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HOUSTON, TX – Video has surfaced showing the moment a man was placed in a chokehold by a deputy’s husband, days before the man would die from his injuries.

According to reports, 24-year-old Johnny Hernandez was with his family at a Houston Denny’s on May 28th. Hernandez, who was drunk, walked out of the restaurant and started urinating near his car in the parking lot.

He was confronted by the husband of an off-duty deputy about his behavior and a physical altercation ensued after Hernandez threw the first punch.

According to eyewitnesses, Hernandez is punched repeatedly in the head before being taken to the ground. As you can see in the following video, the man then lays his fat ass on Hernandez’ back.

So far I don’t have an issue with the man’s actions. He sees a drunk idiot pissing in a Denny’s parking lot, says something to the man and gets swung on. Taking down the drunk and detaining him for police is fine by me, even if he got in a few licks first.

Where I do have an issue is that multiple people are telling the man to get off Hernandez because he could not breathe, while he just looks around dumbly like a redneck whale that just beached itself.

On top of that, the man’s wife holds Hernandez’s other arm while a couple other people try to stop the person from recording the vent — even threatening to arrest them if they didn’t stop.

“Even after I told him ‘stop, stop’ and other people were screaming he wouldn’t do it,” the eyewitness said. “Even after his wife came he didn’t do it. His wife didn’t do anything, because I went in to call the police she was already there on the side and I didn’t see her do anything, I didn’t hear [her] tell him stop. I didn’t hear her tell him anything. She just was watching.”

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By time lardass flops off Hernandez, it’s too late… he had long stopped breathing. He was rushed to the hospital but pronounced dead three days later after being removed from life support.

An attorney representing Hernandez’s family is calling for the arrest of the deputy’s husband, stating that, at the very least, the man should be charged with manslaughter.

“You’re watching a man basically being killed,” said the attorney. “He was kicking his legs in a helpless fashion and you can hear him gurgling, just begging to stop.”

Sheriff Ed Gonzales said his department will conduct an investigation but will bring in the Department of Justice and the Texas Rangers to ensure “transparency” and “another set of independent eyes.”

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  • I guess being married to a sheriff’s deputy make you exempt from the law… total BS!!!

  • Old Man Metal

    “Denny’s: Hey, It’s Late And No One Else Is Open!”

    Today only: Free man-hump in the parking lot…

  • I agree with the family, he needs to be charged. How outrageous.

  • Wow..his wife is a cunt bitch


    What a disgusting video. Would not be surprised if that closeted land whale rubbed one out while he was mounting that poor slob. Throw him and his useless wife both in the slammer for a good long time. *off to find some eye bleach*

  • DreaminMan5

    What a fat piece of shit. Oh wait, it’s Houston… What the fuck is wrong with us?

  • What. The. Heck. I thought I was watching an episode of OZ.

  • He should of called the police not confront a drunk guy. Mind your own business

  • Murder. The end.

  • Night Nurse

    The video does not show how badly he was beaten before he was crushed to death.

  • Nedly Mandingo IV

    …or you see a drunk taking a piss in a parking lot and you just mind your own business.

  • No charges have been filed so far

  • rich

    Sheriff Ed Gonzales said his department will conduct an investigation but will bring in the Department of Justice and the Texas Rangers to ensure “transparency” and “another set of independent eyes.”

  • Old Man Metal

    Seriously. If the guy’s not pissing on my car, I ain’t mad at him. Then again, my answer to #MakeTheWorldBetterIn4Words was “Mind your fucking business” which got ZERO likes.

    I guess cop-boy here would have said “Hump drunks to death”… we’ll see how many likes THAT gets…

  • #justiceforjohn..coroner ruled it a homicide then arrest the murderer and his bogus ass wife…

  • Taster’sChoice

    +1. So is being married to an ex-president, apparently. lmao

  • Taster’sChoice

    *have. He should *have* called… Sorry this shit drives me crazy.

  • Why was he pissing in the parking lot when Denny’s has bathrooms inside?

  • Inferus

    Just bring a civil suit. It’s obvious the deputy is going to pull strings. Just sue them for their trailer and collection of Guns and Ammo.

  • I know if I was a family member of the man held down, I’d have kicked the beach whale across that fat face. Sit there like he’s proud of what he did. I’d have shown him pride. I don’t care how drunk my family member was, there was no call for all of that. Then his fat wife join in too? That ain’t happening on my watch.

  • Fat ass should of left him alone, and he shouldn’t have swung. They’re both dumb cunts in my book.

  • He was murdered bc he peed outside. Fucking lovely

  • Harris County Sheriff’s Department. (713) 221-6000. The man murdered, his name was John Hernandez. The officer helping her husband murder John, her name is Shauna Thompson. PLEASE call, let your voice be the voice for John Hernandez!


    It’s not uncommen for men who drink to suddenly find thier bladder full and the overwhelming urge for the body’s need to expell the alcoholic toxins , “immediately”.

  • Delaney3030

    If they ever go to New York or Chicago then they will be forced to go on a murderous rampage. If they do this for catching someone whiz just imagine their reaction to seeing a homeless guy taking a Doo Doo on the subway.

  • D S

    Welp… we can essentially be assured that the deputy’s husband will NOT be charged, will be free to go his way, and will probably make a good amount of money through gofundme donations for his unnecessary, non-existent legal defense. His wife will likely be promoted to captain or whatever, and have effusive praise heaped on her by her coworkers for being married to such a superhero.

    As Morbid states in the article, it’s all fine and good that the fatass defended himself – but what is NOT okay is the fact that this ponderous ungulate parked all of his formidable girth on the poor guy afterward, while he HAD TO KNOW that the dude couldn’t breathe. But, in this day and age, a cop can barbecue infants live on CNN, and we will all be unblushingly told how warranted their “act of self-defense” was. I would imagine the same rule applies to the spouses of cops.

    We are rapidly becoming a third-world country.

  • Sejanus

    Whale on the beach!

    Fatass needs major jailtime.

  • Diva of Destruction

    Arrest the husband for manslaughter and his stupid wife as an accessory. I wouldn’t care to see a man peeing in the parking lot but it wouldn’t require action on mine or my husband’s part.

  • taffy550

    God damn, a guy can’t piss on his own tire anymore. Seriously, mind your own fucking business. Call to LE if you have a problem. Your off duty deputy wife does not make you a f-ing cop. Sorry, its that time of the month again. 😛

  • Elizabeth McCarthy

    SMH This seriously happened. This is why we need Dreamin’ Demon. I might not believe this kind of shit could happen if I hadn’t seen it here. I still don’t understand how the husband of the “deputy” thought it was his place to go fight crime and kill the perp in the meantime. He needs a murder charge and she needs at least a manslaughter charge. I’m positive I could not have stood there and watched without planting my boot up his ass for humping and smothering the poor guy.

  • Stating The Obvious

    Will you marry me???

  • Stating The Obvious

    But he left the restaurant to “relieve” himself in the parking lot. So Carl’s question still stands.

  • JohnQknowitall

    …or a current President beholden to a hostel foreign power.

  • JohnQknowitall

    No Jenny Craigs?

  • JohnQknowitall

    Morally I agree with you, but this is Texas and the deceased took the first punch. Who the hell knows what else a state with any “stand your ground” law has on its books?

  • Ran-rex

    this is straught up murder. its amazing how quickly authority can dissude people from intervening.

  • disqus_5jiBfVMFuV
  • AWESOME!!!! Thanks for sharing this.

  • Delirious Devil

    “He just looks around dumbly like a redneck whale that just beached itself.”

    This made my night.

  • Big Stan

    That’s a method that no man deserves to die from. I would come back and haunt his fat ass into a heart attack, wouldn’t take too much scaring to stop that ticker surely.

  • NoBS NoSpam

    Bill Clinton was the Ex-president when Uranium One deal violated National Security laws.

  • This is when you kick the fat piece of shit as hard as you can in the head and get him tf off. Don’t sit there and watch. Put the cops under citizens arrest, you have it all on camera, you’d be entirely justified.

  • JohnQknowitall

    Number one, Bill Clinton is no longer president and Hillary Clinton was not sworn in as president.(the incident you mention was while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State and it did not pass through her office – even if it was at least partially under DoS). Number two, the person who is now living in the White House is a security problem. Everyone who voted for him or couldn’t be bothered to vote handed Putin the keys to American stability. Aside from the obstruction of justice, nepotism and kleptocractic behavior, it looks like the Constitution is okay with him having temper tantrums in the White House. I guess you can say Mr. Trump was what the founding fathers wanted… right?

  • BG

    Seriously Q? You’re still towing the party line when the past week has PROVEN that this is all just a witch hunt sponsored by the butt-hurt DNC??? Just because you keep saying it doesn’t make it true. Why aren’t you all a dither about the countless foreign elections that the US has entangled themselves in over time? You don’t have to like the guy, hell, I don’t like the guy, but he’s the President. All this bullshit whinging from the left is only dividing the country more. Any Russian interference in the election was NOT instigated by EITHER party. This farce of people giving a shit about Russian interference is hysterical. No one cared about Russia’s interference in any prior election. But it’s a big deal now? Why is no one getting hysterical about Chinese interference, or North Korean? It’s a ploy, instigated by the left to undermine the President because the Exalted Vagina didn’t win in November. Whatever Russia did, it’s to be EXPECTED, as is our not so subtle interference in various elections around the world.


  • JohnQknowitall

    I cannot control the past, but I can do what I can about the present. The testimonies so far have not vindicated anyone mainly because no on, but the investigative committees have heard the closed session testimonies. There are a number of uncomfortable Russian connections within this administration, the tax returns that will show to whom the President may or may not be financially entangled, and his strange behavior – Russians in the Oval Office? Wow. Why? Trump responded, “Because Putin asked me to.” Wow. Firing an investigator and then bragging about it to the Russians about it AND giving classified Israeli intelligence to the Russians (think they will now share as much info with us while he is in office?). He won the office with ambiguity of plan and help from the Russians and Wikileaks</strike) God and long term strategic planning. He communicates on his old Android because he likes it (sounds a bit like the accusations against Clinton). Who paid Carrier to stay in Indiana (think about it: why didn't the vice president elect resign as governor while heading the Trump transition team? hmm… control of Indiana tax payer funds?) Ask the major GE Plant employees in Wisconsin Canada how Republican after thought didn’t help them helped them by not renewing the Import/Export Bank’s charter (yeah, look that one up: Google – Ryan GE import export wisconsin canada). I was not and am not a Hillary Clinton supporter, but as cold as she is, she isn’t stupid. Her moaning now and not dealing with the issues at hand is pathetic, but under the same circumstance if she had been elected, well it would be uglier than it is now. I really hope he gets the best counsel available. Every American deserves excellent representation in government and especially when being investigated. If he is innocent, then all will be fine, but he is sure not acting like an innocent person… Veritas Liberabit Vos

  • BG

    There are only a a number of uncomfortable Russian connections because the MSM is escalating normal transactions into something that they are not. As has been proven repeatedly. I agree that Hillary isn’t stupid on the face of thinks, she sure is stupid when it comes to understanding not only her opponent, but her base as well. Everyone keeps forgetting about the average Joe in Iowa that works harder and harder and receives less and less while all the special interest groups keep reaping the rewards of doing NOTHING but being a special interest group. Meanwhile; the MSM is macking a muck of things to push their own agendas. Do you honestly think that the MSM would EVER go after Hillary with the ferocity that they are pummeling Trump? They flat lie on a daily basis and expect you (I mean a plural you here, not YOU) just accept it as fact because they said so. It isn’t fact, they’re tearing this country apart and it’s disgusting. The vitriol needs to stop. Trump wasn’t my choice, but I am eternally grateful I don’t have to deal with the snake that is called Hillary as my President. He might be brash, he might be abrasive, but he isn’t the hateful Russian dupe the MSM makes him out to be. I mean hell, the Israelis said they were FINE with what Trump said, so, given that, why are Americans all butt-hurt over it? It makes no SENSE to me.

    PS: I highly doubt Vladimir WANTS the keys to the Kingdom, not with how messed up it’s residents are…

  • JohnQknowitall

    Those were not business as interactions. The claim on the right is nothing to see, just keep moving. I have never known of an administration interacting before a swearing in with the Russians or shutting off recording devices when the President talks to another world leader other than this one with Putin. The number of meetings either grows or becomes more complicated. This is new. This has never happened before… if had under Obama the right would have impeached him. I don’t know where you get your news. Fox admits it is a news commentator (it only has a handful of reporters and a lot of writers, wink wink) and Breitbart believes birth control makes women ugly, gays make people dumb, it goes on and on. The mid-west has suffered, but why? It isn’t the trade agreements, but it is the jobs. There is only so many resources and the rich have hoarded an outrageous amount of them. Cheaper to invest in labor in foreign lands, allude taxes, claim that hard work leads to success… the right has played right into this. Trump was born to wealth. Ryan and McConnell married it. Trump has just called the Republican House bill “mean,” Ryan is directly responsible for the GE plant in his great state for moving to Canada. McConnell’s old Kentucky has five of the poorest counties in American. After two plus decades don’t you think he could have helped the poor in his state just an itty bitty little bit? I just don’t get the idea behind supporting the Republicans (an oxymoron) unless you are in the top 10% of the country. Classy? IDK. The idea of making America great again, especially with this guy, dumbfounds me. Look at world tweets and FB post and you will find we are now the laughing stock of the world. Any job gains outside of technology will be short lived, but those who program the manufacturing robots will live well. Coal is dead (coal plants are outrageously expensive to build and maintain). As far as the MSM goes, skip all media except for the press conferences, Trumps tweets, and recordings of what everyone in his administration says. Try to put a foundation to what he claims. Would you honestly leave your kids in his care?

  • BG

    Q, Trump is only half the reason we are the laughing stock, the other half is that the left is constantly eating their own. Like BLM protesting at Pride parades. Or the free speech protesters protesting at ANTI SHARIA marches, there is so much mixed up, frothy angst out there, drummed up and maintained by the MSM that its literally beyond comprehension. I’m not a Breitbart chick, I think I made it to the site once, because I was sent a link and didn’t check it first. I do watch Fox, but I ALSO watch CNN and MSNBC. We’ve had this chat before, I was quite literally born a Conservative. My parents aren’t, especially my departed Father, labor and union all the way. Mom, she just doesn’t care. I developed my own views, and I did it at a very young age and my parents let me be me. Quite frankly, unless you are a resident of one of Kentucky five poorest counties, then you have NO SAY IN IT and they keep electing McConnell. End. Of. Story. What YOU want him to do has no bearing in the equation. I don’t have kids, so that little bit of drama adds nothing to the equation, but yes, I would, there isn’t a person on the planet under greater scrutiny than Trump is, he hasn’t killed off any of his children or grandchildren just yet, I’d feel pretty safe. See, that’s the difference here. You (again, a collective you) get all spun out about what a dipshit he is, without looking at the REALITY of the situation at hand. The man has been on the planet 70 years with no dead children to his name. So again, yes, if I had a child I would leave it in his care while I went to get my hair did…

  • Da Mac

    Recent government propaganda basically defines uncomfortable Russian connections as having conversations with Russian-speaking peoples. Please…

  • Da Mac

    Governmental propaganda isn’t making you any wiser with the years, Q.

  • KenyanBunnie Covet

    Just fucking Evil. This is murder. The others should be charged as accomplises. Fucking disgusting. I can’t believe this shit happens and certain types of people continually escape punishment. I can’t.

  • Jake88

    You get 7 upvotes just for being an anal retentive asshole?

    You’re wrong btw. The proper correction should’ve been “should’ve.” It’s a contraction for those that are out of the loop.

    I assume you know about contractions, I’m just being an asshole.