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CLAYTON COUNTY, GA – A man on a Delta flight was taken to the hospital after a passenger’s emotional support dog bit him in the face.

The incident happened Sunday at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport as passengers were boarding a flight to San Diego.

Ronald Mundy Jr., from North Carolina, was in a middle seat with his “chocolate lab pointer mix” in his lap, while Marlin Jackson, from Alabama, was sitting beside Mundy in the window seat.

The dog had been issued to Mundy, a marine and “combat veteran”, as an emotional support animal and, for reasons unknown, decided it didn’t like the cut of Jackson’s jib. The dog let Jackson know this by biting the man in the face.

“The gentleman’s face was completely bloody, blood in his eyes, cheeks, nose, his mouth, his shirt was covered in blood,” said passenger, Bridget Maddox-Peoples.

Paramedics arrived and took Jackson to the hospital, while Mundy and his dog were placed on another plane. Mundy’s dog was placed in a kennel for that flight.

Another passenger said Mundy could be seen crying in the gate area cradling the dog in his arms, repeatedly saying, “I know they’re going to put him down.”


Delta is reviewing their policy on emotional support animals, which allows “customers traveling with emotional support animals or psychiatric service animals to travel without charge” if they are “fully trained and meet same requirements as a service animal.”

Sucks that Mundy may lose his dog over this and, as a dog owner myself, I sympathize somewhat. But that poor dude that got bit… man.  I already hate flying and I’m notoriously wary of big dogs I don’t know. I can’t imagine dealing with both at the same time and then have the dog re-arrange my face.

Also, while I have nothing against support animals, and I’m not saying Mundy’s dog wasn’t, but that entire “support animal” service is being abused. I think you can have your guinea pig certified as a support animal through the mail and for as little as $75. Anyone else have any info on that?

Regardless, I’d hate to see people who legitimately need a support animal suffering later because some idiot took advantage just so they could take Whiskers bar-hopping.

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  • My first thought was ” is the dog a legit support dog”

  • Inferus

    Bitches, man. Bitches.

  • Sarah L4d

    I used to work for an airline and the shit people would try and pull was ridiculous. Most people are good and honest and really do need that support…however, there were those people you knew were just trying to have the fee to travel with their pet waived. Due to these things being private, we would forward their file to our medical team who would contact them to verify and receive any medical documents. The ones who didn’t have a legit support animal would always get uppity at this point and “request a supervisor.” (Fuck you Oprah)

    There were requests for support squirrels, parrots…hedgehogs even.

  • I thought the same thing. People send 150 bucks to some website and they “certify” the dig. It’s ridiculous

  • In this case I’d say it wasn’t legit. A legit service animal is trained to ignore people and other animals.

  • I’d go with no

  • This is probably one of those bogus support dogs.. You can get a vest and certificate for any animal online.. People do it so they can bring their pets with them places and its becoming a real issue..

  • There needs to be a national agency responsible for licensing. I see animals all the time that are clearly not trained.

  • This “emotional support animal” bullshit has gone WAY to far!

  • Hope he got insurance to “support” a doctor bill!

  • That’s quite a large dog, too, to be allowed to sit on his lap during a flight, kind of ridiculous, considering they won’t let you sit with a child on your lap who is over the age of 2, and a dog like that is pretty much bigger than any 2 year old I know. This guy was a former Marine, so something about it tells me he might have needed an emotional support animal, but I agree with you that the term “emotional support animal” is being abused/misused for personal gain. I know someone who wanted a dog so bad (but lived in an apartment that didn’t allow pets) that he lied and ended up getting a dog in whatever way possible as an emotional support animal when it was anything but. He decided after having it for a couple months but he didn’t have time for it, so he got rid of it. People are assholes.

  • Somebody needs *sued*.

  • jansav

    I’d say this emotional support animal failed. I feel bad for everyone involved. Why would you put a dog in this situation without a kennel or a muzzle. Now the dog is in trouble, the owner is emotionally upset, and the other guy is scarred and looking for a lawyer.

  • dammitall23

    Oh ha–“chocolate lab pointer mix”. I’ve seen a pic in another report. Pit bull.
    Why do these veterans choose a PTSD “support” animal that’s most likely to give them more PTSD?

  • Maybe instead of putting it down they will make him put a muzzle on it when in public instead.

  • Inferus
  • Inferus

    Maybe you need some emotional support? Hmmm? Hmmm?

  • Inferus

    Airlines have become the new Florida. What else can possibly happen?

  • Inferus

    Battered wife syndrome? They’re just drawn to the crazy.

  • Diva of Destruction

    Now the man that was bitten will need his own emotional support that that will bite someone else requiring them to get a emotional support dog ect ect ext. Seriously why didn’t he put the emotional support mutt in the hold of the plane anyways? I think he would have survived with out the dog on his lap. Idiot.

  • Talkin

    More people need to be asking questions about these “emotional support animals”. I’ve seen them in department stores, grocery stores, doctors’ offices, the DMV, and I even have clients (I’m a paralegal) bringing them in. Enough already! I understand genuine and rare cases, but it is getting out of control. Life’s hard sometimes. Petting Fluffy isn’t going to help.

  • A full size dog sitting on the owner’s lap? I would have been annoyed if I had to sit next to that.

  • Mollie Holtman

    I see people bringing their dogs everywhere now, in stores, on the bus, etc. On the bus this giant dog “support animal” stepped on my foot because the bus was very crowded. When I complained, this very nasty and abrasive woman unloosed a stream of abuse on me and told me not to touch her dog. Her boyfriend had the dog on a leash and it was well-behaved after that and curled up underneath his seat. But the woman acted like I had done something to her dog instead of the other way around! And obviously the “support dog” wasn’t helping her because she was venomous and horrid.

  • mean birch

    Good one!

  • FAP! FAP! FAP!

  • Shanah Forgey
    Kady Hall
    Hunter Clements
    Erika Doving

    Think it was Kodiak and Angie? ????????????????????????????

  • There is a national agency responsible for licensing Service Animals. Those are the only animals that are federally protected by law – ’emotional support’ animals are not.

    The only animals allowed to be service animals are dogs and, strangely enough, miniature horses

  • Give him the dog “as support” for causing the ordeal.

  • lilloric

    i think everyone who knows how easy it is to certify an animal is thinking the same thing. i have never heard of a legit one biting anyone but have however heard of problems with self certified ones. actual trained ones will take a kick and not lash out because they’re meant to go into crowds and can be accidentally kicked and bumped and so on

  • lilloric

    i’ve seen it as low as 25

  • Sabin Kelley what agency is it?

  • Esa’s require no nothing
    They are just living breathing security blankets

  • An emotional support animal (ESA) shouldn’t have been allowed on the flight in the first place
    They are NOT service animals and are NOT protected by the ADA

  • dammitall23

    Chances are he won’t comply. “MY dog doesn’t need a muzzle!” even if wearing one will ensure that his mauler doesn’t get euthanized. What’s the use of having a “support” animal if it can’t be your pet 4-legged meatgrinder?

  • I think in instances like this ie: a tiny enclosed space like the plane, they should only allow “emotional support stuffed animals” with a side of Ativan lol

  • A middle seat is probably a bad idea for someone with PTSD and a large dog. The dog probably sensed it’s owner’s stress, felt trapped and lashed out. Sad story for all.

  • They should do it anyway. He’s for “emotional support” not a guard dog.

  • dammitall23

    Any kind of crash situation and that thing would become a flying, mauling projectile. Not that the passengers would be too likely to survive, anyway, but who needs *that* fucking thing latched onto their face while they’re trying to get in their final negotiations with God?

  • Per ADA law, NO certification is required for service animals. No vest, no certification, no paperwork from a doctor, no license, etc. There is a fine line between a service animal and a comfort animal (or what you are referring to as an emotional support animal). Comfort animal laws are ONLY applicable in housing situations. It irritates me that people use others ignorance of the laws to bully their way into bringing their animals everywhere they want without regards to others safety. I love my dogs, I know they are safe to me, but outside in the world they are unpredictable animals that could do anything if spooked, have the wrong smells, etc.

  • Ya well he’s not a robot. He probably got freaked out, or maybe the guy did something to him. Instead of killing it, just muzzle him.

  • Unfortunately it’s that kind of thing that’s going to ruin it for people who actually do need something like that to get by.. I’m skeptical, but I have seen some evidence that emotional support animals can help people with PTSD and Autism.. There just needs to be some kind of screening process. I couldn’t even begin to figure out how that would work, but it’s either that or we have people getting bogus certificates etc and endangering people around them with untrained animals.

  • HAHAHAHA yes it so was

  • LA Woman

    Maybe he wasn’t used to seeing black people or maybe he scented evil from the guy we don’t know who this guy is or what he does I mean he might be a serial killer or child molester for all we know.
    It’s SUPER SUPER rare for the Retriever breed to bite much less attack IDK something set that dog off they’re not dangerous at all their this is just off character and weird for the breed. Or maybe it’s a crazy dog was the dog with the guy while he was serving? Because a lot of soldiers bring dogs back from the country they found them in . PTSD? maybe they get it too?! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6dbfefe825528a4240d572b05cf879e646db2c82301a49dc1067ed1aaab2bf19.png

  • LA Woman

    Maybe he wasn’t used to seeing black people or maybe he scented evil from the guy we don’t know who this guy is or what he does I mean he might be a serial killer or child molester for all we know.
    It’s SUPER SUPER rare for the breed to bite much less attack IDK something set that dog off they’re not dangerous at all their this is just off character and weird for the breed. Or maybe it’s a crazy dog was the dog with the guy while he was serving? Because a lot of soldiers bring dogs back from the country they found them in . PTSD? maybe they get it too?! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6dbfefe825528a4240d572b05cf879e646db2c82301a49dc1067ed1aaab2bf19.png

  • Poor dog must’ve had some past life regression …

  • LA Woman

    It isn’t perfect it’s a dog if we’re smart and can’t be perfect how would they? Shit happens .

  • Sabin Kelley , you are incorrect. There are NO registries for service, ESA, and therapy animals.

  • An attack dog is a bad idea for someone with PTSD or as a “support animal” for anyone. Just because *they* “feel stressed” doesn’t mean they get to let their animals maim everyone else.

  • My daughters friend has a dog for arthritis and other illnesses. He’s had that dog for two years. I thought to myself “what a poorly trained dog” when the dog was begging many people for food at a picnic. Not to mention, it just looked at his owner when he would tell her to sit.

  • Maebe Gomes –Why? He’s already proved he’s comfortable attacking and maiming a grown man. Why should public safety depend on whether or not the owner’s in the mood to muzzle his mauler, today?

  • We don’t know what led up to it.

  • It wasn’t an attack dog, just an animal reacting to a stressful situation. They should have been seated somewhere more appropriate. At the end of the day, an animal is still an animal.

  • Either the airline or the dog owner should foot the bill

  • Why was the passenger’s face near the dog?

  • Nooooooo I did not mean kill the dog lmao. I meant muzzle him anyway. Although with the severity of the bite etc… he could do it again. And to be completely honest, had it been my husband or my kids I’d put that dog down myself.

  • I’d rehome it if it went after my family.

  • I laughed way too hard at this. The EMOTIONAL SUPPORT dog bit someone.


    If you’re going to register your animal as a fucking working animal THEN PAY FOR THE GODDAMN TRAINING!

    The damn things aren’t allowed on planes unrestrained anyway! Not a protected class animal.

  • Its bad out of LAX all the dogs. Very few are really for medical reasons.

  • I got a new puppy a few months ago, I think I’m gonna register him a seizure alert dog. Because I can. SMH

  • There is no registry for service, therapy, or emotional support animals
    There is also no required training

  • Maebe Gomes so you would knowingly send a dangerous animal to another home to hurt others?

  • It was a joke Percy Dinnie

  • Maybe because lab/pointer mixes are not small animals and the dog was in HIS face

  • Rosemary Conti registering them as REAL working dogs. I know there’s nothing for ES animals

  • Sorry not interested in opinions, just facts

  • Jennifer
  • Doubtful

  • Maybe his face smelt like ass

  • colliefreak
  • when guns are outlawed then only outlaws will have emotional support dogs

  • PurpleAnn

    What movie is this from? Looks like a transitioning Ronald McDonald!

  • PurpleAnn

    I’d have been terrified! I have a fear of big dogs and being pinned next to the window makes it worse. If the man was so fragile that he couldn’t tolerate a flight without the dog on his lap, perhaps he should try greyhound.I know that PTSD is real, but is the dog his ONLY coping mechanism? That seems emotionally crippling in a new way. A good therapist will arm him with a whole “bag of tricks” to use when stressed.

  • PurpleAnn

    Yup. / / /

  • PurpleAnn

    New kind of spam? WTF is this popping up repeatedly?

  • PurpleAnn

    Were you serious about the dog not being used to black people? In that vein, if I wear a different colored shirt or color my hair, does my dog lose his effin mind?

  • Brian Lockett

    That’s Trash, the naked green woman from Return of the Living Dead. She’s girl (Linnea Quigley) that discussed being eaten alive by a bunch of dirty old men.
    How could anybody not know who that is??? I knew who that was when I was 6 back in 1985.

  • I have a emotional support dog. I also see a therapist bI weekly & a psychiatrist every 2 or so months. I have a paper for a emotional support animal signed by my therapist & psychiatrist. It makes me so angry that people can go online and pay for a document that looks official but technically it doesn’t mean shit. If they truly needed a emotional support animal they would/should be taking care of them self by personally receiving psychiatric care. The website that my therapist gave me to register my dog didn’t cost me a single penny. As for my emotional support dog himself (Pablo Picasso) I don’t trust him for a minute to not bite someone if they tried to touch him. So I don’t give him the opportunity to do so. He’s a 6 lbs chihuahua. I keep him in my arms whenever we’re in a store or public area that allows him inside. I am in the middle of having my Labrador mix puppy (Norma Jean) trained to be my emotional support animal (& Pablo will retire) I wouldn’t dare try to take her in somewhere until I felt that she was trained enough to handle it. It’s going to take awhile because she’s crazy as hell lol. I know when the time does come though for her to accompany me in public it will be my responsibility to keep my dog under control. That is what any animal owner needs to do Especially a animal owner that has a animal that isn’t just a pet. I hope this man doesn’t have his dog put to sleep. I also hope that in the future he has common sense to muzzle his dog so that way it does not end up getting put to sleep.

  • Sejanus

    I want to register my bunny as a support animal.
    How many bites to a face must it give to certify?

    Sorry but the dog needs to go down.
    A face biting canine is a one way express ticket to the ‘friends farm upstate’.
    Next time put it in a kennel for flight.
    Clearly the owner got to his destination without cradling Woofy McBiteface.

  • Obviously I’d tell them it’s history genius. There are people that will take in dogs like that.

  • esmerald 2006

    I’m thinking on certifying my chicken. Her name is Candy.

  • Sam Keeler

    So I’m in the process of having my puppy trained to be my service dog due to PTSD. Depending on the state laws it’s illegal to ask for proof your dog is a certified service dog here in Arizona for example. I’m not sure if every state has that same law. So technically I have my dog in a vest that says service dog and they can’t question it. I’ve actually seen this happen before. I was at a record store and a man had this dog with him that was totally misbehaving and overweight and crying. I ASKED the man if I could pet the dog. After he said yes I lowered my hand palm down to the dog to sniff before I tried to pet him and he bit me. My hand was bleeding, not a lot but enough that the record store people came running with bandages and asked if I wanted him thrown out. I told them I love dogs and the dog is obviously uncomfortable so it was my fault but I DID ask the owners permission and he said yes

  • Rae Lin

    The trend of letting every “traumatized” snowflake declare themselves entitled to bring their “support pet” anywhere seeing eye dogs are permitted, has gotten out of hand. Not saying this vet isn’t truly scarred, BUT… I know several chronic public assistance abusers, gaming the system, who have been issued vests for their toy dogs (and one a potbellied pig) simply because “they could”. None of the animals are professionally trained. There’s a REASON pets are banned from most public spaces!

  • PurpleAnn

    I was never much of a Zombie fan. Freddy Kruger was my favorite. I think the seductive way that thing walks freaks me out more than the bite.

  • Elizabeth McCarthy

    He could have just brought his emotional support tarantula. They don’t take up much room and won’t eat your entire face. Just the important parts.

  • Jade Hatfield

    I remember reading that a new job! I was like can’t wait to this but alas I never did

  • Jade Hatfield

    It’s possible he could be trained. All of the dogs but one of Michael Vic’s dogs were re homed no incidents after some foster place took them in trained and gave them tlc. The one dog stayed till he passed away at a sanctuary. If those dogs turned into loving animals I’d give any animal a chance if they were fostered etc..

  • Logan whore Stinson

    OMG totally it so was and could have been shybambieyes. Or Lexi Deer. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2024e03c122aca55fc18948b7a27935b1743d306d4fe22ea4d27f24b8b058343.jpg

  • Logan whore Stinson
  • Inferus

    Return of the Living Dead

  • Michelle DeGrange

    OFFS am i the only one that read “a marine and “combat veteran” seen crying by the gate?” obviously the guy needs an emotional support animal. you wouldn’t think folks that frequent this macabre corner of the internet would be such self-righteous, judgemental fuckers.

  • Nathan

    I did find it very interesting a woman had a monkey that sat on her shoulder while she was driving and would tug her hair when she got distracted.

    “I can’t wait to eat that monkey.”

  • Chatterbox

    I work at an animal shelter and have a certified “emotional support” animal myself. It is RIDICULOUSLY easy to abuse. I registered mine for free and without ANY proof of training. Got a certificate, ID, and bought a $6 “Emotional Support Dog” vest: boom, can ride a plane with my dog. I don’t, but we meet the requirements.

  • Christine Racicot

    Miniature horses have a 25 to 35 year lifespan; two to three times that of most larger dog breeds. They can be trained as easily as dogs, are about the same size and can be house broken. Their longer life increases the value of the investment in raising and training the animal. It also means less heartbreak to their master who may lose 2 to 3 beloved animals over a lifetime as opposed to 8 to 10.

  • LynnKayee

    At least it was before take off.

  • Shannon Nicole Russo

    Maybe the man who got bit was about to do some bad shit and the dog sensed it and took matters into his own mouth, just saying doggy could be a hero.

  • Armanda Callen

    There is a big difference between emotional therapy dogs and a true service dog.