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MESQUITE, TX – A Domino’s Pizza delivery driver shot and killed a teenager who had lured him to a vacant house in an attempt to rob him.

It happened on Saturday night while the driver was taking a pizza delivery to a home in the 1400 block of Springwood Drive. Two teens answered the door and tried robbing the man, with one of the teens opening fire on the driver.

The driver, who was also armed, returned fire and sent the two 16-year-old boys running. The driver called police who arrived and found one the suspects, 16-year-old Wayne Delaney Osborne, dead from a gunshot wound.

The second teen was located and charged with aggravated robbery. Osborne was a sophomore at John Horn High School in Mesquite. Mesquite ISD released the following statement:

The loss of a student’s life is always tragic and heartbreaking, regardless of the circumstances. Mesquite ISD’s thoughts and prayers are with this child’s family as well as the students and staff members of John Horn High School. We will diligently support them through this difficult time and continue to do all we can to take care of the students we are entrusted with each and every day.

Police say the driver may be facing charges as well, since he was not in legal possession of his firearm. They said it is still being determined whether he will be charged with unlawful carrying of a weapon. Even if he isn’t charged, you can bet he lost his job. The driver, who had been working for the store for 9 months, is currently suspended.

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  • Commit a crime, do the time.

  • Now wait for the families of the little asshole who got killed to come out talking about what a good boy he was, he was goan’ ta college, he wouldn’t never hurt nobody, blah blah blah

    Wonder if the driver carried a firearm he wasn’t licensed for (?) because he knew Domino’s would make him do deliveries in shitty neighborhoods. Many years ago, I worked at a Pizza Hut and there were certain areas we just refused delivery to. It was too risky.

  • You’re a real cold-hearted bitch. Just couldn’t wait to comment and run down his family, could you?

  • This is why I carry everywhere I go.

  • And yet if he didn’t have his gun, that guy would of been screwed

  • Triggered much, or just not come here often enough to know how shit rolls?
    And no, I’m not a cold-hearted bitch. Just a very matter-of-fact, cynical one. You have yourself a nice fucking day ????????

  • Clay

    So, if he wasn’t armed, he would be dead

  • Face it, that’s what happens. 99% of the time the family comes out and says that he was a good boy, headed to college, he didn’t do it etc etc. These boys deliberately planned a crime, tried to kill someone just doing his job and one of them lost their life in the process. I just can’t feel sorry for them. I can however feel sorry for his family.

  • Delaney3030

    Those dirty Delaneys.

  • Diva of Destruction

    Wonder what kind of pizza it was and did it get there in 30 minutes or less. Good for the delivery person. Hopefully this will deter any other wanna be tough guys from repeating what happened. How busted ass are you that your robbing pizza delivery people anyways, idiots.

  • He may get fired and charged but at least he’s alive and put a goblin six feet under.

  • You can all me a cold hearted bitch. You have to value someone’s opinion to be bothered by name calling. Your opinion means shit to me.

    The little shit deserved what he got. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. All this kid is to me is another piece of shit off the street.

  • Old Man Metal

    “The loss of a student’s life is always tragic and heartbreaking, regardless of the circumstances.”

    Not always, no.

    And the driver might as well find another job, Domino’s ain’t down with self-defense.

  • Ryan Dial

  • Cedarcity1 .

    If the punk had a little better aim he would have been screwed regardless.

  • The delivery guy should be commended for this act of public service, one less piece of shit on the streets.

  • I don’t feel bad for the family at all, they should have done a better job raising that little piece of shit.

  • dumwise

    Burn in hell with Saint Trayvon and that other piece of shit

  • Louis

    His cracked smoking momma should
    be locked up for non supervision.

  • Louis

    As you swing off his nuts.

  • Good

  • It’s gotten pretty bad here.

  • Inferus

    Someone is venturing out of their safe space. You better start retreating.

  • Inferus

    Student? Something tells me he’s been missing some classes

  • Josh

    If I couldn’t defend myself on the clock then I didn’t need the job that bad.

  • PhukdNtheHead

    That driver undoubtedly kept that little shit from killing someone else in the future. Respect

  • “Don’t mess with Texas,” we mean it, dammit!

  • Bill Ballmaier


  • Bill Ballmaier

    This delivery driver did Texas a favor by taking out this future “Dindu Nuffin”. Free pizza for everyone tonight!

  • Patty Tillman Play stupid games; win stupid prizes. I’m sure a fair amount of us on here have very little sympathy for a piece of shit thief.

  • Old Man Metal

    DD = unsafe space for sure

  • I <3 a feel good story !

  • Juanita

    It is a shame to be charged for defending you own life. Sorry about the dead one but he deserved it for trying to rob someone. Good luck to the driver.

  • Ann Roh

    My thoughts exactly (only with a lot more cursing). 😉

  • Stating The Obvious

    Why are you replying to Courtney that way? It was Patty Tillman that called Courtney a cold-hearted bitch.

  • Karenrarnold

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  • Taster’sChoice

    I worked for Dominos Pizza in Greenville, NC back in the early 90;s. We had stores that delivered to horrible neighborhoods. I got a call from management one morning, it must have been 12:30 or 1:00 AM on a late Friday/early Saturday and they were asking if I could come in because Ed had been shot at and they needed someone else to come in, deliver for another hour and help close. I quit two weeks later telling them my life wasn’t worth a medium two topping and change of a twenty. Many owners don’t care that the neighborHOOD they deliver to isn’t safe. It’s all about the money.

  • Taster’sChoice

    They’re usually called din du’s. And that’s the first thing out of their mouths. I ain’t din du nuffin.

  • Taster’sChoice

    I know I don’t.

  • Elizabeth McCarthy

    Maybe this isn’t the place for you. Jus’ sayin.

  • Old Man Metal

    I delivered for a local chain years ago in college. They let the drivers make the call on whether or not to accept a delivery order (we worked the phones too). There were some neighborhoods that I just wouldn’t deliver to. People got butthurt, but none of our drivers ever got robbed. One night a Dominos guy got shot in the head and killed in their friggin’ parking lot while I was on shift. Fucking killed over his bank, which was probably $20 at the time.

    Pizza Transit Authority on Hillsboro Street in Raleigh in the early 90’s if anyone is wondering. Where the right half of the Wolfmart is now.

  • GradientDescent

    It doesn’t read like the drive will have much trouble. He has a carry permit in AZ and TX recognizes those through reciprocal agreement. The grand jury forward is standard procedure. The Domino’s statement was supportive, as well. …and the time off is with pay.

    Glad that the driver lived to drive another day!

  • patrickdh10

    So it was either take a bullet now or wait until he left a swath of misery and woe in his wake and eventually have the taxpayers provide room and board for the next 50-60 years. Well the good news is he took the bullet,the bad news is the other scumbag didn’t take a bullet too.

  • patrickdh10

    That’s not fair. She’s just stating a fact that’s repeated over and over again.

  • Sejanus

    Self defence.
    Driver made good.
    Love when little criminal turds get offed like this.
    Efficient and cost effective.
    No pity for the perps
    A shame they both didn’t stiff

  • taffy550

    axed. 😛

  • Rae Lin

    Sorry, but I fail to see the “tragedy” in one more violent predator permanently off our streets.
    Finally, the law abiding are fighting back.. kudos to that deliveryman for concealed carrying on a very dangerous job! How many pizza deliverymen have been robbed and executed in black neighborhoods over the past 15 years?? Dominoes Pizza are cuck bastards for firing the man!

  • Rae Lin

    Piss off!! His family should’ve raised him to be a decent human being, and failed to do so!
    No one’s “happy” the kid made this choice… We ARE happy his would-be victim refused to take his place in the morgue, though!
    When black thugs can regularly expect to be meted with deadly resistance, the pace of their violent crime sprees will slow down— ultimately resulting in fewer dead black teens.

  • Rae Lin

    Good girl! Don’t ever apologize for knowing, and boldly stating, the TRUTH. Too many people mistake willful denial of unpleasant realities for kindness. It’s neither kind nor helpful to pretend problems don’t exist!

  • Valkyrie Ziege

    ; Don’t mess with Texas!

  • Valkyrie Ziege

    ; Yep, another ”aspiring rapper”, an admirer of Martin Luther King, a good Christian, another of ex-president Obama’s sons, and he loved his mommy.

  • bill2u2

    No. Thugs get killed, albeit not enough, and your thinking, as well well as their ilk, should demise.

  • bill2u2

    I seen that also! LOL and, “they” fambly.

  • bill2u2

    Soooooo true!