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JACKSONVILLE, FL – A Florida man was killed last week after he got tangled up in the machinery of the street sweeper he was operating.

The accident happened early Saturday morning in a McDonald’s parking lot when 49-year-old Robert Shiver apparently tried getting something out from under his sweeper.

A couple at the shopping center said they heard Shiver screaming for help and found Shiver partially stuck inside the sweeper’s vacuum system.

There was nothing that could be done for Shiver at the point because, according to the report, he was already dead.

Police are trying to figure out exactly how the accident happened, and hope that nearby surveillance cameras may help.

“Businesses in the area have some surveillance,” Sgt. Mark Musser of the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office said, “We’ll be reviewing that to see exactly what occurred. No foul play, it just appears to be a terrible accident at this point.”

The company that owns the sweeper, Countryside Power Sweeping, has declined to comment on Shiver’s death.

A GoFundMe account has been created to help the family pay for Shiver’s funeral.

We will now add “getting sucked into a street sweeper” to our long list of workplace deaths that include getting ground into pellets by a recycling machine, drowning in vat of molasses, suffocating inside a cryochamber, being cooked inside an industrial tuna steamer, drowning in cow shitpinto beans or chocolate, being chewed up inside meat grinders, getting stuck inside industrial dryers, flattened by paper rolling machines, dying from exploding beer kegs, and multiple instances of being pulled into a wood chipper.

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  • Sejanus

    That sucks

  • dumwise

    How does this thing work? Anyone?

  • Florida Man on a clean sweep…

  • Scott

  • Jake88

    This reminds me of a twist on one of those old ColdPlay songs. About sweeping streets he used to own or roam, and then St Peter calling out names, right before being sucked under and ripped apart… Or something rather.

    Oh and keys. “One minute I held the keys… Then it ran over Meeeeee… I can hear St. Peter or church bells ringing,” I don’t fucking know which to be honest. I’m tone deaf, but do y’all know the song?

    It’s stuck in my head now, but all I can hear are bells ringing, I think I’m gonna go nuts.

  • jansav

    Sad. I feel bad for his family. May they find the strength to reach peace after this tragedy.

  • Jeania

    He really swept away the competition to get that Darwin Award >.>

  • 1DireWolf

    Why didn’t he turn it off before sticking his hand inside. Of course he had most likely done the same thing numerous times with no problems. Sooner or later your luck just runs out.

  • Old Man Metal

    Yep. Complacency will kill your ass.

  • BG

    Well that’s a sweeping blow…

  • BG

    Jake, Honey, just ask the MGC over on the forums, you’ve been declared nuts for a long, long time now darlin’… <3

  • Omg, my old man does this job

  • melb1970

    I thought the same thing… turn it off!

  • Jake88

    What’s the MGC?

    I’ve been off the grid. I look like I just woke up from a coma yo. I miss my support group here! Plus my two or three fans!


    I am nuts BG! Self declared! It’s not my fault that they’re so nuts that they don’t even fucking know it! That’s what makes me sane and them ACTUALLY crazy!

    Here’s some good news for y’all! I’m having another son! I’m due in August!

  • Jake88

    You reach in too far, and it gets a hold of your cuff link and just drags you in to the abyss right before turning you into liquified organs and unspeakable goop!

    Yes. I’m exactly like Michaelangelo, but I paint with words!

  • Diva of Destruction

    I’ve actually worked on these when I was in the service. That model looks like an Elgin not a Tymco. Basically there are round flat brushes the route the diet to the center and a large vacuum that picks it up. Also water jets to keep the dust down. The vacuum shouldn’t be strong enough to pull someone in, the brushes have hard plastic bristles and are hydraulic controlled. The only thing I can figure the brooms caught him and pulled him in between the equipment crushing him. That’s my guess hun.

  • Diva of Destruction

    I have had nightmares of this exact scenario except I was in a Carl’s Jr parking lot

  • BG

    Congrats Jake! Much love to you, the wife and #1 son. Two babies boys are always better than one. MGC is the Mean Girls Clique on the forums. 😉

  • Jake88

    AWWWWW mean girls? The mean girls here are like teletubbies. Baby Center bitches. Those are mean girls.

    The ones here are still working on their apprenticeship. 10 on 1 and they had to ban me for safe space?

    They shouldn’t ever be able to graduate from Resting Bitch Face University with that stain on their record.

    Thanks for the well wishes. I want to name him Bo but the wife hates it. Lil Bo Bo. I’m naming him Bo. Some people name children, I name rocks. Jax and Bo. Two boulders. I love it.

  • BG

    Maybe they should be the TMGC… Tryin’ to be Mean Girls Club? Because you’re right, the faceless keyboard warriors of the DD Forums that are completely unable to do even a moment’s worth of self-evaluation to discover that they are the real problem, aren’t really mean, they’re DESPERATE! But, hey, who effin cares? They lost, they’re losers and if they have created a safe-place on the forums for all their angsty, butt-hurt feels, let ’em have it. It means NOTHING in real life. The group think stupidity is kind of fun to watch though. And Jake, they were too stupid to get IN to Resting Bitch Face U. Having a face that is so bland that it isn’t worth the brain power to register it in you memory it is the whole problem to begin with for them! Resting Bitch Faces are at least memorable for the love of GAWD! Plus, Comey tanked, Sessions did beautifully… Who’s next on the list to attempt to prove that the lies of the MSM and the DNC have any merit? Are they going to call Putin to testify? Who out there thought that Russia WASN’T spying on us? I don’t see them wringing their hands over the untold number of elections the US has interfered in all over the globe… Double standards have a way of biting one in the ass over time. They’re asses must be almost as chewed up as their faces are. LOL!

    I actually really like Bo. But I would consider all possible references to Bo Jackson before you make it official. 🙂

  • Jake88

    I miss trolling them in politics. Those weren’t my funniest moments, but they were some of my favorite. I just keep seeing these terrorist attacks and every time I want come here and tell them what would prevent that from happening here.

    I’d rather be a wise racist than a dead dummy any day.

    Lol Bo Jackson is why I picked it. If my son wasn’t named Jax I’d probably name him Bojax lol.

    Maybe if I have a third I’ll call him Bojax. Poor kids. That’s why I come here, to remind myself that I’m not the worst Dad in the world!


  • BG

    Stop! You worship that boy and you will worship your new little as well. Despite what the bitter hags on the forums say, you’re a terrific father and that bar is a lot higher than you want to admit! 😉

  • Duane Aho

    Is that a Green Bay Packers jacket? I get it now , we were not exactly dealing with a member of MENSA here by any means.

  • ChaosKitty

    sounds the most logical

  • ChaosKitty

    Condolences to his family A moment of thinking you can do a quick fix and some nightmare like this happens, easy to do having worked around machinery before. Worse to think you end up in the news where morons try to make bad songs for worse jokes all to pull a notice me I’m so special moment. Dude in the back choir chirping for attention, don’t let anyone ever tell ya you are funny, intelligent or worth much notice and shame on anyone propping that coz their own beefs. I’m not part of any clique and I’m just fine here and pretty much everywhere else