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RIVERDALE, UT — Police arrested a woman after she locked her two young children in the trunk of her car as she went shopping inside Wal-mart.

Police were dispatched to the Riverdale Wal-Mart after a witness called to report seeing a woman lock two children in the trunk of her car before going inside the store.

Other witnesses in the parking lot heard the two children – ages 2 and 5 – screaming inside the trunk and pounding so frantically that the vehicle was shaking.

“The little girl’s voice. Just screaming, let me out! I’m scared,” said Charity Maw.

One of the witnesses was able to talk the 5-year-old girl through using the emergency latch inside the trunk to get it open.

“And there’s two kids there, tears coming down their face. Balling. They were scared,” said Maw.

The children’s mother, 39-year-old Tori Lee Castillo, was arrested when she returned to her car. She was booked into the Weber County jail for child abuse.

The children were released into the custody of their father and the Department of Child and Family Services was contacted.

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  • You know what bothers me about these stories, outside of the extremely terrible things these people do, is in these mug shots alot of these people are crying or look like they just finished crying. I don’t understand what in the hell they are crying for when they KNOWINGLY did this fucked up thing….It completely blows my mind.

  • They just didn’t plan on getting caught.

  • darsa

    Terrible story, horrible person… but ugh, c’mon, it’s BAWLING, not balling!! Yeesh. >.<

  • 1DireWolf

    I heard once if you want to know who loves you more between your wife and your dog, you should lock both of them in your trunk and drive around a couple of hours. Then, when you open the trunk, see which one is happy to see you.

    Maybe the mother was just trying to see which one loved her the most. Just sayin’

  • dammitall23

    Yes. If those children were in there balling, that’s additional charges.

  • dammitall23

    So you tell her *not* to leave children in a hot car, and old Oppositional Defiant Disorder there takes it as a *challenge* not to get caught. Makes me wonder what *other* things she knows better than to do, but has gotten away with, anyway?


    I just cannot wrap my head around the thought process (or .. lack of ) .. that goes into an extremity like this. How can anyone think *this* is a good idea ??????? I understand brain farts, and momentary lapse of judgment … but locking your kids in the trunk while you go shopping ??????? COME. ON. My extremely low faith in humanity, just dropped a notch lower.

  • Taster’sChoice

    That was effing great. LOL

  • Wonder what all kinds of horrible things we’d see if we viewed Walmart parking lot videos? Poor kids, hope they aren’t returned to her.

  • Inferus

    Utah: full of cultist white trash who somehow think THEIR myopic worldview is superior to yours as they breed with abandon, increasingly incestuously. Outside of SLC it’s the Hills Have Eyes, I shit you not!

  • Antonio Valor

    My guess here is she snapped. Which in no way excuses her actions, just saying I doubt she thought this through beyond “I’m sick of these fucking hellspawn, they can sit in the fucking trunk.”
    All normal parents have a moment of exasperation, but then they deal, then they move forward. What they DON’T do is follow through with whatever bullshit thought they had in that moment.

  • jansav

    wow 2 and 5? if they had been 13 and 15 I would totally understand it. stupid cow. they should just lock her in a trunk for a week. If she survives ok if not, even better.

  • D S

    In fairness, she would have gotten away with it, if it weren’t for those meddling kids.

  • Sheree Procter

  • The Boyfriend

  • Lock her in a crate and stab it with randow shit. See if she’s as good as Houdini. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8ef732d2f4af993e021e155fbb8b9d8d4f4b92035460acf2c0213bcba3ced01b.jpg

  • Cool Punk Scene, though.

  • Buncheman


  • BG

    Wouldn’t it be cool if she took breathing as a challenge and quit doing it?

  • Taster’sChoice

    It would, but what I have found is that no matter how long I hold my breath, I still come back for more. Hard to hold your breath longer than your body will let you sometimes despite your best effort. 🙂

  • Taster’sChoice

    They will be. I have friends who are currently God Parents (whatever that is) that are in the process of attempting to extricate the kids from the birth mother for an utter lack of momness. It seems that there is very little if any precedent for this to occur. Meanwhile the “mom” is an absolute POS yet despite the evidence of her actions, the system is set up to lean this way (left, IMHO, toward lunacy) You’re free to disagree but arm yourself with facts. 🙂

  • AlabamDeb

    Agree! Probably crying that she got caught, not that she sees anything wrong with what she did. Stupid, stupid COW! Anything could have happened to those babies!

  • mean birch

    Then she should try it under water. With cement shoes.

  • link07

    Yeah that would be a divorceable offence for me….. say no to frumpy child abusing spouses.

  • measyou

    I need that on a shirt

  • Robin Wise

    Only at Walmart!

  • melb1970

    who does this? Why couldn’t she take the kids in the store….?? Why lock them in the trunk for gawds sake?
    She needs the shit slapped out of her.

  • BG

    Stupid involuntary reflexes anyway… 😉

  • Jason Railing your people.

  • Wonder if she’s in one of those Wal-Mart photos I’m always posting on FaceBook. Poor babies. She needs to never see the outside again. Beatch.

  • itsknotme

    Were the kids named Spridal and Chim-Chim?

  • Valkyrie Ziege

    ; A car isn’t a baby-sitter.

  • butts6954

    She needs to be put into an Iron Maiden as soon as possible, and left out in the desert immediately……

  • Diva of Destruction

    I hope their little fist didn’t dent the cars trunk. One little girl was heard screaming she was scared…duh. Everyone gets scared the first time they are thrown in the trunk of a car, ah memories.

    I wonder what the mom purchased in the store? Id bet dog leashes for the children.

  • Old Man Metal

    I was gonna ask the obvious question, but it looks like y’all have things covered.

  • Defafan

    What a dumb pig. She obviously shouldn’t have children if she can’t even be bothered with taking them into WALMART! Horror story = Walmart… She does have a lot of nerve crying though. Fucking idiot. Thank goodness someone with eyes and a brain in the Walmart parking lot saw her do that.

  • Sejanus

    Put her in the trunk of a ’74 Duster and drive her to the desert.
    Park it and leave it there for a few hours.
    then take her to jail for 20 years.

  • Big Stan

    Is Wal-Mart one of those places you can get basically anything.. Groceries and bullets etc?

  • Big Stan

    Those pictures have ruined many a lunch for me thank you.

  • Big Stan

    Is the hot chick in the photo supposed to convince me round?

  • Ann Roh
  • Old Man Metal

    Iron Maiden? Excellent!

  • darsa

    YES! lol

  • Mz. Aquafina

    Why in the Duster? My father has one of that same year and I love that car

  • Night Nurse

    They are crying from self pity. They are crying because they got caught and feel sorry for themselves. Remorse for what they did is never the reason.

  • Night Nurse

    Why ruin a classic Mopar?

  • lol Sorry

  • I’m guessing the exhaust fumes can’t be that great in a car that old maybe

  • Devondthompson

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  • kennedy

    I drive through riverdale in my way to work. Yes its state full of hypocritically ignorat cultists, But I was hoping you guys would have more dug up about her theft charge too. http://fox13now.com/2017/05/27/utah-mom-arrested-after-locking-young-children-in-trunk-of-car-while-she-shopped/
    Here it says.
    According to the Riverdale Police ” “Department, Tori Castillo was booked into the Weber County Correctional Facility in Ogden. She faces four counts of child abuse with physical injury, and one charge of theft.”
    Maybe she was shoplifting, the kids could have cramped her style. Why is there no more details about her theft? This state has too much conspiracy when it comes to the full story. They prefer to keep the truth out of the media and they report what they say is facts.

  • Flik Rust

    stupid fucking cunt. she doesn’t deserve children.