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LINCOLNWOOD, IL – Police have charged 16-year-old Eliza Wasni with first-degree murder in the fatal stabbing of her Uber driver, 34-year-old Grant Nelson.

After eating Memorial Day dinner with his family, Nelson decided to go make some extra cash as an Uber driver.

In the early morning hours he picked up Wasni from a Walmart where, unbeknownst to Grant, she had just stolen two knives from inside the store.

When Grant arrived at a suburban apartment building, Wasni allegedly stabbed him multiple times. Grant managed to get out of his car and scream for help as Wasni drove off in his vehicle.

Police found Grant in the lobby of the apartment complex where he told them his last rider, Wasni, had stabbed him. He was transported to the hospital where he would die from his injuries.

Wasni hadn’t gotten too far after taking off in Grant’s car, having crashed into a median and then leaving the scene on foot. Police would locate her behind a building nearby, still in possession of the knives police believe she used to stab Grant to death.

Wasni did not make a statement as she was taken into custody. She has since been charged as an adult with first-degree murder. No word on what prompted the attack. This is Lincolnwood’s first homicide since 2006.

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  • dammitall23

    Glad Young Shithead’s being tried as an adult. Jesus Christ.

  • Old Man Metal

    Fucking Wal-Mart.

  • I bet the parents of this little trash are proud.

  • Dre Mosley

    So we have to fear unassuming teenage girls now. Anytime Uber makes the news, it’s for something outrageous. The drivers need to arm themselves.

  • darsa

    Holy crap, that’s crazy. Poor man… 🙁

  • Why don’t Uber drivers have guns? Cab drivers do!

  • 1DireWolf

    If she did a blitz attack I doubt he would have had time to pull his gun even if he had one. Crazy people come in all shapes, colors, genders and countenance. I used to drive a cab and I can tell you first hand that trouble comes unannounced.


    Fuck trusting strangers like this. I could never be a cab driver or uber driver, and sure as hell not pick up hitchhikers. Not in this day and age. Say you pick up this little psychopath, hitchhiking … You think this cute little girl is going to be a harmless passenger, what could possibly go wrong ?” My trust in humanity is just about fucked, thanks to the internet.

  • itsknotme

    “Was she trying to stiff the Uber driver”

  • Old Man Metal

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  • Stormclouds

    Stab-happy, that one. =/ Poor guy, RIP.

  • Old Man Metal

    “Our goal is to ensure that everyone has a safe and reliable ride. That’s why Uber prohibits riders and drivers from carrying firearms of any kind in a vehicle while using our app.*”

    Fuck. That.

  • Bob Saccamanno

    Sadly, when some POS like this girl decides she’s going to stab you from behind, there’s no defense. I hope she gets put in prison for life.

  • The only upshot here is this little piece of shit is getting convicted as an adult. Ugh. The world is such a dark place.

  • BG

    Damn. Murdering folks wasn’t an option when I was 16…

  • Whitney Michelle Okel

  • I don’t usually hope for this on people but I hope she gets her ass beat in prison. Ubering is noble and You have to have a nice car and shit. Stupid young dumb bitch

  • Amara Renea

  • Erika Elaine Stoll Katelyn Faltesek here y’all go like I promised ????????

  • 062168 .

    & with a tongue like that, she will be a welcome piece of meat,

  • Charged don’t mean shit!

  • Fuck. I’ve had a couple of uber rides late night that gave me the creeps. Think I’ll take the night off

  • scotsims

    Look at our President. It all rots from the top down.

  • scotsims

    She’s young and has a very plump tongue. She’ll do well in prison.

  • Inferus

    Sometimes I wish I could nuke Earth from orbit. Only way to be sure…this shit stops.

  • What on earth made her do that? Is she mental?

  • Ashlee Tarin!!!

  • I have what I need to defend myself also.

  • Plus I don’t take children for a ride

  • She’s a child, who obviously had a critical mental breakdown. There’s a lot more to this story. Something happened to this girl.

  • After the other story about k2, I bet that’s what it was. Someone probably sold this kid fake weed, she didn’t know better and lost her mind.. we’ll see I guess.

  • Not supposed to take a “fare” with a minor unaccompanied by an adult. I would have carded her

  • Diva of Destruction

    I hope this cunt gets ten shades of shit beat outta here daily. Little girl trying to be tough and took someone’s life for nothing.

  • Big Stan

    Fake weed? Lol come on..have you ever seen synthetic blends? They look and smell nothing like real rasta. I once took a bong of something called Pandora’s box and soent the next 35 minutes leaning over my kitchen sink thinking I was going to die. Just stick with the sticky icky kids.

  • dumwise

    I don’t think so. That’s not how one would go about giving one a stiffy

  • AlabamDeb

    If they even acknowledge parentage. I sure as hell wouldn’t.

  • Now she can pucker up those duck lips for her new Boo in the orange jumpsuit. Kiss, kiss

  • dilldoeh

    Lol this is all well and good, but apparently she knows how tobkill and enjoys it. I hope she runs that prison someday. You work here, your kids will be orphans type o shit.

  • BG

    Amen Brother! 😉

  • BG

    So, we’re blaming POTUS for violent teenagers now? Seems a tad illogical to me…

  • She stabbed an innocent person to death. It doesn’t matter what happened to her.

  • I disagree

  • What’s the next step?

  • Convicted and sentenced

  • I hate people

  • Sejanus

    Lock her away forever. With a trade deal made for violent male offenders in dire need of a female catch basin they can wail on regularly.
    Let her become a human punching bag and petri dish.
    Make her existence one of unending suffering and brutality.

  • Well I’m sure you’d feel different if it was someone you cared about.

  • If it was someone I cared about, I’d want to know the reason.

  • Old Man Metal

    This world has always been a rotten place filled with murderous scum of all ilk. This has nothing to do with who’s in the White House, Obama or Trump (or whoever). The problem is humanity, always has been and always will be.

  • And this is why the justice system is fucked, because of people like you. Always making excuses for little privileged punks like this. Even if she is mentally unstable.. she shouldn’t be in society. She’s a criminal, period.

  • Rae Lin

    What a waste of human life. I hope capital murder charges are forthcoming… it’s warranted: this was an unprovoked, clearly premeditated act, committed with the intent of stealing the man’s car. This girl does not deserve to continue breathing, at tax-payer expense, for the next 75 years!

  • Rae Lin

    Lol! Except that Uber can ONLY hold the drivers to the standard of being “disarmed”… So by publicizing this policy, they are advertizing their drivers as nice, soft, targets for armed criminals. Hell, their victim will even come to them, allow them access to their vehicle, and give them a free ride before being easily robbed and/or assaulted.

  • ConcernedAmerican

    She is just misunderstood. She may be a Muslim and the driver made some negative comment. By sharia law, it’s legal to kill anyone that insults you for any reason, so she should go free.

  • scotsims

    At rallies he encouraged violence against people with opposing views. A 69 yr old grandmother was coldcocked and he said nothing, others were manhandled and hit being dragged out of the rally. He shoved Montenegro’s PM out of the way to get into the front row where no-one talked to him. Add this to other actions and statements he’s setting a fine example to America’s youth that being a bully, verbally degrading people and getting physical is A-OK.

    Lock him up.

  • scotsims

    Read my comment above.

    Saying that the world is a rotten place is an excuse is give cover to someone who reacts like a child and throws a temper tantrum.

    We have people who have given their lives so America can be safe, sacrifices them selves to protect their child.

    Be happy to stick with the status quo being presented. I’ll take the high road. You’re better than this.

  • Melina Elizabeth I totally agree this allie chick is exactly what’s wrong with the justice system. She’s 16 and when I was 16 I knew not to stab someone to death that’s pretty brutal.

  • Disgusting. Just don’t understand people that do things like this

  • Sarah Reid Amanda Jaeger????????????

  • Sarah Reid Amanda Jaeger????????????

  • Big Stan

    Always better grown yourself too, they used to spray weed around my area with stuff to add weight and they didn’t care what they sprayed it with. Was obvious though because it barely burnt and Tangerine Dream is not supposed to taste like shit lol. I do 6 at a time..veg them for 4-5 months so they are a real good size and flower for 2-3 depending on strain. 5-6 oz per plant. Cure for 3 months and that yield could last me 8-12 months. Nothing added but pure natural ingredients.Beauty of it is 6 plants in the UK is considered personal use so slap on the wrist and a fine if caught yeehaa. be legal here in few years.

  • Big Stan

    Wasn’t meaning that to come across as cheeky as it did. I have seen many synthetic weeds (only tried once) and there is not one that properly resembles real weed. The true stuff is unmistakable.

  • I’d love to hack her ugly looking tongue off with that machete. That poor man. Like a horror movie.

  • Omg

  • Old Man Metal

    All the same things (that you said above in response to BG) can be said about a lot of the people that are protesting against Trump as well (see: antifa thugs).

    The world IS a rotten place. That’s a fact, not an excuse. And it’s not a new development.

    You’re apparently only seeing one side of things. Both sides suck.

  • Old Man Metal


  • BG

    I guess it is all in how you view things. Traditionally, the five super powers stand in the front for the photo op. He didn’t shove the man, he moved past him. It’s the hyper-speech inflammatory words of the leftist media that turn brushing past someone to get where one is SUPPOSED to be into “shoved”. It’s ridiculous. No one talked to him. Umm, BOO HOO? You think he’s a bully? It would have been worse under Clinton. That psychopath was born a bully and got as far as she got on the virtue of being a bully. Not to mention she called the members of her own party “stupid and easily manipulated”. It’s not the President inciting violence. It’s the whinging cry-baby left that can’t get over the election that are constantly reacting with violence. And the left keeps it going, with deliberate and enthusiastic aplomb.

  • BG

    Being in Oregon, it’s now legal for me. Just go to the pot shop, pick out what you want, buy some gummie or truffle edibles and I’m on my way again. 🙂

  • scotsims

    I do see both sides of the coin.

    I don’t present myself as totally negative – there are many exceptions – But i’s over the same things ad nauseam.

    There’s positives and negatives in everything. I keep that in mind, otherwise I’d be Donald Trump.

  • scotsims

    Trump physically shoved the Prime Minister of Montenegro. Period. Any other story is a complete lie.

    When he screws up – almost daily – he whines and blames everyone else but himself.

    You need a better script Troll.


  • BG

    So, you name call because someone disagrees with you? Troll? I’ve had better insults from a toddler dude. I’ve been around longer than you. I see you’re yawing, clearly you bore even yourself with your hysterical leftist nonsense… Try again.

  • I noticed the Uber drivers are very jumpy. The driver kept looking back at every move I made. I feel as though they are scared to death of any slightest move I make.

  • Wow That is messed up!

  • Shayley exactly! Hope she rots in hell

  • There has to be more though. If she is seriously mentally ill, she needs help. She is young, she will eventually get out (I doubt she will be given death etc…). I’m not saying she is innocent, and I’m NOT saying she doesn’t deserve punishment. I’m just saying there seems to be more to this story and I agree with OP on this doesn’t seem so cut and dry.

  • When I was a teen my friend was drugged at a party we were at. They put a ton of acid in her drink. She flipped out and was violent and irrational. (She’s now in a permanent psychosis). Kids these days are messing with all kinds of stuff she could have been drugged, or something traumatic might have happened to her to cause a major mental break down. I just think there’s more going on then a girl who just “decided” to kill a stranger.

  • Allie Meck, I understand you’re trying to use rationalize thinking here. But at the end of the day someone murdered someone and whether she is 100% responsible or not, someone has to pay for what they did. This girl is no different. One of the harder parts of today’s society is this type of thinking. Kids feel that if they’re at all a victim they can victimize others.

    Now this is solely my opinion: Allie, I understand what you’re trying to say and its nice to see someone attempting to give her the benefit of the doubt, just keep in mind however not everyone deserves some saving grace chance just because they where a victim of something. Example being She went to Walmart to meet up with some kids to do drugs, the drugs have an odd effect and make her lash out like this. Its 100% her fault if that’s the case. But the big deal is we just don’t know what happened.

    For everyone else that is commenting further, just know she will be triad and she will get what she deserves, If the court finds something outrageous (i.e. like Allie is saying perhaps drugged beyond her control or something of the sort) she will get a fair trial. Its really early on in this case and we have little to no evidence since we are simply a social media website, not jurors . Don’t propagate hate which could spread to an unfair trail, let the system do its job.

  • I never said she didn’t deserve to be punished. My main point is that she’s a child, she committed a sinceless act and she’s loosing her life because of it as well. That’s sad, no matter how you look at it.

  • She’s evil

  • Allie I can’t really say I follow that thinking honestly. I do agree she threw her life to the pits of hell but I don’t see that as sad, since it was on her own accord (so far, as we know). The only part I see as sad is the life of another that was taken unjustly. We can either be just or merciful, not both. I’m rarely ever shown mercy, justice is all I know.

  • She deserves to rot in prison!

  • scotsims

    Troll is an insult”? Boo Hoo Hoo. Did I hurt your little widdle-diddle-niddle feelings BG? “If anyone here is a “toddler dude”, it’s you, who uses toddler as if it’s still the 1940s? How old are you?

    In reality Clinton called Pubes (GOP) “stupid and easily manipulated” which you’ve just proved.

    Go stand with your “big man” Trump, he has popular support of 36%, The calls for impeachment is 46%.

    F*** O*** TrollBot

  • BG

    Jesus, take your meds, you’re clearly about to stroke out. Did it take you six whole days to come up with that lame assed reply? Your game needs work… Lots and lots of work. Last anyone checked, children aged 12 -36 months are still called “toddlers”. Not sure what you might be calling them, but the rest of the world still calls them “toddlers”.As for my feelings and whether they’re hurt or not? Nope, not one bit. How could they be? I’m far too busy laughing at the extended temper-tantrum the left is having over having been so very, very wrong. It is ceaselessly entertaining. All one has to do for a laugh is turn on the news and there it is, more entertainment. All the angsty hand-wringing frustration of the left. It is glorious to behold. Here’s a life tip, if you are going to use phrases like “widdle-diddle-niddle feelings” don’t be asking how old people are, because you come across as a perpetually frustrated, impotent, enraged 12 year old that got embarrassed by his hard-on in class in front of his crush.

    You done yet?

  • scotsims

    I’m just sitting back and laughing as you Pubes go nuts dealing with your dear leader.

    Hubris is your downfall, genius.

  • BG

    See, there is your comprehension problem, right there. It isn’t my hubris, it’s yours. Your side left out it’s base. The base reacted. The hubris was all on the Dems. But tell me, why do find it acceptable to be so nasty? Where have I been nasty? Are you so insecure in your position that you have to resort to schoolyard taunts? The fact that you can’t comment with out being vile says more about you, and the left than it says about me. If you can’t defend your side without insulting and attempting to turn the table, then you CLEARLY have no position WORTH defending. Turn off CNN and tune in to what is going on in Nebraska, Iowa, Michigan, until you do, your side will lose. And you will continue to blame everyone else for your loses instead of taking the responsibility for fixing the problem. But then again, I suspect you know this, because you know, the REAL collusion during the election was between HRC and the DNC to squash ol’ Bernie into dust, so now it’s tantrums and hysteria to cover for your Queen. But go ahead, talk about MY hubris again. You just look more foolish by the second…

  • scotsims


    You’re so funny. “Where have I been nasty?”

    I easily shot your Alt-Truth comment down and you’ve been on a continual hissy-fit. Sorta like the Donald. Blame Hillary. Blame Comey. Blame people like BG.

    I thought crones had already gone through menopause, or is this just your natural state?

    Reply. I need another laugh bitch.

  • BG

    No, poor little disenfranchised sneauflayke, the alternate reality here is the one in your head. And you’re really going to be obtuse enough to say the blame-game starts on the right? Barry Soetoro blamed Bush for everything right up until the last year he was in office. You’re arguments are invalid. But really, please reply, I love eating assholes for brekkie…

  • scotsims

    Everything that goes in your mouth is shit.

    Everything that comes out of your mouth is shit.


  • BG

    Nah, that’s just your fucked up thinking Sneauflayke. Next?

  • scotsims

    A Trump Troll Bot.


  • BG

    Blind idiot, double yawn… Getting all your news from disgraced CNN are you? How does disgrace and failure feel Scot?

  • scotsims

    Disgrace and failure are what your ilk should feel after being by played for useful fools by Trump’s besties, the Russians.

    What’s it feel like to be a commie?

    Out of the closet.

    Free at last!

    Free at last.

  • BG

    Jesus, even your masters at Clinton News Network have given up that ghost. And in light of the recent revelation that the UK was also hacked by Russia it REALLY makes that false narrative, and those that believe it, look exceptionally stunted. Is it fun in your make believe world?

  • scotsims

    More fake news from the Trump Troll.

    The Russian attacks on America started in 2015 and continue.

    The attacks in the UK occurred a week ago. Besides Russia, China, Iran and North Korea are suspect.

    Lying by omission, child’s play.

  • BG

    OK, keep telling yourself that, even Maddog Maddow is say “Gosh, maybe there is no collusion” but hey, you know best don’t you? Feel the BERN man, FEEL THE BERN…

  • scotsims

    If she stated that, it is was said sarcastically.

    You didn’t see her show tonight when she sewed a lot of collusion pieces together. Your man Trump is not going to serve a full first term. LOL.

    Do keep up.

  • Big Stan

    I can’t lie, I am insanely jealous

  • BG

    I don’t blame you. I was insanely jealous of Washington and Colorado before it became legal here too. 😉

  • BG

    Clearly you are insane beyond measure. Trump is here. You can do nothing about it and Barry might just go down for knowing about Russia’s interference last summer and doing NOTHING about it. Tell me Scotty, do you drive Tonka Trucks to work in your world?

  • Big Stan

    Well jealous that you can just walk into a shop and get multiple strains if you need. Unfortunately I am usually stuck to one strain as I do 6 of them at a time. May be illegal here but the quality of what I produce is as good as it can get anywhere in the world (I have tried it all over during travels and had Cali produce sent over in post many times). My dad actually taught me how to do it since I was about 15/16 so I have been mastering this for over 14 years. I need to move to the US and get my ass a licence to grow and distribute that would be the dream. I only grow personal here because I am not a drug dealer and plus fuck everyone else as long as I am sorted.

  • BG

    I’m jealous that you have the skills to grow. My thumbs are black… Plants see me coming and wilt. It’s tragic. I can usually keep one plant at work, and one plant at home (regular, hardy houseplants, not pot plants) going. Anything more and they all die on me. LOL! ;-D

  • scotsims

    There was ONE story retracted by CNN and the three involved have “resigned” because they did not check out the story properly.

    Are you a Trump Troll or a Russia Troll.