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VIERA, FL – An elderly man died after hitting a fire hydrant and then getting sucked into a hole made by the rushing water.

The freak accident happened on Wednesday after 89-year-old Robert Dreyer accidentally hit a fire hydrant on the side of the road.

Police say the collision was minor, but the impact caused water to spew from the hydrant.

Witnesses said Dreyer appeared unhurt when he got out of his car, but the ground had given way because of the rushing water and he dropped straight down into a 5-foot-deep, watery grave.

“There was a divot in the space where the fire hydrant used to be and right adjacent to his driver’s door,” said Channing Taylor with the Florida Highway Patrol. “He fell into that divot”

Witnesses pulled Dreyer out of the water moments later, but he would be pronounced dead after being transported to Viera Hospital. It was his 89th birthday.

Florida Highway Patrol troopers are investigating the incident.

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  • AtheistPilgrim


  • Heartbreaking

  • Dana Logsdon

  • PhukdNtheHead

    Way to go and die on your birthday and spoil the party for the rest of us, Bob!

  • Buffettgirl

    Reason number 42,869,751 to avoid Flori-duh… sinkholes.

  • Unnatural selection? 😀

  • Well, I used to live there (thankfully, I got out of Florida after 35 years of trying). I can tell you 100% that I know why this happened. They filled in a legit wetland for this area with the incorrect hardpan dirt and built houses on it. Plants don’t grow there properly because of what they filled it with. I am sure it contributed to this freak accident.

  • That’s some Final Destination nonsense.

  • Rest In Peace

  • Wow. Sad but fascinating.

  • My thoughts

  • Florida again?!? C’mon CA!

  • So Florida is finally eating people.


    Damn…. Death was not taking NO for an answer.


    Florida has been eating people alive since the beginning of time. Welcome. to Jurassic Park.

  • Sad and true. I live in Viera and they’re building thousands more homes.

  • Old Man Metal

    Damn! Shitty birthday, that. I feel sorry for Mr. Dreyer’s family… losing a family member really, really sucks and having it happen in such a random, senseless manner has to make it a lot worse. Condolences.

  • taffy550

    I hate birthdays, they alway end up sucking.

  • mean birch

    Jesus frigging Christ. Freak accident for sure. But it’s the minor accidents that seniors have that are the problem. #againstolderdrivers


    Let me guess .. he was 4′ 11″ ?

  • Ann Roh

    Well, this sucks!

  • Happy Birthday, Dreamin Demon style. RIP

  • Oh my! The town I live in is on dreamin demon!

  • I work at Viera hospital and they cleared out all the land behind the hospital, to build 14,000 homes

  • oh shit, it was his fucking BIRTHday! fuck, that’s extra sad.

  • Josh

    We know what he will be doing for his 90th birthday, sleeping this one off.

  • Praying for the family

  • Elizabeth McCarthy

    Death knew he couldn’t swim. Tasteless to take him on his birthday, though.

  • Didn’t catch the part of his birthday. Bless his heart.

  • Sejanus

    Do it yourself Birthday party watery grave kit.
    Shockingly effective

  • Inferus
  • Dre Mosley

    That’s terrible, and the Florida haters, suck it 🙂 I love my state. 9/10 the craziness comes from those who migrated here from elsewhere.

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  • IronWoobie

    Water way to go…


    Hydrant know how it happened..

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