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ARVADA, CO – A middle school teacher killed herself as police approached her home to question her about an alleged sexual relationship she was having with a student.

Police began investigating 47-year-old Gretchen Krohnfeldt after a co-worker at Drake Middle School reported seeing inappropriate behavior between Krohnfeldt and a male student.

An investigation by Arvada police and the sheriff’s office revealed the relationship allegedly began when the boy, who is now in high school, attended the middle school where Krohnfeldt taught Language Arts.

The pair reportedly met at Krohnfeldt’s home to have sex on multiple occasions. In response to the investigation, she was placed on administrative leave Monday night.

When police approached Krohnfeldt’s home on Tuesday to question her, the mother of three killed herself. Her cause of death has not been released at this time.

A statement released by Drake Middle School read:

“Our hearts go out to her family at this painful time, and I know many will feel this loss deeply. We are not sure what type of support would help the family right now, but if they convey any needs we will share that information as well.”

From the comments we get on stories like this over the years, I know some people find it hard to believe that an underage male can be a victim when they are banging a hot teacher. But a psychologist chimed in to remind people that teacher-student relationships can have a long-lasting impact on kinds, no matter of their gender.

“People don’t realize that the male victims, the boys are just as negatively affected as the girls, the female victims, so they have the same kind of mental health issues in life: post-traumatic stress, eating disorders, problems with their own relationships,” said Max Wachtel.

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He went on to add that while they may not think of themselves as a victim at the time of the relationship, possibly thinking they are in love, but that they are being taken advantage of and it’s not until later in life that issues from a teacher-student relationship can manifest themselves.

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  • dammitall23

    Sad for her kids–they’re going to grow up knowing their mother killed herself over some Jr. High dick.

  • Buffettgirl

    My niece is about to become a Jr. High/High school teacher and she’s pretty damn cute (when she keeps her trap shut long enough for someone to notice that is) and I actually grilled her about this stupid shit the other day. I said “Victoria, do you, or have you in the last 8 years, considered a 14 year old boy cute? Are they attractive to you in ANY way?” She said “Umm, Auntie Rie, FUCKING GROSS! That’d be like wanting to date my little brothers’ friends!” She may think I’ve lost my mind but I feel better now…

  • Aren’t these the things you think about before you do something stupid? Like, “hey I wanna hump a student BUT what will happen if I do?” Do you wanna go to jail or kill yourself? Personally, I just wouldn’t do it, period.

  • Delaney3030

    Dreamin Demon, giving us creepy thoughts for a decade.

  • Omiala Evets

  • Such a sad situation , all around now her kids are left without a mother

  • Rosa Angelina Vargas

  • Old Man Metal

    I’ve got a buddy that was a teacher at a military academy for a few years (and of course they get a lot of damaged goods at the high-school academies). He had girls (and at least one boy)practically throwing themselves at him. Hell of a lot of temptation if your head is not in the right place. I think you did well to grill her.

    And lots of kids did get fucked at that school… people with their heads in the wrong place apparently abounded there (hence my buddy’s departure).

  • Early child sex abuse messes up the entire psyche of the child for life. That child may grow into an abuser who further abuses children. Some estimates are as high as 50 to 100 additional victims in their lives they create.
    Not all children turn into abusers, some manage to lead normal lives, while others channel the abuse into stopping further abuse. They need to stop slapping these abusers and give them real time.

  • Rebelclown

    Raise your hand if you had atleast “1” teacher in school you would’ve loved to bang. I’m gonna guess there are alot of people raising their hands. I can’t speak for this boy, but when I was in the 10th grade my computerized data entry. Yep, that was the class name. Yep, I’m that old. teacher was smoking hot. Boy did I loose some sleep over her. Assuming she’d given me the time of day “SHE DIDN’T” no way I would’ve considered myself abused. Not a chance! I don’t know what all these experts are talking about and why it’s such a big deal. It’s only abuse if it’s unwanted abuse. Now, to force yourself on someone that’s an entirely different story. To you your position of authority to make someone submit to your will. That’s totally different too. I can only speak for myself when I say that had she given me the time of day “SHE DIDN’T” I’d imagine I’d still think of it as one of the most awesome things to happen in my life today. That being said I do feel for her children growing up without their mother because of this. I also feel sorry for the boy and can’t imagine the guilt he must be carrying. He’ll probably never have sex again.

  • She shouldn’t have killed herself. She was only 47. Deal with it, take your lumps, move on. Now she really mind fucked everybody involved.

  • ????????????????????????????????

  • Buffettgirl

    I don’t blame your buddy one bit! Just the potential of an accusation by a snarky brat would have me changing careers!

  • Clearly had a problem.

  • I think she gave herself a real time out.

  • Well that told it all

  • female teachers are in the news for this every month it seems….all she would hae gotten is probation and a job loss…if it were a guy teacher he would be given life….so maybe its equal

  • Ramonathegreat

    How could you leave your kids like that? So, so sad.

  • Ann Roh

    I’m still stuck on how the fuck she can look at a middle schooler and go “MMMM, sexy.” I see college students and wonder when they started giving 12 year olds driver’s licenses…I’m old

  • Yup, the flip side of sexism. It’s because people still think that male victims are ‘asking for it’ because society thinks males are ‘horn dogs’.

  • PurpleAnn

    Are they not addressing this somewhere during the teacher training? If not, they need to be. The teacher needs to be given cold, hard facts about what this does to a kid’s psyche and strategies to keep proper boundaries. If a person can rationally think how to respond to a temptation before they are right in the the thick of it, they can make a sane choice. Also, teachers need to stop trying to be a kid’s friend. They shouldn’t chat on Facebook or have any type of relationship that could be misinterpreted. Perhaps teachers should have mandatory meetings with a counselor yearly for a mental health checkup? An adult that has a sexual relationship with a child (under 18) is mentally damaged in some way.

  • Josh

    She has kids so you know she likes sex.

  • She should have figured this out for the sake of those kids

  • Josh

    I wonder where these type of teachers were when I was in school, probably banging my friends.

  • I’m a girl but must admit there were plenty of hot male teachers. Actually had a couple of friends who hit a couple of them too.

  • Elizabeth McCarthy

    Way to ruin your chidren’s lives. I”m sure they’d be less embarrassed by her being in prison rather than 6 feet under. Nice of her to give a thought for them.

  • Ann Roh

    Yeah, most of us breeders do, but dude you have to be at least old enough to buy a beer. To reiterate “I’m old”, so even if you’re old enough to buy beer, you’re still young to me. I want to make you dinner and drive you home to mama. The joys of growing old gracefully…lol.

  • That’s one way to take care of her student loans

  • Leslie Mashmann

    Seems to be happening more frequently. Maybe a good psychological evaluation needs to be done before you take on the responsibility of a classroom. Just the fact that this woman would commit suicide, leaving her children motherless with the knowledge that she left them because of some young dick, shows that she had some mental problems, and a lack of responsible behaviour. Both towards her students and her children.

  • Josh

    I was avoiding the I’m old statement. =)

  • Sejanus

    I wonder what her male vic is feeling.
    Did he love her
    Does he blame himself
    Will he ever get into a relationship or remain cold and aloof.

    What must her kids be going through.
    Would it be better not to publicize these stories given how suicides seem to be an increasing outcome with the public shame.

    So much sadness from just trying to feel good, or alive.
    Just wish better choices had been made.
    Kids are not date bait.
    She was beautiful, and an idiot.

  • Her life would have been ruined, her name all over the internet, loss of teaching license, jail. For some that’s too much.

  • I don’t get what the attraction to a middle school boy could be. That’s a really young boy he is not a man. Have enough common sense not to commit statutory rape.

  • I don’t tend to get broken up about child molesters killing themselves, personally.

  • Inferus

    You’ve clearly never met LDS moms

  • Old Man Metal

    Adolescent and Developmental Psych is normally part of the “teacher track” in college, and this subject should definitely be covered in that course. Seems like that’s not enough, though. Maybe a lab practical course with aversion conditioning?

  • AlabamDeb

    Selfish to the extreme. Selfish to molest a boy, selfish to off herself to avoid embarrassment. Of course she never considered her children’s feelings. It’s all about her and her wants.

  • dilldoeh

    Shes in hell now, suckin off unbaptized babies….some could call that heaven

    Rest in piss

  • jansav

    Good for her. Bad for her family especially if she has children.

  • Josh

    I couldn’t handle the milf to kid ratio and I live in AZ, not the mother ship state.

  • Delirious Devil

    It depends on the person how they react to it, honestly. Since the studies require gathering information from self-report it is hard to really pin point what is going on. Of course the people effected by it are going to talk about it more. I’ve seen a lot of people on here and other places say, “I had an affair with an older person when I was a teen and I had a good experience.” Others talk about how it destroyed their lives. Personally, I could have probably been fine having an affair with a teacher and often thought about it, but it would have to be me approaching the teacher. I was pretty stacked as a teen, so I might have been able to seduce one then. The teacher would have been harmed far more than myself. I had relations with older males as a teen and I am not hurt by it now, so I think a teacher would be the same. That being said, teachers and students both should be protected from any predation. Since they cannot know the outcome, it is best avoided.

  • PurpleAnn

    Funny to imagine what that would look like! (Even though I assume you are kidding.)
    I just remember that there used to be more clear boundaries. I knew my teacher was not there to be my friend and physical contact was minimal.

  • Old Man Metal

    It would look… quite shocking!

    My teachers used to paddle us- that’s the only physical contact we got (I’m kinda old and I grew up in the deep South). They were the enemy! They were there to make our lives hell, and vice versa.

  • Just like the Michigan State Rep who took his life over his 2nd DUI this week. The notoriety is tough. Even when you do something good your dirty laundry gets aired, like the man after several walked on who helped to rescue the women Ariel Castro had locked in his house.

  • I think it is some kind of mental illness. I had teachers who were ridiculously flirty to male students in Jr. High. And I went to a religious school.

  • She was probably abused herself and never sought help.

  • I don’t get it and I date much younger men but they are adults. Middle school is just going through puberty.

  • The internet is cause

  • That would be John Kivela from Marquette. I stand by what I said. I can see committing suicide if you’re terminally ill. But when you commit suicide because of other issues you leave behind an awful lot of pain and suffering for the people who loved and cared for you, your family.

  • PurpleAnn

    Ha, Ha! Yes! I must be kinda old, too. I remember both respecting and fearing my teachers. We got paddled. (Southern Ohio)

  • PurpleAnn

    It seems like not thinking of her children was a pattern for her. She put her own needs ahead of theirs chasing some young buck.

  • IronWoobie

    As a teacher, she has a position of authority. Even if the middle school boys were throwing themselves at her and wouldn’t consider having sex with her to be sexual abuse, she had the obligation as an adult and a person in authority to enforce healthy boundaries with her students.

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    I guess she found that adult men don’t want menopausal women with three kids. She could date guys in their 80s or in middle school. Either choice is a bad one.

  • Big Stan

    We are

  • Big Stan

    I got to bang the hot teacher from my school but only after I had left and was of age. Its all been downhill from there though. Peaked too early.

  • Heather_Simpson

    What a bitch. She couldn’t make it with someone her own age?