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MONTCO, PA — A Pennsylvania man is in jail after being accused of abusing his two children for years, using a variety of different methods that included beatings, needles, and a dog shock collar.

The abuse came to light after the wife of 44-year-old Joseph Myhre was admitted to the hospital with a broken skull. During their investigation into the injury, police interviewed the couple’s two home-schooled children… and man, did they have a story to tell.

According to Myhre’s 11-year-old daughter, she had been abused by her father since she was around 5-years-old. The abuse consisted of being hit with sticks or PVC pipes, strangulation, having her head beat on the ground until she entered a “dream state,” having her fingers squeezed with pliers, needles stuck in her fingers and toes, and being for shocked with a dog shock collar.

Her 13-year-old brother echoed the same thing, claiming he was kicked in the stomach, hit on his feet with a stick until he bled, and had a dog shock collar used on his stomach and legs. “He would also bang my head against the wall or floor sometimes. It was so severe one time, I needed stitches,” he said.

According to charging documents, the children slept in wooden boxes with a small opening and vents to let in air. There are reportedly white boards in the home with “threatening and manipulative” messages written on them.

Police say they have some audio on a phone that backs up their claims. It lasts 53 minutes and contains a male voice calmly talking while children can be heard screaming in pain. The male voice is can be heard saying “You can blame your mom for this.”

Man, 28, Accused Of Impregnating 13-Year-Old Autistic Girl

When questioned, Myhre admitted he grabbed his children by the neck and arms and hit them with sticks, but that they never cried or said they were in pain. He also admitted to using vice grips on his daughter’s fingers but was only “playing around.”

Based on his children’s accusations and allegations from his wife, Myhre was arrested and placed in the county prison on $1 million bail. He is facing twelve-counts of aggravated assault of a child less than 13, four-counts of unlawful restraint of a child, two counts of endangering welfare of children, along with charges tied to his wife’s injuries.

Well, if he is guilty of the charges and convicted, he has an easy role he can transition into while in prison:

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  • I know where I would use pliers on him. And that clown! That’s the shit! ????

  • sugarpie

    Is that really the dudes hair style? Looking creepy must be part of his torture technique. **shutters** that poor family.

  • A real prince of a man. Meanwhile, I cant even get a date.

  • dammitall23

    I do not understand people like this. Children are easy enough to prevent. Maybe it’ll all be worth the prison time for him. The mother needs to be looking at charges, too. She had to know this was going on but never sought help for her kids.

  • Colby. Needles into their nail beds ???? oh my god.

  • AlabamDeb

    Agree on charges against the mother. IDC how bad it was for her, she stood by and let those kids be tortured. There is nothing a man could do to me that would be worse than hearing my children scream in pain. Nothing. I would kill him in his sleep.

    As far as preventing children, this sadist probably intentionally knocked her up just so he could have some punching bags. Cowards like this just looooove to pick on someone who can’t/won’t fight back. Big and bad tough guy here, folks! Can beat up on little kids and women. Oooo, I’m scared.

  • Psychotic. I hope those children never have to see him ever again.

  • Welp, those kids are fucked for life. Good job, ass clown.

  • Someone needs to put that shock collar on his man hood turn it up all the way and fry his azz

  • Old Man Metal

    I’d bet money they end up tying dead bodies to this guy. No way in hell he’s never torture-murdered before.

  • itsknotme
  • What doesn’t kill you….

  • Talkin

    Agreed! A man would have to kill me to get to my kids.

  • mean birch

    Suddenly I want a big Mac. Ronald McDonald asshat.

  • Suddenly I want to float down there.

  • Sejanus

    WTF is going on with his head.
    It looks like a Tylenol caplet.
    Short bus Larry Fine here needs a 20 years run behind bars.
    If he makes it that long after word getting out about his kid abuses.


    “Please, have a seat, Mr. Father of the Year. We’d like to have a long drawn-out talk with you.”

  • Sal Joseph my good ol’ home

  • Taster’sChoice

    Wow. He won’t last very long in the pokey with that resume.

  • Old Man Metal

    And he will *definitely* find out why they call it “the pokey”.

  • Inferus

    Cue the Amityville music.

  • This story was on hln last night

  • Turns you into an asshole that abuses children?

  • Eryn Stilp

    he broke her fucking SKULL. Being a horrifically abused woman is not easy. No doubt she feared for her life. Shame on all of you.

  • Me also. What a sick pos.

  • Right back at him please.

  • That’s some fucked up shit.

  • dammitall23

    It’s easier than being a systematically abused CHILD. She at least had SOME choices–those kids had none. She went along with “home-schooling” them so they didn’t even have that chance to escape. She wasn’t going to say jack SHIT about Clownface von Fuckstick there abusing the kids while she was in with the cracked skull; she was going to go toddling back on home and let that sorry mess continue. If the kids hadn’t said anything to the investigators, that shithead probably wouldn’t even be in jail.

  • Amen

  • I don’t give a good care how horrified the bitch was. You don’t sit back & let your babies get abused like that, so SHAME ON YOU. Damn woman or man (Not sure what an Eryn is), you would actually allow your kids to be abused cause you was afraid of somebody? You’re sick & I pray you haven’t procreated. If you have, I pray they didn’t have to live by your logic. I would rather have a knife run thru my heart than see any of my children see the slightest bit of pain.

  • Lindasmyers

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  • Used is another Bastard.

  • Judykhaynes

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  • TexasStacy

    And the mother did what? Sit around and fucking watch?!?!?!


    Oh hell no. I spent 21 years in an abusive marriage. I’ve had skull fractures, more broken bones than I can count, got so many burn scars that my body looks like a road map.

    Fortunately, no kids. Then he killed my baby kitten in front of me. Took me less than 24 hours after that to run. I’ve been in hiding for 8 years. If that SOB had layed his hands on ANY child in my vicinity, I would have cut his throat. This so-called mother had choices. No matter how screwed up a woman’s head gets, you do not let your kids suffer.

  • sweetd

    “Dream State” Ik what she’s talking about. That’s how I felt when I had a concussion once. Poor angel.

  • Old Man Metal

    Shame on us? Fuck that. She allowed this shit to happen. Period. That’s not true of anyone commenting on this page.

    Shame on you for being an adult that doesn’t know enough to assign blame properly.

  • Mindy Sommers

    Oh nooooo, not my Larry. One of the most beautiful comics of all time.

    He’s So Fine. (coy smile)

  • Coastalbender

    If I could up-vote this over and over, I’d do it!!! You made me snicker-snort!

  • its not me

    Here is the sickest part, we meet dip shits like this all the time. You know the type, extreemly over reactive, quick to temper, reactions to things make no sense, inevitably someone “shows” him how wrong and ridiculous he truly is, what does he do? He goes home and wages hell on his own family.

  • What a disgusting piece of shit. I hope those poor kids can find some peace and stability in their life.

  • LA Woman

    Why isn’t that so called mom in prison too stupid broad the only way a man would be able to do that to my kids is if I were dead he’d have to kill me . PUT HER AWAY TOO SHE LET IT HAPPEN AND IT WAS ALL GOOD FOR 6 YEARS UNTIL HE GETS HER HEAD CRACKED WHICH SHE DESERVED AND IT GOT HER TELL SO NOT ONLY WAS IT DESERVED BUT IT HELPED THE KIDS …FINALLYI!!

  • LA Woman

    Family? …You mean the kids right? Cause the so called “mom” should be locked up with that prick!

  • Cherylpsprinkle

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  • sugarpie

    While I agree that the woman should be held responsible for allowing her kids to be tortured, this woman undoubtedly endured torture as well. I can still want her locked up and feel bad for her at the same time. This guy deserves nothing but a slow and painful death.

  • PurpleAnn

    Yes! I wonder if she was going to report the child abuse while in the hospital. The story reads like it was discovered by authorities when investigating the mom’s injury. I’m sure he was insanely controlling, but was there NEVER an opportunity to reach out for help in 6 years? Perhaps when the son needed stitches?

  • PurpleAnn

    I’m very disappointed in the remake of “It”. Somehow, Pennywise was creepier the way Tim Curry played him.

  • PurpleAnn
  • PurpleAnn

    Abusers often home school their kids to keep them away from ‘prying eyes’. There should be periodic surprise home checks on every home-schooled student.

  • Should have used that shock on his hair follicles

  • Da Mac

    You shouldn’t be so hard on the mother. He surely operated the same way the central banksters do with the American people, boil the frogs so slow, and keep them so blind, that they don’t even know what’s happening to them.

  • Well Jesus fuck.

  • Josefajtompkins

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  • Laurengcope

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  • Hope he gets in with the general population and they find out what he’s done.

  • What a sicko!! So sad for these kids

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  • Diva of Destruction

    Dad? Oh wait this is some other evil prick that beat his children while the mother sat in the next room watching television.

  • Tenbux

    Pretty sure that everyone in that household was a victim. Except dad, of course.
    Considering that she went to the hospital for a skull fracture, she could very well have tried to say or do something.

  • Another POS that needs to die

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  • throw the POS into a wood chipper!!!

  • JackofDiamonds

    Wow that is one creepy looking adult!! I’m an adult and he scares me just by looking at that horrific face! So sorry to the victim children

  • JackofDiamonds

    Wow that is one creepy looking adult!! I’m an adult and he scares me just by looking at that horrific face! So sorry for the kids

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  • JackofDiamonds

    WOW That chair is bad ass!!

  • L. Burke Ivey

    PVC pipes! It’s that whacko Christian parenting book again, isn’t it?

  • Old Man Metal

    More charges related to beating the wife:

    “The Montgomery County man in jail for allegedly abusing his children — including by shock with an electric dog collar — has been charged with beating his wife over a period of several years, causing permanent disfigurement.

    The beatings inflicted by Joseph K. Myhre, 44, of Collegeville, left his wife with permanent discoloration of her calves, fractures in her hand that required surgery, and a disfigured ear from repeated blows to the head, prosecutors said Thursday.”

    More at:

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