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MEXICO – A 60-year-old farmer has died after getting into a fight with a pig and losing his testicles and a few fingers.

According to reports, Miguel Anaya Pablo returned home drunk last Friday night and got into a fight with a pig that was in his home.

The pig knocked Pablo to the ground before biting off three fingers of Pablo’s right hand. The pig wasn’t quite finished with the ass kicking, so it bit off Pablo’s penis.

Pablo’s neighbors would find him lying in a pool of his own blood and rush him to the hospital in the nearby town of Tuxtepec to treat his wounds.

Unfortunately, Pablo would die a couple of days later. According to the medical report, doctors were unable to control the bacterial infection caused by the pig bites.

An autopsy has been ordered to find out more about the exact cause of his death. I’m no doctor, but I’m going to guess it was having his dick bit off by a pig.

In all seriousness, pig bites can be brutal. Aside from the wound itself, the bites carry a high rate of infection that contain everything from Staphylococcus to Streptococcus.

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  • Alright, well that’s not a headline I was prepared for ????

  • Yikes!


    Guess he didn’t know Pig Latin for “don’t bite off my huevos…’

  • Poor pig was probably hungry

  • Old Man Metal

    “a pig that was in his home”

    Think I found the problem!

  • Jono Gould this happened to you with the reverse result

  • dammitall23

    Never bring your testicles to a pigfight.
    He’d have done better to lure it outside with something to eat besides balls. Bacon, maybe.

  • Well sausage is pork….So does that mean the pig classifies as a cannibal?

  • I have so many questions. Why was the pig inside his house? Was it a pet? Just a roommate? Why did they fight? Where is the pig now? Incarcerated? Will he receive the death penalty? What happened to the pecker after he bit it off? Did he eat it or spit it out??

  • well,never a good idea to fuck with a pig, especial when el drunko.

  • BG


  • dilldoeh

    Im glad everyone is able to find joy on dreamindemon. Some people come for the kid rape, some come for the pig attacks. The point is we all come.

  • I went from don’t build the wall, to build the wall, reading this story.

  • This guy’s stopped cumming, then he died.

  • dilldoeh

    If anything just to keep the scary penis pigs away.

  • jansav

    kinda makes you wonder what he was trying to do to that pig…..

  • Siobhaen Zgela Sio Slaughter

  • Was be trying to boink the poor pig?

  • Damn!!!

  • PurpleAnn


  • PurpleAnn

    Yes. I want to hear the pig’s side of the story. Maybe it was self-defense, or a lover’s quarrel that got out of hand.

  • PurpleAnn

    Morbid, that pig picture is terrifying! Reminds me of the Clive Barker story “Pig Blood Blues”.

  • Flik Rust

    so the pig just attacked him? orly? I’m thinking the pig had a headache.

  • I have a feeling this has happened more than once in Mexico

  • Mmm ????

  • He bit off a pig’s dick??? Do tell!

  • The Dreamin’ Demon what happens on the farm stays on the farm

  • LucyJane

    If they kill the pig, will they make him into delicious bacon? And if someone eats that delicious bacon, are they a cannibal once removed?

  • LucyJane

    I missed the “with” the first time I read your post. It still made sense.

  • peach69

    MeXico,woow ,pig fight….. no narcos,mayb it belongs to a narco,lol????????????

  • Inferus

    Haven’t we all had our cock swallowed by a pig at some point in our lives?

  • Inferus

    Wrong cock, piggy. Henhouse to the rear.

  • Inferus

    Wait, it wasn’t his wife?

  • Inferus

    No, the artery kept spurting for some time.

  • Inferus

    This would make an AWESOME horror flick!

  • Ann Stone

    Good! Too bad all abusive animal farmers can’t have whatever they love most bitten off then bleed to death. Alright!

  • Ann Stone

    No, but his abuser certainly was. Good riddance, mothafuckaaaa! 😀

  • I’d *WANT* die if my dick got bit off!

  • dying was a mercy. I would want to just be left to die too if a pig bit my wee wee off. Christ what an awful way to go.

  • if not for trump, el jefe would still be alive..

  • I bet that will teach him to marry a pig!

  • 062168 .

    boys that’s the lesson of rolling around with just any pig u never met before.

  • LynnKayee

    Something tells me he was trying to fuck it. It’s like Jesus said ::: “Let he amongst us who hasn’t bitten the dick off an old farmer — who decided tequila and Viagra wasn’t the ONLY cocktail planned — cast the first stone.”

  • Timothy Timbo Smith

  • So many unanswered questions!

  • Elizabeth McCarthy

    That’s so gross. I can’t imagine what that house looked like inside. If he was messing with the pig, he got what he deserved. That pic tho…

  • Jubilex

    You know it’s not the pig it’s how it was trained and raised….. nurture not nature and all that.

  • taffy550

    I am taking the pigs side this time, and not just cause I love bacon. No means no, damn it. Mmmm, glazed ham.

  • taffy550

    Just make sure you don’t put it some place unsafe, like in a pig.

  • Delaney3030

    It’s like an alligator bite, I guess. If you don’t die from being drowned by a gator and manage to get away the infection will kill you. They prefer rotten meat.
    I’ve done some hog farming lately. They pull their teeth in swine confinement facilities but they can still eat each other in a matter of hours when one dies.
    Swine confinement is creepy it’s like a hog prison that is waaaaayyy overcrowded.
    Pork is delicious but those nasty bastards prefer to eat their own shit over the corn and grain mixture. That’s why hog farming never involves shoveling shit.
    Welcome to Iowa!

  • Delaney3030

    Hogs are smart, too. At least as smart as dogs. I think they were smarter than my boss at the time. He didn’t know how to read words with more than four letters and had trouble with those.
    That Scumbag didn’t pay me my last 230 dollars he owed me either. I suppose it’s easy not to pay undocumented workers. I have no recourse. That’s not an easy 230 dollars either. Killing and hauling hogs that weigh roughly sixteen stone a quarter mile to the dead bin.
    It’s a greasy horror show. Feel me?

  • D S

    Oh, you!

  • D S

    You should teach journalism.

  • PurpleAnn

    Glazed ham, huh?

  • PurpleAnn

    I’m going to put that knowledge securely in a tiny little box and tuck it WAY down deep in the recesses of my brain, far away from the knowledge that bacon is super-delicious.


    bacon is murder….. tasty, tasty murder…

  • Diva of Destruction

    Swine gone wild. Porky exacted his revenge for years of abuse.

  • BG

    Wait, isn’t that just a whole new set of animal cruelty charges?

  • BG

    I’m sorry.

  • Sejanus

    Pigs fighting back after being deemed the most delicious filthy beast on the planet.

  • Flomox

    Moral of the story: You probably shouldn’t try to get a pig to suck your dick.

  • Josh

    Pigs like sausage.

  • esmerald 2006

    My guess it’s that while being drunk he though the pig was his wife and when he wanted some head he put his dick in the pig’s mouth and the pig eat his sausage.
    Wait shouldn’t that have been the other way around? I mean man eats pig sausage, not pig eat man’s sausage.
    I saw it coming.

  • I was raised around alot of pigs and it’s GOOD TO SEE WHEN THE ANIMALS GET EVEN!!!

  • dumwise

    Bullshit! This Beaner has been fucking the pig. The pig finally got fed up.

    such as … why was his dick out in the open for the pig to bite off, in the first place … ? on second thought .. maybe I don’t really want to know ..


    His right hand and his penis — are they sure the pig wasn’t defending its honor?

  • obidiah_slope

    Is the pig allright…?

  • captaingrumpy

    I am very surprized that the pig didn’t start eating him. They usually eat their kill which could be anything because pigs are bloody dangerous.

  • John Willis

    You beat me to it!!!

  • John Willis


  • John Willis

    Not so as I would admit it……

  • John Willis

    And you are a Pit Bull harborer,unless this is sarcasm,(and I sincerely hope it is)