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LANCASTER, PA – Two children are in the hospital after a pit bull attacked them inside a minivan on a residential street.

A 5-year-old pit bull broke through a fence, got inside a minivan, and attacked a 2-year-old girl and a 5-year-old boy as they sat in their car seats.

A witness said he tried to help the mother get the dog off the children, but didn’t have much luck.

“We’re just pulling, and it’s raining, so it’s a slimy dog, pulling, we get it off once, and we’re yelling at the mom to get the kid and shut the door, it slipped away, and it pounced on the kid again,” witness Tom Grab said.

Another witness stated the dog was not attacking any of the adults who were trying to pull it off the children, and was only interested in attacking the kids.

“We fought the dog and it just was still attacking, and still attacking, and it wasn’t attacking the adults, it was attacking the babies,” Marsha Jones said.

The pit bull’s owner was able to secure the dog, allowing the woman to drive away with her children. She drove straight to Lancaster General Hospital. The kids were eventually transported to Hershey Medical Center where they are in serious but stable condition.

No word on the extent of the children’s injuries, but according to Grab, the boy got pretty messed up.

“I mean he didn’t really have a face when he got up,” he said. “It was gone.”

Police said no charges have been filed at this time and that the owner of the dog is cooperating with the investigation. The dog has been quarantined.

Woman Accused Of Pouring Boiling Water On Mom, Stabbing Her To Death

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  • I honestly don’t think I’d own any type of dog after reading some of this shit. Makes me paranoid as hell. I’d kill the fucker.

  • And liberal idiots in 3, 2, 1,

  • dammitall23

    I’ve seen several news stories on this, and what’s nearly as horrifying as the mauling are the comments of those who want to fault everything and everybody but the dog. They’ve asked what the children did to the poor pittie to make it attack, they’ve damned the mother for the horrible crime of having her van door open, anyfuckingthing. Incredible.

  • scotsims

    Do you believe “liberal idiots will stand up for the dog to have a life?


  • Shocking???? poor kids ????

  • Poor children

  • This gosh darn nanny dogs.

  • Not even news anymore. PitBull maulings are a daily occurrence. But people will still defend the dog saying it’s the owners not the breed blah blah blah. Give me a fucking break . Owners are 100% responsible for what these dogs do to people and hopefully the owner will be going to jail and make other people think twice about owning a killer dog.

  • The neighbor they interviewed stated there are often unleashed dogs just wandering around? That’s ASKING for trouble and I’m saying that as an owner of an aggressive breed. I don’t care if it’s a yorkie or a rottweiler, your dog should not be left unattended and “at large” wandering around.

  • Secondly I’d really like to know more details here because something just isn’t adding up about the start of the attack. The dog smashed through a fence and… and what? “Got inside a mini van”. Was the van moving and it leapt through the window? Was the van parked? Door open? Were they insulting the dog? Was the fence made of tissue paper? Hope that kid recovers asap, this is just strange to me.

  • The owner must be charged it is irresposible owners who cause this kind of problems

  • I was thinking the same!

  • LucyJane

    And once again, if that dog has ever been the slightest bit aggressive in the past, that owner needs to be criminally and financially responsible for this. Sell the damned owner’s home and everything he owns to pay for the medical care, dock any future earnings, and charge them criminally, if that dog has ever been aggressive and they kept it. Enough is a damned enough.

  • LucyJane

    People suck.

  • Nedly Mandingo IV

    I’m as liberal as they come and I would have no problem beating the shit out of that fucking animal if it came to that thing attacking some defenseless babies. Fuck that dog and fuck that piece of shit owner for not properly securing a dangerous animal like that.

  • Nedly Mandingo IV

    I don’t think a dog wakes up and suddenly decides to try to eat two children in a car. That dog obviously has some behavioral issues. That cunt owner needs to start selling all their shit to pay for those medical bills. I would sue the shit out of him and personally request to shoot that animal myself.

  • Jail the owners. Kill the dog.

  • God damn land sharks.

  • 937+ cities in America, all military bases, and most countries all together, have banned this breed

  • A pit (many misnomers on here for actual breed) can break through a wooden fence. In my mind’s eye, I see a woman loading or unloading a minivan…and the kids are strapped in and BAM all hell breaks loose….

  • The dog ripped out of a fenced back yard. He destroyed the fence his owners put up. I suggest you read the article before commenting. Let’s stop putting 100% of the blame on the owners and accept that some dogs are just dangerous assholes.

  • Why jail the owners??? The dog was in a properly fenced in yard and literally destroyed the fence. Let’s stop putting the blame on owners when it isn’t due, and just accept that some dogs are fucking assholes

  • I’m not saying it’s not the breed, but this dog was in a properly fenced in yard and destroyed the fence to get out. For all we know, this was a dog being rehabilitated by a trained foster family. Some dogs are just fucking assholes.

  • Jay Jacobsen You have ZERO understanding of liability.

  • Why should the owner be jailed if the dog was being properly restrained? So far, there isn’t any information saying that the owner let the dog run loose or that the fence had any known weaknesses that the owner knew about and didn’t take care of. By all the accounts I could find, the dog burst through the fence to attack these children. The dog needs to be put down, yes, but unless the owner was negligent in some way there is no legal or logical reason for them to be jailed.

  • These owners did everything in their power to restrain the dog to the back yard. For all we know, the dog was being rehabilitated by a trained foster family but was too out of control.

    I hate pit bulls. My little dog and I were attacked by one and she’s never been the same since. But when an owner takes steps to actually address the issue, and does everything within the law to keep the animal and others safe, how can we blame them??? It’s not up to you or the law to destroy the animal until it has committed an offense

  • I’ll say it’s the breed. These have been selectively bread to be aggressive by trash owners. The breed needs to be domesticated.

  • Lance, I would argue that Jay has a better understanding than you do. Unless it can be proven that the owner was negligent in some way (ie: a known hole in the fence that was not repaired) the owner is not legally liable. The owner is responsible for the actions of their dog only if they do not take reasonable measures to prevent injuries to others. Containing your dog, such as in your fenced in yard, is a reasonable measure that protects the owner from liability.

  • Doesn’t seem strange to me. The kids were strapped in their seat. I’d imagine the door was open. The pit broke through a gate. Not too complicated.

  • That’s kind of absurd. So no dog should be allowed in a yard? The pit tore through a friggin fence.

  • Brian C Rice as a responsible owner you should make sure your dog is properly secured inside of the fence, I do not think it applies to all dogs, just to those that are vicious

  • The dog WAS properly secured in a fence. It most certainly should apply to *any breed- not only for protection of others, but protection for the pet ????
    But you’re basically saying that every owner of a vicious breed that doesn’t construct a fence built with steel coated concrete should automatically face charges?

  • Geez.

  • Ed Hardt I think the boy without his face might agree.

  • Amy Conti. Yes!

  • Amy Conti Just like you should keep your fire breathing dragons locked up behind steel and mesh. Stupid.

  • Thats a good one.. I call them baby shredders..

  • No need for name calling she was just stating her opinion,

  • Hahaha nice

  • Flik Rust

    the dog has been quarantined? I would rather of read, the dog has been put to sleep.

  • Whaaaat?

  • If you choose to own one of these dogs then you assume 100% responsibility for their actions. And yes if YOUR dog breaks through a fence and eats a kid’s face off you should go to jail. No one is putting a gun to your head to own a killer dog. You know damm well what these dogs are capable of.

  • William Dean Luke

    FUCK Quarantining that mutt! KILL IT! It attacked children UNPROVOKED and KEPT ATTACKING ONLY THE CHILDREN. FUCK that dog! Kill it. Put a fucking bullet in it’s head and be done with it. Bury the fucking thing upside down for all I care, but fucking kill it and be done with it. Fuck anyone who disagrees, because if it was YOUR kid being attacked, you’d want that motherfucker dead, too!

  • William Dean Luke

    Do you even know what the fuck a “Liberal” is? I’ll wait while you dig up the definition on the interwebs…

  • Put that fucker down. it attacked children, unprovoked, and ONLY the children, not the motherfuckers trying to pull it off of the kids. It’s dangerous, and needs to be KILLED. I’m not sugar coating it. “Putting it down” is too GOOD a term for this fuckin’ animal, and it’s owners need to get their stupid asses beat for violating leash laws. They also should have to pay the children’s hospital bills on TOP of losing their fucking mongrel!

  • not just’s fucking ILLEGAL to let your dogs wander around. Don’t people fucking know this already?

  • I once gave a dog, a rescue, to a friend. He had to give the dog back because the dog was overly protective of their infant child. The dog, a shepherd mix, wouldn’t let visitors he didn’t know near the child.

    Once the child fell and was crying. The dog was so concerned he ran outside and kept everyone away until the Dad (my friend) assured him it was ok.

    I have four dogs. The largest loves children.

  • yep. I own a pit-type of dog and through hundreds of hours of training, years of it, I’m comfortable handling him but not every owner invests that kind of time and effort into their animal.

    have a friend with a pit-type dog who does have an aggression issue. it means not being able to drink, not leaving the dog with anyone, not letting it outside by itself, making all kinds of conscientious decisions that change how to live inlife in order to be responsible/accountable for this dog. if that is not a decision an owner is willing to make (hundreds of hours of training AND/OR a series of life-changing decisions that might be inconvenient or difficult) then maybe get you a cat instead, or at least a dog without “gameness” and terrier tendencies that for all we know has a poor background of breeding.

  • Eric Socha I believe if the dog was able to get through the fence via negligence (ie the owner knew the fence was broken and chose not to repair it, or someone had left a gate open so they could carry in groceries) then there’s a case there, but the dog breaking through a fence like the kool-aid man is a terrible, unfortunate accident that does not a jailable offense make. I guess we are all assuming it’s a wooden fence and not a chain link fence the dog had been digging under.

  • Delaney3030

    Lol, so easy to troll the troop.
    I’m liberal, too, I guess. I like you, King asshole.

  • Jake88

    No, but a Liberal idiot did just come and share a feel good story about a rescue dog being soooooooo protective of a child. Dogs are extremely protective of their food too, so I find his story concerning.

    The story is about a dog chewing off a kids face, yet a Liberal idiot comes on here to tell us a story about a dog that loves kids. Why? Because he is a Liberal idiot, plain and simple.

    Oh, and Bill? I’m glad your largest of 4 dogs loves children… But what about your other three? Those odds aren’t very appealing. Now you can start backpedaling telling me how they’re all great with children even though you only chose to single out one…

  • farmerjayne4013

    Perhaps they shouldn’t be trying to rehab aggressive dogs. We don’t know if that was the case here, but some dogs should be put down.

  • The owner should be flogged against a tree then sent to maximum buttfuck he’ll for a 10 yr min sentence. The fucking wild west needs to come back in this politically correct bastage! The dog euthanized.

  • farmerjayne4013

    I agree, and also believe that the dog owners should pay the victims’ medical expenses. There is enough evidence now to show that pit-type dogs are likely to attack (they’re the most likely to attack off property) and to cause grievous injury or death when they do attack. The owners need to be held responsible for the damage their dog does. They’re just kidding themselves thinking that “their” pit would never do that. They’re playing Russian Roulette with their own lives as well as that of any living creature around them. Knowing that there will be consequences might make some of these idiots think twice about owning a dog bred specifically to attack and kill.

  • Jake88

    I think he meant a Liberal in today’s society, which is somebody that is incredibly sensitive, and uses nothing but their feelings to form arguments- often at the expense of all logic present. This usually leads to them being incredibly hypocritical without realizing it.

    That said, an actual Liberal believes only in equality, regardless of their own personal feelings and agendas. Few true Liberals exist in today’s society, and the ones that do? Won’t dare identify as being a Liberal.

  • ????????behave no name calling (if they only knew you ) stupid was actually a nice word

  • Sara

    I agree. That dog isn’t safe to have around. It sounds like it went after those two babies like it was on a mission. It sounds like a dog straight out of hell. I’m sure that for those kids and their mom, it was.

  • Kill them all.

  • Golf Pro

    Where is the fucking twit who always says it is the owner and the pitbull just needed some love. These are dangerous breeds, who are more likely to be fine one minute and attack the next. This is another example of this breed attacking another human being, not another dog.

  • Sara

    You know what? They should take this demon dog and put it in a room with the guy from the next article. Eh, scrap that idea. They’d probably decide to team up. “You like kids, too? I like kids! They taste like kibble!” Ugh. It’s like the origin story for the most disgusting super villain duo.

  • I don’t have to look it up, the definition of a liberal, is an annoying cut that wants to ban everything that scares them.

  • Omg

  • NANNY just doing NANNY stuff lol.

  • Inferus

    Something tells me jail time needs to start being extended to these owners. Seriously.

  • I own a pitbull and I don’t even know what to say about this story. It’s horrifying. The dog needs to be destroyed.

  • Ed Hardt, I agree. It’s sad to say but I think the game breeders might have the safest dogs at this point. They are at least smart enough to cull animals that show human aggression.

  • Ca Wells

    Kind of like Mexicans and Muslims. 🙂

  • Ca Wells

    I’m a liberal and I dare. Heck, I double dog dare 🙂

  • Jake88

    Or offends them. Don’t leave that out! It’s an important one!

    Actually just change it entirely. They’d never admit it to us anyway, but if an African-American teen scared them? Banned? Nope. They’d invite him over for a sleepover the following Friday… Just so they can tell everyone they have a black friend!

  • Jake88

    This is confusing. I don’t know how to approach this. I’ll approach with caution:

    I didn’t say there isn’t anyone proud to identify as a Liberal… Just that they aren’t Liberals at heart.

    Are you a fascist, or a Liberal? Wait, thats not helping.

    Did you vote for Kennedy!!!!!!!?????

  • They will get sued and lose.

  • Well, when you’re stupid enough to own a dog bred for sport fighting… and stupid enough to defend them regardless of the daily killings…

  • The really fucked up thing…. the dogs are still in the owners home. Local news reports they will be euthanized after a quarantine period. WTF!? Why wait?

  • jansav

    Poor babies.

  • Aside from this horrible story, I find it comical that you always post cute puppy photos to go with them. For me the correlation is hysterical, because these Pit owners are always like “not my baby” and “X wouldn’t hurt a fly” right before their dog mauls someone.

  • Exactly. It went directly for the weakest and most vulnerable prey it saw. God damn evil monster literally ate the boys face off. Pretty bad when a dog that’s supposed to be a pet behaves worse than a wild animal.

  • But, William, laws are for OTHER people, doncha know?

  • I know. But if only it had attacked its owner rather than innocent people, as it often happens. Poor kids had no choice about what kind of dog lived nearby and they paid the ultimate price. Need laws to protect kids from this crap. Like the neighbours wouldn’t be allowed to own a bear or cougar, yet they can own a dog that kills at a rate far higher than all large predators combined. Crazy.

  • Lance, for a civil case that would depend upon the laws in that state. In some states, you can do everything right and still lose your case and in others you have to prove negligence. The standards for civil cases are completely different than the standard for criminal ones.

    Could the owner do everything right and be jailed? No. Could the owner do everything right and be sued? Depending upon the state, yes. Hopefully they have insurance against this type of thing.

  • Off all the breeds available….

  • Ed Hardt i say,,,you are almost as smart as a brick !!!

  • I apologize for the posts earlier, my little nephew picked up my phone and was bringing it to me.

  • Ca Wells

    Only 57.

    Liberalism is a political philosophy or worldview founded on ideas of liberty and equality. Liberals espouse a wide array of views depending on their understanding of these principles, but generally they support ideas such as freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, free markets, civil rights, democratic societies, secular governments, gender equality, and international cooperation.

    How do you argue with that???

  • Maybe it was one of the vans that you push a button from the front seat to close the sliding door. What is so strange about it?

  • Have you ever loaded up a vehicle with kids before. let me explain – you open a door and you put the child inside. Then you go to other side open the door and put a child inside. Then you strap them both in or check the straps. This all requires the door to be open.

    You can’t really put kids in without opening the door. If you have multiple kids to you might have all the doors open while you place them safely inside and strap them in.

  • It’s like you people think the mother did something wrong just by having a van on a city street.

  • Spay/neuter… Stop breeding!

  • Off you

  • The owner voluntarily surrendered the dog to be euthanized per a news story I read earlier today.

  • I do too and I agree completely about destroying the dog involved

  • spiritofwicca

    Pit bull apologists suck. They couldn’t care less how many adults, children or family pets are maimed and slaughtered by their demon hounds. You, your children and your pets are simply collateral damage as far as the pit bull apologists are concerned. They’ll blame anyone and everyone, even two toddlers strapped into their car seats who couldn’t have possibly have been bothering the dogs; anything to avoid placing the responsibility where it belongs; on a vicious and unstable type of dog and owners who simply couldn’t give a rat’s behind about the safety of innocent people or animals.

  • spiritofwicca

    One can only hope that animals who do this kind of thing will be put to sleep the first time it happens instead of rehoming them so they can attack again.

  • spiritofwicca

    If the dog was able to break through the fence, it was not adequately restrained.

  • patrickdh10

    I hope having that child maiming pit bull is everything the dumb f**k owner expected it to be.

  • spiritofwicca

    In all honesty, how many pit bull owners are willing and/or financially able to make this kind of an investment in their mauler? I think it’s safe to say that it’s an extremely small minority.

  • spiritofwicca

    Your dog, your responsibility, your liability.

  • No I don’t want to see pics showing your pit licking your baby. it doesn’t show how great they are. It just shows what a bad parent you are.

  • its called victim blaming. it’s hard to wrap your mind around the horror. all you need to know is, pit bull.

  • spiritofwicca

    Yes, it tore through the fence and made a bee line to that van to attack innocent children. Normal dogs simply don’t behave like that.

  • pit owners with common sense. I’m in shock!!

  • spiritofwicca

    If their dog mauls or kills an innocent person or family pet then yes, they should face charges.

  • Continental Baby Grinders.

  • omg as a mother of 4 kids and i have a 3 yo pitbull, um, no. wtf? put your dog in the yard, let him have his space and do your thing with the kids. i have a 15, 13, 8, and 5 yo and my purple nose (mom red nose, dad blue…so purple is what i call my bubba…fucking watch your dod as closely as you watch your kids or get a lil dog and watch them snap and bark away.

  • no sophie, owning a dog capable of breaking through a fence like a look aid man is their responsibility. I’m hope they go to jail. and are sued for millions.

  • Brandi Hodgson the problem is that these animals were bred for fighting. it’s literally hard-wired into them after hundreds of generations of in-breeding and making them mean so they’ll fight other dogs.

    The breed used to be docile as fuck, then owners began to breed only the meaner, more aggressive ones to breed more fighting dogs….and now we have morons letting their stupid mongrels off their leashes.

    I give no fucks, either. someone’s pet comes at me with intent to do me harm, I’m gonna break it’s fuckin’ jaw, then it’s owner’s jaw if it’s owner decides he/she wants to attack me for defending myself against a dangerous breed of dog that’s been known to latch on and not let go. I’m not above killing a mongrel to protect myself or my loved ones. If that makes me a bad person, so be it.

    But who’d be worse? Me for defending myself against a known aggressive canine with brute force, or the idiot who decided to get a PIT BULL for a pet?

    Answer is simple..the moron who owns the pit bull.

    Why? Because they know it’s a dangerous breed prone to attacking at random anyone it sees as a threat, and the moron decided it would be a good pet to have around people and small children.

    “It’s all about upbringing!!”…no, no it’s not. It used to be, but not anymore. Now it’s hard-wired, and you’d be a fool to buy or adopt an animal that you know has a history of unprovoked violence.

  • They look for signs of rabies first, that’s why.

  • I know why they quarantine, idk why they’re leaving the dogs in the home

  • truthguy

    whats this 7/0 this year for pitbulls

  • The dog is being euthanized after its quarantine is finished. 2 year was supposed to go home from the hospital yesterday. 5 year is still in ICU 🙁

  • Linda Mendoza

    I’m not sure if that’s such a good thing. That dog shouldn’t be aggressive/overly protective around anyone.

  • Honestly Sophie, if 99.9% of dogs break free from their owners/yards, they DO NOT EAT PEOPLE’S FACES; it’s the owner’s fault. My dog would never attack kids. And she is 1/2 Rottweiler. She was raised with love to be a part of our family, not as a sport fighter/attack dog. It’s the owner/handler’s fault 100%.

  • Oh look…..a killer pitbull

  • It’s all in how you raise them! ????????

  • Call me biased….but any breed can be vicious. I won’t go near my neighbors three jack russels as they have tried to bite me multiple times when I have been over visiting. Yet I’m sure they’re considered harmless. They’ve even tried biting my babies who whimpered and cowered away.

  • Delirious Devil

    You all have “liberal” confused with “special sneauflake” and those assh*les exist on both sides and make everyone look bad.

  • Valerie Foti

    Boom! lol Thank you for that.

  • Taster’sChoice

    Liberals appear all those things …..until you don’t agree with them. They preach tolerance yet exhibit little if any of it. At which time, oftentimes, the adversary is labeled: bigot, racist, republican, white, etc. Really with very little exception.

  • Taster’sChoice


  • Taster’sChoice

    Or a dog who doesn’t tend to have such violent tendencies. And you can spend all that time and training and still the dog attacks. I don’t think you can effectively remove all the fight from a dog bread to do so. But you’re right, if you’re going to take such a feat on, you better be on your A game. Too much to lose otherwise.

  • Taster’sChoice

    Nope, it really is more complicated than this.

  • Taster’sChoice

    Tricia is inviting trouble. Don’t be a DD statistic. We will show you NO mercy.

  • Ca Wells

    The only person I see labeling is non-liberals here…go figure 🙂
    I think you might see that intolerance from younger liberals. But kids gotta find their way … Us older ones LOVE freedom of speech.

    My theory is that we should shine big lights and give big stages to those that espouse those bigoted, racist theories. Give a man a shovel, if you know what I mean.

  • Ca Wells

    Teens in gangs scare me no matter what their color :).

    One on one any teen seems to be okay. Pull them together and its crown mentality.

  • takurospirit

    I’m also “liberal as shit” and I’ve kicked a dog that was attacking my dog when we went for a walk. I don’t even know what I’d do if things got as severe as this article. When it happened to me I just panicked.

    My daughter was attacked by a pit bull for absolutely no fucking reason when she was about 3 or 4. She was just riding her little bike down the sidewalk and this dog comes running out of the yard of this trashy house with a very overgrown lawn. It was like a field with 2 foot high grass. Latched onto her leg. She still has a scar. Luckily the kids in the house were able to get the dog off of her. The adults didn’t seem to give a shit. The “man” of the house went outside to see what was going on. Went “I’m not dealing with this shit” and just went back inside. They didn’t seem to actually have a door. There was no door and no screen. Just openness.

    Then this really methed out looking woman came out and apologized. I don’t know what happened to any of those people or the dog. The house is abandoned now.

    My kid is 8 now and still afraid of dogs. Even the annoying little yappy ones.

  • takurospirit

    I think this is true to a degree, but some people expect tolerance of truly abhorrent things. And that isn’t going to happen. For example I think banning gay marriage is a horrible denial of someone’s human rights and no one else’s religion should have any bearing on that. The religious person would then call me intolerant.

    And to just throw something in. Anyone notice the people with those “coexist” bumper stickers are some of the biggest ass-hole drivers? They seem to think coexist means let me do whatever the fuck I want.

  • So sad

  • Bob Saccamanno

    First thing you kill the dog then you shoot the owner.

  • There is a dog who rips fences apart on our street and is nuts

    Not pit bull

    Rottweiler .. things left in a yard to go nuts ..

  • This doesn’t even make sense … broke threw fence , broke into van ? Like to read whole story ..

  • William Dean Luke ok hero

  • Take a look at the owners that usually have the dogs that attack ..

  • Whatever

  • Amy Luongo really ? Shut up already

  • Jay Jacobsen no normal dog does this and is love to read more on the idiot owner whose prob not even socialized the dog . Makes zero sense . Owners an idiot guaranteed

  • scotsims

    Go offer yourself as food for the dog.

    We’d be rid of you and the dog would be fed.

  • Ashley Phebus on a mauling thread???

  • How does it not make sense? Do dogs not escape their yards in your reality? Must be nice to live there.

    And the mother was loading her children into her van, as is her right, when a dog jumped in the open door. That’s a thing dogs can do. They have legs and stuff.

  • Jamie Carter Park ok hero
    Then maybe write what happened dog ran into van not broke into a van

  • Jamie Carter Park as is her right .. omg

  • Jamie Carter Park ya Dogs escape hero and they don’t tear threw a fence to do it .. love to see the conditions the dog lived in . Owner is responsible and should be looked into

    that better for ya

  • Make up your mind. Is the owner responsible or the breed?

  • I don’t see the attraction to own these dogs and other high risk types. Lots of dogs bite, attack etc. These guys bite to kill and are indestructible and almost unstoppable. There are many other lower risk dog breeds that are better in a family or urban setting. It’s not just the owner. Every dog I’ve had is different, and raised the same. My opinion. Bring the hate.

  • No hate I own one . But she’s not locked in a yard . She many of these attacks and you look at the owners and the reasons they had them .. locked in yards , not socialized , packs..
    I don’t care who calls me names for owning one .

  • And no one should hate for a diff of opinion

  • Thanks man. I assume you rescued yours? There is definitely a need to save them.

  • Maura O’Donoghue-Wiull STFU “Maura”. Blocking haughty bitches is easy as shit. same something else irrelavant, bitch. Dare. you.

  • Jamie Carter Park are you kidding no one said that …

  • Careful some hillbilly just messaged me to call me names from here

  • Amy Luongo grow up not one person blamed her . The owner is to blame

  • Jeff Norum yup she is . We did a lot of training all the family

  • Amy Luongo ya because it an open forum

  • Yes Amy Luongo. It was stated that pitbulls are killer dogs…I was responding to that. Its terrible that anyone, especially children were hurt by an animal, but to lump them all together is ignorant. It’s no different than people that make stereotypical comments about another race. I’m sorry if you were offended by my response but my intent was to show that not ALL pitbulls are vicious and aggressive.

  • I’ve never been bit by a PitBull but I have been bit by a Chihuahua. He almost broke the skin. Does that make them more violent then a PitBull? A bite that doesn’t break the skin vs a bite that rips your face off. Hmmm.

  • Devonna

    Uh what do you want to happen for us to exterminate a whole breed of dogs you know when people don’t like animals I find them extremely shady also why the fuck are people talking about Liberals and shit when children were mauled that’s really awesome have some compassion it’s not ever the childs fault but I have to wonder about the owner why have a vicious dog for one any big dog can be vicious it’s just that pits are so strong but people made them that way and no they are not psychotic I mean there have to be warning signs and again it is the owners fault as in the law you are responsible for what your animal does no matter what

  • LynnKayee

    This was a lot funnier when I thought it said a pit bull was in a car seat. Damn you sentence structure dyslexia, damn you to hell.

  • LA Woman

    Uh well when people are liberals I find them extremely shady, hypocritical, annoying and just big ole cry babies!

  • LA Woman

    Get a real job loser look at you how old are you and this is your job? Do yourself a favor go to school and get a life your clearly not 16 which would be understanding to have this job but you? You should be ashamed of your self and how your life has turned out I bet people you grew up with talk so much shit about you and laugh their asses off at what a complete failure you ended up to be, People like you are the reason why so many foreigners come to America and are successful because they took the job your dumb ass gave them!!

  • Jake88

    Lol. You Liberals can’t even open your mouth without sticking your foot in it.

    Point Proven! You don’t have a problem with dogs eating people.

    Thank you, that’s kind of what everyone is getting on you guys for at the moment…

    You should feed yourself to a canibal. I’d be rid of you, and the rest of us would all have a good laugh.

  • scotsims

    Your comprehension is as high as your IQ.


  • Jake88

    My comprehension is high?

    Are you high? Did you just smoke one?

    You either comprehend something or you don’t. But yes, I have a comprehension of 170. Based on your reply? I think my comprehension was on point.

    I’m curious as to what I failed to comprehend?

  • Jake88

    Do you see what you just did though? You preached tolerance but mentioned your own intolerance to what YOU view as especially intolerant.

    That is something that is subjective. You can’t decide what forms of intolerance are okay, and what forms aren’t. That isn’t up to you to decide for everyone.

    Fwiw, I strongly believe in gay rights and marriage equality.

  • Jake88

    Here’s the perfect example:

    Liberals will attack Christians and Catholic groups for not tolerating gays, but then they’ll attack me for not tolerating Islamic Ideology BECAUSE they don’t tolerate gays(not the only reason, but one of the three big ones)… and throw em off rooftops in Islamic states.

    Now I attack Liberals because they don’t tolerate my views and attack me with names like racist, when I’m definitely not racist… intolerance of any kind is rarely good.

  • L. Burke Ivey

    Used to have a neighbor with a pit bull mix. She swore he was the sweetest, goofiest dog, and wrote off all his snarling, posturing, and threatening behavior as attempts to play. This dog terrified the neighborhood kids and at one point knocked her son to the ground and chewed his arm up enough to put him in the ER. Her response? “Well he (the son) knows better than to tease him (the dog) !”

    She kept her vicious baby chained to a tree in her yard (after he tore out the chain support from her porch, her mailbox, and her back steps).. that dog’s only thought was to break free and bite everything within reach.

  • john doe


  • farmerjayne4013

    Good Lord! Run on much? If you want people to listen, learn to use punctuation. Otherwise you’re just a babbling idiot.

  • farmerjayne4013

    This is one of the reasons why the owner of the pit should be held responsible even though he had his pit contained in a fence:

    Know your dog, what it’s bred for, and what it’s capable of doing.

  • PurpleAnn

    Yes, and yes!!

  • PurpleAnn

    I think Joe meant ‘OF all the breeds available’ (why would you choose a pit bull?).

  • scotsims

    You have an IQ of 170?

  • How sad is that

  • IronWoobie

    The dog needs to be euthanized.

    And out of curiosity, how in the hell did the dog get in the minivan?

  • Nanny dog to the herd, they kill wolves. They do well in their environment,

  • Jake88

    No. I was making up my comprehension score, just figured it should be higher than my I.Q.

  • scotsims

    I get it.

    You’re just plain nuts.

  • pmo100

    Shitbulls should be eradicated from the face of the earth. Why not, even if doing that saves just one child’s life, it’s worth it. Why have a potential time-bomb as a pet…I don’t get it.

  • Jake88

    And you’re just plain retarded.

  • scotsims

    Good boy. Go have your snackie now.

  • Jake88

    Okay so be a good soccer mom and make me one. Please. I’ll even say thank you when I’m finished like the good ole fucking boy I am.

  • Rae Lin

    ‘Liberal’ in the current political context is a misnomer. What you’re actually discussing is ‘Leftism’.

  • Edwin

  • scotsims

    Better before your edit: “like the good ole f*cking boy I am.”

    The last thing Jakey f*cked had a Fleshlight label on it.

  • I owned 4 pits and never had a problem with them it all in how people raise them

  • BG

    Weak… Scot, pathetically WEAK!

  • BG

    That’s funny, since he has a young son, and one on the way… Do you have ANY idea how pathetic you look? Probably not… you should go watch more CNN…

  • Diva of Destruction

    This wouldn’t have happened to me. Id have reached into my purse and put several round from my 40 into this hell hound. Feel sorry for the children.

  • GracieW

    I’ve never been bitten by a tiger either but I know they have the ability to rip my face off. Hundreds of wonderful dog breeds. But you fools insist on choosing the one that can rip the face off a child.

  • I have a 5 yr old pitty and a 2 yr old lab/pit mix. They were not raised around kids but when a friend of mine brings over her 4 yr old and her 7 yr old they attack them with kisses. Same went with another friend bringing over a 1 month old baby. My pitty girl would stand or lay down next to the baby and watch everything we did around her. Protecting her. Yup pits are such bad dogs.

  • truthguy

    u r g a y

  • LA Woman


  • Maura, 12 years of reading this site and I’ve seen everything from foster pit bulls in trained environments attack, redneck hillbilly owners, bleeding heart “save the pitty” owners, upper middle class suburban families who had the dog since birth and the pit bull showed no signs of aggression before the attack, and many others in every walk of life. So I’m not sure what specific type of owner you’re referring to, because DD regardless covers them all. Check again.

  • farmerjayne4013

    Here’s an article with more info:

    The boy was outside the van, standing next to his mom while she got his sister out of the car seat. Surprisingly decent article. Actually contains answers questions about what happened.

  • farmerjayne4013

    Wow. Keep fighting the good fight. However, once you start screaming people stop listening. Tone it down a bit and you could make a difference.

  • BG

    No, murder implies logical intent, which you cannot assign to an animal. These kids were KILLED by pitbulls. And blaming “Liberals and Satan”? That’s a touch crazy, and that’s coming from a die-hard Conservative….

  • scotsims

    Do you give all the personas you post under elaborate backstories? All these people are is a few electrons arranged on a screen. Pathetic is you trying to shame anyone over fictional people. #fakeBG

  • scotsims

    Gays are more likely to get thrown off a roof in America by a christian than by a muslim – who are more likely to be thrown off a roof by christians also than the other way around.
    The problem with terrorism in America are christians using their religion as a screen.

  • BG

    Bwaaaaa haaaaa haaaaaaa! Dude, delusional much? You can find all of the info I posted to you on these very DD pages. Such a sad, pathetic little asswipe aren’t you? You can’t take on Jake, and you so very clearly are nothing more than my floor mat… Go back to CNN and the Daily Show, they’ll tell you some more pretty little lies. #stunninglystupidscotsims

  • Jake88

    Lol. The fact you even know what a fleshlight is truly concerns me Scott! I had to google that one and I know everything!

  • Jake88

    And you must be a homophobe if you think that’s gonna bug me.

    Here I’ll bite.

    “I’m not gay! Your Dad’s gay and since it’s obbbbbvvvviously hereditary… You must be gay alllllllll because your Dad wasn’t a proud gay man like he should’ve been. I feel sorry for your mother!”

  • Jake88

    And I edited the “fucking” because I was going for the suthern good ole boy one I hear about all the time from whiny bitches like you.

  • scotsims

    Don’t have a hissy missy.

    If I’m so pathetic why are you Trolling me?

    The only thing you and Jake88 acccomplish is to take swipes at people online and tell them how “smart” you both are, and believe it makes you a man? You both show lack of comprehension and the maturity of a 13 tear old.

  • scotsims

    It’s apparent that you stopped learning in high school or started drinking at a young age and you are emotionally stunted. You’d benefit from getting pegged, it can be performed on you by a man or woman. You need it.

  • truthguy

    u r g a y

  • Owners of these dogs need to be responsible!!!!!

  • BG

    First of all, given my parts, I’m not trying to be a man. Secondly, I voiced an opinion on something you said and you attacked me. I’m not trolling you, you’re the one that keeps it going. Now, I’m going back to work, like a “13 tear old”, OK?

  • “Were they insulting the dog?” yeah that sounds like shes blaming the victims to me. Wtf can we say victim blaming???

  • scotsims

    Well that’s ok, you girls can buy a strap-on.

    Each and everyone of your replies have been attacks since you responded to my post.

    Go play the victim somewhere else Snowflake.

  • Deborah Lancaster

    That had to be the stupidest thing Ive ever read. I hope to fucking god you are a troll and that was bait.

  • Big Stan

    Because nobody fucks with the Jesus!

  • BG

    Bwaaa Haaaa Haaaaa!!! OK, except the only one whinging like a little cunt around here is you, Precious… If you’re feeling attacked, maybe it because you lack vital communication skills?

  • Jake88

    It’s apparent that you suck at trolling like your dad sucks on tranny dick.

  • Kat

    Yeah, but the difference is that if the three jack russels were pit bulls instead there wouldn’t have been multiple tries cos you and your babies would be missing limbs or faces or a heart beat after the first time.

  • Kat

    Containing your dog in a yard strong enough to CONTAIN them is a reasonable measure that protects the owner from liability. Clearly not the case here. How’s this supposed to work. “Oh geez, sorry your kids have no faces but the fence just couldn’t contain him. But since I kept a well known vicious breed in the yard I’m just not liable…. if it happens again now that I know then I’ll have to pay up to the next family”.

    It’s like when I read that another pit bull has killed or maimed and all the comments are about the dog having been so gentle in the past, no hint of aggression. Maybe that’s true but are people so stupid we can’t learn from history? The BREED has a history of aggression… we shouldn’t have to learn each time from individual animals!

  • Kat

    Hope it’s quarantined behind a stronger fricking fence then!

  • scotsims

    My father is in heaven with Jesus. Someplace you’ll never see.

  • scotsims

    So says the whiny Snowflake.

  • Jake88

    That’s a place ALL of us may never see, but I get your drift. You think I’m going to hell, don’t you?

  • Cardionema

    WTF is your problem? Who gives a fuck if the hell beast ran into the van or broke into the van? The piece of shit mutilated two children!! And yes, it is the mother’s right to load her children into a van on a public street without having them attacked by a vicious animal! Why the fuck are you picking on that statement? Stupid pitbull apologist bitch!

  • Cardionema

    Hope it rips your face off,

  • scotsims

    Just as the right, there is no one size fits all title for those on the left.

  • scotsims

    There are christian ministers who lobby for gays to be stripped of citizenship, deported, imprisoned and executed. Many of these people are in the inner circles and regular faces in DC”s lobbyist circuit.

    I am not a Troll, I know more about this because I’ve dealt with this question often and you assume a common fallacy is correct.

  • scotsims

    Another reasoned reply from the “little c*nt” with blood leaking out of her hole or whatever. Credit goes to President Trump for the delightful imagery he’s provided so many times on this subject.

  • scotsims

    All you achieved was white trash.

  • scotsims

    Actually no, it was lazy reply to a weak comment.

    There is no heaven or hell and a lot of people have f*cked up their lives believing in salvation and rebirth instead of living a good and honorable life.

  • Jake88

    And all you are is a sensitive bubble wrapped Liberal bitch. Let’s face it, you’re the only one with hurt feelings in this exchange.

    I don’t care about pit bulls, retards, immigrants, Minorities, Muslims, Gays, Trannies, or mentally ill people any more or less than I care about white people. That’s a real Liberal, but unfortunately I’d rather be called white trash than a Liberal in today’s society.

    If Liberals knew that 2+2 equals 4? There’d be no more Liberals.

  • Jake88

    You’re an idiot. A lot of Christians hate gay people, Catholics too for that matter. I don’t see them being thrown off roofs in America though.

    I don’t favor any religion, I’m an atheist. I just don’t have a problem acknowledging the massive threat Islam poses to the western world out of fear of being called a racist.

    If Christians and Catholics were killing Muslims here, then I’d be against bringing in Catholics and Christians to protect our Muslim population.

    I’m sorry you can’t think objectively therefore everyone that disagrees with you is “obviously” a racist in your mind. But on the flip side? because I use logic and reasoning objectively? Everyone that disagrees with me is an emotionally charged illogical idiot… in reality.

  • Jake88

    Many Imams are preaching about the annihilation of Jews worldwide. You defend this religion while attacking Christians and Catholics? Don’t think you’re an objective mind though. Jihad John was more objective than you.

  • Jake88

    Lol who said anything about gangs:)? I said an “African-American teen” and you immediately made the connection to gangs?

  • Jake88

    No, that snowflake term applies to the Liberal side that thinks they can save everyone.

    They think they can be advocates for Women, Gays AND Islam all at the same time. That’s a special kind of snowflake.

  • MissBrazilian ????

    Are you this worthless to start name calling others when the story don’t got shit to do with what your spewing about
    Pretty sure you’re mad old act accordingly

  • Big Stan

    Yep they are fucking awful. One day you will come out and the 1 month old will be completely gone except for the blood around your little darling pitty’s mouth.

  • Big Stan

    Sorry but I would have been in their beating that guy into the ground with a set of knuckle dusters for his lack of action. A skull fracture will teach anybody a lesson.

  • Big Stan

    Just the largest? what’s wrong with the other 3?

  • BG

    You’ve so lost it that you make no sense… But I’ll tell you “OK” if it’ll soothe the insane and wounded beast in your soul…

  • scotsims

    You include radical fringe elements in your comments. They are not representative of all of Islam.

    Do you also believe the mentally ill radical evangelical christians – amongst other groups – who want to entirely disenfranchise LGBTQ, make it legal to discriminate – which is happening as I speak – imprison, execute or deport LGBTQ are representative of all christians.

    American christians are responsible for 90 – 95% of all hate crimes committed.

    Where did I attack Catholics?

  • scotsims

    If you don’t stand for your beliefs and hide in a corner about people being mean to you, you deserve whatever outcome that occurs Snowflake.

    I know of no attacks against LGBTQ I’m America from Muslims. In America it’s christians who are responsible for hate crimes against LGBTQ – in fact christians are guilty of 90 – 95% of all hate crimes. If you can’t see that, well, who is the idiot?

    You have no connection to logic or reason anywhere but your mind.

  • Jake88

    I can see that you’re making up statistics. 90-95 percent of all hate crimes are committed by Christians?

    No attacks on the gay community? What do you call a Muslim shooting up a whole night club full of days? Just a bad day?

    I thought you were trolling me, now I just think you’re an idiot. Anyway, did you just happen to forget that massive terrorist attack on gays that you’d have had to be under a rock to missor could there be “other” attacks you’ve forgotten/been under a rock for?

  • Jake88

    No I believe in math Scott. There are over 2 billion Muslims in this world. If one in every thousand held radical beliefs? As in a MINISCULE 0.1 percent of the population? Equals TWO MILLION. You’re a dumb ass if you don’t see the threat.

    You have Europe’s mistakes to learn from… But you’d rather repeat them because you’re an idiot. The western world should not be taking in any Muslims at the moment. It is what it is. You choose to ignore the obvious.

    And lastly, when you spout numbers like 90-95 percent of hate crimes are committed by Catholics… You’re attacking them because we both know your numbers are horse shit.

  • Twisted1

    I find this amusing because both of you put people into boxes with labels. I lean more liberal but I own a gun, most pit bull owners I know are rednecks who are republicans. I am a Christian but my husband who leans more conservative but is not a republican either is more tolerant of other religions then Christians. He has little tolerance for organized religion as a whole mainly because it is another person out there telling him what he should think and feel trying to put him in a box. He fights for his country and your freedom so you all can say and do and argue over who is right and who is wrong. He would lay down his life so you all have the freedoms to worship who you want and the freedoms to disagree about it too. We both agree though that as Americans we need to try to listen more and yell less. Stop trying to prove your points and actually see where you have common ground before your anger and resentments tear our county apart.

  • Twisted1

    And abortions

  • Twisted1

    If the dog was being rehabbed and they knew he/she was agressive then a fence is not enough to restrain them. Now if he was chained up inside a kennel behind a fence then I might let the owner off. But obviously that is not the case.

  • scotsims


    You’ve proved you have no worth and won’t be missed since you’re gone.

    I insulted White Trash when I compared them to you. They have the advantage of not being educated. You’re just ignorant.

    Go have your Hissy somewhere else Missy.

  • scotsims

    Go have a man explain it to you. Your hormones must be raging.

  • scotsims

    Yes 90 – 95% of hate crimes are committed by christians. Do you believe Buddhists and Atheists do that stuff. Religious bigotry.

  • scotsims

    Actually you’re putting everyone on the left – or the preferable Progressive side to myself – into a small box. Those on the left are more varied than on the right. We’re like herding cats.

  • scotsims

    No you’re the Snowflake. If your masculinity weren’t so threatened you wouldn’t be here raging about people who have minds and use them.

  • scotsims

    There are actually 1.6 billion muslims on Earth. There are 2.3 billion christians on Earth.

    If I were inn the middle of an ISIS compound I’d be scared as sh*t.

    But in reality I’m surrounded by over 225 million christians and a good chunk of them would be happy if all gays were dead.

    You choose to ignore the obvious. I have been assaulted three times in my life. the bad one messed me up physically and mentally and cost well over $159.000. in today’s money.

    So yes I worry a bit about ISIS, I’m more worried when I see christians walking down the street with rocks in their hands.

    Nowhere in my post did I single out Catholics but instead included all christians, a number of which are radicalized homegrown terrorists. Who shoots a group of blacks at a prayer meeting? A christian.

    What’s horse sh*t? your posts.

  • BG

    You just lost this argument Dumpling. Anytime you have to resort to treating a woman like she is “less than” simply because your ego is wounded, you have lost any credibility you might have had. Nice self-sabotage Simpleton.

  • scotsims

    Sorry, you don’t have the standing to make decisions, especially after using the word “dumpling”, and calling me a Cunt. You’ve proved yourself the loser here with each and every comment as you’ve not shown that you are “more than”. There are losers in life, you’re one of them.

    Now go home and have mommy explain it to you Snowflake.


  • NoBS NoSpam

    I guess hunting feral dog packs is not an option for a self-made victim.
    The Church of Victimhood is a liberal only zealotry.

  • BG

    Keep telling your wounded man-ego that. It won’t make it true, but your feelz wlll feel all betterz… You’re not only a cunt dude, you’re a giant pussy too. Next, idiot? And honestly, the word ‘Dumpling” offends you? You better crawl into that prepper bunker of yours and settle in, because you’re WAY too emotional for this world…

  • scotsims

    you’re quite mistaken.

    You’re referring to the President of the United States. Donald is the ultimate whining SnowFlake. Nobody does like the Donald, and he brings it all on himself.


  • scotsims

    Jealous huh?

  • scotsims

    Please! You’re spraying blood all over the room, can’t you ram a cork – or better yet, a d*ldo into that pus filled thing you call your special flower. Bring some Glade also. Phew!

  • Nathan Lovell

    Will you PLEASE just shut up?!

  • BG

    Of what, your blatant stupidity? Nope! Next asinine comment?

  • BG

    Sad little man child… He has nothing intelligent to say so instead he has to go after a woman for being a woman. Keep it up, with each letter you type you expose more and more of who you REALLY are. Hate women much do you? What’s the matter, Mumma beat the snot out of you? Or did she just ignore you? My guess, she ignored you, can’t say I blame her much for that… And seriously? Special flower? Apparently you are WAY more of a girly-girl than I am… You read Danielle Steel a lot don’t you Puddin’?

  • scotsims

    Stop whining Snowflake.

  • scotsims

    Playing the woman card. Twice. Loser.

    On the rag? – all you can do is attack and name call. I’ve been attacked online by much better than you and come out just fine. You? Meh. Nothing.


  • Nathan Lovell

    I’m not whining, and I’m not a snowflake. Now buzz off!

  • scotsims

    Sensitive little SnowFlake.





  • Jake88

    Stop making him cry Scott! That’s really low of you.

  • BG

    Seriously Princess? On the rag? That’s all you have? Weak ass waste of space… Keep hatin me ’cause you clearly can’t be me… I came into this world with the parts you so desperately wish you had… It’s OK to transition these days though. You should! You’ll be so much happier. Probably nicer too! Go for it big guy, er, um girl?

  • scotsims

    I can’t help that it’s so easy at times. 😉

  • scotsims

    The parts you came in with were malformed – flippers for arms, etc – and sat in the sun too long. It’s true what they say about bad fish.


  • BG

    Jesus, that’s the best you’ve got? You’re too pathetic to even be considered weak at this point. You’re just floundering, flopping around trying to make shit stick that just won’t. You see, the rest of us have grown beyond these 7th grade attempted insults and well, by you “going your own way” you have clearly chosen to remain stuck there in 7th grade. Holy shit dude, no wonder you can’t get laid…

  • Nathan Lovell

    Are you two about finished?

  • scotsims

    Why would I use the best I got on a subpar nobody as you?

    Every single comment you’ve made has been an ad hominem attack, stop playing victim.

  • BG

    Probably not. You don’t have to read it Nathan. We’ve had this discussion before. There is no one holding a gun to your head forcing you to read these posts…

  • BG

    Bwaaaa Haaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaa! Ad hominem attacks on you? That’s RICH! I disagreed with you and then you started in with the attacks. My original disagreement with you was just that. A disagreement. You couldn’t handle it and started openly attacking me, because you’re a big whingey pussy that can’t handle being bested. Scotty, you suck. As a human, as a person and most DEFINITELY as a supposed man…

  • scotsims

    From your first post: Do you have ANY idea of how pathetic you look?

    I look pretty good as your Butt-Buddy’s comments were all deleted.

    The attitude displayed in your posts are probably part of the reason people can’t stand you and won’t come close to you. Your only friends? Two pit bulls who are waiting for you to die so they can eat you.

    Regarding your comment? I give it a D- as it doesn’t say anything you haven’t already said.


  • BG

    As I said, I asked a QUESTION. It wasn’t an ad hominem attack. Don’t use the big words if you can’t do it properly, mmmkay? It’s not an attack to call a statement ridiculous. I didn’t malign your CHARACTER, which is REQUIRED for an ad hominem attack. Look it up. Secondly, you are the one that went to attacking personally. And you continue to do such as your suggestion just here that I have a “butt-buddy”. I don’t. That, in past vernacular, would suggest that I am a gay man. Since I’m female, and hetero, your attempted attack is, once again, a fail of epic proportions. And this whiney, crybaby shit about how people don’t like me? Coming from you, the proven interwebs gremlin, it’s about as effective as you running into a room and yelling “Caca!” and running out again. Something my nephew did a lot of at the age of 2-3… it’s amusing in a pathetic, desperate way. That’s all. Cool story on the two pitties waiting for me to die so they can eat me, but my two pitties crossed the rainbow bridge over a decade ago, so, once again, you’re wrong. But I did have to put a pet down after 17.5 years on Monday night. I guess if that makes you happy, if that’s the kind of asshole you want to be. You can have it. Her name was Joie… dig in gremlin, dig in. Try to make it hurt, You won’t be able to, but give it your best, so that EVERYONE can see what a weak, pathetic loser you truly are and always will be…

  • scotsims

    You’re completely ignorant of the fact that many women engage in anal sex as women have orgasms 90-95% of the times they engage in it. More women in America engage in anal sex every night of the year than there are gays in the US. Then there’s people who can sit all day with their thumb up their ass. Neither implies that you’re a gay man. There are other descriptions but need I go on?

    Sorry your dog died.

    Your dog is happy he/she is free.

    Nothing hurtful there.

    Your comments on ad hominem attacks and other commentary? Come back as an adult.

    Nothing hurtful there, either.

  • BG

    Sure Scot, keep deluding yourself that ANYONE out there took your digs as informative asides on anal sex in America. In 46 years I have NEVER heard male-female anal sex described as two “butt-buddies”. Ain’t anyone buying your bullshit dude. You should just stop. Seriously. You’ve been bested. You can’t recover. Just stop. Joie was a cat, and she isn’t feeling anything at all anymore. She’s dead. The dead don’t feel. But I appreciate the stab at decency you had going on there.

  • scotsims

    “the digs” on anal sex are true, if you’ve been practicing the act for years I’m not surprised you didn’t hear the phrase. You can learn that very easily if you know how to G O O G L E. Try it it’s not hard.

    I’ve been bested, “Snowflake”?


    Go away.

  • BG

    First of all, “ciao” means hello, Google it. “Addio” is goodbye.

    And asshat, the phrase exists for male-to-male sexual relations; “It’s slang, but I would say the most natural interpretation is “gay lovers”.” Again, you lose. Aren’t you getting tired of being an screeching, flaming failure yet?

    Totsiens Sneauflayke

  • scotsims

    Firstly: Ciao means Hello!

    Secondly: Ciao means Goodbye!

    Thirdly: You are an idiot. Call my grandmother liar? Call every major dictionary liars. Learn how to research, you’ve clearly shown yourself to be the utter loser.



    F*** O**

  • BG

    See, you took the bait. I can get you to do anything I want… You fuck off Tweedle Dumbass, you’re the one that can’t handle your shit. Someone disagreed with one of your stupid opinions and you can’t let it go. TEE HEE! Lick my bonch dude, it’s all you are good for anyway… Go ahead, say some more stupid shit, you will, you can’t help yourself. Because you are ruled by your ego and not LOGIC. Tool… 3,2,1… GO!

  • scotsims

    “I can get you to do anything I want”. Right. Loser.

    Is Donald Trump your role model? Is it the fact that someone’s better, or smarter than you that you go all psycho?

    I’ll leave you to yourself to play in your yeasty sour blood. Say hello to all your sistas in Cunt-land.


  • BG

    Aww, Diddums… is hims upseted nows? Bwaa haaa haaaaaa. It’s #totesadorbs that you think you are smarter or better than anyone. Goddamn dude, it hurts from laughing! You give one the mental image of a geeky as fuck keyboard nerdstack bleating about how Mumma told him he was better than everybody all the while beating his little scotsims in Mumma’s basement. In other words. You’re impotent, pathetic and your IQ is double digits at best. But keep it up fucker, you do amuse so…

    Totsiens asshat

  • scotsims

    Fuck off

  • BG

    Nah, just to piss you off, I think I’ll go ahead and Fuck On. Hmmm, do I hear the faint sounds of scotsims fapping one out? Why yes, yes I believe I do.

  • scotsims

    Fuck off.

  • Josh

    I don’t get some people, women are not hard to talk to.

  • BG

    Well that’s rather impotent of you. Still gonna Fuck On thanks. Fap it out scotsims, fap it out.

  • BG

    Exactly. And bringing things into the “conversation” that are beyond a woman’s control, and the SOLE reason to which this nitwit owes his existence is just pathetic. I mean really, does he think talking about periods is going to damage me? He’s a deranged gremiln. But it does entertain me to wipe the floor with him. 😉

  • scotsims

    Fuck off

  • BG

    Muah lovie! Kisses!