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DETROIT, MI – A 10-year-old girl is in very critical condition after having her arm severed during a pit bull attack, police said.

The incident happened Saturday when the dog managed to get out of a second-floor gated room and attack the girl as she was playing in the backyard.

The owner of the dog has had issues with the animal in the past, including attacking a DTE a year ago, so when strangers are around they secure the dog.

“But in this instance, the dog left the upstairs, came down, the gated door was ajar, the dog left and immediately began attacking this child,” Chief James Craig said.

The girl’s aunt tried to intervene but the dog turned on her and injured her leg. A neighbor ran over with a shovel and beat the dog with it until the shovel broke, but the dog would not let go of the girl’s arm.

Someone else came and tried getting the dog away from the girl with food, to no avail.

“It wasn’t even think about that food, because at this point, it smelled blood,” said neighbor Raphael Jackson said.

By time they were able to get the dog off of the little girl, her right arm had been severed and her foot had been partially severed.

Doctors were able to reattach the girl’s arm, and did not need to be amputate her foot. latest reports have doctors saying they are optimistic about her prognosis.

The dog was taken to the Detroit Animal Control & Care. No word on what will be done with it at this time, but Craig wants to know why it was in the house in the first place.

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“Why is this dog allowed to stay here when we already have a history of the dog being vicious?” Craig said.

No charged have been filed at this time, but police say it is too early in their investigation.

“There is a possibility of charges, but the investigation is still very fresh and fluid,” said Detroit police spokesperson Jennifer Moreno. “There have been quite a few attacks lately. Chief (James Craig) stated that it is an issue that needs to be addressed.”

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  • mean birch

    Fucking pitty.

  • jansav

    How terrible! Poor girl. The owners should be put down right along with the dog.

  • BG

    Owners should have gotten rid of/euthanized the dog after it went after the DTE worker. No second chances. With ANY dog.

  • truthguy

    Nanny dog 5/0 this year so far, remember folks it’s nurture not nature…..

  • Duane Aho

    pit bulls are like fire arms. treated properly , proper training and a responsible ownership and they can be little cuddle bunnies who would never attack. Add an irresponsible owner into that mix and people get hurt and sometimes even die. And in the end it is the unfortunate dog that doesn’t know better that pays the ultimate price. See what I mean about pit’s and guns? It is always the pit or the guns fault….even though both are very safe until they end up in the hands of a useless shitty irresponsible owner.

  • ^^^This^^^

  • dammitall23

    Most dogs that “get out” go around smelling things or go for a romp. This fucking thing goes straight to trying to kill a little kid.

  • But Fluffy wouldn’t hurt a fly!! I know, I know…. its not the breed…but we have a pack of feral chihuahuas in Maryvale, AZ and those little bastards aren’t ripping limbs from humans, though they try…

  • Nope, Didn’t really happen, because I have a cousin who has a pitbull and it never bit anyone ever..

    Ugh.. This should be an interesting thread to read later.

  • Feral chihuahuas.. LOL.. Don’t forget about the roving bands of feral gold retrievers wreaking havoc all across the US..

  • This dog should be put down. And I’m a huge pit bull advocate as I own one and have owned several other “violent” breeds. This is a very unfortunate thing to happen. But just please before condemning the breed condemn the owners of this pit bull and the dog itself…

  • And any of the medium to large size breeds could have done this same thing 99% of dog attacks are not the fault of the breed but of the ownership of the dog. Any dog can be a big harmless baby or a feral killer.

  • pit bulls would “never hurt anyone”, “is all bark”, etc till something like this happens. The joy of owning this breed should not be considered an argument for the damage they cause.

    Unlike a gun, dogs are unpredictable and not a great form of defence if that’s why ppl chose to own them.

  • “Chihuahuas are SO MUCH MORE VIOLENT!” Yes – but all it takes is ONE attack from a pitbull to die from it.

  • starry1

    Why take the dog to animal control? Send it straight to the ovens, ffs.

  • Blame the owners who selectively bread these to be aggressive. It would take several generations to undo that.

  • PurpleAnn

    I hope that little girl regains full use of the injured arm and foot. Awful!

  • I don’t buy that crap either. I’ve seen way too many articles where it showed the Pit Bull killed its owner and it wasn’t mistreated prior. I think they are beautiful dogs, but I would never own one, not in a million years.

  • ShelbySP

    Aww but pibbles are so gentle! #dontbullymybreed! /sarcasm

  • The nanny dog strikes again.

  • Oh bullshit! If this was your kid you’d be singing a different tune!! Pitbulls statistically are the dog that has the most attacks and deaths of any dog in the United States. They are a vicious breed, although I’m sure not every one is vicious, the Pitbull breed was bred to be aggressive and news flash….many of them are!!

  • Your obviously highly unintelligent. So arguing with someone of your level is very pointless. But me personally having seen more attacks from labs amd golden retrievers ill stick to my pit bull and American bulldog.

  • And if it was my kid I would have shot the dog on the spot like my cousin did with one of his labs when it bit someone. And then i would have gone out and bought another pitbull. Because I don’t judge a group by the actions of one.

  • Pit bull apologists remind me of Islam apologists. Pit bulls are the religion of peace!

  • Derick Gerald Rouer labs and goldens can’t rip your arm off or grab ahold of your neck and not leg go. I get that all dogs can be vicious and all can attack, even chihuahuas. One huge difference that all pit owners and advocates forget is how much damage the pit can do versus other dogs. Why risk it?

  • Yeah my 7 lb chihuahua but me once she was like 3. It stung for a sec. she didn’t rip off my fucking arm ????????

  • Yeah my 7 lb chihuahua but me once she was like 3. It stung for a sec. she didn’t rip off my fucking arm ????????

  • Lol so dumb….the put bull only has the 8th strongest bite. And no they don’t have locking jaws and yes a golden or a lab can rip an arm off or completely maim a face. So get the fuck out of here with your lack of knowledge

  • Did you know statistically your more likely to be killed by a black man than a white one? Doesn’t that sound terrible coming out of my mouth. Apply same logic to dogs you dumbass

  • LucyJane

    Chihuahuas are evil little shits. And if a chihuahua goes batshit psycho on you, you may end up with half a dozen stitches. And I’m pretty sure it will stop attacking you if you give it a good kick, never mind beat it with a shovel.

  • What if it is a black and white spotted pitbull?

  • The world will end.

  • LucyJane

    These owners should be charged with attempted manslaughter for keeping this dog that they knew was dangerous. It is pure luck (and an incredibly skilled medical staff) that this child did not die. And all owners who have kept an animal that has been previously antisocial should be held 100% criminally responsible for its actions.

  • If you’re dog is vicious and needs to be locked up when others are around it is not a pet and definitely should not be kept as one
    Yes DOGS are unpredictable but not in this case
    They knew it would attack and they chose to keep the vicious animal around

  • BB

    Big difference is anyone can get a pit bull. It doesn’t matter if they are responsible or not. Can anyone just go out and buy a gun? Sure, some do get guns illegally, but imagine how it would be if anyone could get one? AND there wasn’t an age limit? Or they didn’t have to be locked up?

  • I wish people minded their animals more. 🙁 I’ve seen people give their dog the benefit of a doubt and sure enough, it bit a person who was petting it. Some dogs just plain don’t like people. The owners should have known their dog better.

  • I have a chihuahua too, he can be savage

  • farmerjayne4013

    What the hell are you doing to your labs and Goldens that makes them attack so much?

  • ANOTHER one. Wow.

  • mean birch

    Well said, my friend.

  • Actually, chows are inherently more aggressive than pit bulls, but you combine that “8th” strongest bite with overpopulation and a lot of urban pit population and absolutely, it’s a bad mix. The pit bull is the one dog for which I’m an advocate of breed specific legislation because they languish in shelters, are often unadoptable, and those factors help make their “only 8th” strongest bite a weapon due to instability and overbreeding. At one point someone needs to be a true advocate of the breed and support the disposal of any pit in a shelter that exhibits aggression on a behavior test and mandatory sterilization for strays.

  • Old Man Metal

    “A neighbor ran over with a shovel and beat the dog with it until the shovel broke, but the dog would not let go of the girl’s arm.”

    I hear you’re supposed to check their oil to get ’em to let go. Reckon I’d have tried the shovel first too.

  • Taster’sChoice

    Says the pit-bull defender before it maims or kills their child. I don’t agree. I believe a Pit Bull can attack even if brought up in the best of conditions. Pits and Guns are apples and oranges.

  • Taster’sChoice

    Most large breed dogs don’t have a history of doing this quite to the extent Pits do. I have a 100 lb lab “puppy” who might lick you to death or sit on you, but that’s about it.

  • Taster’sChoice

    HAHAHA. Labs attacking people. GFY. That is nonsense.

  • Taster’sChoice


  • Taster’sChoice

    Something like this happens almost daily – monthly for sure. No shortage of Pit Bull attack stories on DD. Some here are in denial because they want to defend those POS’s. WTF ever.

  • lilloric

    you do realize you’re reply to your own comment and calling others dumb right? kind of an oxyMORON, yes?

  • Stating The Obvious

    I was bitten by a black lab and received 120 stitches, so yes labs attack.

  • Diva of Destruction

    Ah Detroit. When you want to visit a third world country without actually leaving the U.S.

  • Taster’sChoice

    Liar liar you ass is on fire. Stop taking it in the boo boo!

  • Sejanus

    It is so unusual to hear about a pit bull attacking…


  • Stating The Obvious

    From the bridge of my nose to the middle of the top of my head. She bit released and bit again. Not that I need to justify but I also have no reason to lie.

  • farmerjayne4013

    A gun needs someone to pull the trigger. A pit can go off for any reason at any time.

  • William Dean Luke

    Kill it like the fucking rest. Goddamned things never should have been bred in the first fuckin’ place. Man’s interference has made this animal a killer. Generational in-breeding has caused violent tendencies to be hard-wired into the animal, despite any decent upbringings by responsible owners. People claiming to be responsible owners are always saying how they could never believe it would happen…fucking idiots. Some breeds just aren’t meant to be.

  • Devon Pierce I own a UKC registered APBT and I completely agree with what you stated. They are grossly overpopulated and I constantly see people selling these “mutts” without proper vetting and behavior testing. People just breed unstable dogs and sell them off to the highest bidder to do whatever with. There are tons of sweet “pitbull” dogs out there but in the hands of someone who just wants a lawn ornament/fad it becomes dangerous.

  • Delirious Devil

    I love how Morbid uses such cute pictures of pit bulls on these kinds of articles. The contrast is amusing.

  • Delirious Devil

    Reminds me of the article on Dreamin Demon on the pit bulls who mauled to death the pregnant wife of a pit bull advocate, wife was an advocate too. I doubt they mistreated their pit bulls. He stopped saying it is the owner’s fault, but he still didn’t blame his dogs and didn’t want them put down. Dude, they ate your wife and unborn baby, seriously?

  • esmerald 2006

    I always talk about that incident. How could I forget they used to sleep with the dog in their bed.

  • dumwise

    Why would anyone want such an ugly fucking dog?

  • GracieW

    My gun never broke out of a closet and tore the arm off a child though…so…nope. Apple and oranges.

  • GracieW

    Yeah, our springer spaniel used to break out of our yard and run down the street to poop in a neighbor’s yard. That was the extent of her shenanigans. Never tore the appendages off a child.

  • xtina724

    Fucking moron. You, that is.

  • xtina724

    My kid was attacked by a Labrador retriever. In the meantime, my pit bulls have never even looked crosseyed at anyone. If my dogs go, yours have to also.

  • xtina724

    That dog was an unneutered male they had known for about 15 minutes.

  • xtina724

    Absolutely untrue. But don’t let facts get in your way.

  • mean birch

    Thank you, asshat

  • Deborah Lancaster

    Bullshit. Many of these dogs were treated like a normal pet and still went on to maul something. My gun doesnt have a mind of its own. It will never escape my home and murder the neighbors kids. Kissyface is a great example at how unpredictable this breed is.

  • BB

    Didn’t the husband bury the dog’s ashes with the wife and unborn baby? I think that’s the same incident (correct me if I’m wrong).

  • Kat

    Which bit is untrue? Guns are firing themselves now? Or are pits fitted with a control device stopping them moving unless you press a button? Otherwise the above statement is true.

  • Kat

    Yeah…. it’s kind of the actions of thousands of the fuckers that convinced me.

  • Big Stan

    Shit I grew up with labs and golden retrievers. I am so lucky to be alive I guess. There was that one time my old lab bit me but it was only because I was climbing over the back fence and he went into “protect the house mode” however he let me go about a second later and calmed his ass down. I didn’t need to shoot him or go evil dead on the fucker.

  • Big Stan

    I am not surprised you strike me as the type to rule your dogs with a so called “iron fist” so you more than likely deserved to have your skull cap peeled right back by that lab you prick. Either that or you need to stop molesting them because for some reason labs and retrievers go nuts around you but not other people.

  • Big Stan

    I condemn the owners and the dogs, you are all dickheads

  • Big Stan

    Guns don’t often decide “fuck my owner I am going to sneak out and kill some kids”..that is because guns don’t think or have any instincts etc. Pitbulls do and they seem to enjoy tearing limbs and flesh to pieces I see no comparison whatsoever.

  • Big Stan

    The lab probably smelled your hell demons off your kid and got scared.

  • Big Stan

    no it wasnt

  • xtina724

    Yes, it absolutely was. You’re wrong again. At least you’re consistent.

  • xtina724

    And that doesn’t make you sound insane at all. :::headpat:::

  • Big Stan

    perhaps an unneutered male but not one they had only known for 15 mins. I doubt it would have been sleeping in their bed had they only had it 15 minutes you fucking nonce.

  • Big Stan

    If your going to respond to every message can you let me know I have work to do. You must wake up every morning and just google “pitbull attack” so you have something to argue about all day. Your dogs are dangerous, there is nothing more to say 😉 other than thanks for the head pat.

  • Stating The Obvious

    I was bit once by a black lab when I was 5. Not sure where you are getting the rest of your information but I am a foster parent for all breeds of dogs and certified through the ASPCA.

  • CheckeredPresent

    he obviously didn’t get your play on words, as in ‘it’s a pity’…

  • CheckeredPresent

    Sucks that there is a story like this almost every day or else it wouldn’t be so easy to find, right? truth hurts

  • Big Stan

    It didn’t hurt me it sort of made my point actually.

  • captaingrumpy

    I knew a breeder of Pitbulls in the west. He could do anything with his dogs but he had to enter the yard through his house. If he went through the side gate his own dogs would sic him. The wife never went near them because they hated her.