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ATLANTA, GA – A 5-year-old boy died after he was crushed to death by a revolving restaurant in Atlanta.

The tragic incident happened Friday night as Charlie Holt and his parents were eating lunch at the Sun Dial, a 73-story restaurant at the top of Westin Peachtree Plaza Hotel that rotates 360-degrees.

According to police, the boy wandered about five feet from his parents’ table when he got stuck between a rotating portion of the floor and a wall, a space of only about 4 to 5 inches.

“His whole body was caught between four to five inches of space.” Atlanta police Sgt. Warren Pickard said. “His head took the brunt of the injury.”

The floor automatically cut off and staff, along with patrons at the restaurant, immediately tried everything they could to save Charlie.

“The amount of people who were helping was amazing,” Pickard said. “They were moving furniture, they were pulling chairs — chairs that were bolted to the floor — they were pulling them up to try to get the child out.”

First-responders were on the scene within minutes, but Charlie was already unresponsive. He would be pronounced dead after being rushed to the hospital.

George Reed, the hotel manager, said the hotel will continue working with authorities during their investigation.

As soon as we learned of the accident, we immediately responded until emergency personnel arrived. We are working with the authorities as they look into this tragic accident and we will continue to assist them in any way we can.  Words cannot express the depths of our sorrow. Our thoughts remain with the family.

What an absolute nightmare, yeah? If I had seen this happen to one of my kids I think I would’ve gone instantly insane.

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  • I bet his parents won’t take him there again

  • Well duh, they won’t be taking him anywhere ever again. Smh.

  • That’s the joke lol

  • And that would be the time I went home and ate a bullet.

  • well i smell a lawsuit coming!

  • There is NO JOKE. A KID DIED. FOOL.

  • (1) Don’t take your small children to fancy restaurants
    (2) If you decide to be a fuckwad and take your kid to a fancy restaurant, don’t let him wander around. Not because of safety, but because this isn’t a playground and it’s annoying af to other guests

  • Aw but jokes make people laugh and I like making people laugh.

  • When I was in elementary school a kid went into the closet/room where the automatic doors that separate the gym into 2 areas was crushed. He was hurt badly but not killed

  • FruitLoop

    Another case of parents treating an upscale restaurant like a McDonalds. There was not any age my son did not know to keep his butt in the seat when eating out, or at any table actually. I get so bugged at people letting their children run wild in inappropriate places.

  • Josh

    My parents wouldn’t tolerate my brother and I playing or wandering off from the table when we were young. As you get older looking back on it, they did a good job at keeping us safe from ourselves.

  • I like jokes, but towards an innocent child’s death? No, that’s not funny, it’s terribly insensitive and just fucked up.

  • Well you have a different opinion and that’s okay 🙂

  • My children have been to fancy restaurants all over the world, I do care what you think is annoying. Freak accidents happen all the time. Have a little class, you sound like trash.

  • Saul… In comedy, timing is everything. Maybe too soon.

  • Yeah it’s a freak accident but I’ve been to this restaurant before. The rotation is so slow he would have had to have been wherever he was for a little while to get caught in the window. A restaurant isn’t a day care, you need to watch your children. Obv these parents are regretting their negligence but that’s what happens.

  • It should be against the parents! For not watching their child and than the restaurant having to close and lose money over Easter weekend!

    I’ve taken my kids to the Sky City restaurant at the Space Needle several times, it’s the same concept with where it rotates.. never would I let them roam by themselves!

    I can’t imagine ever losing my child that way! Accidents happen and no parent is perfect, but this seems preventable to me! I guess I need to hear more details about where the parents were and how long the kid was out of sight!

  • If it is like the one in Iowa, the rotation takes 90 minutes……

  • That’s the thing, everyone is looking for a hand out… lets sue them!
    Ummm try being a responsible parent & watch your child, especially in a fancy place like that.

  • Idk if I don’t make the joke as soon as possible, someone will beat me to it

  • Right? I always make my kids sit on the inside so they can’t try to run off .. everyone is so lawsuit happy it’s ridiculous! I’m going to guess this was the first accident since the restaurant opened, and it is because the kid wasn’t being watched!


  • Sounds like trash because she thinks kids shouldn’t be where people go to escape children?


    Sounds like trash because she’s saying the parents should watch their own kids in public, and not rely on other customers to do it for them?

  • Stating The Obvious

    Some people just can’t understand that you either laugh or let tragedy take over. Sometimes you just have to make it easier to live.

  • Stating The Obvious

    Exactly! Do not let you child roam all over the damn place.

  • Via google and wiki: “The top floor of the restaurant completes a full revolution every 30 minutes, and the bottom every 60 minutes.”

  • U have a sick sense of humor.. nothing will ever be funny about a child dying.. u have some major issues..

  • Tell me this isn’t funny:

  • I got it. Lol. The other day my daughter laughed when the news talked about a blind man falling down a platform onto the train tracks and breaking his ankle. I told her she’s going to hell. You are too! Lol.

    But seriously, RIP little guy. Sorry for what you and your parents went through.

  • Ayy all the cool people are gonna be in hell though so it doesn’t matter ???? and lol I’m glad your daughter can have a laugh at other people’s misfortunes ????

  • Saul.. Google the word compassion… You could use some.. And empathy.. You might want to check and see if you have been short changed on that are missing out on some of the finer things, the rest of us take for granted…

  • I agree with you Emily. Children should never be allowed to run unsupervised in a restaurant, or anywhere else

  • Christin Shouse, you are the one who sounds like trash with your ignorant statement “I do care what you think…”. If you care, then why reply?

  • No self respecting parent ever lets their kids roam around free, but condolences to the family. Let this be a painful lesson

  • Colleenmgentry

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  • Sorry Saul… not sure if anyone else here has actually paid attention to the articles written here or not. I’ll see you in the afterlife! Lol

  • Bunch of fucking savages. I’ll take my kids wherever I want because that’s my right. I’ve been to this restaurant and don’t remember seeing a sign that’s says “no kids” allowed. Freak accidents happen, and there no sense in trying to be high and mighty here.

  • No real parent can control what their kids do 100% of the time. Shit happens, let’s quit shitting on that kid’s parents.

  • No more issues than those berating the parents as if they are all perfect people who never make mistakes. Takes all kinds. I thought the joke was perfectly timed if you actually read all the comments from all the hateful people making a parents nightmare worse.

  • well, the parents SHOULDA been watching out for the child, but the rotating mechanism shoulda had a safety shut off in place, such as a photo eye. if something comes in view of the photo eye, placed at the point where the child’s head got stuck, it stops the mechanism from turning. That is what i would implement, anyway. some sorta safeguard that would help prevent tragedy. You are right, Lea Gibson. The parents shoulda been more vigilant.

  • I’m guessing they didn’t want to see the desert menu

  • Christine so your kids have ate at fancy restaurants all over the world which would imply that you are rich. Is that why you made the trash comment, what a snobby comment to make.

  • unbelievable how you people talk to each other

  • I ate there a while back and I even said – I bet a small kid or pet could get killed by this…

  • I can control all my kids in public ????

  • You take your kids to places like this to teach them how to behave. And unless it it has a sign that says “no children ” they have every right.

  • Sejanus


  • If Morbid made that comment, everyone would be chuckling. In fact, Morbid should EDIT the article and replace his last sentence with that.

  • Christin – I don’t care what YOU think, I don’t want your grubby, sticky-fingered minions screeching in the background while trying to enjoy a nice meal. ????

  • supervise????your????kids????????????

  • Yeah, this is Dreamin Demon. Making jokes is kind of half the point, as much as some articles might make you mad. You can leave your own comment but you don’t have to get on people for making a joke.

  • lol you people do realize even medical professionals and police joke about these things all the time? are they horrible people too?
    Saul Alvarez ur comment made me quickly exhale air thru my nose so you entertained at least one person ????

  • Some hardcore victim blaming going on here, coming from women that is really hard to digest.

  • Ah yes should we expect anyone with a profile banner about not having kids to have empathy for others’? Be happy you live in a world that doesn’t require you to have one.

  • I thought it was funny.

  • Inferus

    You spin me right round, baby right round, like a record baby…

  • Lucky for me, I live far from you, Jason Siegel, so I won’t be subjected to your children during a meal out. On an aside, I spent my honeymoon in your town back in 1981. Had a wonderful steak dinner and a night on some of the softest sheets ever.

  • modianos

    wow…its almost like you shouldnt let your fucking kids run wild inside a restaurant! who knew??

  • jansav


  • Mark Cole

  • I agree.

  • You can always tell which are the parents that let their children run around like wild animals, because they get offended when told to WATCH YOUR CHILDREN IN PUBLIC PLACES!! There is no such thing as perfect parents, we all make mistakes, but some of us do TRY to keep an eye on them at all times, and are or so far have been pretty successful. Those kinds of “accidents” shouldn’t happen if the parents are standing right there with their child holding their hands. Looking away for a split second or letting them be out of your eyesight for just a second can be very regrettable. See, accidents that can’t be preventable are like a car accident. A plane falling on your house. A natural disaster. Things that no matter what, you can’t prevent, those are accidents. However, if something happens to your child when you should have been keeping an eye on them, then that’s neglect. It’s horrible that this happened to that child, and it’s something the parents will probably never get over, and it is horrible that they are going through this.

  • Roehr, Not wanting kids has absolutely jack dick to do with empathy. I empathize with the patrons that have to listen to the annoying little asshole that’s obviously unsupervised in a dress code requiring establishment. Maybe it is *YOU* you lacks empathy for other people.

    If the world required I had children, and condoms and vasectomies didn’t exist, I’d up the ante and always use a fake last name. If that didn’t work, I’d push her down the stairs.

    tl;dr. Don’t like kids. Feel bad for kid, probably a super shitty way to go. Don’t feel bad for parents who let kids run rampant in public and annoy other people.

  • McDains restaurant in Pittsburgh. No kids under 6 allowed 😀

  • OMG you are so right! It drives me nuts when parents take their kids anywhere, like a restaurant or store, and let them run around. they are loud and feisty and chase eachother and cause a scene. it is embarassing. i remember one instance of my niece and nephew doing that. my sister was mad at them. she really told those kids off. she waa embarassed.

  • This is why kids are killed playing on escalators and not long ago a boy was killed in a clothing store after climbing on the displays and the whole thing collapsed and killed him because parents can’t be arsed to keep them in check.

  • Clay

    The parents learned a lesson, what comes around, goes around. But that kid got the squeeze. I just hope that if they have any other children, they dont have to do the flat Stanley project.

  • You, unlike Emily, isn’t the target of my comment.

  • I have five children. I love going out to eat without kids. I do teach my children to behave and I can’t stand to go out and see a bunch of unsupervised spawn running around.

  • Horrific

  • I saw this. Such a tragedy!

  • captaingrumpy

    I just laughed all the way through the comments. What with people going off at others and some that tell jokes and some that care !!!! It’s so funny to hear them all together.

  • FruitLoop

    You saw it as in you were there?

  • FruitLoop

    So I don’t get it, where was the 4 to 5 inch space? It says between the floor and the wall. Was he laying down? Sitting on the floor leaning against the wall? They had to unbolt chairs to get to him, was he under a table? What?

  • DaveL

    It is unconscionable that there be unguarded pinch points in a mf’ing restaurant dining area. To me, this is an engineering problem.

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  • Diva of Destruction

    To afraid to make a comment for fear of being attacked. RIP kid.

  • If his butt had been in a chair at the table like it should have been instead of obviously wandering all over the place unsupervised this would not have happened.

  • dumwise

    So his entire body got stuck in 5 inches of space??

  • Try controlling your kids. That usually works.

  • Old Man Metal

    It does seem like the kind of thing that they should have gone to great, great lengths to avoid.

  • Leslie Bower damn man, I feel bad for any kids you are around. No empathy, are you are terminator or something?

  • MK

    I am with you! Either do not take your children with you or WATCH them. I don’t mean to sound callous. Any loss of life, especially a young one is sad. However, the parents are responsible 100# of the time!

  • MK

    One of those people that do not watch their kids yet scream fault at others when something happens? No doubt! Get a clue! Be a responsible parent!

  • MK

    100%! Yes!

  • How about maybe some sympathy ?

  • Just like elevators and escalators, a yr old restaurant is probably grandfathered in for safety switches. Where in the article did it say he was running around screaming, unsupervised? Have a heart!

  • Dessert*

  • Why are people cracking jokes? Have respect for the little boy whom lost his life due to parents neglecting to watch him. Ugh.

  • In the YouTube video for this restaurant it shows kids about that age jumping on the windows and riding as the restaurant turns. So apparently looks allowed and encouraged. It looks to be a video from the restaurant itself…not a patron. This is incredibly fng sad. They had an employee freeze to death in their freezer just a few yrs back too…

  • Sometimes those “real respecting parents” don’t LET their kids roam around. Some children who aren’t brainwashed by their parents and have bigger than life personalities bc that’s how our good Lord made them…. sometimes those children with free spirits break rules and get up from the table. Chisel some ice off your heart.

  • mean birch

    Got a few likes to. Must be funny.

  • Eryn Stilp

    AND it says he was 5 feet away. He wasn’t “running around” like people wanna think. He was literally near the parents.

  • That too.

  • This isn’t a fancy restaurant.

  • Que the perfect parents who never go anywhere with their children and have a full time live in nanny.

  • Douche

  • Nina, there’s no need for that kind of language 🙁 there are children pressed-ent

  • Yeah, keep them in a straight jacket at all times says Dr Spock Allen.

  • Don’t put them in a straight jacket,don’t let them wander about,reach middle ground. It’s called common sense.

  • Kids wander a little unless you have them on a leash. I find it hard to believe you were supervised every second of your childhood. I’m a helicopter parent and my kids have gotten out of my sight. Fact is a restaurant should be a safe place for a child to walk 5 feet away from a parent. Or place a sign that states this area is dangerous even an adult could have gotten stuck in it.

  • Ramonathegreat

    I really just want to know how this could happen and why safety regulations were not in place. If there was a space 5 feet from his parents’ table where he could be killed, how is it the parents’ fault? No parent expects that. Nowhere does it say that he was running wild or that they weren’t watching him. It was an interesting place. I can imagine my little brother at that age being fascinated by the rotation and wanting to get a little closer just to see how the mechanism worked. Our parents didn’t tolerate misbehavior but they’d have let him walk 5 feet to take a look. I’m really surprised by some of the heartless replies on here. I get that misbehaving children are annoying, but why do you assume the worst of this poor child who is now dead? YOU HAVE NO FUCKING IDEA. So get over yourselves.

  • sugarpie

    Even at McDonald’s our kids are always in their seat. They get antsy, but they are never allowed to roam in any restaurant. We reserve formal restaurant visits for “our time”. This is very sad, but was also preventable.

  • PhukdNtheHead

    There were*

  • Fang DelGato

    Medical professional here (emergency room nurse.) We see so much horrible, tragic, gruesome stuff that if we couldn’t laugh, we’d cry and not be able to handle the emotions that come with trauma and death and perform our jobs. It’s called morgue humor and it’s actually psychologically more healthy than bottling it all up and taking that baggage home every day.

  • Joannrwest

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  • keepalow

    Dont blame the whole world just because you cant, wont or didnt practice safe sex..
    No where in this whole article did it say this child was running around unsupervised. Not a single mention of him screeching about. 5 feet away, thats the fact we know, 5 fucking feet away.

  • keepalow

    It is to someone that has never been Any where but taco bell.

  • Taster’sChoice

    You CLEARLY haven’t been around here very long.

  • Deborah Lancaster

    What the hell are you talking about? She wasnt blaming anyone about her having kids. 5 feet away is to fucking far for a five year old to be in a fancy restaurant. They should be at your side holding your hand. If thats to much of an inconvenience maybe parenthood isnt for you.
    I trained in this restaurant while in culinary school and there is no way he got sucked into that slow moving wall quickly. He had to be fucking around it for awhile. Not his fault since children are curious by nature and his parents certainly dont deserve this hell but it was preventable.

  • Deborah Lancaster

    Its not a Chuck-e-Cheese either.

  • Duane Aho

    “you spin me right round baby right round , like a record baby right round.” what , to soon?

  • Delirious Devil

    He wasn’t sitting in a chair where people in a restaurant belong. Being on the floor five feet away is not him being minded by his parents.

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  • Gladysrcrosby

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  • Discipline and a spanking

  • Maryjgriffin

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  • Flomox

    did you forget what site you’re on?

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    Jason Siegel, please post a list of places where you plan to take you children. I want to avoid — not your kids — but you with your “I’m the damned center of the earth” attitude.


    Just because you “have every right” doesn’t mean that something it good to do. If your children are learning how to behave, one hopes you taught them something in private before you put them in public. Some parents have uncontrollable kids at home and are so used to it that they have no idea how their behavior ruins a meal for other paying guests.