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UNKNOWN – A video is making the rounds that shows an elderly woman being slammed to the ground before being thrown into a pool.

The video showed up on Sunday and shows the woman walking into the midst of a crowded pool party while walking two small dogs.

The unidentified woman seems to be asking for the party-goers to turn down the music while she is jeered and laughed at. At some point, you can clearly hear a female instruct someone to throw her into the pool.

An idiot honors the request and lifts the elderly woman up before slipping on the wet ground and inadvertently body-slamming the poor woman on to the hard ground. Undeterred, the man gets back up and forcefully drags the woman towards the swimming pool before tossing her in.

The two dogs the woman had been walking managed to run off before the woman hit the water. What happened to the woman next is unclear as the person filming, along with others at the party, all start running away from the scene while laughing.

Whoever the idiot was who tossed that lady into the pool is going to be in a world of legal hurt, I bet. You can tell he didn’t mean to slam her to the ground, but he shouldn’t have touched her in the first place. Besides, a fall like that can be devastating for a woman that age – then to toss her in the water regardless? Christ.

I’ll try to update the article as more information becomes available.

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  • Animals.

  • absolutely sickening, as they all got their damn phones out to record the assault yet not one person(animal) tried to help that poor lady. I can guarantee you my kids will never partake in that kind of fuckery.

  • I hope shes ok 🙁 what a bunch of fuck heads! Ugh

  • Animals belong in a zoo. They must have been a field trip to the pool. Poor woman.

  • ‘Murrika. >:(

  • That is fucking horrific. I hope they find them and throw them in jail.

  • rich


  • Fkn animals.

  • Should be classified as a hate crime .Knowing full well they did it because she was white .. But they will say oh just kids having fun.If it would have been white kids and a old black lady it would be on every news outlet!

  • What monsters ! No respect what so ever ….

  • They’re not animals, they’re asshole kids in mob mentality. These kids come in every color and every level of depravity.
    It’s alarming how surprised people are. Unfortunately I see lots of ignorant crap done by teenager because I go through my three teenagers cells and wow!! these kids are so stupid and lack empathy. Needles to say some days my kids hate me, ’cause I will unfriend, delete or block their contacts in a heartbeat. Idgaf if feelings get hurt, they won’t realize how dumb they are until they get older and their brain is done growing.

  • Diva of Destruction

    This was outrageous. It sickens me to see things like this. These people have no respect for anyone or anything. Savages plain and simple. They are all responsible not one single person and I’m using that term loosely stepped in to stop this or speak up later.

  • Cops are still looking for the guy that picked her up for questioning. She had a fractured skull from being dropped on the ground.

  • Fractured skull.

  • Oh my God. That just makes me so sick. Bless her heart 🙁

  • dumwise

    I bet there are some polka dot people involved

  • keepalow

    Hey, she looks about my age.
    Be back later. On my way to buy some senior vitamins.

  • Leslie Mashmann

    Awful, awful people. Doesn’t look like a soul tried to help her. However, that’s a pretty good shot of the ahole who threw her down – maybe, just maybe their can be some police invovement to put the poor dear misunderstood boy away.

  • dammitall23

    That’s why it’s better to never try to do the decent thing and deal with loud neighbors or whatever personally. I just call the cops. No use painting a target on *my* ass.

  • Jake88

    Too bad white lives dont matter. I’m pretty confident that wouldn’t have happened if an elderly black woman approached a group of white kids about loud music. That said, I’m not even surprised it went down this way with the racial dynamic on hand. Apparently I’m just a racist though. Teens are predators, but black teens really are super predators… I grew up with them.

  • itsknotme

    You know there’s money to be made here. Each one of these kids needs a fake cast, so they can explain to his or her parent why they’re not going swimming. They didn’t realize you do this on Labor Day, the last day of pool season.

  • starry1


  • Robyn

    yeah, you are teens are just teens like everyone else…

  • I say blood eagle for all. Deal?

  • Buffettgirl

    How is he a racist? Because he speculated that things would have been received differently had the colors been reversed? I’m so tired of everyone screaming racist just because people have had different experiences in life. Instead of being a jerk, you could have asked him about his experiences. You chose to label him. Go you???

  • Bill Ballmaier

    No, they’re animals. This is TNB – Typical N*gg*r Behavior. That elderly human should have known better than to get near these primates.
    I hope she is okay.

  • Bill Ballmaier

    Seriously, can you imagine how nice it would be here in the U.S. today if we never had slavery? Talk about Karma biting you in the ass. Biggest mistake in history.

  • Bill Ballmaier

    No, he’s not racist at all, rather a truth-teller. Most black teens are ignorant and aggressive. You don’t see this behavior in white kids and if you do it’s because they are hanging around blacks. The whole black culture is toxic. The only answer is compulsory sterilization for these primates that most call African Americans.

  • M.E.

    JFC. She could have drown.

  • LucyJane

    Assholes. She should have had a big dog.

  • Winternights

    Lol this is funny, she got what she deserved party pooper, if she had a complaint about the noise she should have called the cops

  • Winternights

    And they are not “animals” I’m sure if they had no melanin in their skin they wouldn’t be referred to as “animals” smh.

  • Buffettgirl

    WRONG! Animals are animals, white, black, purple plaid or leopard print. Look at their actions, not the color of their skin before you go shaking your head. Stop automatically defending race. If an action is abhorrent, it is abhorrent regardless of the perps pigmentation.

  • Dang. I remember when, regardless of whether they were right or wrong, you still respected your elders.

  • Leslie Mashmann

    YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stating The Obvious

    If I had ever gone through my children’s cell phones and found what you say you found my kids would have lost their cell phones. “unfriend, delete or block” awww hell no you lose that shit for allowing it to be on your phone and for hanging with people that think/feel that way.

  • Karenrarnold

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  • Hunter1031

    Hey why where you banned? Noticed that the other day. And also that bite me is gone.

  • AlabamDeb

    Saw on the news where they have arrested the teen who did this.

  • PurpleAnn

    Yes, Sir!

  • PurpleAnn

    Yay! Thanks for the update.


    Good for you for snooping on your kids, and giving a shit about what you find. A lot of parents don’t bother. Head in the sand. Most of them need snooping on. Sneakly little fuckers. I know. I used to be one.


    I don’t why she thought she was untouchable, walking into that pack of kids, and running her mouth like that. I know too many old white women like that, who think nothing bad will happen to them because they’re white women. There’s no way in hell I would have marched in there like that. Did you think they would like being blatantly disrespected? By an old white woman?? Marched into a powder keg, and threw down the match.

  • Authentik Brandon Rockwell

    oh they are animals if one of those animals did that to my grandma i would hold their head under water till they drown laughing the whole time

  • Authentik Brandon Rockwell

    they need to learn you can lose your life for doing something like that people have for less

  • Anna_B

    She was just bruised. She’s 68, not 86. And there were a few kids who went back to check on her and saw her getting out of the pool fine, just wet and mad.

  • Anna_B

    Instead of talking about if races were reversed, why not imagine they were all the same race. It’s a bunch of stupid kids (the active party was 16) at a midday pool party when some busybody strolls in and tries to rain on their parade because the ‘Music is too loud’ when the sun is up and there’s probably fifteen people mowing their lawns in that neighborhood that day alone. One girl laughs, and yells “Throw her in the pool!” because that’s harmless and funny and in every teen comedy ever, the mad principal, the nosy spinster, the hero, the geek, they get thrown in the pool and they wipe their eyes and spit out water and the “Wah wah wah” indicates they got their just desserts. And one kid, desperate to impress or fit in, grabs the busybody and trips. But he’s not that hurt, and it feels like she landed on him and anyway, he’s already committed to this plan, so he keeps going. To him, it wasn’t that bad, but to the party goers observing, shit just hit the fan because it just went from ‘haha, water is wet’ to ‘oh shit, dogs are panicking, concrete is hard, get ready to run’. And yes, they’re laughing as they’re running, because there’s a lot of stimulus going on and they’re -kids- and they’re gonna be -so- busted if mom finds out that they were less than respectful to this stranger, but still it’s just water and there’s not a one of them thinking “Yay, we abused the elderly!” (and by gods if I was this woman, the last thing I wanna be -called- is elderly). Also, a couple of them doubled back to see her climb out of the pool soaked and angry and went back to running. If they’d all been the same race, no one would be screaming hate crime. It’s only -stupid-. And yeah, the idiot who threw that lady in deserves a punishment, but he doesn’t deserve his life ruined because he’s a dumbass who didn’t know he was getting filmed as he tried to reenact a teen romcom….


    For some reason .. I cannot picture them doing that if it was an old black woman. I think too many of them would have associated her with their mama, or grandma … I would be really surprised if they did. Now, a mouthy old white woman … that’s a different story.

  • Sejanus

    Walk into a pack of savages…
    Better to nuke em from orbit.
    The only way to be sure.

  • Anna_B

    She’s not that old, though, and what I’m asking is not that one reimagines where race figures, but to look at it without a lens of racial tensions. If viewers weren’t so worried about “if she was black”, “if they were purple”, it’s not an attack or a power struggle. It’s a bunch of kids doing something stupid with an adult because they were unsupervised and felt “in charge”. If there had been a stack of pies nearby instead of a pool, there would have been a food fight and I almost worry that people would be screaming that they’re animals for running and not cleaning up.

  • I was worried about the pups

  • Buffettgirl

    I agree that color makes no difference, but calling her a busybody is uncalled for. I pay my rent with a reasonable expectation of being able to enjoy my home. Mega apartment complex or not. Loud, raucous pool parties do not allow for me to enjoy my home. They had a duty to behave reasonably. They didn’t. Their behavior is WAY more in the wrong than hers is. What happened to respecting your elders? Giving them a pass is just plain indecent IMO.

  • Anna_B

    My post was made from the point of view of a teenager out at a daylight party. And I do not give them a ‘pass’. I said, and I quote, ” the idiot who threw that lady in deserves a punishment”. They all deserve a serious talking to. But the people screaming that these children are murderous scum for throwing a lady in a pool, and animals for running and laughing afterward, need to gorram -chill-.

  • Buffettgirl

    Sorry, but to me, calling her a “busybody”, and then saying they deserve a “punishment” makes it seem like they need a ten minute time-out. They deserve charges, a conviction and a judgement requiring that all her medical expenses get paid. I don’t care that they were teens at a daylight party anymore than I would care if they were bikers at Sturgis, this was criminal, brutal and unacceptable in any light.

  • Rae Lin

    NOTHING and NO ONE are safe around black people.
    I’m not sure why this is such a hard concept for white people to grasp…

  • Xanthe X
  • Xanthe X

    She’s 67 — that’s probably old enough to break a hip if a 16 year old falls on top of you on concrete. Thank god, that didn’t happen. I get what you’re saying, but it IS an attack — legally this would be considered an attack. And not everybody there is a teenager, there’s a lot of 20-something’s in the crowd. So for the majority of them to just run away after this lady is assaulted is absolutely despicable behavior. But no– they’re not all a bunch of murderers, but Im sure glad this scum doesn’t live in my apartment building.

  • Nicci J

    Meee too!!! I felt terrible being more worried about the 2 furry babies than the lady????

  • Nicci J


  • Nicci J

    Are you kidding me? You are an idiot! ENOUGH SAID

  • Nicci J

    Oh yea,how dare she “blatantly disrespect” these children!!! You’re no better than they are!!! I would be willing to bet that if she was an older black woman, the same thing would have happened!!! This generation will not be disrespected because of idiots like you enabling them!! They all need a course in how to treat people, and you should take that course too


    Very true. I’m from Sacramento and I actually moved away because of these animals. I’m so sick of people using the racism card. If one person can name one neighborhood in the United States that became more successful after black families started moving into it I will apologize. There isn’t one. I guess that I’m racist(acknowledge facts) too Jake. I’m with you.


    Sorry Anna but that is the stupidest post that I have ever read. Enabling brainwashed liberal people like you is the reason why this shit happens over and over and over.

  • Matt Esquire

    Dark Devils, you better hope white people don’t decide they’ve had enough because it will be open season on your racist asses.

  • Jake88

    I got banned! Why? I don’t know! I still don’t know why. Here’s the link. Not a single one of my posts were deleted, that is thread for which I got banned. For defending myself. BiteMe got banned for being an objective dude like myself. Objectivity and free thinking is frowned upon here.

    I wasn’t even talking to them, and they came at me! They were being mean and I was trolling them humorously. I got banned. I miss making all kinds of deranged comments. So unfair! I can’t make my comments on regular main stream news channels because I get censored. Fuck censorship! Then I got censored here? Can’t believe I got censored here! They post videos of children hanging themselves… and I get banned? I take that shit as a compliment though. I bug them more than suicide videos!

    All kidding aside, that thread is why we both got banned. I have it saved in my favorites. Of course a tranny thread got me…


  • Jake88

    No. All teens are predators. I really think you should watch and pay close attention to a group of white teens misbehaving, and a group of black teens misbehaving. If you can’t see the difference between the two? Ya must be black… I don’t know what else to say!