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MARGATE, FL – A man charged with murdering his girlfriend is claiming that the death was accidental, and that she choked to death on his dick.

In 2015, police found the body of 60-year-old Francisca Marquinez inside her apartment after her boyfriend, 65-year-old Richard Patterson called his attorney and directed him to summon police to her apartment.

Marquinez was found lying face down on a bed and by the amount of decomposition that had already occurred, she’d been there for days. Officers would also recover a bag filled with paper towels and tissues stained with blood and semen.

Because her body had been in the apartment for up to 24 hours, the medical examiner was unable to find any signs of trauma or determine an exact cause of death.

However, Patterson was arrested and charged with her murder a week later after texting his daughter and a friend, claiming he “did something bad,” had choked his girlfriend of four months because his medications made him “crazy.”

Now, with his May 15 murder trial quickly approaching, Patterson and his attorney have offered up a defense — Marquinez died after choking on Patterson’s schlong.

They are dead serious about this defense and even have a former Broward County medical examiner that plans to testify that her death “is consistent with being accidentally sexually asphyxiated during oral sex.”

On top of that, Patterson and his attorney are trying to get the judge to allow Patterson to present his dick to the jury so they can see that it was entirely possible scenario. If this is not allowed, Patterson’s attorney is prepared to have a mold made of his client’s penis to present to jurors.

Of course, a lot of people are not happy with this defense, including Marquinez’ son.

“It’s a desperate man trying a desperate tactic,” said Omar Andrade. “He’s just trying to get off the hook.”

Neighbors say Marquinez was unhappy in her relationship with Patterson and that in the days before her death, the couple could be heard arguing and shouting. “She was trying to break off the relationship,” a friend of Marquinez said.

This isn’t the first time this defense has been used recently. Back in 2011, Philip Martins claimed the death of his girlfriend was the result of oral sex gone wrong. He was eventually found guilty and is now serving a life sentence.

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  • That’ll do it.

  • Of course he does.

  • Golf Pro

    Nah…she choked to death on MY penis.

  • dammitall23

    Unless it was jammed in there like a cork, I’m not buying it. Either he stuck it down her throat while she was unconscious, or he refused to let her back up. In any case, it wouldn’t be because it was so huuuuge.

  • She chokes from laughing after seeing how tiny it was.

  • They better look for teeth marks then… Unless she was the goddess of head, her teeth made contact when “choking” on it. ????

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  • Vunderlak

    People have choked to death on peanuts and skittles and shit. Just sayin.

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  • IronWoobie

    Sure she did, Shrinky Dink.

  • What an idiot lol

  • We all know anytime someone boasts about the size of their dick they’re full of shit.

  • Funniest head…line of the day..Lmao.

  • steve

    I could see this happening….If she was asleep!

  • Oh to be on that jury ????

  • How stupid do you have to be to text somebody what you did…

  • Sounds like he got off and is now trying to get off again. 😉

  • The tissues stained with seen and blood could be his defense, if the blood is his and he has marks on his wang.

  • Hashbrown Florida

  • Buffettgirl

    Aren’t they ALL shrinky dinks?!?

  • Buffettgirl

    It’s pretty ballsy to offer up either the real McCoy or a mold of it in open court. You’d have to be cocksure to do that…

  • Brian


    South Park: Miss Choksondick

  • Dentures come out man

  • My favorite line from the article….”On top of that, Patterson and his attorney are trying to get the judge to allow Patterson to present his dick to the jury so they can see that it was entirely possible scenario. If this is not allowed, Patterson’s attorney is prepared to have a mold made of his client’s penis to present to jurors.” LMAO.

  • ScremminDemmmin

    The dude is 60 years old..! the fact that he still has one is in itself somewhat of a miracle; I don’t think there’ll be cheers and jeers..

  • Buffettgirl

    I just wanted to say ballsy and cocksure… 😉

  • ScremminDemmmin

    her “teeth” were in a glass on the bedside table.

  • ScremminDemmmin


  • What, did he fall asleep fully submerged or something?

  • Jason Grime Carden

  • Old Man Metal

    Even if she did choke to death on his cock, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t murder. There’s been at least one serial killer that used that technique to kill prostitutes. Damned if I can remember the guy’s name, and Google’s not helping much. Pretty sure he was British.

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  • Florida quit finding new ways to piss me off!

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  • itsknotme

    Skip ‘A’ thru ‘O’, ‘You’re Honor, may I present Exhibit P?’

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  • Damn, I hope when I’m 65 I can find a 60 year old willing to deepthroat me.

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  • Who chokes on a dick without biting it off first? My TMJ is getting all worked up just thinking about it.

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  • ???? you can choke me with it, just don’t kill me.. they’ve already heard that excuse lol

  • Lmao good save not too late at all….

  • Lmao you know I’m a bit ditzy baby ????

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  • Keri Freeburg

  • I saw this yesterday and laughed lol

  • not to mention they’ll probably want to call in an “expert” witness to demonstrate it’s possible…

  • Sejanus

    Cut his dick off to present it as evidence.

  • Amateurs.

  • Inferus

    She choked to death on your jerky? That’s a crime against humanity, you shriveled up, self-centered, viagra swallowing, geriatric perv.

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  • Inferus

    Plunging the tonsils. Maybe the suction got the better of him.

  • Inferus

    Nah, it “sucks.”

  • AlabamDeb

    Bullshit. If she had died “accidently”, the dumbass wouldn’t have waited so long to call and wouldn’t have called his attorney FIRST.

  • Only in Florida

  • Mallory Wallace never heard about this?

  • Josh

    My wife doesn’t want to choke on my dick either, so no anal sex.

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  • dammitall23

    That’s true–it’s probably tiny enough to be a choking hazard.

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  • JohnQknowitall

    Men can tell even in the dark if an oral sex partner is having a problem and even if he is endowed like no other, why didn’t heed the signs of distress? People like to breath and get panicked when they can’t. What the hell were the meds he was taking and were they both intoxicated. There are a lot of “whys” here.

  • Yeah, I’m going to have to cancel tonight. ????

  • JohnQknowitall

    What’ah dick!

  • Be that way then lol

  • starry1

    I say let him show it to the jury so they can get a good laugh too. I’m sure murder trials are long and boring, a little comic relief would go down well.


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  • Ms. Chokesondicks

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  • ScremminDemmmin

    I concur…as for the the meds HE was taking, I’d say 10:1 one of em was the “little blue pill”.. and yeah, probably one or both were more than likely inebriated.

  • Josh

    It’s hard finding a girl that can take one that wide.

  • Dean Brook,

  • velvetjoneslives
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  • Josh

    The thing is dead by then, you’d be sucking down a cold one.

  • Stating The Obvious

    Well no. A good girl makes little to no “contact” with the penis (teeth/tooth wise?). If I am “choking” I open my mouth wider., I do not clamp down with my teeth.

  • Josh

    Did she keep an eye out for him too?

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    So much for one size fits all.

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    Don’t worry, the rest of us won’t know she called you out….

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    I believe I saw that one labeled as Jack the Stripper. I’m not joking. I read about him.

  • Ann Roh

    I have read all of your comments on this thread, and you sir are an insensitive smart ass!!!
    You can come sit at my table, and we’ll talk shit about everyone else.

  • Josh

    It would be an honor!!!

  • captaingrumpy

    Hey , settle down there. I’m 67 and I still admire mine.

  • Linda NaeNae Owens

    Stop with the lies your not built like that!

  • Josh

    A life long relationship, I’m attached to mine too.

  • Rae Lin

    Ah, sunny Florida… graveyard of America, and home state of the criminally bizarre o_O

  • Delirious Devil

    “Go down well” was that intentional?

  • Dr Slaughter

    Poor lady just wanted some head in her diet. Stop throwing corn chips please 😛

  • James Baysinger

    How the FUCK did he win his case???

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    Update: He won his case

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