats could go in shallow water

  • LucyJane

    Oh shit – Dad has no insurance?? They just lost their baby, he lost his legs, and they will now lose everything they own, their home, their retirement… I usually avoid political discussions on the Demon, but damn, the US is a fucked up country when it comes to insurance and medical care. This right here is why we NEED Single Payer. Shit happens, people change jobs, and there is often a break in insurance. Horrible accidents happen often through no fault of the person injured. NO ONE should have to lose everything they have on top of a horrible tragedy, especially when they were not the slightest bit at fault.

  • pmo100

    I just get heart-sick when I see stuff like this. That little girl…, and that poor guy, has to live with that for the rest of his life. but I’m sure he’ll never regret the valiant attempt he made to save his little girl…

  • Mazikeen666

    Omg, wtf,my Condolences to fam n Friends ????, 2yrs give him more poor fam it breaks my heart wat they goin through

  • scotsims

    Isn’t this similar to speeding in a school zone and hitting a child? That’s no accident, and backing into a swimming area is not an accident either.

  • jansav

    Geezus that is too messed up. Poor baby girl. Poor dad. It’s saddest thing I’ve heard, how is he ever going to find any peace. How will he ever be able to get that image out of his head? My heart is just broken for him and the rest of the family.

  • taffy550

    Sorry, not sorry. The USA is not fucked up. What is fucked up is people expecting hand outs from other people. If you decide to have children, pay for them. It is your responsibly, not mine or any other tax payer. Get private health insurance for yourself and your children. My husband lost all of his healthcare and his doctors when Obamafucktard care came into effect. Our insurance carrier dropped him with out notice. We were paying $800 a month. We could not get insurance for five months because of preexisting issues. We now pay $1900 a month. Accidents and death happen, yeah thats why we get insurance. Take responsibly for your own children, I don’t want to. I also don’t want pay for your abortions or your birth control. Rant over. I’m done. 🙂

  • PurpleAnn

    Doesn’t look very remorseful, does he? His buzz probably hasn’t worn off yet.

  • LucyJane

    You are exactly who Single Payer would benefit. Do you not realize that Single Payer would dramatically lower your costs, and keep you from ever being dropped without notice? Do you have any idea how it works? How insurance works? Or are you so busy “stiggin it” that you are willing to keep cutting off your nose to spite your face, rather than make sure that those other children can see a doctor when they need to?

  • Nathan Stegner

    Great job you piece of shit scumbag loser!! Put him feet first through a woodchipper!

  • Sejanus

    Take his legs and give them to the father

  • BG

    Where do you get that these people are automatically going to lose everything they own? Or is that just your assumption, stated as fact? Your first thought, to avoid making this political, was the right one.

  • Diva of Destruction

    Guessing there is another houseboat for sale in Texas now.

  • Taster’sChoice

    I’m guessing the boat owner was inebriated. Although I do wonder how a 4 year old was that far away from the father. Kudos to him for his effort, however unsuccessful.

  • Taster’sChoice

    That will pay dividends I’m sure.

  • GracieW

    I don’t want anyone to not be able to have healthcare…and I don’t want anyone to lose it all because of medical issues. I get that! I feel the same. But single payer is not the answer. I have family who live in countries with socialized medicine and its terrible. They still pay for it–in crazy high taxes that make daily life truly hard. But then you also have to wait months or years for basic procedures. I could tell you horror stories of family that almost lost their lives or use of their limbs because surgeons could not see them for 6 months or more. I don’t have the answers…but I know single payer aint it.

  • Taster’sChoice

    Meh – fuck that. Sounds good on paper – not sure as a practical matter that this would work as intended. Owebama care absolutely didn’t – remember that socialized nonsense that is going away soon hopefully? Socialized medicine hasn’t worked in the past what makes this any different?

    At the end of the day, I work, I pay for insurance for my family. Everyone else should too. If you can’t don’t, or don’t want to, that’s fine. But if you don’t have it and need it, and don’t have access to it, it isn’t anyone ELSE’s fault. And if you don’t have it, don’t go to a place where you can be killed or have your legs cut off. If that makes me an asshole for saying so, then so be it. I am tired of my money being subjected to the failed spending that has been the past 8 years under Owedumbo and his failed policies and executive privilege (orders).

  • Taster’sChoice

    Exactly. Socialized medicine is terrible everywhere it has been tried. Yet LooseyLoo’s would have you believe that this is the panacea. I don’t know that is true and I’m highly skeptical.

  • LA Woman

    It sounds like the fault of the place where the boat and a child were whether at the lake or whatever the case is there is obviously no zoning or any boundaries of any kind. Why would a boat be allowed to be that close to anyone much less than a 4 year old. If it all the sudden started backing up it should have had some kind of leeway to be able to backup not just to be all up on someone that close, ridiculous! I mean it must have happened so quick because I’m sure the guy didn’t want to crash his boat into anything much less than a little girl or anyone period so I’m sure he got to the wheel as fast as he could probably seconds. Again there’s apparently no zoning or separation between boats and people there of any kind for it to be able to just hit somebody like that that it’s not like she was swimming deep in the water she’s only four so she had to be at the edge of it ankle deep knee at most they should have a docking station away from people entering the water like most places do. They need to sue the shit out of that place as well and if privately owned arrest the lazy ass owner too. I feel bad for the dad and her family and if the guy who owned the boat was sober I feel bad for him to I’m positive he didn’t want ti kill a 4 year old and chop a mans legs off it’s just terrible for EVERYONE!

  • farmerjayne4013

    I don’t have any answers either, but the guy driving the boat (and his insurance company) should be the one worrying about the medical bills. Every cent should go to this family.

  • Jeania

    Tragic 🙁 That poor family 🙁

  • esmerald 2006

    Don’t blame the bud lite.

  • esmerald 2006

    The reason we’re not sure. It could have been that he is a dick head trying to get somewhere and people were on his way. Or he could’ve been drunk and he gave a fuck. Or just for revenge. Who knows.
    Maybe not even his own fucking self knows why.
    The only thing that we know for sure it’s the fact that a little girl is dead and the hero daddy lost his legs.
    Rip little one.

  • takurospirit

    Exactly. They need to sue his insurance company. Or rather him, but if he’s insured they’ll take care of it. To a point.

  • Let’s see if the original charges get upgraded to BUI….

  • TheOriginalUncleBrainfart

    I live in the area and the area where the child was is not a designated swimming area. In our local paper it said they were swimming back to shore from another boat when they got hit by the houseboat backing up . They said the boat guy yelled CLEAR and got no response and started backing up with limited view of the area. The father is at least half at fault for being in that no swimming area. There are plenty of proper swimming spots on that like, but most likely they wanted to be in a less crowded area.

  • Jaimesrobinson

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  • 3rdFloorMuppet
  • Matt Esquire

    Betting odds on houseboat driver being drunk at the time of this incident?