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HOGANSVILLE, GA – A three -year-old boy has died after his 1-year-old brother struck him in the head with a toy truck.

The incident happened on May 6 as the boys were playing at their home while their mother’s boyfriend was babysitting.

At some point, according to the boyfriend, the younger brother hit his older brother in the head with a remote control truck.
After the older boy was struck the boyfriend sent to him to bed and did not call 911 until the next morning when he found the boy unresponsive in his bed.

They boy was rushed to the hospital with some bruising and scratches to his face, but doctors were unable to revive him.

The boyfriend was arrested on a probation violation in another county, but no arrests have been made in relation to the boy’s death.

Hogansville Police Chief Brian Harr requested additional assistance on the case from the Troup County Sheriff’s Office and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

“Anytime we have a death, child or adult, that was not under medical care it’s considered an ‘unattended death,'” said Harr. “We always do an investigation on those cases and the circumstances surrounding the death.”

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  • I call bullshit….

  • I bet it was the boyfriend

  • Damn they’ll blame it on the kid???!! Man…wtf is wrong with people?!

  • Something sounds suspicious here…..lets blame a 1 year old who cant tell anyone what happened…suuuure 🙁

  • Sounds fishyy

  • I don’t believe this, one bit! How does a 1 y/o hit a 3 y/o that hard???

  • That seems a little strange. Kids are always smacking each other. I once I smashed my brothers head in with a rock. It doesn’t seem like they kill each other this way very often at all.

  • Bahhhdman

    Try him as an adult!

    Kidding. You know it was the boyfriend.

  • Because the bathtub is so over used…

  • A one year old hitting with enough force to kill? Who the hell is he, Bam-Bam? Nah. The boyfriend did it.

  • Booolshit.

  • IronWoobie

    Suuuuure. The one-year-old hit a child in the head with enough force to kill him.

    Am I standing in a barn? Because I smell bullshit.

  • Yeah, right.

  • I got hit in the head with a baseball bat and I am still here….

  • Holy shit this is about an hour or so from me

  • Now, IF, and I am really stressing the if here, IF that is what happened, why the fuck do these people always send the kid to bed? Common sense, which I’m aware is scarce, tells you that a head injury should be monitored.

    Now, with that being said, it was the boyfriend. It’s always the boyfriend.

  • Something is off here

  • No the 1 year old, the boyfriend is more likely

  • Bullshit. Bf did it.

  • ouch! I was in track in high school doing discus and shot put and I was spotting one time and misjudged the discus like an idiot and and ran right into it. I thought it broke my leg. it was so painful. But I lived….

  • This is such bullshit. I have a 1yo. Not only does she have the strength to hit hard enough to really even hurt her siblings let alone kill them. Plus what kinda million dollar remote control car was it? Even the 70$ my son had ended up not lasting 2wks bc it was junky. Plus if you got 2 kids n one is beatin on the other why not send that kid to bed? Why punish the hurt kid? There is soooo much more to this story!

  • i second that.

  • As did I…lol. And a toy being swung by a 1 year old just wouldn’t kill in my opinion

  • That headline is totally misleading . Should be more like ‘man kills 3 year old, blames it on 1 year old hitting him in the head with a truck’

  • No way the 1 year old had the strength to hit his brother hard come on!

  • dilldoeh

    Thank god the boyfriend wasnt hurt. Having to deal with a monster like that.

  • No.BF did it and blamed it on the one year old easy peasy no charges against a man gets to stay clean and he’s going to get his hands dirty something will come up

  • Thats a lie if ever there was one .

  • Old Man Metal

    Yeah, I gotta join the “bullshit” chorus here. Nope! Just nope! Go ahead and arrest the boyfriend…

  • Julie, I knew there was a reason for your craziness! ????

  • starry1

    Bullshit. A 1yo doesn’t have the strength to kill a cockroach, much less a toddler.

  • I was wondering when this was going to make it on DD. The local news ran a story on it. My immediate thought is that there is more to this story. Hopefully it’s all just some weird accident but somehow I doubt it

  • There is NO way an infant could hit a toddler’s head with a toy so hard that he would die. Are police seriously believing this garbage?! Also, if the boyfriend witnessed the whole thing, do they really think he scolded the baby, “Now that’s not nice, we don’t hit” and sent the toddler, who presumably was far more hurt than just a bump on the head straight to bed?! “That was quite a hit, just go to sleep & you’ll be all better!” Fucking really?!!

  • Lies. The boyfriend did it.

  • They do that because at the very least they’ll just get a “child neglect resulting in death/manslaughter” charge instead of murder. It’s to save their own ass.

  • Janelle Izzabella Antonia

    Gtfoh!! The bf did it..blame it on the baby tho right? He had bruises and scratches on his face? But he only got hit in the head with a toy truck huh? Rriiiggghhhttt…

  • BG

    Uh huh…. suuuuure it was the baby… The boys on the cell block already despise baby killers, how are they going to feel about a baby killer that then blamed the other baby?!? I predict it won’t be pretty however they react to it.

  • Also, after being an avid fan of Forensic Files since childhood, they need to test this “toy” for the victim’s DNA as well as match the shape of the truck to the child’s injuries.. But even then, they need to run tests on how many pounds of force a toddler would need to be hit in order to be fatal. I’m betting anything the toy wasn’t even the weapon, unless the boyfriend premeditated this & used the toy to further corroborate his “the baby did it” story.

  • Like everyone is saying I too believe it’s prob the bf that did it because how in the world can a 1yr old possibly throw anything that hard to kill a fly..BUT! we need to remember children that small do have soft spots in their skulls,SO if by chance the 1yr old was ABLE enough to throw something that heavy&far,it is POSSIBLE for this to happen:( most the times it is the bf fault but thank God for our court system(even though they do get it wrong sometimes)

  • Leslie Mashmann

    Boyfriend was watching him. Was he the biological father. Hmmmm.

  • I call bullshit…

  • So we’re just going to believe this obviously bullshit story from “Mommy’s Boyfriend?” I sure hope not.

  • Um. No. Just no.

  • Boyfriend needs a razorblade fuck time!

  • I smell bullshit with this one

  • Valerie

    I have a three year old. She was running the other day and fell and smacked her head against a table. She was fine. Toddlers are pretty tough. I doubt a one year old was able to do enough damage to kill a three year old. My money is also on the boyfriend.

  • I call bullshit!

  • Christy

    My exact thought.

  • Agree

  • Dre Mosley

    Yeah, unless this one-year old is Bam-Bam from the Flintstones, I’m
    having a hard time buying that he exerted enough force to kill.
    Babysitting boyfriend did it.

  • He’s trying to say a one-year-old picked up a truck and swung it/threw it hard enough to knock the three-year-old in the head and cause him to die. He somehow got super human baby strength and hit him so hard, so hard that it caused his death! After that he put him to bed and never checked on him till morning. That is absolutely false and ridiculous. Are you friggin kidding me. The man needs to rot in jail or worse!

  • Right!!! Wtf as if

  • Mia York

    Yeah right. This child was clearly harmed by the boyfriend. This is absurd.

  • Bigtime BS. What 1 year old can possibly hit his brother hard enough to kill him?
    Moms boyfriend strikes again.

  • That might fly if it were the other way around….if the three year old hit the one year old. A one year old still definitely has a soft spot. Not sure if a three year old still does, but if so, it’s got to be much smaller, and the rest of the skull is thicker than an infants.
    This guy is toast. His story is a crock of poop.

  • Yeah, October got hit by a large horse when Riley threw it when he was THREE and it only required 2 or 3 stitches. Even now at 8 I can’t see it.

  • Belinda Morris

    Bullshit the boyfriend did it and blamed the 1 year old

  • Vunderlak

    I am sure you all are already blaming the boyfriend, who probably did it. I just want to say it is possible. Half my left eyebrow is just a scar and has been since I was four and my brother two and he damn near took my head off throwing a rock at me. Never trust little kids. They are evil.

  • I have 1 year olds twin boys who seem to want to fight to the death on a daily basis and they barely even bruise each other :/

  • I call bullshit. What one year old has the strength to hit their 3 year old brother, hard enough, to kill him?! Something’s not right here….

  • Unless this kid dropped it from a second story balcony I’m not buying it. The cops will get to the bottom of it. Plus, all I needed to see was the word ‘boyfriend’ to figure out the truth.

  • Hmmmmmmmm. Are they sure it wasnt the bf? How can a toddler hit that hard????????

  • Ramonathegreat

    I have a 1 year old too. You could hand her a freaking hatchet and you might end up with a paper cut. A 1 year old doesn’t have enough size or body weight to swing a toy hard enough to kill. Angela from Bones needs to recreate this one because I just don’t think it’s physically possible.

    It’s always the boyfriend, and if it’s not the boyfriend, it’s the mom.

  • Nedly Mandingo IV

    Another boyfriend left to babysit. We’ve all seen this one play out numerous times on this website. How much you want to bet that either the boyfriend threw the child into the wall or he slammed his head down on the ground. But yeah let’s just throw the 1 year old under the bus and blame him. We all know a baby has the upper body strength to bludgeon another child to death. //huge ass eye roll

  • And that 1 year old won’t be able to defend himself & will grow up thinking he killed his brother unless they investigate it further & find the real truth.

  • And a remote control car? Hitting a kid in the head? I couldn’t even see one of those cars that kids drive killing a kid if it hit them in the head.

  • Cassy_Again


  • Cassy_Again

    Seriously. How could a 1-year-old pick it up and wield it with any force at all. The toddler would likely fall over.

  • So much this. The story reeks of bullshit

  • Scout Kent

    Soft spot closes by age 2 at the latest.

  • I call bullshit! No 1yr old could hit a kid that hard..

  • PurpleAnn

    I know, right?!

  • PurpleAnn

    Like so…Attach

  • PurpleAnn

    Like so….

  • I feel like something more is going on here. My brother dropped a heavy lead pipe on my head once when I was around 6 or so. It hurt. I remember screaming. I didn’t die from it. This was much heavier than a remote control truck. I am not buying this story at all.

  • Diva of Destruction

    There needs to be more Remote Control Truck laws. I’m tired to reading stories everyweek where a baby kills a toddler with a remote control truck. We need stricter regulations on these things. But seriously the fucking boyfriend did it, Stevie Wonder can see that.

  • LA Woman

    Boyfriend did it no breaking fucking news there but do the cops actually believe that shit ?

  • keepalow

    Thats one strong 1 year old.. nah… the boyfriend did it.

  • Ann Roh

    My cousin dropped his hand-me-down, made of steel, toy truck on my head from his 3rd story apartment balcony (in his defense, I had stole his cookie that day), but I’m still kicking decades later. My bets on boyfriend, too.

  • Sejanus

    A 1 year old did it…riiiiiiiiiight.

  • Taster’sChoice

    “while their mother’s boyfriend was babysitting” – Clue #1 as to what happened.

  • GGMon

    A one year old? I hope someone really investigates this because I call bullshit

  • Talkin

    If cops are buying this story it’s because they’re too lazy to do their job!

  • – ALWAYS! ????

  • dumwise

    I call double dog bullshit. Sorry I accidentally hit the down arrow

  • dumwise

    You think?

  • dumwise

    I bet the police don’t suspect a thing

  • AlabamDeb

    Are you sure the 1 year old hit him with a truck? Are you SURE it wasn’t the fall down the steps/tripped and hit the coffee table/fell in the shower? Come ON, that excuse is on page 1 of Ways to Get By With Child Abuse manual!

  • melb1970


  • jansav

    hmm something doesn’t sound right.

  • understandingoverignorance

    Same here.

  • understandingoverignorance

    Okay that 1 year old needs to be called up to the majors in a few years with an arm like that.

  • The new dick did it. Mr probation violation. Yeah , him. Of course it was him. Stop leaving your children to be looked after by your newest flavor ladies because this is the fucking bullshit that happens & I’ll be reading of the outcome here on DD. Stupidity.

  • Jessie

    I agree!

  • LucyJane

    Please post the follow up when they arrest the boyfriend for this.

  • Big Stan

    Oh yeh that’s the smart thing to do after a head injury..send the kid to sleep. What a fucking idiot. Anybody with any kind of sense at all knows after a head injury is a time to remain conscious and seek help if its that bad. Kid could have been fine had the boyfriend done the right thing and took him to get checked out. That is assuming the boyfriend didn’t hit the kid. Seems a likely excuse that the 1 year old did it.

  • Big Stan

    I think I need to move to LA

  • I’m late posting but c’mon Captain Obvious, the one year old did it? Boyfriend did it and the mom may or may not be covering for dude.

  • Unfortunately that is the case.

  • Exactly.

  • The soft spot closes between 9-12 months..so no spot for the 3 yr old.so the bf did it

  • Rae Lin

    Why put a possibly concussed child to bed?? Because: Only stupid people are breeding.
    Most places subject applicants to background checks before allowing them to adopt animals from the local shelter…
    Yet, all that’s required to leave the hospital with your newborn child is a pulse and a car seat :/

  • Rae Lin

    The posterior fontanelle is completely closed by 5 months old, and the anterior fontanelle between 9 and 18 months. This kid was 3 years old.
    He probably wouldn’t go to bed for his mom’s live-in penis, so was given a beat upside the head pill, to help him sleep.
    Sometimes the treatment can be overly effective ):

  • warhorse

    Toy truck, huh? Really?

  • Pedro Antonio

    i thought the same exactly. How come a 1 year old has enough strengt to lift heavy toy and smash the head of older brother ?

  • Pedro Antonio

    exactly what I thought. The only person in the room with enough strength to kill another person with an hard object was the bf , not the one year old toddler

  • Pedro Antonio

    exactly. An adult did it. The question is : Which one ? Mother or BF ?

  • Meagan Ireland

    Okay I could see how this could happen because I have a Three and Four year old and my Daughter (3) hits her brother all the time with toys. He always has some new bruise because she threw a full sippy cup at his face, pushed him into the corner of the table, or bit him, and you know what she even smashed him in the back of the head with a remote control toy truck once, no joke! He is always just fine, but I spend a good eternity cuddling, icing, and spoiling his boo boo all better, so why was the child who was bashed in the head sent to bed? I could even maybe sake just for arguments sake that this could probably happen, probably. The boy may have had an existing condition or he was just hit in a one in a million spot on his head that fractured something. Even still there are too many holes, why were his injurys not checked out? Do you know how many walk-in visits to my doc we have made to check out goose eggs from my kids falling or hitting there head because I am a concerned parent who knows a child’s little skull Andy brain are fragile …. why was this child punished to bed without a proper examination and secondly your telling me this kid was hit hard enough to die but had no complaints of a headache or vomiting at the very least crying for attention because he was in pain? Too many things here even if it was a result of a head injury caused by baby brother I would say there was some serious neglect after the fact that truly led to his death. So either way ….. My heart goes out too the poor baby who had to die alone in his bed instead of being protected by the people who are supposed to be there to prevent this very thing.