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MAGNOLIA, AR – The parents of a 15-day-old baby have been arrested after the newborn suffered at least 100 rat bites, including a bite so severe you could see the infant’s skull.

On Mother’s Day, police were called to the Magnolia Regional Medical Center in regard to a baby suffering from severe rat bites.

A nurse stated the newborn had been bitten at least 100 times and police describe the infant’s arms, fingers, hands and face being covered in rat bites. One wound on the baby’s forehead was so severe that you could see the baby’s skull.

When police spoke with the baby’s parents, Erica Shryock, 19, and Charles Elliott, 18, they gave differing accounts to what happened.

Shryock said she put the baby to sleep in a bassinet beside her bed at around 5:30 a.m. that morning. She woke up a couple of hours later to the baby screaming. That’s when she found the baby covered in blood.

Elliot told police they woke up to the baby screaming at around 5 a.m. and that he saw blood everywhere and noticed rat footprints in the baby’s crib.

The couple’s roommate told police she woke at 5:30 a.m. to the baby screaming and noticed the hole in the baby’s head, and that the blood was dry. She also questioned how the parents were able to sleep with the baby screaming right beside them.

The couple said they knew they had a rat problem in the house and had done nothing about it. They also admitted to being afraid of having their baby taken away, and that’s why they did not bring the baby to the hospital until 9 a.m. that morning.

As for the baby, a doctor said she had 75-100 rate bites all over her body. The severe skin destruction she suffered was from rats feeding over a course of hours.

The doctor noted that the the only way the baby could have suffered the horrific injuries it did was if the couple were incapacitated or were not there at the time they occurred.

On Monday, the baby had facial reconstruction surgery to repair the large open wound on her forehead.

Police arrested the couple and charged them both with felony endangering the welfare of a minor.

On a totally unrelated note, while looking for a better picture of Shryock, I found a GoFundMe she created in March. She was asking for money after losing her house in a fire. She got about $0 in contributions.

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  • Some people need to be sterilized. Seriously.

  • Smear them with peanut butter, tie them down in the same place and let the rats do the same to them.

  • doninkansas

    Tie them to their bed, smear them with peanut butter and some bacon grease, then leave them over night. Whatever is left alive can spend the rest of their lives in prison.

  • and immediately…

  • How incapacitated could you be, that baby had to be screaming from the very first bite! WTF

  • Disgusting. ????

  • Aerysta

    Sooo, she’s was 7 months pregnant a month ago and has a new born?

  • Inferus

    Don’t worry, boy. The only breeding you’ll be doing is as a bottom for your betters in prison.

  • Inferus

    Meth is one hell of a drug.

  • I’ve seriously had enough of these kinds of fucking people. Kill kill KILL them. Fuckers.

  • Inferus

    Math isn’t a strong point in Alabama.

  • Inferus

    Preferably using the rats.

  • Christy

    Holy shit. They must have been wacked on narcotics. Poor sweet baby.

  • There’s another child in their photos. Looks like they have 2.


    I’m going out on a limb here, to say their house probably blew up from a meth explosion.

    “People who make meth, shouldn’t do meth. It’s always the second batch that blows up.” ~ Randy Hickey

  • How is it that the baby was the only one bitten,if there are so many come these two mutants went unscathed? They should have given it up for adoption ,obviously,they are not meant to be parents.I’m just so saddened this could have been prevented .I HATE CRACK HEADS

  • They have another Kid! What happened to that one?

  • Sheree Procter

  • Tf? ????????????

  • Nedly Mandingo IV

    Sounds like they were on a bender and the baby was left to fend for herself. Please take this child away. Newborns need to eat every 2-3 hours, there is no excuse to not be up throughout the night with her and to be aware of her well being.

    My kids have a hamster and that little fluff ball bit me once on the finger and that fucking hurt! I couldn’t imagine it happening over 75 times to a helpless baby.

  • Holy shit that’s horrific. Poor baby.

  • They damn sure aren’t ‘Helicopter parents’.
    The ‘mother'(Please), looks to be about 13(she’s 19).
    Daddy looks like a real winner eh?

  • Christ!

  • Tell me again why birth control shouldn’t be free?

  • measyou

    Premature baby? He’s only 15 days old, so she would’ve given birth around month 8

  • Josh

    First baby arrives anytime, second one takes 9 months.

  • Just wtf man!!

  • Thats trash who should haver never had a kid

  • 15 days old how long did those scums leave tnis infant alone

  • Josh

    These 2 degenerate douchebags deserve each other. I wonder which one is the bigger loser. People latch on someone who makes them look better.

  • jansav

    The rats were feeding on the baby? over a course of HOURS? WTF? there is no way those people were in the room with that baby. They should be fed to the rats.

  • Exactly. All of these child neglect and abuse cases need to have forced sterilization as one of the punishments.

  • laurablue87

    That poor baby! She’s going to have scars from that. How embarrassing will that be when she’s older?

    “How’d you get that scar on your face?”

    “My parents let rats try to eat me alive when I was a baby.”


  • Jonni Tuttle

  • john smith

    Wow,what a nightmare,some people,deserve severe,punishment’s.Such as these sack’s of shits,not piece of shits,but sacks of shits.

  • Defafan

    Yep, tired of junkies having babies and then leaving them to die. If you are junkie, just leave the kid in the hospital and go on and drug yourself to death. Obviously drugs are more important, so why punish a helpless child? They make it nearly impossible to adopt a baby but any POS can have one and take it back to their rat infested drug den to perish… SMH.

  • William Dean Luke

    this couple asks for help online through a site dedicated to such things..and nobody donates..but, Oh, some ASSHOLE wants a new Batman donate to that lazy, good for nothing fuckface instead, right?

  • because rats, like humans, know the difference between an easy target, and certain doom.

    And they aren’t crackheads. Nowhere in this fucking article does it say they’re crackheads, or do crack, or any of that shit, you inconsiderate bitch.

    If you bothered to read the entire article, their fucking house BURNED DOWN, and they were desperately trying to get people to donate to the gofundme so they could move into a new, better place than where they are now.

    And I’m sure that, if you’re a parent, you’ve dealt with a child who will cry no matter WHAT you do, and sometimes the best thing you can do is leave the child alone to cry it out (SOMETIMES, not always..sometimes there isn’t shit you can do to calm a screaming child, no matter what you do, so some parents begin to learn to ignore that part of the biological clock that says “Kid’s in danger” when the kid cries..could be teething, could be any number of things…)

    Oh, sure, Donate 50 bucks on Gofundme to some asshole who wants a new “Professional Batman Costume” but fuck people who’ve actually LOST everything, right? Lemme guess “They brought it on themselves”?

  • BG

    Momma’s mugshot screams methhead… I’m surprised baby survived the first 15 days.

  • Leslie Mashmann

    So sick of this crap. Would sterilization of the parents be a smart thing ? Yes – but it won’t be done. Would it be best for the poor baby to be placed with loving, caring parents? Yes – but it won’t be done. As per Cps ” It is very hard to remove a child from it’s natural parents” – no matter how unnatural they are. God knows what will become of this poor baby – whose screams no one heard.

  • Ann Roh

    My babies were both born at 36 weeks of gestation (aka 8 months). The youngest missed the premature cut off by 4 hours. Good thing, too, as I don’t know how to explain a 9lb.12oz. 21 inch long premie.

  • Ann Roh

    Wow, are you really defending a couple who allowed their newborn to be chewed on for HOURS?

  • PurpleAnn

    There is already access to free birth control but they can’t be bothered to use it.

  • PurpleAnn

    What the Hell’s wrong with you?!

  • Old Man Metal

    “She was asking for money after losing her house in a fire.”

    It was horrible! They lost everything but the rats!

  • Omfg

  • Josh

    Probably related to them.

  • You don’t sleep on meth. Just saying…

  • Yep

  • lol

  • I did read the article and from there I hit up their fb pages..go figure, their friends referred to them as crack heads. And if you are a parent you know that a 15 day old baby doesn’t need to CRY it out! A baby that young Needs to be picked up and loved and attended to .. Did You read the article where it said over 100 rat bites? Or the hole was eaten in this kids head? You want me to donate to these losers? Fuck No.They don’t deserve my sympathy or my money. And they don’t deserve getting those kids back , yeah ,Actually they should be sterilized or have their future generation of kids taken away at birth.

  • scotsims

    I’d say send them to prison to get worked over and bring what’s left back to the house. Everyone gets their turn.

  • To play devil’s advocate they just lost their trailer a month and a half ago. Those rats were in the new place long before they got there. That still doesn’t excuse sleeping through a 15 day old screaming in pain for hours right next to you.

  • LA Woman

    And they had a baby? Whhhyyyyyy?????

  • Do you know what would have calmed this crying baby? GETTING THE FUCKING RATS OFF OF HER

  • takurospirit

    I don’t know from actual experience but I watched a documentary awhile ago. Apparently they are awake for days, then crash for days. I don’t know what this documentary was called or how it was allowed but they just filmed kids running around on their own in a filthy trailer while the parents basically slept for 2-3 days. Maybe it was all made up.

  • Krysten Crosby

  • That is just disgusting!

  • Yes it is. They should be thrown in a cage with rats and be fed on.

  • Absolutely!

  • What in the actual mother fuck?!

  • She looks like she’s falling asleep in her mug shot.

  • William Dean Luke you seem a bit butt hurt. I’m a parent my kid cries I’m there, not even Khorne himself could relish in the rage that would overcome me if I heard people letting a kid cry it out. Archaic ignorant methods.

  • William Dean Luke What the hell kind of drugs were they on?
    According to Daily Mail, the baby weighed 5 pounds at 15 days old which means these assholes weren’t feeding her basically starving her.The physician determined the damage would have taken ‘hours to occur and the baby would have been in distress during that time.’ The doctor suggested that the parents were ‘either incapacitated or absent to not have responded to the baby’s distress.’And seeing as the baby was in her bassinet right next to the parents bed,mommy ignored her daughters painful screams until 2 hours later., I can’t fathom ignoring those screams.

  • Grandma has custody.

  • Nah, shes not on drugs..


    Maybe he’ll use the suit to fight crime and do some good in the world … and not cook meth in it ..

  • Taster’sChoice

    These people deserve no money or sympathy from anyone. What in the hell was “mommy” on in this picture? And are you really condoning leaving a 15 day old baby to “cry it out”? You’re a backwoods motherfucker. period.

  • Taster’sChoice

    Or enjoying the meth she’s on?

  • Taster’sChoice

    They actually have 4 (too many) children between them.

  • Taster’sChoice
  • Shannon Myers wtf?!?!!? ????????????????

  • And after William dean Luke gets his ass handed to him
    He shuts the hell up. Frigging moron. They probably had the go find me account set up to BUY MORE CRACK! That poor baby, put these two in a room with 1000 rats and let them go to town.

  • William is probably a tweaker himself

  • Stormclouds

    @Dreamin Demon, every time I click a story in the forums, its coming up with a page not loaded and AVG claims to have contained malware based on the story.

    Just thought you might want to know,

  • I read in comments someone stared they ate meth addicts don’t know how true it is but they are 2 who have no business having babies

  • I would rather be in a shelter or my car than bring an infant into a home with a rodent problem I wouldn’t leave a wild animal with a roomful of rats never mind a baby The baby only weighed 5 pounds lucky the baby survived

  • BG

    Dude – don’t breed. That deep seeded brand of stupid you’re sporting is detrimental to society as a whole.

  • Stormclouds

    There’s not much more I can say on this that hasn’t already been said, beyond cut a centimeter off the end of their fingers, cauterise it with fire, rinse and repeat until you get to the heart.

    How fucking strung out does someone have to be… and how filthy the house… not to hear your own baby being eaten alive?

  • Wilderling

    they are at best fkn low life ignorant morons and they are drug users you can tell by looking at them. It’s funny, I have yet to see a house just burn down for no reason at all. If the rats are that bad they will try and attack anyone. They more than brought it on themselves that would be I don’t give a fuck but what is worse they brought it on an innocent baby that never should have been born to the freaks

  • Wilderling

    not as a punishment, but to help society and save anything they popped out

  • Is this guy really defending these fucking people?

  • They knew there was a rat problem and did nothing about it.

  • Btw, they have 3 other kids too.

  • They could go to the county health department and get it for free. They are 18 and 19 with 4 kids.

  • They have 4 kids.

  • It depends on which FL county they live in.. And exactly WHY does a girl so young have 4 children when there are statory rape laws, or there are supposed to be, and the “father” of some of those children has not been prosecuted? Nor does it seem has there been any sort of continued case maintenance of this “family” as the rat infestation and bites did not happen over night. Their “parenting” and overall behavior sounds like classic opioid addiction and especially with so many children around, you would think someone would have notices and made some calls before this happened.

  • Jesus

  • The mom is 18/19 wtf

  • Julie Atkinson Boatwright ??????

  • Only pics of the two kids are posted weird

  • Julie Atkinson Boatwright 2 are supposely his

  • I know. I only knew there were 4 because this and other articles stated that.

  • They don’t live in Florida. They live in Arkansas.

  • And he is also only a year older than her. They were both underage when they started making babies, if he is the father of all. If you don’t know who the father is you can’t prosecute or if they are also underage.

  • That somehow seems worse… And I got this horrible article confused with another about women in St. Augustine. They just sound like they’re from FL.. Whoops.

  • And are you sure they could get birth control at the county health department in Arkansas when they were underage?

  • Yes, I know you can. I live near the state line and know that in both my state and AR that you can get Depo or the pill for free at the county health departments.

  • Even if birth control is free there’s plenty that won’t take it. Benefits go up with each dependent.

  • Yes, painfully aware that even if the right choice is made as easy as possible, many people still choose to make the worst possible ones.


    here’s a recent video with the mother talking to press as well at the roommate. Mother’s words “my baby got ate on by rats” omfg

  • Meth head, Trailer trash. That poor kid.

  • Diva of Destruction

    Fucking tired of people like this. For Christ sakes what is the matter with them. I understand there could possibly be addicted to drugs but still they cant even be responsible enough to leave the child with someone responsible for a few hours. I want these people slowly fed into a industrial size meat grinder.

  • No, you’re probably right. I was an Ephedrine addict for years on end. When I’d come off of them, I’d sleep like crazy but this wasn’t meth so you could be correct. I didn’t think about that.

  • Josh

    things like work, money management, kids, any responsibilities get in the way of doing drugs and being a lazy useless piece of shit.

  • Josh

    The guy lacked a good exit strategy.

  • Leslie Mashmann

    Oh that’s great – give the kids to the person that raised these cretins. Sever parental right and place them for adoption – and I don’t care what CPS says – they are WRONG and have been screwing up for thirty years.

  • Leslie Mashmann

    Every state offers free birth control. They could even try a rubber, the old rhythm method – people like this don’t want to be bothered. They want everyone lse to solve their problems. Why do you think welfare is so in demand. They get free oc’s too. And then have six children in seven years with five different men – I am jaded – worked in this system too long.

  • Leslie Mashmann

    Devils advocate or not – if you moved into a place that was rat infested what would you do? Let them munch on your infant? Or make a very big attempt to make the premises safe for your family.

  • Canton Rat torture em.

  • Sejanus

    Feed them to rats.

  • Ya, rats can happen to the best of us, it’s gross and most people call an exterminator if they don’t attempt to rid the problem themselves maybe they put down a few traps but obviously it was a major infestation. I am more pissed off that they let the baby get bit not just once, but they were practically feeding off of that kid and the parents didn’t do shit. They weren’t bitten and they made no effort to rescue their child, in fact they delayed medical attention because they were afraid they would get in trouble.

  • By the rats

  • I hope and pray the remaining kids are now CPS.

  • Also they have like 4 kids or something I heard wtf

  • You can buy traps at Walmart for a dollar a piece. Also put food away, wipe down counters…something is attracting the mice

  • She’s sounds like one, or she’s incredibly uneducated

  • I read last night she is mentally slow

  • dilldoeh

    Baby meats gotta be soooo tender.

  • JohnQknowitall

    I have no problem with other adults using drugs and alcohol. I have a problem with those who choose to indulge and put others in danger. PS: WTF They can’t afford a decent place to live or to deal with the rat problem, but they buy cigarettes (and potentially mood altering substances)? Seriously? Did they check the fridge to see if there was any food?

  • Damn, I saw this somewhere and was hoping it was fake news Smdh, poor baby

  • You gotta have a license to drive a car but any idiot can procreate! 🙁

  • “teen parents” – ’nuff said!

  • Bullshit. This bitch is 19! Hardly a child! I was 15 when my oldest of two sons was born. I took very good care of him. This is a matter of them being on drugs, not the age.

  • How can a baby weigh only 5 pounds at 2 weeks old ? I know it’s possible if they are preemies, I don’t think she was a preemie and unless I missed it I didn’t see a birth weight, since she was born at home I’m thinking maybe they didn’t want CYS to know about her since the other kids were removed prior to this babies birth? I feel so bad that the kids were confined to a crate like a dog! Don’t people think before they act? Can you imagine if one of these babies choked and died god forbid

  • Both.

  • Can’t believe I read this it absolutely sickens me !!!!!

  • Stacey Tiano where does it say the kids were confined like a dog?

  • JellyBrains

    There’s some “my mother’s brother is my own grandpa” going on with that chick.

  • Taster’sChoice

    Ephedrine HCL. That shit is banned now right? If not it should be. I used to eat the hell out of those before working at Pizza Hut – I remember it would make you feel like your hair was growing (among other things). It’s a wonder I am here at all. lmao

  • Taster’sChoice

    Puff Puff pass BG. 🙂

  • BG

    ‘Ere… 😉

  • melb1970

    That is certainly a better photo of these two than their booking photo’s….
    I read they had 4 other children that had already been removed from the home.
    Now why this teenage girl insists on giving birth and mistreating her children is a mystery to me but the fix for her compulsion to breed is not so mysterious.
    This young woman needs to be sterilized…. and to suffer severe consequences through the justice system for her actions.
    This young man well I suggest the same..
    These two lovebirds have done enough damage.

  • You can still get them behind the counter at the drug store. You have to show an ID & sign for them & they keep up with how many you get in a month & won’t allow you to get but a certain amount. I don’t buy it anymore myself.

  • Diva of Destruction

    Excellent point between my daughter, my career, working on my second degree and my husband I don’t have time for anything but sleep.

  • LucyJane

    Nah. Eighteen and nineteen year olds are adults, and plenty old enough to look after a baby properly. Unless of course they are oxygen thieves like these two.

  • Big Stan

    I was thinking benzo’s or something..shit tonne of Xanax and they aint waking up for anything.

  • Big Stan

    Quite often yes but I was actually a drug addict (opiates) for about 6 years after snapping my leg in half but still managed to hold down a job, was never off my head in front of family and wasn’t particularly lazy. Infact I was a natural bodybuilder at the time. So glad I am off the shit though but can no longer train my legs properly as the pain returned. Still its better than having to deal with withdrawal when you run out.

  • Big Stan

    I have said it before… A messy belly button is much easier dealt with than an unwanted child.

  • Big Stan


  • Big Stan

    My daughter was 2lb when born but she was born 8 weeks early. Spent 30 days in an incubator in intensive care and left the hospital at 5lb. This baby being 5lb at 2 weeks is a bit shit if it was not premature it clearly shows that it was not receiving its regular feeds. If the parents don’t wake up when the kid is being eaten then they probably don’t wake up when its hungry either. That is probably 2 feeds overnight the baby was missing out on.

  • Big Stan

    teething at 15 days. eat a dick mate

  • Big Stan

    Dude your not going to win any arguments around here. Your defending 2 ppl who are both pieces of complete shit. Gofundme??..Go get a fucking job more like and look after your own. Wonder how their house randomly burned down? Somebody off their skull on drugs and leave a cooker on or something stupid? or was it just an act of god lol. You know these ppl are shit parents..mummy cant stop popping them out she needs to be sewed up or else just shot point blank. Send the guy to prison he will love it there by the looks of him..he can look forward to his daily spitroasting the bastard.

  • Big Stan

    always to the left

  • Big Stan

    I am slightly concerned he may have already bred and already employs the ignore the kid til it shuts up technique.

  • Big Stan

    Holy shit…yep there is no denying it. she isn’t just upset or tired she is higher than a motherfucker or possibly just on her way down. Who actually knocked 4 kids out of that ugly bitch???!!

  • Big Stan

    Your absolutely right. The pure base speed here would have you up for 2 days easily and most likely longer because what addict only takes one dose? soon as you have come down and get something to eat you will pass out and be useless for anything for quite a while. I used to do it btw when I was about 20 but it’s not exactly the same thing as meth.. Don’t worry I am now 30 lol

  • Big Stan

    Here in Ireland its completely legal. My brother using it for his training. EPA stack, ephedrine, caffeine and something else. Gives him plenty of energy as he is a personal trainer and a cop so is often quite busy beating scumbags up lol.

  • LA Woman

    Not taking sides here cause one of your points is right the Batman costume one but I have one question to see where you are with this so let me ask you are you a conservative or a liberal? That way I can figure out what’s going on in your head Because you said teething can’t be helped when a baby is crying but that’s wrong the only time a baby can’t be completely quieted is when it’s colicy or has some kind of disease / ailment. As for colic is cause by parents not understanding temperatures and mixtures of fake baby milk and how to feed it to their baby. Because anything else is fixable so whose clock is actually change and just block out and ignore their baby’s cry? That’s just neglect a real parent can’t change that like a switch because it’s a natural response for a mother to do whatever she can to help her baby not program herself to ignore them! Are you a parent? If you are you shouldn’t be cause you are a neglectful person and are a perfect candidate to never ever have them according to what you’ve said.

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    They aren’t parents, they are government check cashers. They’ll never give up the kid because that means giving up the check.

  • Antonio Valor

    Sometimes I feel like the stories on this site should be organized by updated circles of Hell.

  • Tracy Jones

    How they calling them teens? As if they didn’t know any better. I agree with the doctor the only that baby could have been biten that many times is if they weren’t there or they were so high they couldn’t move or comprehend what was happening. Either way call them adults because that’s what they are! This is horrible and never should have happened to anyone let alone a baby. WTF were they doing? Someone needs to find out. They were probably not at home at the time either that or they are just plain evil. That baby had to be screaming at the top of it’s lungs and no one did anything. Sad and a damn shame! WTFR!

  • Armanda Callen

    Because the baby was there ALONE while these subhuman fucktards were getting high somewhere else. POOR baby doesn’t have a chance .

  • Wackadoo

    Worthless bitch was right in the middle of her hillbilly heroin nod.