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ROSEVILLE, MI – Police say the 4-year-old girl who died from abdominal trauma last week suffered a “catastrophic” blow to the stomach and that it was no accident.

Ivy Yurkus, 4, lived with her 28-year-old mother and her mom’s 25-year-old boyfriend, along with a seven-year-old brother and infant sister.

On Wednesday, Yurkus began complaining about severe stomach pains and became unresponsive. Her mother’s boyfriend loaded her in the car and drove to a nearby restaurant where her mother worked.

Only then was 911 called and Yurkus rushed to the hospital where she would die the next day. The Medical Examiner would later determine that the girl’s death was from blunt force trauma and ruled it a homicide.

“The ME’s office says no, this had to have been a purposeful blow by somebody and this is not the result of an accident or simple fall or anything along those lines,” said Police Chief James Berlin.

Police say they have not talked to Yurkus’ mother or her boyfriend, but have been in contact with attorneys for both. They are bringing in a specialist to talk to Yurkus’ older brother.

Reports say police and fire have responded to the home in the past, including one time when Yurkus became dehydrated.

Berlin said the boyfriend has no criminal record, but Yurkus’ mother has served time for robbery, resisting or obstructing a police officer, and possession of a controlled substance.

No charges have been filed at this time, but Yurkus’ siblings have been placed with relatives.

“We have the best detectives in the county and we will find out who did this,” Berlin said.

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  • dammitall23

    If the boyfriend isn’t guilty, then he’s sure a mental midget. Kid becomes unresponsive so you take your time driving her to her mom’s workplace? What–a kiss is going to make it all better? Jesus.

  • She was so beautiful

  • And so was Caylee Anthony. Some parents are nothing more than huge P.O.S.!!

  • patrickdh10

    Well this case should take all of ten minutes to solve. What in the effing world could make someone hit a four year old baby full force in the stomach? Child murdering bastard. Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!

  • Seems to be a pattern. Single mom + young boyfriend = dreaming demon

  • Would it be easier to accept if she was ugly?

  • Dreamin Demon should change its name to ‘The Dead Child Report’.

  • IronWoobie

    They’re both culpable, even if only one of the shitheads was responsible for the fatal injury. The poor little girl deserved better than that.

  • Leslie Mashmann

    Mom has boyfriend who is not biological father of her children. Mom goes to work leaving child with boyfriend. Child ends up beaten in some mysterious manner. Child dies. What else is new – dick over child too many times. RIP Darlin’ Little Girl

  • This made me think of dropbox’s “catastrophic failure” error when you lost internet connection lol

  • So uncalled for, and you’re ugly are you a man or woman.

  • Percy Dinnie you’re a cunt

  • there is Nothing that sweet child could have done to deserve that punishment.I wish the government would get their heads out of their asses and see that lil children are important to and were losing them by the minute.Laws need to change so bad.

  • Ian-rex

    Mayhaps The Boltons could find out

  • Rick Cooley

    The coroner should check the child for sexual assault. It is a too common scenario. The mother’s boyfriend probably put his thing up in her.

  • Sejanus

    Drugs, abuse and kids.
    Always a time honoured recipe for tragedy.

    Get the kids out,
    sterilize the adults
    and prison forever with a side order of torture.
    Next case…

  • Ann Roh

    Too bad you’re not the judge in these cases.

  • Oh let me guess…”she fell in the shower”…that’s always a classic line…soo many dangerous showers out there ????

  • Oh let me guess…”she fell in the shower”…that’s always a classic line…soo many dangerous showers out there ????

  • Delaney3030

    Well, at least she didn’t get raped. Crossing fingers.
    Dreamin Demon, destroying faith in humanity for years.
    Catch phrase there. It may be for over a decade, I don’t know. I’ve only been reading for six or seven years

  • I never understand these types of comments. Why comment on the child’s looks? Why does it matter? Is it just something nice to say? Someone murdered this child regardless.

  • AlabamDeb

    What laws would have protected this baby? There are already laws against abusing/murdering children. Unfortunately we don’t have a crystal ball where you can see what someone is *about* to do.

  • AlabamDeb

    Or the stairs, or the older child did it, or I was holding her and tripped…the list goes on and on.

  • Oh course it’s something nice to say nothing more , nothing less ,she was a beautiful little girl like allllll the other little girls in the world

  • Robyn

    ugly people deserve no love

  • I have three kids 2, 5, and 8. I would kill someone for hurting my child! My goodness this world makes me sad and sick. Poor babygirl, RIP my love ?????????

  • She is beautiful, WTH is wrong with you people?! This was a sweet comment and you’re attacking. Need anger management much. Don’t fight on a post like this.

  • Elizabeth McCarthy

    Sweet little smile.Even if I understood why these assholes hurt children, I still wouldn’t get it.Why bother to hurt them? Just kill yourself. If your life is that bad, just kill yourself. Leave innocent people out of it.

  • These motherfuckers

  • People that hurt children are disgusting

  • Calm down people. Her parents worked for planned parent hood. It’s perfectly legal

  • well, at least after they are born, thats evil. as we all know they arent really children before birth and its ok to kill them for any reason. in fact we should have a tshirt telling everyone how we kill them and make slam poetry about how proud we are to get rid of the parasite in the womb. but after birth then its wrong damn it !! for now at least. lol

  • Stating The Obvious

    I agree. What the fuck? A comment was made on how beautiful this soul was. Anyone attacking the comment is a Twatwaffle, seriously.

  • Stating The Obvious

    Unless it was the incubator. then it would be child murdering cunt.

  • Stating The Obvious

    Maybe “mommy” beat the kid and then left her with “penis”. Seriously woman are not always innocent.

  • ????????????

  • Leslie Mashmann

    I don’t think she’s innocent at all – She brought that man into her house. She left her child alone with him. Warm bed, bit of dick – more important than child!

  • Leslie Mashmann

    Sorry again, but many, many potenially dangerous family dynamics are known to CPS. Inadequate follow up has put too many children in their graves. Cps needs to be revamped – they have had the same policies since the 70’s. Promise you.

  • I see Percy Dinnie has nothing else to say.

  • measyou

    Late term abortion?

  • Sejanus

    I would have a tough time not being Judge Dredd packing a 6 shooter on the bench and discharging justice that way..lol

  • Diva of Destruction

    Nothing proves your a man like punching a child in the stomach. Hopefully he becomes someone’s regular punching bag soon.

  • Every time I read about child after child dying from some “mother’s boyfriend,” I am so glad I didn’t date after my husband died. It’s difficult to do things alone, but never ever worth the safety of my kids. I’d rather just stay single.

  • That’s the problem, moms needs come before the safety of the children. My dad died young and my mom didn’t date either.

  • I know. And I guarantee most of her peers want her to date because it makes her “less of a burden” that they have to worry about. I’ll always be wary about a man who pursues a woman with kids. Just can’t trust them these days.

  • Totally agree

  • dilldoeh

    She had those dsl, delicate side looks.

  • warhorse

    someone’s pillow-biting bitch…

  • Ann Roh

    In that case (and most of the ones on DD), I’d vote for you.

  • beware the boyfriend.

  • PurpleAnn

    Abso-effing-lutely! I chose to bring my son into this world. It’s not his fault that his dad turned into a piece of shit. While he was a child, his needs came before mine. I have the rest of my life to date.

  • Amen!

  • I banking it was mom. She didn’t bring her to the hospital

  • sweetd

    His actions are those of a guilty person for sure.

  • sweetd

    So you are all yelling bc Jude said a child was beautiful? Simmer down.

  • sweetd

    I never understand these kind of comments. You’re making something out of nothing. You’re starting and argument just to pile on. Grow up

  • jansav

    sad. Beautiful little girl.

  • Boyfriends are not babysitters

  • Frederick

    Sad. All the people who want children and some douchebag done killed another one.

  • William Dean Luke

    or someone who is distraught and doesn’t know what the fuck to do. How about you NOT just jump to conclusions (Like those ANTIFA scumbags) and wait until we have more to go on before you put nails in someone’s coffin? For all you know it could be some virus, or a fluke of nature. What if we’re not getting the whole story? What if, say, mom has the only working phone and that’s why he decided to drive to her workplace?

    If/when the truth comes out, and when/if you are right, THEN you can make that assumption all you want, mmkay?

  • sweetd

    Stfu, I don’t give a fuck what you have to say. You defend pieces of shit.

  • LetsTakeADrumpf

    I think Percy was just asking a sort of sarcastic question because the op commented on the little girl’s beauty. It didn’t look like he was trying to be funny, he just asked a question to challenge the op’s opinion. If anyone needs to chill it is everyone that got their knickers in a twist over Percy’s comment. And I think you need to take an extra 10 seconds to read before you comment sweetd. No one is flipping out over the op’s comment, they are flipping out over Percy’s comment. You can’t be a mediator if you have the facts screwed up.

  • Jake88

    I never understand these types of comments. You’re choosing to make something more, out of something small. You’re continuing the argument when you can just ignore it. Grow up.

  • He was prolly kissing her “other” lips and she asked him for a new bike or sumfin like that, that’s when he delivered the donkey punch!

  • Young… unformed… oh, what appetites I could teach her.

  • Akari

    His actions weren’t questionable they were that of ” Oh god , what have I done , how do I get out of this”
    “Mom only one with a working phone ” here’s where I would normally call someone an idiot but I’m sure you have been told before.
    So you are saying that a mother would take the only phone with her to work where of course there’s a phone at a restaurant? That makes total sense. Smd

  • Akari

    OMG that’s so funny, yeah let’s make a joke about a beautiful little innocent girl brutally & painfully murdered. Yeah you are so cool!
    Drink bleach ahole! I’d hope someone chops you dick off & let’s you bleed to death but can’t bleed to death from a pin prick!

  • Akari

    Did they say anything about ugly? Did they say it makes it worse if their pretty? NO, NO THEY DID NOT!
    It was an opinion which IS ONE OF OUR RIGHTS AHOLE!!!
    Are really you ugly, do your kids look like something your anus threw up & so you hate to hear about cute kids? You are ridiculous, you are being a €unt just to be a €unt.

  • Akari

    So you think they just kicked her little naked crumpled dead body into a hole & threw dirt over it? Parents don’t buy cute little outfits for their little girls little banana curls? Apparently nobody has ever stopped you & said how beautiful your kids are, bitter €unt

  • Akari


  • Jake88

    Calling me immature is like calling the sky blue. Would it bother you if I told you the sky was blue? My comment was to point out hypocrisy, not to be immature.

    I’d rather be called immature than wise beyond my years… And I would know!

    I get called both all of the time… Just never at the same time!

    Or were you agreeing with me? I’m lost in all of these immature comments.

  • Jake88

    See you on Tuesday!

  • William Dean Luke

    And 7you’re an internet dipshit with a chip on your shoulder trying to stir shit up for shits and giggles out of fucking boredome…Who’s the fuckin’ piece of shit now? Oh, that’s right, it’s you, for being a close-minded twatlord. Goodbye, twatlord. You won’t be missed in my life. 😀 Forgot to mention..you should really check your privilege, bitch. 😀

  • William Dean Luke

    I love how the peanut gallery likes to cast judgment when they don’t have all the facts, nor both sides of the story. You get a one-sided circle-jerk and you think you know all the answers, and any person with a dissenting opinion is an “idiot”…Sorry to burst your FACT bubble, but your knee-jerk reactions to shit make me laugh, people. You don’t know what the fuck went on, but you wanna cast judgment like you know the fuckin’ score or some shit. Until you get both sides of the story, STFU (As for why she took her phone when there is one at the restaurant…How many of you stupid fucks take your phone with you to some place that already has a phone? Oh, that’s right, every one of you dipshits that even CARRIES one has it on your person at all times…”Duyhhh…why would she take her phone with her?”…because it’s a force of habit, you fuckin’ tweakers. I’m sure some of you neanderthals out there carry your digital penis with you everywhere you go, too. So stop pointing to that as some kind of “Evidence” of foul play.

    You’re not PI’s, you don’t have PHD’s in fuckin’ Psychology, so keep your dipshit-ass dumbassery to yourselves.

    And, as I always do, I will say that if I’m wrong and this person is a bad seed, I’ll concede..until then, keep your fuckin’ insults to yourselves. This isn’t a fuckin’ penis-measuring contest. it’s the comment section of a fucking web page. conduct yourselves accordingly (or not).

  • William Dean Luke

    It’s also possible for an establishment to refuse to let you use their phones for personal shit…nobody ever thinks of that, though. Everyone wants to jump to “Nope, he guilty. I got no ebuhdense beyond my shitty human brain and a one-sided story, but I got enough info to make an informed opinion!”…no…no, you don’t have enough evidence to form anything but a SHIT OPINION.

    If you’re not a cop, please just shut up. you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about, you’re basing all your assumptions on a one-sided story we have no corroborating anectdotes from. Nobody interviewed the father, for instance..what’s his take? How’d shit go down? Do we know? No. So for us to jump to conclusions (For anyone to) is just a practice in DELIBERATE stupidity and bold-faced avarice. So many angry motherfuckers on the internet these days. Calm the fuck down. It’s the comments section of a fuckin’ web page, not ground zero for WWIII.

  • McDanel_1771

    I’ll start the popcorn.

  • McDanel_1771

    Speculate on crime, that’s what we do here. Teasing out the puzzle pieces to figure out what happened. Using our previous experience in the resolution of similar crimes to assess who may have done what until the justice system comes to a decision. Then, we’ll judge the justice system.