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MITCHELL, SD — A South Dakota man will spend 7 years in prison for gnawing off his girlfriend’s nose.

The ass-kicking 30-year-old John Abdo gave his 22-year-old girlfriend happened back in January, when he caused injuries to the woman that State’s Attorney Scott Podhradsky described as “horrific.”

Along with her nose being chewed off, Podhradsky said she had countless “gnawing” wounds to her torso, arms, legs and face. Abdo was taken into custody but allowed to leave jail to go on job interview. He never returned and wasn’t apprehended until four months later.

His trial didn’t take place until this past February, ending with the jury finding Abdo guilty of aggravated assault. Before his sentencing on Monday, Abdo maintained his innocence and said he was “just ready to get it over with.” He added that he and his attorney plan to file an appeal.

Also added to the record was an email from the South Dakota Department of Corrections that stated Abdo had been incarcerated six times previous, and had violated his parole upon every release. It was also revealed that the woman who had her nose chewed off wrote a letter to the judge stating she wanted to drop all charges against Abdo, despite testifying against him in February.

Judge Bruce Anderson said he would take the victim’s letter with “grain of salt” before sentencing Abdo to 15 years for the aggravated assault crime, but suspended eight. He also sentenced Abdo to five years for escape, with four-and-a-half of those years suspended. Both sentences will be served consecutively and Abdo will be credited for 384 days previously served in jail.

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  • dammitall23

    Doesn’t sound like he’ll be serving much time, but here’s hoping the other inmates know to knock his teeth out before getting head.

  • Stating The Obvious

    They let him out to go to a job interview??? WTH???

  • Maybe she ended up with brain damage as well? Why else would she write a letter trying to get the charges dropped?

  • When I was a kid my mother was 7mos pregnant, her husband beat her so bad she had two black eyes and four broken ribs…she begged them not to arrest him…it’s a mental disease I swear.

  • sweetd

    Stop suspending sentences, wtf

  • sweetd

    I’ve never heard some dumb shit like that, and I’m from Ohio…tons of dumb stuff happens here

  • In the moment I can understand it. But I can’t understand waiting for months before writing a letter to the magistrate.

  • starry1

    The judge shouldn’t have given the psycho any leeway. He obviously has nothing but contempt for the justice system as he has violated every parole he has ever been given.

  • He very well could have threatened her. Domestic abuse has much mind control involved. Unless you break free you subject yourself to their bs.

  • Unless you have been thru a maniplulative domestic abusive relationship, you will never comprehend why she did the things she did. Believe me. I got out of mine 3 years ago this past March..have not been happier since but it took me 2 years to not let him control my decisions anymore even though we were broken up already and living apart, I was so scared of him that if he told me to not wear that outfit or not go friends party that I wouldn’t go, for the FEAR of him finding out and doing WHO knows what.. TRUST ME WHEN I SAY..If she could’ve just WALKED AWAY. or asked for help.. Yeah right..IT IS NOT THAT EASY SO Every one saying stupid shit about why did she do it.there can be a number of sad reasons..that matter to HER.

  • Needs to have all his teeth extracted, just a bit of Novocaine

  • You presume to know what I have or haven’t gone through. I do understand the mentality. Which is why I find it strange that she testified against him in court and then once he was apprehended again she waited 2 months to try and drop the charges. If she had that sort of fear mentality wouldn’t she have avoided testifying?

  • Sejanus

    Knock his teeth out with a tire iron, smash his jaw…
    keep it broken for the rest of his abhorrent life

  • Elizabeth McCarthy

    I like your idea the best. He’s watched Hannibal Lector too many times. If that were the judge’s daughter, all that leniency would never have happened. The next one will be dead when they find her, chewed to bits.

  • Elizabeth McCarthy

    That is one ugly dude. He needs a nose job. Rat bastard.

  • Jeanavasquez

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  • Colby

  • Old Man Metal

    How’d that job interview work out there chief? Didn’t hire ya? No? Maybe you oughtta work on that attitude…

  • jansav

    So he got 7 yrs credited with 1 yr he’ll be out in less than a year. Big deal.

  • jansav

    because she loves him and he’s going to change.

  • Diva of Destruction

    If a man ever laid a hand on me in a violent way he would be calling the cops to come save him. This guy has proven time and time again he isn’t fit to live with the rest of society.

  • Damn

  • D S

    WOW!!…. It’s hard to believe this could actually be true….

    …you mean there are PEOPLE in South Dakota???

  • AlabamDeb

    Trying to compete with Flori-duh? 🙂

  • JohnQknowitall

    I think you are wrong. I think he will be back in jail within 12 hours of being released from prison.

  • Lindasmyers

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  • keepalow

    “the woman who had her nose chewed off wrote a letter to the judge stating she wanted to drop all charges against Abdo”


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  • esmerald 2006

    Does anyone have a picture of the woman’s face? Or the bites all over her body?
    I can’t believe she wants the man of her life to eat her alive. Ahhhhh love so unexplainable.

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  • dilldoeh

    I mean it was either that or a tattoo with his name on it. Either way, #neverforget

  • Mazikeen666

    Wtf she wanted to drop the charges