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DES MOINES, IA – A woman has been charged after she was caught on video jumping the counter at a McDonald’s to assault an employee over a McChicken sandwich.

The fracas happened Saturday night after 21-year-old Valerie Shepherd and her two male companions arrived at the restaurant and ordered McChicken sandwiches.

Not happy with the length of time it was taken to get their food, the trio begins arguing with the McDonald’s employees while a woman in the drive-through was recording.

At one point one of the employees hands Shepherd her order, only to have Shepherd throw it back in their face. When one of the employees tried calling 911, Shepherd jumps on the counter and knocks the phone out of her hand.

That’s when the wild swingin’ and hair pullin’ begins and, it seems to me, the McDonald’s employee was having no issues with Shepherd. Had it not been for Shepherd’s two male friends coming around to separate the women, I am pretty sure Shepherd would have gotten her ass thoroughly kicked.

Shepherd and her friends left the scene, but tips from the public help identify her. She was arrested on Tuesday and charged with assault causing injury and disorderly conduct. She was released from jail later that afternoon.

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  • the McChicken wasnt worth it.

  • Yeah she got her money’s worth… She was delivered an ass whooping!

  • she deserved every bit of that asskicking. i’m lovin’ it!

  • I hope they didn’t fire the employee for fighting back.

  • darsa

    … are McDonald’s mcchicken sandwiches THAT good?? O.o

  • McDonald’s employees are as unstable as post office workers, (maybe more so ), why would you pick a fight with one of them?


    yeah, okay .. I’m not getting my ass kicked, over fast food.

  • Sejanus

    For a McShitken?
    FFS Why????

  • jansav

    WTF is wrong with people?

  • jansav

    I upvote you 500 times for that comment.

  • Old Man Metal

    Man, what’s up with all the cheerleaders running amok lately?

  • IronWoobie

    Maybe the bitch should try working in food service and see how she likes it. She should have been grateful that she was getting fresh food. I know I would be.

  • Diva of Destruction

    I’m guessing alcohol was involved. I can understand taco bell at 3am but never the Mac Shack

  • dammitall23


  • DW

    There’s a lot of unsavory things I’d do for some McDonald’s fries, but a McChicken? Naw.

  • BJ Tween happy wed!

  • GGMon

    Maybe I’m a simple person, or too patient, or maybe it’s my sympathy for fast food workers, or simply because i don’t want them to shit on my food, but they deal with enough shit with other people, last thing they want is to run hands.
    SO glad the worker beat her stupid.

  • Jenna Swavely how is Iowa these days?

  • lol see, this is why cell phones are worth it; to vid stuff like that ^^ Gotta laugh a little at the reactions of the other workers… “dude, I get paid minimum wage… I don’t make enough to get involved, so I’ll just hover with concern”

  • I hope not; but that vid should help support the fact that it was in self defense.

  • it’s pretty gross. nothing ads up about people’s behaviors. but that’s methmatics for you.

  • Hunter1031

    You hear the POS guy she was with? Saying “Val, grab her hair, grab her hair Val”
    He should be charged also. Both are POS.

  • PurpleAnn

    No. Burger King has awesome Chicken sammiches worth smacking a bitch down for.

  • Loser

  • Wtf these ppl working here make low wages and put up with bs all day, what a bitch.

  • Dre Mosley

    The last time I heard of a girl jumping the counter at McD’s to assault an employee, the employee came out swinging an iron rod and fucked her up. She got off easy.

  • Shoulda thrown hot chips at the psycho

  • Stating The Obvious

    Seriously if I was in line or waiting at the drive thru for an Egg McMuffin I would have gone in and McFucked her up! Nothing comes between me and my Egg MF’in McMuffin!!!

  • McDonald’s girl showed her the McChicken wasn’t worth all that yelling. She yanked her up quick-like. That was funny, She said the heck with this $15/hour, you threaten me, I’ll show you. Young girl yanked her off that counter & had her down in the floor.

  • Homemade, is the SOLUTION.

  • Big Stan

    That is exactly why it was taking longer to make. I used to work in McDonalds when I was 17/18 and the only reason it took that time was because it takes around 3 minutes to make the chicken sandwich fresh. If you get handed one straight away it has very likely been sitting in the heater for about 2 hours to make it look fresh just. Infact from my experience I would never eat chicken from McDonalds. Chicken that was hours old has been sold when some ppl couldn’t be bothered to make it fresh. Burgers and chips are the freshest food in McD’s..the chicken is completely hit and miss.

  • Big Stan

    And yeh we had to take a lot of shit from the public for nothing more than their enjoyment. Drive thru was the worst.. Some dude threw a coin in the window at me and got me on the side of the face, that was my last day working there as I convinced the asshole to have me a fair dig in the parking lot..he lost the fight I lost my job.

  • Delaney3030

    Des Moines, bleh. I hate Des Moines and it hates me.

  • Good for her

  • Ann Roh

    Right? Seems like common sense to not piss off the people handling your food.

  • Ann Roh

    Methmatics, lmao…that is too funny.

  • BG

    Their thought processes are fucked from eating too much McDonald’s?

  • Delirious Devil

    You think they make $15/hour?

  • LA Woman

    Either way McDonald’s is going to lose a lawsuit. That fat broad in the purple is the manager seen hitting the girl over and over engaged in a full on mutual combat fight they are trained for this and never are supposed to hit anyone she is the one who pulled the girl on that side of the counter by her hair by the “manager” who is no doubt with Kathy Griffin at the unemployment office . Bottom line is the stupid blond idiot DID NOT jump over that counter she stood on it and got pulled by her hair to the side of the employees by an employee their very own manager.

  • LA Woman

    It will be after see sues the shit outta them .

  • LA Woman

    You probably should have taken advantage of our FREE AMERICAN EDUCATION SYSTEM and then you wouldn’t be subjected to the drama. However at the same time lets be real your managers make 100k a year that’s more than the average person so don’t complain cause unlike all these other people on here who are clueless I’m not one of them (thank God} cause this site has a lot of liberals and we all know how fucking dumb they are!

  • LA Woman

    1st to DD Since you know so damn much do you know McDonald’s managers clear 100k a year? How much do you make? lol and Tammy you should be ashamed of yourself look how old you are condoning this kind of ignorant behavior! AMAZING!

  • They do in California

  • Oh good grief idiot. Go find a hole & hide your head in it. I’m not ashamed of anything I say or I wouldn’t say it. Go on some site that actually looks up to some crying liberal like yourself FOOL. Bitch, someone come at my kids like that, you better damn well be sure they better give them a Mckick Ass. Don’t matter how old I am. You don’t play with mines.

  • Xanthe X

    McDonalds General Managers make less than 50K a year. About 46 to 48K. Shift managers are paid hourly about a dollar more than the other workers — so about $11.50 an hour. In California.

  • Xanthe X

    Nah — they won’t fire her. You jump the counter at McDonalds you’re fair game. Rayon MacIntosh taught us that.

  • There’s a FREE American Education System?

    And where on god’s green earth did you get $100k per year wages for McDonald’s managers? Citation needed.

  • Stormblast

    The trashy cunt is lucky it wasn’t Rayon McIntosh working behind that counter. Or she didn’t end up going face first into the deep fryer.

  • mizdjohnson


  • Jake88

    I got this one wrong! I thought it was an African-American woman for sure. White woman? My gawd, she musta been hungry!

    She looks likes one of those things in that movie Avatar, if they ever figured out how to wear our skin like the T-1000 in Terminator.

    Wow I just watched the video and had an epiphany!
    We should stick all the Red Neck White Trash Hillbillies, and all of the other Epiphanies/Ghetto Hood Rats on Devils island with only one McDonald’s! Just watch em all kill each other…

  • Da Mac

    Is there a single concept in your retarded statement that isn’t categorically false? Talk about a new breed of moron…

  • BG

    Calm down FFS! Aside from the fact that you are off by more than HALF on what a McDonald’s manager actually makes, Stan isn’t from this country, so your hysteria over the “FREE AMERICAN EDUCATION SYSTEM” is pointless and wasted. Good day.

  • Darrell Fine
  • now she gonna be fightin my cousin burfa in jail for some RAMEN SOUPS!

  • Bob Saccamanno

    For what? She attacked the employees. In Florida or Texas, she could have been legally shot and killed for what she did.