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THORNTON, CO – Police have charged a 15-year-old boy with the murder of Kiaya Campbell, the missing 10-year-old found dead Thursday evening.

An Amber Alert was issued Thursday evening after Campbell did not return home with her 15-year-old stepbrother Wednesday night. The pair had walked to a nearby shopping center, but the boy said they became separated by a rainstorm.

Police and volunteers searched for the girl all day Thursday until her body was located in a grassy area near East 128th Ave and Jasmine Street.

“My neighbor came walking up with his phone, and I’m on my deck there. He’s like, ‘What’s your address?’ And he goes, ‘I found the 10-year-old girl,'” said a man who did not want to be identified.

Officials have not released a cause of Campbell’s death, aside from the coroner confirming her death was “other than accidental.”

On Saturday, police arrested a 15-year-old boy and charged him with first-degree murder. They have not confirmed if the suspect is Campbell’s stepbrother, the son of Campbell’s father’s girlfriend, but it is looking pretty obvious that’s exactly who it is.

Not only was he the last one to be seen with Campbell, neighbors have disputed there was any kind of rainstorm at the time the boy said there was. But who knows. Whoever was arrested, they are currently in the Adams County juvenile detention facility.

“It’s still ongoing, and there are still things to tie up at this time,” said Officer Victor Avila, Thornton Police Department spokesman. “That’s why we’re keeping it close to the vest — to make sure we get a successful prosecution at the end of this.”

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Investigators are asking anyone with further information regarding this case to call their tip line at 720-977-5069.

Described as “a beautiful soul,” Campbell had an active YouTube channel where she often posted about everything from her glasses to her homemade slime.

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  • Sejanus

    If a step brother did it, that raises some wholly unsettling questions.

  • Fuck. I hate being right all the time ????

  • 1DireWolf

    I wish we could learn the whole story, but I doubt we ever will. Poor girl, I feel for the family as well. This will most likely put an end to the father and his GF’s relationship in addition.

  • jansav

    So much violence. Poor little girl.

  • LA Woman

    Who was “like standing on the deck?” Unclear info.

  • LA Woman

    How is that a question?

  • if it’s the son of the girlfriend, then he’s not her step brother.

  • I really hope it wasn’t the stepbrother, but it definitely looks that way. I can never imagine wanting to hurt my sisters, it’d be unforgivable.

  • Diva of Destruction

    Was it the step brother or whatever? The magic 8 ball says ….all signs point to yes

  • Talkin

    Yeah, I couldn’t look at someone who produced the person capable of killing my child!

  • Colorado is a common law marriage state. If they’ve shacked up more than a year, they are in fact married.

  • Josh Vetrano this story is from your town right?

  • They have to share bank accounts, call each other husband and wife to 3rd parties, share a last name, they can still live together and be boyfriend and girlfriend.

  • Taster’sChoice

    Those aren’t question marks, they’re emojis that got lost in translation, likely from Farcebook.

  • Taster’sChoice

    ^^^^^ thanks my lucky stars daily I live in NC for this reason alone. NC is not common law and unless your name is on it, none of it is anyone else’s.

  • Ya man this happened no joke about 5 or 6 blocks from where we live. Crazy shit, this type of stuff is very rare here.

  • Joint bank accounts are just an extra form of proof

  • keepalow

    Just when the mom thought she had found the perfect person to keep her daughter entertained.

  • PurpleAnn

    I’d say the step-brother killed her to cover up a sexual assault.

  • Ann Roh

    This one hits too close to home, a she looks similar to my oldest and is the same age as my youngest. I made the mistake of checking out her youtube channel, and, even as jaded and cynical as I am, it made me cry. WTF….

  • Oh no you didn’t say it cause I was sure as heck thinking ‘yet another mother worried about herself & puts her child in the ground’.

  • keepalow

    No way would i let my age 10 child female or male go hanging out with a 15 year old.

  • Josh

    Easier for her to keep it a secret now.

  • Same her. Just another mother putting the child in harm’s way to Get That Man

  • McDanel_1771

    I thought that “separated in a rainstorm” was hinkey.

  • Josh

    She melted, he will be ok…..

  • taffy550

    Actually, it was the father’s girlfriend’s son. So it was the father that allowed her to go off with a 15 year old boy. Just saying…not that it matters, kid is still dead.

  • Josh

    Try selling this to the 15 year old boy.

  • PurpleAnn

    Yes. If he was being a good “older brother” he would not have allowed them to become separated. He would have been more protective/considerate.

  • Taster’sChoice

    *that* is a 15 year old boy pictured?

  • The boy’s name is Aiden Zellmer

  • Did you see his dad on the news when they went into the court room? Cray cray mo-fo!

  • Farcebook! Ha! Certainly less crass than my referring to it as Feltchbook.

  • LynnKayee

    Two can keep a secret if one of them is dead.


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