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FAYETTEVILLE, NC – The Army veteran who filmed herself tying her service dog a tree before she and her boyfriend shot it to death has committed suicide.

For those of you who may have missed the original story, 23-year-old Marinna Rollins got herself into a bit of trouble last month when she decided to get rid of her service dog.

Rollins had adopted the dog from her estranged husband because he was being deployed to South Korea for a year. Rollins renamed the gray-and-white male pit bull Camboui while also having him certified as her emotional support dog.

Rollins received a medical retirement from the Army in January and her family and friends say she struggled with PTSD and was diagnosed with additional mental health issues.

However, Rollins would soon tell a friend that raising “Cam” was too expensive and would post a message on Facebook that made it seem as if she was re-homing the dog.

“Great last day with the pooch!” she posted. “Sad he has to go, but he will be much happier where he is heading off to :)”

Turns out, Camboui was headed out in the dark woods with Rollins and her boyfriend, 25-year-old Jarren Heng. The pair tied the dog up to a tree where Cam sat down and turned away from Rollins right before she shot him in the head with a rifle.

After shooting him a few more times, her boyfriend asks to shoot the dog before firing several rounds into the dog’s body. Rollins then dragged the dog to a shallow grave and draped a white sheet over him.

“It’s been real,” she can be heard saying. “I love you, you’re my puppy, you’re a good puppy, but…”

Oh, and of course they filmed the entire thing, laughing and smiling throughout the entire ordeal, before the video was posted on Facebook for some reason.

As you can imagine, shit hit the fan and the pair were eventually charged with cruelty to animals. Facebook groups were created calling for justice, animal rights groups planned to protest the court hearings, and the public was justifiably outrage over what the pair had done and the callousness nature in which they did it.

Well, it seems as if Rollins took the easy way out and did what a lot of people were instructing her to do. Nine days before her next scheduled court appearance, she was found dead inside her apartment in an apparent suicide.

Police have not released exact details, aside from saying her body was discovered after friends had trouble reaching her.

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  • Patty Tillman


  • sugarpie

    Damn! I don’t know how to feel about this.

  • She’s got sociopath in her eyes. Good riddence

  • It wasn’t her device dog. That stoty was b. S.

  • It was her ex boyfriends dog and she renamed it and sent off for papers saying it was a service dog. She had PTSD. Sad situation all the way around. I’m here in Fayetteville and her story has been news for awhile

  • The one suicide I would love to see on Facebook live video, this bitch.

  • dammitall23

    I don’t understand laughing and smiling while putting an animal down, but I have no doubt whatsoever that the pit bull fans hounded her to death. If you even publicly state that pit bull dogs aren’t the absolute best thing since penicillin, their fans will jump down your fucking throat and tell you to kill yourself. Bizarre crowd of people.

  • And this is how some celebrate mental health awareness week smh.

  • Oh, okay. Bye

  • Cry much ? You shouldn’t be here if you don’t have the balls to deal with it !

  • Hope she filmed it

  • I’m so conflicted with this one.

  • Me too!

  • Old Man Metal

    Guess the dog got the last laugh, so to speak. I’m cool with it.

  • Sorry my spellcheck screwed up that post but you all get it.

  • Everyone gets butthurt over dogs it’s pathetic. But let’s all ignore when an asshole rapes or kills children. Stfu all you animal lovers. She killed herself over a dog. Fkn pathetic. Bitch would have gotten a slap on the wrist. This world keeps getting more dumber by the minute. God help us all

  • Robyn


  • What was her experience in Korea that sent her further down ?

  • Who’s ignoring rapes or child murders??.. she didn’t kill herself over a dog.. whatever the reason, she’s gone.. and she’ll get zero sympathy from this Animal lover.. so you can STFU.. no one gives a flying fuck what you think.

  • But you gave enough fucks to comment back? Right?

  • I read somewhere that she got raped in Korea. It was on Facebook with people arguing in the comments. I don’t know how true it was. But the major spiral downward was supposed to be traced back to her time on Korea yes.

  • My point is people make a big fuzz when a dog gets killed by a human. Groups, raising money making a big ass deal. No one does shit like this when babies are killed. Just an “I’m sorry”. Wish people would make a big deal for things that actually matter. Sucks the animal died but it’s an animal. Who shits on your grass. Yeah I love animals too but they can easily be replaced. Besides animals don’t go to heaven

  • So Korea is where she got her ptsd?? A duty station??

  • I understand the conflict, and while nobody is celebrating the death of a young woman..( who might, or might not have had mental issues).. it is a little hard to sympathize . It’s unfortunate she chose to end her life.. for whatever reason. I hope she’s at peace.

  • Most of the comments wished she were dead.

  • Joe from my understanding she got raped (by another solider) and when she told the army, they refused to believe her or prosecute the person responsible. So not from the duty station but it happened at that duty station. Again I don’t know if that is true. A few people repudiate that story and say she was just crazy. I don’t know her personally I just know the story has been going on for a while here.

  • Heartless typical deplorable. Sorry not sorry.

  • No, you’re wrong.. when a child or person is killed.. there are courts to handle that..nobody gets away with an “I’m sorry”. Animals do not have a voice.. so some of us choose to be that voice. Nobody is putting a human live over an animal’s ..( with a few exceptions)..And as far as animals going to heaven.. I guess that depends on an individuals beliefs.. some believe people that commit suicide do not enter either.

  • Good riddance

  • Wish she would have filmed her suicide

  • 1DireWolf

    I feel bad for people with PTSD. But she didn’t snap or react to aggression from the dog. This was premeditated, as shown by her posting of re-homing the dog. I am sorry for her ex who lost his buddy and I am sorry for anyone who might have loved her, or who she used to be. This planet however is a better place without her in it.

  • 1DireWolf

    Doesn’t matter if it was a Pitty, or a Golden Retriever or a Peek a Poo. What she did was cold, evil and uncalled for.

  • 1DireWolf

    She killed herself rather than face what she had did. If she had never gotten caught I bet she would be still laughing about shooting the dog. Now, I hope her boy toy follows her or someone helps him find her.

  • 1DireWolf

    You don’t really care about dog shit on your shoe but you still wipe it off.

  • 1DireWolf

    First, no one knows if there even is a heaven or god for that matter and if there is no one knows who or what goes there.

    Secondly, you think people don’t get enraged when a child or baby is hurt or killed, then you must have not been reading this site for very long. An animal that has shown love and loyalty deserves the same.

    I read once, if you want to see who really loves you. Lock your wife and your dog in your trunk and drive around for a couple of hours. Stop and open the trunk and see who is still happy to see you. (that is humor, btw. Not suggesting you try it.)

  • Winternights

    Im in fayetteville also, and heard nothing about it.

  • & your point is ?

  • Burn in hell, bitch. Hopefully the boyfriends follows suit.

  • Johnny

    Who says there’s never any good news. Brightened up my Monday.

  • Well…. bye.

  • Ralph Snart

    Fair and appropriate punishment. Satisfactory ending. And saves the tax payers some money on top of it. More shite heels like this should take the same initiative in the punishment phase of their process , country would be a better place by far and the money saved would be staggering.

  • Another article said she routinely argued with her superiors and had a habit of lying. But as Brook Ali stated, it’s just all rumors and talk at the moment.

  • This is sad. She was obviously mentally ill.

  • Mr Sir

    Couldn’t have happened to a nicer person.

  • One sick lady

  • itsknotme

    If she’d just set him free in the woods, who knows; seven dwarfs might have a dog right now.

  • I seen the video & too bad the bitch’s boyfriend didn’t kill himself beside of her. I’m in no way a Pit fan. 2 Pits crossed the yard & killed my little doggie just 2 weeks ago so you could say I could care less for them but this bitch got everything she deserved & then some. I don’t care what kind of mental issues she was holding onto – Korea, rape – Don’t matter. After she shoots him once & he whines? Then this SOB says, “Let me hit him once.” You talking about making someone’s blood pressure rise. This doggie looked up at her when she was holding this rifle in his face as if he was scared to death & as if he knew something was going to happen. That was absolutely horrible. I’m rarely so verbal about something but dang, that was BAD!!!! Too bad this Pit wasn’t one of those that turns on the owner.

  • Ann Roh

    When she harms another creature (human, dog-even the killer variety, whatever) that is dependent on her for survival, my sympathy is gone (and I don’t care what her issue is). If some is going to take themselves out, then they need to make it a party of one. Fuck her and any other ass wipe that does this shit.

  • measyou

    Yes! She was obviously mentally ill, but the murder of the dog was so callous I sincerely doubt it stemmed from her illness(es).
    But I can’t feel any satisfaction from her suicide because she was obviously mentally ill and she might not have killed herself if the public outrage hadn’t aggravated her illness(es).

  • measyou

    Happy because a callous killer of a pet is dead
    But sad because she was seriously mentally ill
    It’s a confusing mix

  • There’s no excuse for murder of an animal like that. People that have evil in their soul harm animals (excluding hunting, humane euthanasia). They’re called sociopaths and psychopaths.

  • Flik Rust

    Sad she has to go, but she will be much happier where she is heading off to.

  • Karenrarnold

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  • Diva of Destruction

    This was a choice she made. She could have gave the dog to someone else or dropped it off at the pound or even left it on some country road. Doing that would have resulted in the dog being alive, no she wanted it dead. I have PTSD and to blame this on that is messed up. Same as people killing their babies she killed this dog. She couldn’t handle the responsibility and grew to hate it if I had to guess. I would also feel confident that drugs played a factor and mental illness. Either way the dogs gone and she’s gone..see you on the dark side Bitch.


    Hope he runs back over the rainbow bridge, just to piss on her.

  • AlabamDeb

    Not sorry for her, but sorry for her family. But she made her bed, so to speak. Mentally ill, PTSD, rape victim, whatever…there is no excuse for what she did. The dog didn’t cause any of those things.

  • Elizabeth McCarthy

    Your comment is totally untrue. Just as many people get totally outraged and upset over the killing or harming of a child. Animal abuse is now a felony in all 50 states.



    We don’t know the entire story anyway. The reason people get upset is because like this case, the dog was tied to a tree first. That’s pretty fucking cruel in my book. She or her boyfriend should have stopped that crap before it even started. To film it, laugh about it, put it on FB, WTF? She was mentally off before the dog killing episode. You just don’t decide to do that on the spur of the moment.

  • dammitall23

    No argument from me.

  • Or maybe she was just evil…….
    Even IF she had PTSD that doesn’t make you enjoy killing helpless animals

  • Monique Roeser I have severe PTSD, depression and anxiety issue, never any excuse for this bitch did! #None

  • Brook Ali thank you for the info. It seems our military has problems with sexual assaults, drug abuse and untreated ptsd, none of which excuse her actions. War brings the worst of people

  • Sejanus

    Good riddance bitch.
    PTSD or not, this was no excuse.
    Dog could have easily been rehomed.

    A shame her bf didn’t ‘go to a farm upstate’ if you ask me

  • He was scum too. “Can I have a hit at him?” is what he said. Useless piece of dirt. Send him to North Korea.

  • Toni Evig

    I love it when these stories have a happy ending.

  • Mentally ill? Every murderer on this earth claims mental illness as a defense,it doesn’t absolve anyone from murder unless they didn’t know right from wrong.McNaughton rule.It’s no excuse for her killing that dog either.

  • Lorrie Suzanne Phillippe, I am glad you accepted my invite to this AWESOME Facebook page (AWESOME website too) as is the owner Morbid !

  • I’m glad you invited me.As you can see I’m jumping right in.Lol With my big mouth and know it all attitude.(so I’ve been told by someone who didnt know shit..hahaha) Seriously though, thank you because I love it.

  • Wasn’t it her estranged husband’s though?Didn’t he give it to her to help with her PTSD?I thought it was his service dog.

  • colliefreak

    She had friends?

  • Jubilex

    Was it abuse though? My understanding of animal husbandry must be out of order – because a gunshot to the head is considered the most humane way to take an animal out short of paying someone to put it to sleep with drugs.

    I’m not saying she didn’t have alternatives – but this isn’t like some kids that skin a cat or cut the tail of a dog or something – this is the pet owner putting an animal down. Not going to watch the video so if I’m incorrect apologies – the fact that both her and the boyfriend (shooting the corpse if the story posted is correct) are stupid doesn’t = cruelty.

  • The video was AWFUL

  • Delirious Devil

    1. Humans are animals.
    2. Have you read the comments on dead baby articles?
    3. People who abuse non-human animals often also are unkind to the human animals.
    4. Haven’t you ever seen “All Dogs Go to Heaven?”
    5. If the Bible is real, most humans won’t go to heaven either.

  • Matt Esquire

    It’s disgusting how people care more about dogs than they do about veterans. Any of you douche nozzles that say it’s “good” this woman killed herself are absolute garbage, please move to Florida and stay there.

  • BG

    It’s disgusting how some people want to use the excuse of being a Veteran to somehow make their supremely shitty behavior suddenly acceptable. The Veterans I know (including my grandfathers, my father, one of my bothers and both of my significant ex’s as well as a male family member every generation since the 1600’s) would never dishonor their status by GLEEFULLY KILLING THEIR SERVICE DOG AND THEN POSTING THAT SHIT ON FACEBOOK. That you seem to think this fuckwit is worth more than her defenseless dog was kind of makes YOU the douche nozzle now doesn’t it? SMDH…

  • BG

    “more dumber” – yep, it sure do… And PLEASE show me where the people at this site “ignore when an asshole rapes of kills children”??? PLEASE, I’m begging you, show me where that happened on D’D? Better yet, STFU!

  • BG


  • LA Woman

    They won’t say how she died but I think they left a clue!! …
    Okay they said her friends couldn’t reach her so I’m going with she hung herself and it must have been pretty damn high for them not to be able to reach her, lol


  • I so totally agree. Because this bitch put on a uniform & carried a gun doesn’t make her shit. She’s still a whack job. You need to watch the video Matt Esquire before running that pie hole. Ain’t nobody told this dumb bitch to serve my country. Hell, my son served too so as a mama of a serviceman, I have the damn right to say this bitch was crazy & her bf needs to be hung too.

  • Wilderling

    like sociopath, she had a long history and allot of people talked about her and it

  • Wilderling

    I’ not a pitty fan or do I think they are evil her, aa different story. the look on that dogs face of pure fear adn confsion, the gleeful way she relished it’s pain and lack of understanding, I woulda ttrolled her for that. Good riddance to bad garbage

  • Yay, a happy ending!!! ????

  • NoBS NoSpam

    She had info on the Clinton Foundation and is now another unemployable Blackmailer. Death can be so convenient.

  • CheckeredPresent

    You know on this site, sometimes it isn’t even the individual pieces of a story that make the story what it is, like what kind of dog it was, or was she or not abused in the military or how nuts is this person, but what I am starting to call it ‘who does this?’ files, whatever the ‘reason’ .I just read another story about some crazy bitch who ran over some other chick with her car (and some other commenter seems to defend her!?), and some other couple who let rats eat their baby. .How did the crazy bar get set so low?


    It would have been easy to give the dog away. I guess she and bf wanted to kill something together. Hot romance there.

  • peach69


  • Elizabeth McCarthy


  • Matthew

    I’m unable to find her obituary… anyone else have this problem?