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SACRAMENTO, CA – A Sacramento firefighter has been charged after being accused of fondling the breast of a 19-year-old girl suffering from a seizure.

The incident happened in April after the teen had been placed in an ambulance and strapped to a gurney. Unable to move, speak, or open her eyes, the teen could still hear everything going on around her.

That’s when 32-year-old Jared Evans, a two year veteran with the Sacramento Fire Department, made a remark to a paramedic intern regarding the teen’s large breasts.

Evans allegedly put his hand down the teen’s shirt, slid her right breast out of her bra before sliding it back into her shirt, later telling the intern, “Sorry man, I had to.”

The intern eventually reported the incident to a supervisor who alerted police. When the woman was questioned, she told police that while her eyes were closed and she couldn’t move, she could hear and feel everything.

She said she heard Evans say she has big breasts before feeling a hand go down her shirt and pull out her breast. She could not see or identify who actually fondled her.

When police questioned Evans, he played it smart and denied touching the teen or making comments about her breasts. Regardless, he was placed on paid administrative leave and later charged with misdemeanor sexual battery.

Evans turned himself in on Monday and was later released on a $3,000 bail. His next court appearance is scheduled for September 26.

“The Sacramento Fire Department takes all citizen complaints seriously, and works quickly to take appropriate actions to mitigate them,” Sacramento Fire Chief Walt White said in a statement. “Although the case is ongoing, and all facts are not yet known, the Sacramento Fire Department wants to assure the public that we are fully cooperating with the investigation, and working to bring the matter to a successful conclusion.”

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  • So as of yet, he is getting a paid vacation

  • that’s straight up predatory behavior and probably not the first time he’s done it either. he felt pretty comfortable doing in front of a witness even.

  • What is that fucking smile about!!??????

  • I think that’s his firefighter picture. Not his mugshot. Still needs his teeth knocked out though.

  • Wanda Tolliver oh ok, I have seen mugshots with a smile, I would not be surprised If this one was one more

  • No kidding! People are twisted.

  • He “played it smart”…? Yeah denying you’re a creep is playing it smart alrighty


    If that’s his FB page I found .. the pervy dirtbag has a little daughter too. If I was the wife …divorce .. take the kids and leave that predatory SOB.

  • Sejanus

    Sex offender.
    Take his job.
    Lock him away.
    See if he smiles then.

  • Andy Staves

    That’s his ‘I’ve just fondled a girls breasts’ smile

  • IronWoobie

    I’ll bet the creeper has done it before.

  • Old Man Metal

    Kudos to the intern for reporting it. That actually took some balls.

    @Jared: man, what the fuck is it about that name?

  • Diva of Destruction

    I applaud the intern for reporting the incident. It would have been terribly easy for him to simply look the other way and not rock the boat at a new job.

  • Cami Weddle

  • Old Man Metal

    Comfortable doing it in front of a witness, or couldn’t stop himself from doing it in front of a witness, which is even worse (though it did get his dumb ass caught).

  • ashleydempsey

    Idk. Was this risky behavior (“I had to”) and he has a serious problem or was this just a stupid mistake?

  • I MEAN did he really Fondle or was he REALLY trying to STOP A SEIZURE, which may require being near THAT area…..

  • GGMon

    Seriously. Most people turn the other cheek but I’m glad he did something about that. Nowadays people will be bystanders….

  • GGMon

    God forbid I’m ever put in an ambulance (no way in hell I’m paying 400-700 dollars for the ride alone) but at least I know someone will be with me.
    I hate this dude. I really do

  • Grabbing her whole boob? Nah.

  • Btw you can’t stop a seizure.. All you can do is make sure they don’t hurt themselves..nothing to do with her bra or breast area.

  • He removed her breasts from her shirt AND bra

  • Robyn

    does not matter…he should not be fondling patient’s breast at all.

  • What he did was atrocious but it really bothers me that an intern had to turn him in and his partner is not in trouble too for not reporting it
    Who knows how many times he and/or his partner has done something like this with no intern there to blow the whistle

  • taffy550

    Yes, it was definitely a life saving procedure. lmao Booby fondling has saved many an erection.

  • PurpleAnn

    Awwww, jeez. I so wanted this to be false accusation. What a festering sack of shit he is to take advantage of someone looking to him for help.

  • Really dude?!? SMDH

  • You don’t stop a seizure by fondling someone you stop it with medication. In no way should somebody be fondling someone’s breasts in order to administer medication!! What is your thought process?

  • sweetd

    It really does speak to his character, he’s serious about his job.

  • sweetd

    A mistake?

  • sweetd

    Pulling a boob out of a bra cures a seizure? Don’t quit your day job.

  • sweetd

    As a kid I took a ride in the ambulance, with oxygen I remember it tasted funny, the ride was less than 2mi, $745.

  • Hey I’m NOT on trial BEEN AN AIDE for 15 YEARS!! It may not BE fondling but when TRYING to save someone’s life………. Things can GET FISHY……. LOOKING. GEEZ. BUT ANYWAY…….

  • What a piece of shit human.

  • Did you read the article? This guy is scum!

  • Steph Dee I have been in EMS for 16 years, 11 of which I have been a licensed paramedic working in a 911 response capacity. Never in my entire experience has any procedure involving seizures required any action that might be mistaken for “fondling breasts”. None.
    Not even close.

  • He looks like a fondler.

  • Okay. Nah never read the story….. CAME BLIND…. lol?

  • Night Nurse

    He seemed unusually comfortable doing this in front of a witness. Like he’s done it many times before..

  • Good for him!!!

  • This is pervey California he identifies as a boobie wrangler.

  • sick fuck

  • Inferus
  • Eryn Stilp

    Sexually assault a young woman having a goddamn seizure, and you get basically a paid vacation from work?

  • Delaney3030


  • Stormclouds

    Its a good idea to acually read a story before commenting…

  • Big Stan

    Your right medication. I suffer from epilepsy and have many 5mg liquid diazepam tubes. If I take a seizure and it lasts any longer than about 5 mins the diazepam is to be administered rectally.. I thankfully have no memory of my seizures.

  • Big Stan

    I think I would like a look at this girl to see just how large her breasts are

  • Ran-rex

    alleged predatory behavior. alleged witness

  • GGMon

    That’s crazy. Other countries wouldn’t have to pay for the ambulance ride (they pay it through taxes I believe) but only in America. Smh

  • Jake88

    Are you kidding me? Who didn’t see this coming? He looks like he wants to fondle the fucking camera that took that photo!

    Don’t ever trust white people that smile like that! I’m telling you. That ain’t a friendly smile, that’s an “I can’t wait to get you alone smile!” Or it could even be that whole “I can’t for these witnesses to clear the area” smile, those two can be confusing but trust me, react the same when you see those two smiles:

    Just turn around, and run in zig zags screaming ”FIRE!” repeatedly at the top of your lungs… It’s your best bet!

  • Jake88

    Seriously!!!!??? I once wanted to eat healthy so I ordered egg whites on whole wheat toast instead of bacon, eggs and home fries… That was a mistake!

    What do you call murder in your book? “Going too far?” My goodness. I’d love to go out with you on a Friday night sister!

  • Shannah Erwin Guillory

    First time I’ve ever been on the Demon and didn’t see the usual snarky response such as “investigation still in progress and LE is staying firmly abreast of the situation….additional charges may arise after thorough inspection of crime scene and more details emerge.”

  • Glad it wasn’t my daughter. I’d be in fucking prison. I look at my little girl (she’s 19) and I couldn’t picture it… well, I did, but it pissed me the fuck off. I wouldn’t kill the guy. But shoot him in the leg and beat every inch of fuck out of him? Hell yes. Piece of shit.